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Jessica Simpson is Daisy Duke

Jessica Simpson is Daisy Duke

Jessica Simpson wears some Daisy Duke shorts while performing at the Florida Strawberry Festival on Sunday (March 8) Plant City, Florida.

The 28-year-old country singer told fans at the concert, “Please remember, no matter what you go through in life, somebody else might have it harder. I feel like in our world today we focus on so many things that are completely pointless.”

Jessica will be performing with Rascal Flatts on Friday at the New Orleans Arena.

Ashlee Simpson, Jessica‘s younger sister, was recently cast to be part of The CW’s revival of Melrose Place.

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  • liza


  • liza


  • dundies

    anyone else getting sick of those chocolate axe commercials up in the corner..

  • annie

    why cant this whole fam go away…urrrrrrrrrrrrrr I really don’t think that she has any real talent.

  • zzzz

    Jessica looks much hotter since she’s put on a little weight. Sorry, I don’t see any cellulite, just muscle tone.

  • B G in Tampa

    There sure have been a lot of celebrities in little ol’ Tampa Bay lately. :-) Jessica and Britney were both there last night, Jess at the festival and Brit doing her concert. And then of course there was the Superbowl….

  • moi

    ah… the obtuse, delusional american girl… she could have looked better if she dressed nicely for her body type… you wear clothes that flatter you not make you look even chunkier or like a packed sausage….

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    Here we go again.
    This woman is not fat.
    She is a WOMAN not a tween… Get it?
    She’s got hips, boobs and an ass.
    I am no fan of hers, butt enough already about a WOMAN with some meat on her bones.

  • betsky

    Go Jessica. She was so hot in The Dukes of Hazzard:

  • layla

    i completely agree, #10. she is a WOMAN. you worry when women have curves, and embrace the ones who don’t? the ones who have bones jutting out and sunken cheeks. whats wrong with you? she is beautiful and healthy.

    this whole “jessica gaining weight” ordeal has really brought into light just how bad our obsession with thin is in this country. just accept her and know that we aren’t all size 0 with fake boobs and fake tans. sorry.

  • Me!

    She dances like a white chick!!!

  • LIZzy

    Im not a fan of her music or acting.. but, shes sexy. you dumb haters calling her fat.. sorry shes not some 16 yr old pin thin bitch.. shes a real woman with curves! besides.. MEN, not little lame boys.. love womens curves.. she has a hot ass and hot, big natural titties.. her legs looked toned and amazing. you idiots calling her fat just makes me laugh… Todays “beauty ideal” is so fukd be hot in 2009: look like your an underdeveloped 10 yr old girl body.. but must be white, but fake darker skin.. then add huge out of porportioned silicone globs under your chest and damn, youre hot.. yuck! cant wait til that phase goes away… its so trash.

  • LIZzy

    oh and to “james” seriously.. what STRAIGHT male comes on to “just jared” and post comments.. you either A. LOOOVE it up the as*. or B. are really just some dumb jealous girl that goes under a bunch of different alias to talk shit about hot celebrities to make your fat, fugly ass feel better.. oh.. ps all women have a little cellulite. true story.

  • http://justjared runnergirl

    Jessica is such a cute woman but she should invest some money in a stylist. So many pretty features, but she dresses like a trucker’s wife. Her father has done this to her. He encourages her to just be sexy. Alot of good that will do in the long run when she’s 35 or 40.

  • Anonymous

    She needs a girdle to hold in her stomach because it is hanging over the waist of those white trailer trash jean shorts. She would not have to dress like white trailer trash if she could sing!!! She is just a skank!!

  • LIZzy

    and to layla #12.. I love your name and I agree completely!

  • bobbi

    She looks absolutely horrible in those shorts. She reallys needs to dress age appropriately.

    I am not one to bash a woman’s exterior but she’s asking for criticism wearing apparel that is unflattering for her body type.

  • The stink eye

    Two words: Yeast Infection.

    That is all!

  • 11

    jessica is hoot..
    sooo beautiifull

  • b chick

    fat thighs

  • b chick

    fat thighs

  • JENN

    cellulite ???? i don’t see cellulite and i don’t see fat
    she’s not thin but she has a good body

  • karissa

    Good job, Jessica. I wish more celebs would start wearing size 8′s instead of size 2′s.

  • guest

    that outfit looks a size too small.

  • Layla

    Just look at that smile! Jessica looks confidnet and happy. I am glad to see it again.

  • karen

    I really wish she would go away. I am so sick of her and her lowlife family!!

  • lakers fan in boston

    idk jessica
    i think u have it pretty hard with ur failing music career =\
    even i feel bad for u
    she always looks cute in daisy dukes so nothing out of the ordinary there
    her looks dont look sexy at all =[

  • Jennifer

    fat??? cellulite??? where??? are you people nucking futs? she is TONED and has an amazing body. go and throw up some more so YOU stay skinny, morons.

