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Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen: Home Sweet Home

Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen: Home Sweet Home

Rachel Bilson and her fiance Hayden Christensen return home together on Sunday afternoon [March 8] after running some errands in Burbank, Calif.

Rachel, 27, donned a 3.1 Phillip Lim Charlotte Fringed Tunic Dress, Christian Louboutin T-strap Orlan Ponyskin Sandals and her fave green Chloe chain strap bag. Hayden, also 27, wore his favorite cap from Lacoste, for which he is a spokesperson.

The loved-up couple got engaged over the holidays.

15+ pictures inside of Rachel and Hayden home sweet home…

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198 Responses to “Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen: Home Sweet Home”

  1. 1
    jenni Says:

    i totally think she is pregnant!!!!

  2. 2
    ... Says:


    Well if she is then good for her.Not that it’s any of our business anyway.

  3. 3
    emma Says:

    Hmm very hard to tell. I doubt it.

  4. 4
    diana Says:

    awww, how cute

  5. 5
    poopie Says:


  6. 6
    cute Says:

    I love them

  7. 7
    Jennifer Says:

    Wow. You know, I’ve been a Hayden fan for a really long time and I never usually comment on these things. And I think it’s sad that he’s been reduced to nothing more than the star of gossip blogs mainly because of his fiancee. He’s turned into everything he said he was not. This is what he’s reduced to. This is what he’s now known for. No real career prospects. He’s got NYILU and Bone Deep, which is going to be a joke. All he has are weekly obviously tipped off outings and it’s a really sad sight to behold in my opinion. He’s just like everyone else in that town now. I used to love to be able to talk about how he’s not like everyone else, that he treasures his privacy. But he’s obviously hooked up with someone who lives and breathes the attention. And if she really loved him, she wouldn’t do it as much as she does. And she’s not fooling anyone but idiots into believing that she’s actually truly private. I’m not going to call her names or anything like most people do on here because it’s not necessary. And “love” is truly blind if he can’t see what’s going on here. This is what he has to look forward to. This man once prided himself on being a serious actor. But this is his legacy……gossip fodder. I wish him all the luck in the world because he’s going to need it.

  8. 8
    tiffani Says:

    @ 7

    I couldn’t agree with you more. And you expressed yourself in a way that’s not nasty. Which is a nice change of pace.

  9. 9
    vanessa Says:

    they’re gorgeous! Zanessa and Rayden!

  10. 10
    Sheila Says:

    @ 7

    Whoa, lol. A comment not filled with hate? Shocking. But I agree with you too. You said it all very eloquently and in a way no one can call you jealous or anything. Good job!

  11. 11
    a fan Says:

    Hayden looks hot and Rachel is cute

  12. 12
    Becker Says:

    I thought Hayden is gay. He and Jake used to make out in the good old days. Looks like both are bearding now, Hollywood got to them. Too bad neither of them has the balls to come out.

  13. 13
    Verity Says:

    Great post Jennifer. I appreciate that you could comment on the reality and truth of their situation without the hate. Refreshing. <3

  14. 14
    Ashley Says:

    @ 7

    i agree with you. it seems as if someone wants a lot of attention for herself and this relationship. and let’s face it, neither one of them are exactly super popular anymore. so what gives? you’re right, this is his legacy. and for someone who had so much promise, who had everything at his finger tips this is sad. he’s like a kept man and she’s running the show. his career is most likely over and this is all he’s going to be now. i’m not too optimistic anymore when it comes to him. he’s sinking deeper into his rut and no one is going to take him seriously. he’s had a few good acting moments, but that’s not enough. now he’s the poster boy of gossip blogs. it’s actually pretty disgusting that we’re treated to everything he ever does nowadays. he used to be rarely seen. now i can’t log on without seeing his face on some blog, or in some tab. a lot of actors lead pretty private lives. and he’s not one of those anymore because of the company he keeps. but oh well. like you said good luck to him. hopefully he can get a job that’s worth while so his private life isn’t the only thing we have to talk about. because let’s face it, that’s all there is right now.

  15. 15
    kaleigh Says:


    Haydenial is the perfect example of well-deserved Karma.
    He already lost his looks, and is miserable with no hope (potential acting projects) in sight. He deserves everything he’s getting back now tenfold.

  16. 16
    gina Says:

    He still watches me bathe and sleep with the cams he has in my house.

    She won’t be the only one who has his child.

  17. 17
    gina Says:

    Hayden is not the man you think he is. He’s thrilled to be in a ‘hollywood couple’. His exact words were:”we are the best looking couple in Hollywood” and she has money and connections for his business but that won’t keep him satisfied, in the end he will still want the woman he’s loved for half a decade.

  18. 18
    Tina Says:

    @ 7

    Haha, great post. I too agree with you. That the best post I’ve seen in a long time. Not filled with hate or name calling, which is childish. But that’s exactly how I see the situation. Some fans are in denial about the state of his career and what this is doing to his credibility. And it’s clear as day that she wants attention for it. It’s great to see someone who can see it for what it is and express it in a mature fashion.




