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Nahla Aubry is a Golf Girl

Nahla Aubry is a Golf Girl

Gorgeous couple Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry take their adorable daughter Nahla for a fun day at the golf course on Sunday (March 8) in Bel Air, Calif.

Gabriel, 32, was seen hitting some balls while Halle, 42, ate at the restaurant with their daughter, who turns 1-year-old next Monday (March 16).

Other pics include Halle visiting a friend in West Hollywood late last week.

20+ pictures inside of golf girl Nahla Aubry

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nahla aubry golf girl 01
nahla aubry golf girl 02
nahla aubry golf girl 03
nahla aubry golf girl 04
nahla aubry golf girl 05
nahla aubry golf girl 06
nahla aubry golf girl 07
nahla aubry golf girl 08
nahla aubry golf girl 09
nahla aubry golf girl 10
nahla aubry golf girl 11
nahla aubry golf girl 12
nahla aubry golf girl 13
nahla aubry golf girl 14
nahla aubry golf girl 15
nahla aubry golf girl 16
nahla aubry golf girl 17
nahla aubry golf girl 18
nahla aubry golf girl 19
nahla aubry golf girl 20

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  • Ants

    Beautiful couple!

  • roja

    the most gorgeous couple in HW but I prefer AJ’s humanity!

  • roja

    oups !!! HUMANISM

  • lillie

    Another photo op….fake!

  • Shannon

    aww she is 2 cute!

  • g!na

    ugly weird kid!

  • F_u

    He looks like such a DORK! Halle looks more like the grandmother than the mother, ugly outfit!

  • Gracie

    I’m so glad Halle seems to have found a man who isn’t in the relationship for the money or publicity but for her as a person. And Nahla is adorable..You can tell shes gonna be beautiful when shes older

  • Natasha

    Nahla is so cute, she will be a real beauty!

  • Chloe

    to #6:
    what’s ur problem? you said a litttle baby girl ugly and weird?
    no, can’t be more ugly and weird than you.

  • woh

    umm he is carrying her like she is an accessory…thats a given..he does look like a jerk eh …

    what a joke…they are so fake its a crime…the nahhh…laaaa isnt that pretty either…guess she will have to have surgery just like her mother did

  • ‘Mandise

    woh and g!na get a life. I assume you may have pathetic live, you’re not even satisfied with what you have but damn, don’t pick it on a little innocent babygirl. Nahla is the most beautiful baby in Hollywood. She’s a beauty. And her parents are gorgeous. Halle is stunning and Gabriel is so damn fine. Get over this haters.

  • ‘Mandise

    the 6th picture is too cute. <3 my fave

  • vool


  • SHAM

    oh brother halle looks ugly as ever…when u look back at these two u could see how she tried so hard to get him with the efforts she went to to get him sucked and it worked but she has lost her reputation badly. Her perfume ,films, etcc are going to take a big backlash as are her attempts to look or be the ‘oh so nice’ halle..nope the audience havent bought it and she looks a bigger fool than i thought

  • shurly

    Well, I agree with others. Nahla is NOT the most beautiful baby in Hollywood. I really think she’s not that beautiful. She is a baby (yeah cute and everything), but she is not beautiful. Sorry to say that not every baby in the world is beautiful (Adam Sandler’s oldest daughter comes to mind as an example).

    For example, I prefer JLO’s daughter. I prefer TomKat’s daughter…

    Nahla’s mom is a beautiful woman (and her dad is very very handsome), but Nahla is not yet a beautiful girl. Let’s wait and see.

  • lips,tits smack that old ass.

    She’s a sweet baby.

  • lol

    oh brother halle looks yukko as ever…when u look back at these two u could see how she tried so hard to get him with the efforts she went to to get him suckered and it worked but she has lost her reputation badly. Her perfume ,films, etcc are going to take a big backlash as are her attempts to look or be the ‘oh so nice’ halle..nope the audience havent bought it and she looks a bigger fool than i thought

  • eebonysoul

    #6, i bet thats what your mama said when she first looked at you……

  • Rocky

    Oh, is this a contest? Didn’t know we had to vote on whose baby is cuter. Some of you people are so rediculous! Nahla is a gorgeous little one. For those of you who like to use the word ‘ugly’ when speaking of little ones, hope you don’t ever have childen, and if you do, then I can understand your remarks. Could it be that your children aren’t so ‘cute’ and you need to talk about other children to compensate for your ‘ugly’ children? Yes, that must be the reason some of you are so hateful!

  • ellie

    Beautiful couple. Love Halle, Nahla is just to cute!!

  • ewww

    halle got an OLD camel toe LOLOL bag lady

  • bint
  • alexanderina

    awwwwwwwwww so cute

  • jengirl

    He looks like Josh Holloway.

