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Filipino Boys Dance To Beyonce's 'Single Ladies'

Filipino Boys Dance To Beyonce's 'Single Ladies'

Five fabulous Filipino boys shake their hips and much much more in this performance piece set to Beyonce‘s hit song “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It).”

The kids all wear short shorts and colored rainboots in this video entitled “All The Single Gaydies (aka ‘Gay Kiddies’).”

Inside is another clip of the same boys performing to Justin Timberlake‘s “SexyBack.” Watch out for the crazy stunt at the end!

Filipino Boys Dance To Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies’


Filipino Boys Dance To Justin Timberlake’s “SexyBack”
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  • t

    wow why werent they my best friends as a kid

  • Jo

    Lol isn’t that a bit sexual for kids to be dancing to?? however they can dance

  • ph

    Filipino people like to dance. it’s part of their culture. remember the prisoners dancing in jail!?

  • vanessa


  • gogol dancer

    wth did my eyes just witness

  • jlo

    That is perverted,take it down it is offensive,don’t give child predators any ammunition.

  • Nicole

    Um qay lols

  • jlo

    Why the HELL would you call them GAY KIDDIES, no excuse, TAKE IT DOWN

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    They are good but a little to young to be dancing so provocatively.
    Yes, they are just kids having a good time, but it is sad to think that somewhere some perv is getting aroused by this.

  • nicole

    I love these kids. This is fantastic!

  • FU

    Wow fabulous! Good job kids.

  • Shaq

    That is extremely gay

  • Macy

    they are pretty good I must say.

  • HeyU

    I can see clearly now that the rainbow is out. But good job nevertheless.

  • WTF

    Future 3rd world sex industry workers. And gay kiddies? They haven’t even hit puberty yet how do they know if they are gay?

  • JENN

    love the video but why do they call them gay kids
    They’re too young maybe they don’t even know what they are yet

  • Diamonds4Angels

    This is so not cute for little boys to be dancing like this!!! Some pervert is headed there now!

  • twin-kerz

    a wadde blood clot


    This is NOT cute at all for lil boys to be dancing like that!!! Some pervert just got a kick out of this and is headed there now! I hope they are not without their parents

  • jenny


  • Matt

    Thats is rather disturbing.


    Thats. Just. Wrong.

  • Halli

    Jared….. uh….. this video is cute. But all kinds of wrong becuase of sick pedophiles.

  • click

    jared…. take it down PLEASE…. this will ruin you.

  • trixy

    omg! they are soooooooo gay n they have like 10 years

  • TakeItDownnow

    Take this down now. It’s inappropriate. These children are underage. Jared, you need some better editors who make responsible decisions (and who catch the typos, e.g. Best vs. Beast in the Eric Bana post).

  • Kee


  • Emely

    Maravilhoso…achei muito lindo e muito bem interpretado….

  • rahj

    maybe its like more socially acceptable to be gay there

  • sienna

    the first video was removed from youtube due to terms of violation. These videos are not appropriate. They show little boys, who have not even yet hit puberty, as sexual objects. This is NOT right.

  • TakeItDownNow

    Why is this still up? Please, please take it down. Yes, they’re cute, they’re talented and so on, but think like a parent for a minute: You don’t want this out on the Internet. Take it down.

  • Michelle

    Wow, that was disturbing….

  • TaylorSwiftfan

    I agree. These should not be on the internet. I’m from the islands so I’m well aware that it’s natural for young kids to be “wukkin up” from a very young age however these videos are just fodder for pedophilia. Gaydies…. really! How anyone can find that appropriate is beyond me.

    Jared I know you’re gay, and possibly Filipino but for the love of God, take these videos down!

  • lakers fan in boston

    im not even gonna watch
    i cant stand that song, ever since the day it come out
    good thing i barely hear it anymore =]

    girls put a ring on it…well guys put a pre-nupt on it =]

  • sandie

    Wow, they’re gay so young, sad.

  • jayj

    other than the title, gaydies, this is awesome! here in north america, you would most likely NOT get away with doing something like that in school without getting bullied throughout your childhood years, but that is a whole different culture over there.
    i thought it was fantastic.

  • maxipad

    i think its great that blink 182 got back together and hired new dancers!

  • dbc132

    can i keep them? lol

  • dbc132

    can i keep them? lol

  • Bella

    ha ha they are adorable!! Celebrate being gay!

  • candice

    im filipino and this is just so normal here in the philippines. nothing perverse just a few kids dancing to their favorite tune.

  • ME

    They feel the music – I like how they dance. BUT! That’s not a kid’s dance.
    I feel myself a little bit embarrassed.

  • lala

    Dancing is a part of their culture. What’s the big deal?

  • ralu

    What SEXUAL Moves???????
    Moving your ass is not sexual, only if YOU are thinking dirty and that means that any kind of move can be so…
    Those children have talent!

  • beck.

    seriously everyone, take a minute to to smooth out your panties and remove the stick up your butts.

    “omg someone please take miley cyrus down, shes egging on the perverts.”

    bunch of hypocrites.

  • bohe_Mia

    loves it !

  • rodrick

    Christ there are a bunch of really uptight people on this site! It’s kids dancing, if you don’t like it maybe you should stop visiting this site then and learn to chill the f-out

  • Beetle

    omfg, is it normal there?

  • Raquel

    I grew up in the Philippines and yes, a lot of them already know they are gay in such a young age. I was 9 and I already had 3 gay friend from the same grade.

  • JR

    While there is nothing wrong with dancing, and ther eare pretty good, there is just too much wrong wiith littel boys dancing to Single ladies and slapping there behinds and grinding as a woman would. This especially with child sex trafficing. I would even say the same for young girls, but I am especially sesturbed by the little boys and wonder if they know the impression that they are giving.
    Also, that is just dead wrongto call them gay, no one knows that and if they are then that is their choice, and their business. besides they are too young for someone to throw that at them.