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Justin Timberlake is a Glasses Guy

Justin Timberlake is a Glasses Guy

Bespectacled Justin Timberlake enjoys the company of girlfriend Jessica Biel as they take a romantic stroll through their TriBeCa neigborhood in New York City on Sunday afternoon (March 8).

Justin, 28, and Jessica, 27, were seen holding hands and grabbing lunch together at a local restaurant.

Since the couple lives in the Big Apple now, over the weekend, they made a surprise guest appearance on Saturday Night Live.

15+ pictures inside of glasses guy Justin Timberlake and his leading lady Jessica Biel

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63 Responses to “Justin Timberlake is a Glasses Guy”

  1. 1
    emma Says:

    Hehe loving it!

  2. 2
    LALA Says:

    he looks cute
    she doesnt

  3. 3
    stella Says:

    GOSHHH Jessica-the-man looks SOOO HAPPY in this picture, just like she does in EVERYYY picture she takes with Justin.

    Like someone said on the post earlier, Justin went from dating the biggest Pop Princess in the world (Britney Spears), to dating a big A-List Actress (Cameron Dias)…to dating Jessica Biel, ughhh…what has she done in the last 10 years???

    Its time that Justin and Britney get back together and make beautiful babies and make the rest of the world happy :D

  4. 4
    peach Says:

    She looks really old

  5. 5
    FB Says:

    she looks terrible!

  6. 6
    vool Says:

    justin timberlake is such a try hard he irritates me

  7. 7
    **** Says:

    Why is Jessica Biel dating the lead singer from Linkin Park? I’m mean, I know she’s C-List and all but still…

  8. 8
    ponz Says:

    She doesn’t smile but she is hot:

  9. 9
    Shannon Says:

    Her boyfriend dresses better than her and he owns a fashion line!

  10. 10
    yeye Says:

    It looks like she is wearing a full look from William Rast, just for the because she can. The whole outfit looks really unnatural on her.

  11. 11
    MickeyVonDutch Says:

    Is he for real or is this his impression of Bozo the Clown? I can imagine him parading in front of the mirror, trying out different types of headgear and accessories before going out. In my book it’s very off-putting if you have to beat your man to the wardrobe.

  12. 12
    jt forever Says:

    Hope he dumps this ugly thing soon

  13. 13
    Raichill Says:

    LMAO, he looks like a geeky middle-aged man.

  14. 14
    Rena Says:

    what a poser. get out of nyc, you dont belong here justin. wanna be,

  15. 15
    Benson Says:

    UM.lets get this straight…Justin, and only Justin bought an apartment in NYC. BOTH Justin and Jessica still have homes in LA. He is not moving full time to NYC, but he’s bi-coastal now, like most big celebs.


    BTW…they are both f*cking ugly and pretentious as hell.

  16. 16
    BLAH Says:

    Rena…Good call, he IS a wanna be.
    He’s trying to be all serious and “artsy”, even getting very political now after TEN YEARS of being famous and not being political.
    It’s all very , “Gee, let me try to fit in more with Hollywood.”

    They are BOTH posers. I hate them.


  17. 17
    wow Says:

    She is ugly as hell

  18. 18
    demelin Says:

    they’re just posing…such a lame try to advertise the brand…

  19. 19
    SASHA Says:

    Hate him now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. 20
    jennifer Says:

    loves Jessica .

  21. 21
    JJ Says:

    They don’t live in the Big Apple!

    It’s Justin’s apartment. Jessica and her publicist just want you to think she lives there too!

    They both have their own separate houses back in LA where they really live.

  22. 22
    eebonysoul Says:

    She looks frumpy!!

  23. 23
    slambang Says:

    Is that Elvis Costello?

  24. 24
    maria Says:

    elvis costello?!lmao hahahahahahaha

  25. 25
    ryan Says:






  26. 26
    bint Says:

    I love that bag!

  27. 27
    xtina Says:

    can you stop plz mention britney in every article about justin timberlake, they broke up since years , britney caused him so much pain and he’s not over it ‘ til now, not that he’s not over britney but he’s not over what she did to him ,( there’s a big difference ) and then, britney moved on so quick ,she married and she had 2 babies and i’m sure that she did get him out of her thinking since a long time , and she don’t even care about him , she never did,,,, so , let the guy be happy in his own life with the woman he wants,, and forget about britney, the only things that she cares now is her babies and her career.

  28. 28
    MARY Says:

    justin needs to drop her and get back with britney…at least we with britney we know they are equally famous alone so them together just makes them a power couple…wtf has jessica biel done??? ***** is nothing compared to britney popularity

  29. 29
    wee Says:

    Both, Fug.

  30. 30
    jes Says:

    put a little make up on Daum she is Fug

  31. 31
    maryf Says:

    Jessica is a talentless actress^^ her latest movie ” Powder Blue ” went straight to DVD ! And what about ” Easy virtue ” ? any newz ?
    And I agree Justin and Britney were so adorable together !! they had a crush on each other when they were younger on the MMC !! they should have totally ended up together !! Too bad they broke up…
    Anyway i miss the old Justin wtf happened to him, he is as boring as his girlfriend !!!!

