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Angelina Jolie Has a Bloody Knee -- Ouch!

Angelina Jolie Has a Bloody Knee -- Ouch!

Blonde-wigged Angelina Jolie runs barefoot with a bloody knee on the set of her new spy flick, Salt, on Monday (March 9) in Washington, D.C.

No word on if the 33-year-old actress was really injured or if it’s a fake bruise/blood.

According to The Post, the NYPD are readying for their close-up with Angie. New York’s Finest will play themselves in Salt, and will march and play in a funeral scene to be shot the next two Saturdays along Fifth Avenue in Midtown.

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    Fake! If she really have a injure, she would have like 5-10 people trying to heal her on set.

  • Anonymous2

    What tragedy!
    Please help this woman!

  • mimilala

    I’m so glad she’s not a blonde or wears her hair blonde….NOT a good look.

  • Anonymous2

    This woman must still buy as many children

  • tan

    she needs to gain weight!

  • jelly

    she’s awfully bleeding

  • Grescia

    Love Angie!
    From Brazil.
    Can’t wait to see the movie =)

  • Fox

    Its part of the MOVIE people. She’s not really effing bleeding!!!!

  • bob

    what a talented Godess. We her!

    films add 15 lbs. she doesn’t need to gain weight.

  • Honey

    #1 you are spot on.

  • nikomilinko
  • dana

    Heee. I love the bright pink pedicure. You know they probably had to have a meeting on that. “Okay, the scene where she’s running down the street bleeding…shell pink? Red?”

  • Andrómeda

    Beatiful woman. Love her.
    Thaks JJ.,

  • kc

    am i the first one here????….wow….

  • plez

    Angelina is earning her money. At least they had a pretty day to film.

  • kc

    oh wrong!….. wow, she has a fine,glowing legs!…it doesn’t looked skinny at all.she has a very beautiful porcelain skin.

  • rotflmao

    Omg! of course it’s fake. It’s. for. a . movie .some of you r Dense. rotflmao

  • sera

    I love it when haters are ll over Angie threads. They are just going nuts because of Brad and ANgie and their beautiful family. Poor haters. Come on let it all out. I would be depressed too if I were a JA fan. God Bless the Jolie Pitts.

  • hannah

    She still look cute even with this kind of seen where she has to look hurt from the wound while running the street bare foot.

  • snowy

    she’s got great legs.

  • Blah Girls

    Considering this chick was into blood play, I doubt she minds!!

  • http://deleted alessia


  • rotflmao

    Blah girls is a really shitty blog. Why would I go there when I’m here? Ashton Kutcher, come up with your own ideas.

  • kc

    anonymous2 if i have money , i will buy you or snatch your brain and heart and feed to the shark,so it will not contaminate decent people.

  • awwww

    Angie looks beautiful. It is a fake bruise.

  • lurking

    If we get to see these outtakes from Salt everyday, what’s the point
    of seeing movie when it comes out???

  • RunAndTellThat

    Angelina Jolie is the bad ass just like Brad Pitt stated. Go Angie.

  • Lurker

    Thanks JJ for the new thread. Hopefully, Sara, DJ, Poie, Ellie, will stay away. I can’t wait to see this movie, it looks like it will be a good one.

  • Angie fan

    can i be in page 1?

    Love her!!!

  • Mamie

    I have a feeling we won’t need to see the movie after all the posts! ;)

  • Africa

    Love the lady, she is gr8. PUUUhhhhh 4 the haters :=(

  • val

    lurking================ I seriously doubt that pics of Angie running is “giving away” the move. Actually, anyone who is smart enough can see that this is a very clever way of marketing and publicizing the movie without spending millions to do so, its called teasers, a little here and there keeps you waiting. When it comes out, people will be flocking to see the entire movie.

  • ‘Mandise

    that’s for the movie fellas……as someone said she wouldn’t be running around without anyone concerned if this was a real injury. By the way, I personally think she’s wayyyyyyyy too STICK THIN…..

  • val

    How is Angie skinny??? I must be sickly thin then. Angie is fine for her height and bone structure. She is a normal looking Europen like woman. Didn’t know what “thick’ was until I lived in the US.

  • Angie fan

    i see trolls coming as usual… well, I understand while economing going worse, for 5 cents per post, you trolls must post as much as you can to get a cup of coffee for this chilly Spring day… poor paid machines~

  • mimi

    While haters are the first on Angie’s thread whining and going crazy over gorgeous Angie’s pics, their idol is been made fun of on E with the latest claim she is pregie for the 7000th time, this time through IVF and not JM —- hahahaha. The joke is on her.

  • dana

    So psyched for this movie. It’s going to be awesome. I hate that we’ll probably have to wait for Summer 2010 for it though.

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    I read somewhere ( was it here?) that she was doing some of the stunts herself.

  • lol

    ‘Mandise @ 03/09/2009 at 2:02 pm

    then you’re probably fat if you think she’s stick thin.

  • teri

    The skinned knee could be real , but what a trooper she’s holding her own as always. It would take alot more than that to keep Angie down. She’s such a kick azz woman just another scar to show off, they don’t call her Angelina the great for nothing.

  • val

    lol=====ITAWU, I just did not want to use the “fat” word…LOL!

  • val

    lol=====ITAWU, I just did not want to use the “fat” word…LOL!

  • kc

    mandise weighs 300 lbs. so it’s understandable she call her too thin.

  • Lurker

    Ground Control,
    How is the weather in DC today? Poor Angie running around without a coat and barefoot.

    When will the Hens get it through their thick heads, those who have not met Angie have commented on her beauty…. and those who have met her have all been blown away by her beauty… so your argument is moot.

  • Layla

    Look at those legs SEXXXXY! Angie has her old bod back.
    No skinny chick anymore. Tall and lean machine.
    Angie looks great in the blonde wig but what doesn’t she look great in.
    As they say put a sack on her and she still looks gorgeous.
    This looks like another hit film for the Ange. Will be there..Can’t wait..

  • sera

    This is going to be a great movie. But it is no wonder Brad is not on set. They go crazy for him. He is at home with his kids and loving every minute. Remember it was Brad who convinced Angie to do this movie. He said acting is part of who shi is and that the twins would be fine. He is right there with her. Even when he has to work he makes sure she is okay. I am sure James to help them out for a while.
    They should be back in New York soon. I heard arumor that Brad and Angie had dinner with the President and his family. Malia loves Angie and I am sure were thrilled to meet them.

  • mich

    Go home and be a mother to your 6 kids, ANGELINA!
    Yah big loser!!

  • Go Angie Go!

    Angelina Jolie WHooooeeeee Hottest women in Hollywood.

  • Kuky

    Ty JJ :/

  • CMAR

    “No word on if the 33-year-old actress was really injured or if it’s a fake bruise/blood.”
    Did Jared really slip that into the post? What a sh*t stirrer you are, JJ. I dont think you are unaware that Angie is filming a fcukin movie, are you?