    What x2

  19. 19
    leigh Says:

    Adam Brody must be looking at all this and thanking his lucky stars he got out of a relationship with her. He’s leading a quieter life these days and isn’t being paraded around for publicity

  20. 20
    Lena Says:

    Nice post Jennifer. I’m sure the boo birds and the people in denial will be in shortly. But that was a darn good post and perfect assessment of all this. I applaud you.

  21. 21
    what a bunch of B s Says:

    Wow 6 *other* commenters all agreeing with and complimenting Jennifer #7. What a coincidence.

  22. 22
    sterling Says:

    Oh Haydent how your (constant) glum face silently cries for misery & insecurity.
    Probably best just to go back home and retire there already. Don’t forget to bring along your gf-ho.
    Two media-leeches forcefully disappears in Sillywood is still better than nothing.

  23. 23
    Kitty Says:

    Whatever, I think they both want attention for it. Why else stay with someone who stands for everything you supposedly don’t like if you’re not in on it? Look, his career is clearly in the dumper, I think alot of fans are in denial about that and like to bring up a movie he’s in for 5 minutes. A cartoon and another movie with a felon, a woman beater, a drunk driver, and a dude that likes to date teenagers in it as proof that it’s right on track. Nope. Get your head out of the clouds and bring him with you please. He’s clearly making bad decisions in his career. Then there’s the people that like to bring up the movies Rachel is going to be in which cracks….me…up. They like to say she’s picky about her roles. No, she’s not a good actress, and is considered “cute” so she’s not getting very many roles. So what we have here are two people who’s career’s are on the road to nowhere. So, how do you get attention? Yeah, that’s right. Exploit your relationship. “Leak” details about an engagement, walk around hiding a ring, then having it pop up. Then after weeks of anticipation, start making appearances together. See, instant attention and guaranteed to keep you in the spotlight. Who knows, maybe he’ll get a job out of it. Maybe that’s what he’s hoping for. Then like someone said before, we’ll have something to really talk about because right now this is it folks.

  24. 24
    tennille Says:

    JJ always “save the worst for last” for this Spencer Pratt & Heidi Montag Version 2.O… eeewww!

  25. 25
    RedDawn Says:

    @ 21

    Would you rather have had her post say something nasty and people agree with her? You must feel differently from what she said. She had a nice post, people agreed. Chill and quit being so paranoid and defensive. Just look at what’s followed. The bs has started trickling in. And you want to start something with people that agreed with a tame mature post? Wow. You guys must be really hard up for posts that make sense. Because when you get them, some people don’t know how to deal, lmao. It’s like seeing a unicorn.

  26. 26
    antwacky Says:

    Once an elusive & promising Star Wars franchise actor now DOWNGRADED into a wimpy & wretched bagger-boylet…
    And not to forget that he’s running now on a regular basis just as a 2nd fiddle name-mentioned on paid gossip threads next only to his non-lister-gff who just played a ditzy-sidekick on an axed teen show and now would have an oxygen-malfunction if she’ll get out of her door w/o the camera being flashing on her thick-face. Losers would always begets losers!

  27. 27
    Sweetpea Says:

    Knowone has to be in denial it’s these two who wish to press adore themselves. First off living together and marriage are two TOTALLY different things, IT’s easy to live together but, when someone wants out they can walk without regrets or worry. Once married that is where the fun begins and trust me it’s VERY hard to keep married in this day and age.HC has proven he is immature if he can’t even attend an wedding (and this is the second one she was at) that his “SO CALLED FIANCE” was invited to. He seldom is seen in her presents only unless called upon. What are people to assume that he is some great guy. NOT!!

    As for RB all she seems to do is flash her hand now as to say lookie lookie..Great we got the message you own a ring. So does half the world This ring is getting as much mileage as the H necklace did. Yeah it’s easy to plan a wedding get married but, it’s HELL to pay for a divorce when things don’t work out. not to mention expensive and years to finailze. So in her case be careful what you wish for you just might get it.

  28. 28
    gilmorie Says:

    Once an elusive & promising Star Wars franchise actor now DOWNGRADED into a wimpy & wretched bagger-boylet…
    And not to forget that he’s running now on a regular basis just as a 2nd fiddle name-mentioned on paid gossip threads next only to his non-lister-gff who just played a ditzy-sidekick on an axed teen show and now would have an oxygen-malfunction if she’ll get out of her door w/o the camera being flashing on her thick-face. Losers would always begets losers!

  29. 29
    selphine Says:

    What – HC seek movie offers through tabloid attention?!
    What a dumb freak… seems cant learn anything from the “itch” that’s he’s been attaching into huh. His so-called (in)signicant other had been breathing in & out thru the paps & tabs for about 3 years and did it bring her credibility, relevance & sensibility in the world of legit HW circle?!
    SO NOT as hell knows why!

  30. 30
    fake couple Says:

    jared when are you going to trufull about these two?. the pics on x17 have her going to a party with her mates. he could have been carring the bags inside before she went out on her own. this is one set up to make out they are a couple. living together they are not. and why get so dressed up to go shopping? it does not make sense.

  31. 31
    cheryl Says:

    Whoa, does that dress and shoes seem too much for running some errands or is it just me?