  • Mike

    Yuck, she is so fattttttttttttttttttt. Look at that big gut! and those thunder thieghs. She is so fatttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt.

  • angie

    She looks hot! DAMN! she is my favorite singer, love her!

  • hmm

    To ppl who think she has a “toned nice” body….Really?? She may have a normal body by non-hollywood standard and muscular legs, but her body is far from nice and toned, IMO.

  • Mindy

    That’s fat right there. Is she pregnant? She turned into Miss Piggy there. She will always have trouble with her weight. She blow up and got fat when she was with John Mayer to. When she get comfortable with a man her weight go up again. Then she runs back to the gym lose it. I think this is the way is going to be for her but one day she will not lose it.

  • ME2


  • So funny

    PR*PR*PR her people stay on line trying to convince people she is not the blabber whale we are looking at. We have eye to see that fat.

  • Fashionfanatic

    I think she looks good with a little bit of weight, but her outfit is terrible. She looks like a hillbilly with this look. A plaid shirt mixed with a white corset and booty shorts is a fashion crime.

  • So funny

    Bet she had lipo to suck some of the fat out and still this is the best she can do. She knows she’s fat that’s why she is wearing that shirt to cover up some of that fat.
    I think she is trying to look like trailer trash. She must think country means trashy.

  • ralu

    all in all, I’d lose that shirt…

  • Eric

    Here we go again….
    Come on people!! Jessica is NOT fat. She is a grown woman who actually has curves. I HATE the society we live in! Jessica looks amazing and if she isn’t as skinny as you would like her to be, then you need to go somewhere else. Jessica should not be ashamed of how she looks, especially since she is NOT fat. People in this world want other people to look basically look like they don’t eat anything and those comments are usually coming from the people who are jealous of Jessica and her amazing body. You people really need to stop being so unrealistic. Nobody in the world looks like you people want her to look. It’s unhealthy for her look the way you people want her to.
    Like I said, if you don’t like, go away.

  • jerzeegirl

    I think she’s a no-talented hick but she looks good.

  • not me

    #10, # 12
    She is a woman and not a tween. I agree. But she also should not wear teeny tiny shorts that are good only for tweens. She should dress in what is appropriate for her age and body type. Dress like a woman and people will not complain. Of course this is America and you can wear what you want. But also be ready to hear criticism. especially if your photo gets plastered all over and people get disgusted by fat thighs.

  • dianel

    I saw Jessica on cmt not long ago singing and I thought she sounded good and I sure would’nt call her fat

  • stupid is as stupid does

    You are missing the funniest part of this story..

    Jessica Simpson wears some Daisy Duke shorts while performing at the Florida Strawberry Festival on Sunday (March 8) Plant City, Florida.

    The Strawberry Festival? And she can’t sell out local Indian Casinos.. oh dear.. and she is at the last rung of the fame ladder..

    reality star
    favorite ditzy wife
    pop star
    …all ended in failure

    Now she is holding on to Tony and a flailing country career as her last chance at relevancy.

    WOW…. so sad. Pregnancy out of wedlock is my next prediction so she can hold tight to Tony.

    Of course with the way she spends money she will run through her own and his and then expect another reality tv show so she can go out the way she came in.

  • stupid is as stupid does

    Also she is trying to hold it in with a “boned” structured corset.. when in the belly area the corset starts to bend and buckle the way it is in those pictures.. you should not be wearing a corset.

    And Jessica is not fat per say. But she is not in the shape that she used to be and instead of saying hey I love my curves.. this is who I am and I love it. She is trying to strap it into Gone With the Wnd corsets and pretend she is still a size 2.

    That’s why I think people roll their eyes and are more critical of her than others.

    She has based her image on being stupid but hot.. first as a lovable idiot wife and pop star.. (who is laughing now Nick.. you dodged a bullet when she divorced your ass.. be grateful and do not look back).. then her pop career died a cold death along with her marriage.. her last few movies went straight to video.. and now her country western career is limping along like a lame horse. From giant arenas at capacity to barely filling the stands at the Strawberry festival and BBQ cook offs and now she is losing her grip on the hottest category..

    See.. that’s when all you are left with is ditzy. Not good.

    Either embrace it Jess. Admit you got knocked up to keep Tony already, get the hotness back or just accept your fate as the next contestant on celebrity Big Brother or the Surreal Life..or even better an remember her spot on tmz in 5 years.

  • Dell

    I know that place in Plant City, Florida if you are performing there you are about to bottom out.



  • y

    she reminds me of a lost soul

  • auntieporntip

    montgomery bluepants, not only are you hilarious but dead on. you nailed it all with your “stupid is as stupid does” postings. spot on, right on point, and hysterical to boot! yeehaw. montgomery bluepants is back!

  • my eyes

    Poor fatty. In order to squeeze those chubby little thighs in those shorts, she had to cut them up the front otherwise no go. The whole outfit makes her look short and hefty.