  • g!na

    10,12,19 – That baby is an alien spawn dropped from the loins of nasty halle berry! All of you were probably butt -ugly creatures who are in love of a baby! You all are freakin pedophiles who are nasty creepy losers who need to be locked up in a mental ward! get her head checks because you have serious issues to be in love with a child. sickos!

  • jade

    Everyone has their own opinion! I feel this kid has weird yellow skin & creepy eyes with no pupils! she’s not attractive! I think the baby is unfortunate looking!

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    Hard to believe the kid is 1 year old.

  • awww

    awww adorable. I lioe how JJ is becoming the family blog.

  • lol

    Photo op? Maybe. More of Halle/them trying to keep up the charade of being a happy couple? Who knows? It’s not an accident that she metaphorically ended up with a model. Is a paid sperm donor, don’t know and don’t care. It is what it is what ever it is. No need for all the speculation.

    They’re chance of lasting in Hollywood are that of any other couple there regardless of what Halle’s recent and past comments. If they have more kids or spend time in Quebec great. If they spend time at his place in Miami great. If not, so be it.

  • sei

    Probably another staged photo op of Halle trying to convince us and herself that all’s well at chez Halle. Why people are fascinated by her or them is beyond me? A year has almost gone by and he’s still around, so what? She needs to be promoting “Halle”, her films and her charity work more than this relationship-arrangement. Yes, he still looks uncomfortable holding Nahla. At least she isn’t as fussy in that photo op from last year when it looked like they woke her from her nap with circles under eyes. Another site, commented on all the recent pix of them, like someone has been tipping them off? Wouldn’t be surprised.

  • F_u

    @ sei

    Ya know, I think you’re right. It’s just really peculiar that you don’t see the paps taking pics of other “celebs” at so many weird locations like with Halle..friends house, golf course etc. I find it hard to believe that they’d follow her to these places, he’s not some major star. I think they are tipping them off for free publicity. It always seem like they’re posing the kid….I guess that’s what you do when you have no career! I don’t see regular folks holding their baby like that all the time.

    P.S. I smelled her god awful cheap perfume on Saturday…don’t dare waste your money on that awful crap! The way it was displayed, it didn’t look like anyone else bought it either…bwaaahaa!

  • mimilala

    The baby is so beautiful! Beautiful family.

  • bethany granger

    i find it funny that we have not seen nahla in 6 or 7 months and then all of a sudden we do. maybe the parents are just using nahla for there own publicity because we never hear about the parents anymore.

  • O.M.G.

    Beautiful family incredibly gorgeous baby that should have more lol

  • O.M.G.

    Beautiful family incredibly gorgeous baby that should have more lol

  • Jules

    I agree that baby Nahla is not a pretty baby but she is not ugly either. People expected the baby to be so beautiful because Halle is a very pretty woman who got with a male model. I actually think the baby looks like him and he is not very handsome. Halle’s face is pretty but she seems ugly on the inside. It’s hard to still imagine that someone could be so selfish and cause an accident and then leave the scene of the crime because she was more worried about her facial cut then the other people’s lives.

  • Erica

    She’s a little funny looking (75% white/25% black). I hope she grows out of that.

  • nope

    UNFORTUNATELY ;) the baby does NOT look like his gorgeous father.

  • nope

    ok… ITS gorgeous father. my bet. :P

  • lakers fan in boston

    i had no idea he was that young compared 2 him, i kinda thought he was in his mid-late 30s or something
    halle looks great =]
    weird outfit but she kinda played it off well
    why do i keep seeing terrence howard’s kid with them?

  • ricki

    Wow, that kids looks are changing…and not for the better it seems

  • Becca

    beautiful child – beautiful family,

  • MovieEd

    I love how all of you feel the need to make fun of a beautiful child knowing you look like a cow’s ball sack

  • Denise

    Halle would have had a much prettier baby with Eric Benet.

    Eric is gorgeous. Gabriel does not look that hot.

  • HalleGabriel

    One of them, if you look at her myspace page, looks like an ugly hog that needs to be slaughtered!

  • hello

    Cute babe.

  • sei

    #42 that kid doesn’t look like Terrence Howard, plus Halle wouldn’t give him her phone number along GB when he asked them. Nahla looks as much like TH as she does Eric’s mother another rumor that was going around since they had the same complexion, eyeshape and faceshape w/EB’s mother being Creole.

    Some of the photos not just these have Nahla looking like eye color has changed, who knows, other than the hair color, I really don’t see her looking like Aubry at all. Sorry don’t see it.

    @HG-Confused with the MySpace reference, you mean one of the posters or Halle? Halle doesn’t a MS page, Gabe’s old restaurant did and some fans have put one up for him I think.

  • Nick

    She’ll probably grow into her looks, guys. And there’s no reason to call a baby “ugly.” Instead, say “precious.”

  • star

    #45,#48 you both are dumba** and to say thing that are not true. I wander if your kid look that good and if they know their father.