  32. 32
    me Says:

    I am not a fan of Justin orJessica but they make a nice couple.

  33. 33
    ewww Says:

    Please JJ put the real mega stars on here. No has been boy band “singer” and a c list actress.

    William Rast is a Z list Ralph Lauren.

  34. 34
    Blind item about Justin and Jessica Says:

    Actress Lies to Boyfriend About The Paparazzi
    Which actress pretends to loathe the paparazzi, but actually has her publicist call them to staged photo ops? Her unsuspecting celebrity boyfriend can’t understand how the paps know exactly when they will be walking the dog or going to the market or how they know every other private move the couple makes. Well, we’re going to provide Mr. Naïve with a big box full of clues. Your girlfriend is known as a successful TV actress, but her film career has been less than stellar. Since her own career and life isn’t interesting enough to warrant lots of attention from the paps, she needs you in the photos with her to guarantee publication. Every time you are going to do anything together, she makes that stealth cellular phone call to her PR flack, who in turn notifies the press.

  35. 35
    vanessa Says:

    he looks lke that singer from Linkin park…

  36. 36
    jen Says:

    you are so stupid to think that britney will ever comebck to justin, that will never happen , she’s over this story , and she just want to get away from all who used to break her down in the past from justin, to k-fed, all she’s focusing now is her babies and her career, and find a brand -new boyfriend that loves her as person,,,and i think this time britney is pretty determinated cuz she’s single since a year now , and this proves that this time , she wants to find the right person and she just want to go slowly,,, wish her all the best , and for justin , i hope that he marry soon ,to get this story with britney closed for you people,,,

  37. 37
    kacy Says:

    he lks kinda geeky thoo!

  38. 38
    brian Says:

    that’s right jen , i will go crazy if britney gets back to J T or K-Fed , they were so mean to her , britney should find someone more mature and just cool like her, and J T should marry Jess,K-Fed should marry victoria , and we ( britney’s fans ) can finally take a deep breath, cuz i’m obsessed with idea that brit may gets back to one of her ex-boyfriends, that’s why i always check J T and K-Fed news , having a BIG HOPE to find articles about this two guys marrying or do something that keep them away from britney, i will really go crazy , i hope that britney will find soon a man to fall in love,that may reassure me

  39. 39
    brian Says:

    that’s right jen , i will go crazy if britney gets back to J T or K-Fed , they were so mean to her , britney should find someone more mature and just cool like her, and J T should marry Jess,K-Fed should marry victoria , and we ( britney’s fans ) can finally take a deep breath, cuz i’m obsessed with idea that brit may get back to one of her ex-boyfriends, that’s why i always check J T and K-Fed news , having a BIG HOPE to find articles about this two guys marrying or do something that keep them away from britney, i will really go crazy , i hope that britney will find soon a man to fall in love,that may reassure me

  40. 40
    green_bird Says:

    Why on earth are you guys throwing so many insults at this couple? I think they look fine together. And Jess probably isn’t wearing makeup because she know Justin will love her regardless.

    I’m rooting for them to stay together. I’m glad Jessica is happy with Justin. Besides, both are rather pretentious. Birds of a feather need to stick together.

    As for Britney, she’s going to be single for a long time. Her family is using her as a puppet to continue their high-rolling lifestyle since they don’t have Jamie-Lynn to fall back on. It’s disgusting. Recently I read an article that basically said she’s desperate for a man. Those who are man desperate aren’t going to find one. I really think she’s still very screwed up in the head, and the tour is the only thing that’s not keeping her from doing another bald umbrella wielding meltdown. And that tour is definitely more about the setting and the special effects, judging from the clips on youtube. All of her moves are very lackluster, and her dance moves aren’t as crisp as I remember them. And I saw her in concert during her “Oops I Did It again” years. It was ALL about the dance moves then.

  41. 41
    stepho Says:

    Jessica you have JT on your arm, i mean at least try to f*cking smile you know? she’s so manly. Justin looks adorable.

  42. 42
    jen Says:

    that’s right brian , that’s my reasons too, that keep me check on J T and K-Fed news, and i think it’s the same for all britney’s fans , but some fans still stick with the idea of britney and JT comeback, but i guess that’s J T’s fans who still have hope, cuz they are so bored with justin and they want him to get back to brit , it’s impossible guys , J T will marry JESS AND That’s the end !!!! and brit will be okay , she’s the best !!!!

  43. 43
    brian Says:

    yeah , jen , i’m going to, find you there!!!!!! peace

  44. 44
    Dez Says:

    So hard to like this couple. They both look smug and pretentious, and what’s up with the outfits? In NY, this is what you call trying too hard.

  45. 45
    sarah Says:

    green-bird , you’re so stupid to believe what the media try to let us know, have you ever heard by gossib business, that spread anything just to sell !!! and besides, do you really believe deep inside of you , that a mother or father may hurt their child and try to use him for some reasons , i doubt you do,don’t be idiot , and then ,if britney wants to have a man right now, that would already done , but she went throught a lot and this time , she just wants to slowdown, she’s so cute and many people want a piece of her , of course if they don’t hate paparazzi

  46. 46
    Vestes de Cuisine Says:

    Are they trying to look like an older couple on purpose?

  47. 47
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    those bags under her eyes r not cute…
    other than that, she looks fine
    she’s even smiling for once which brings her appeal up =]
    i still remember i use 2 love her on 7th heaven lol

  48. 48
    marissa Says:

    what a fake couple. im still not buying it

  49. 49
    angie Says:

    justin looks cute! love the outfit! it works.

  50. 50
    Nancyd Says:

    Jessica Biel is so lame and boring. Ya, what has she done in the last 10 years besides that religious drama….Oh, she’s shown off her ass a few times, big whoop!! i don’t see what justin see’s in her. she may be his total opposite- and be the CALM one in the relationship or maybe she’s just his arm candy. DUNNo. BORING!!!

  51. 51
    green_bird Says:


    I like the optimism you have in people, but show business is ugly, which is something you need to realize. Parents of child stars use their kids’ money ALL OF THE TIME. In fact, the most recent incident I can think of are the Carters. Look that up, there was this HUGE fight between Aaron and his mom over his finances. Oh, and didn’t the Home Alone kid run into the exact same problem with his parents?

    Take a look at the Lohans. Dina is an ambitious snake that was using Lindsey’s fame to get that reality show with her and L’s younger sis. Do you really think L’s dad wouldn’t have made that blog if things were different? The whole thing was about god and Lindsey.

    The Cyrus family. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Billy Ray is a brilliant businessman for combining his interests with Disney and putting Miley through the Disney machine. They are a trainwreck waiting to happen. Miley’s getting more rebellious by the month.

    Yes, the gossip sites do spread anything to sell, but there are some NASTY people in the entertainment business. And yes Sarah, they come in the form of parents riding on the coattails of their child’s own fame and fortune. It’s always the same. The parent takes over the finances, the kids becomes of age, and all of a sudden, the parent won’t fork anything over.

  52. 52
    mickey Says:

    So very fugly.

  53. 53
    sarah Says:

    i don’t know green -bird, really don’t know !!!, i’m confused, maybe you’re right! maybe not !! it’s kind of hard to believe it , cuz i can imagine my mom or my dad do that , i hope you’re wrong !!! it’s awful, thanx , peace

  54. 54
    Ashley timberlake Says:


  55. 55
    lisa Says:

    what a fake couple. im still not buying it

    I don’t buy it either there are too many rumors about Jessica.

  56. 56
    Japanese Says:

    He looks soo HOT!

  57. 57
    Filipino Says:

    Well, I did not expect that she is no longer available.
    Sorry bro.

  58. 58
    josefa Says:

    God is Spirit.Those who worship Him should worship Him in spirit and in truth.Without The Holy Spirit dwelling in us,life would be meaningless no matter how rich we are.

  59. 59
    little red dragon Says:

    We all love to live in the glory years. when things were good and brittany and justin were dating. thing were in the right places and these was no little feet to bother us. These people have had a fabulous picture taking exipreances i have stopped using that pretickular device every snice they dropped. i like the bit with the phone the best its better than reality tv. its a good device and with his money he has the added feature of mapping the nights sexually activives thats why hes on it . the bag she has is “very nice” althoght its an over night bag me as i carry the wallet and pray i remeber it and would cost a years salary for me so its nice trinkit to stare at and know its better than me. honestly when the time comes that i cant see this just proves to me that contacts are the way i will be going. and i understand the postion jessicas in as i have seen love sex and magic video and he told her to get it and honestly i would have to.

  60. 60
    Dejan Says:


    Is there someone who can tell what glasses justin T. wears ?
    I am really looking for glasses but I cannot find good ones.
    Please if there is someone post it. That would be nice.
    Thanks so much

  61. 61
    little red dragon Says:

    stars glasse always should fit them in the additude they wish to display because there is a specail person that make the glasse to fit the star not the star to fit the glasses. you need the right look the right look for you is probally not on the shell it in the making witch can be costly the glasses in this photo are disguise glasses to hide the facail lines in the face wear as the day to day glasses are usual the eyes only to highlight the facial fatures. instead of optical you looking for a maker not retail but the cost will be more in the movies there is someone who makes them so i am sure that though a little seraching you will find them

  62. 62
    roxstar Says:


    there’s a guy in the blue sweatshirt. he’s hotter than JT- please call me

  63. 63
    Marissa Says:

    I love Justin, he is amazing, and a great actor

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