  32. 32
    fake couple Says:

    more like she was doing some shopping for him. they look like the same bags that was on her other post. then went to HIS HOUSE to drop them off before going out alone to a party.

  33. 33
    share Says:

    I am sorry, I was not going to say anything because I was never a fan of their acting and don’t really care about these 2, but I heard that she was designing something? She has absolutely no taste, those shoes look like hooves on very short pig like legs, and the dress is colorless/pale for them and the shoes are too heavy for it. Not only she can not act, she has not taste whatsoever.

    I think she is a real ditz and he is just an insecure loser. Sorry.

  34. 34
    unreechy Says:

    On what would George Lucas would have to say about his former protégé these days?!
    Who is once an elusive & promising actor on a high-profile Star Wars franchise actor now DOWNGRADED into a wimpy & wretched bagger-boylet… and so not to forget of always just playing a 2nd fiddle after his non-lister gff on their regular dosage of tabloid press. Way to go suckers!

  35. 35
    me Says:

    Thank you No.28 fot that comment its true They are not in the same place at the same time. Like they did last year when they supposely to have been shopping together. He has a brother that lives there. And about her being pregnant she is not she always wear loose clothes. JJ should give them relationship a rest already. Trully botth of them is not lookin like they planning a wedding or anything she doing shopping all the time and he just hang in LA for business or whatever.Like i said saturday and don’t care if nobody don’t agree with me, The egagement is not real because why haven’t she went back to canada whrer he live? Becauase they do not want that lie back up there. Don’t think that live togther anymore. They are at two diffrent places. These pictures will never make it to us weekly. cause they tell the true not lies here and star magazine and intouch. JJ you need to ask them!

  36. 36
    whizbang Says:

    Oh what would George Lucas would have to say about his former protégé these days?!
    Who is once an elusive & promising actor on a high-profile Star Wars franchise actor now DOWNGRADED into a wimpy & wretched bagger-boylet… and so not to forget of always just playing a 2nd fiddle after his non-lister & very-pap-friendly gff on their regular dosage of tabloid press.

  37. 37
    share Says:

    You obviously are unable to decipher this. There is absolutely no question at all that they are living together and they are engaged. I don’t really know if he loves her or just grabbed the first costar who said yes to him. God knows he tried before and every time got turned down, this is his first. Just the mere fact he is with her goes to show that he is not a talented serious interesting guy, just another lazy actor looking to make a buck in HW and she is a real nothing=ditz.

  38. 38
    Verity Says:

    Well said, Ashley. And Kitty, I happen to agree with you also. It’s nice to read honest and truthful comments about Hayden and Rachel without all the hate-speak. My hat’s off to all 3 of you, Jennifer, Ashley, and Kitty.

  39. 39
    sharon Says:

    bravo # 7 well put

  40. 40
    sharon Says:

    well said # 25 …finally getting some mature opened mine ppl .

  41. 41
    LiLY Says:

    Who else is bored here ?

  42. 42
    fake couple Says:

    @32-you say they are living together and are a couple?. ok thats youre opinion but saying that. would it have been better being seen leaving his house all dressed up? and not going to his house in that get up? rachel was doing some shopping from him and dropping it off and left the dog with him to look after. while she went out. sorry to say this has not been well planned at all. the lies are beginng to show.

  43. 43
    fake couple Says:

    wrong number should have been at @33

  44. 44
    fake couple Says:

    my last comment should have been for @ 33 not 32.

  45. 45
    hm.... Says:

    They are at Rachel`s mother`s house.

  46. 46
    voice of reason Says:

    @ fake couple you failed to mention that Hayden was driving so therefore safe to assume he picked her up with the dog in the back seat, there are photos, in fact there are 30 plus of them. That hit the net 13 hours before JJ–your theory is blown.

  47. 47
    fake couple Says:

    @42 vor- you have failed to tell us all why be so dressed up to go shopping?.i’ve no doubt you will you are allways right on these matters.

  48. 48
    periwinkle Says:

    Oh what would George Lucas would have to say about his former protégé these days?!
    Who is once an elusive & promising actor on a high-profile Star Wars franchise actor… but now DOWNGRADED into a wimpy & wretched bagger-boylet and so not to forget of always just playing a 2nd fiddle after his non-lister & very-pap-friendly gff on their regular dosage of tabloid press.

  49. 49
    chauncey Says:

    Whoa if that pointed stilleto heels of her could kill… I wish it would even bulls-eye RBs forehead – lol!

  50. 50
    ????????????????????? Says:

    I don’t get all the hate I think they are cute together .And to people who say he doesn’t have any progects lined up
    Hayden has two movies to be out this year New York I love you and Bone deep plus he is rumored to have signed up for two other movis to do this upcoming year so hate as much as you want don’t lie.

  51. 51
    jim Says:


  52. 52
    what the hell! Says:

    he must really love let her go out dressed like that. does she never ask if she looks ok?.

  53. 53
    share Says:

    I think he is wearing a ring on the ring finger of his right hand, anyone sees it?

  54. 54
    what the hell! Says:

    @48- when i looked i could not tell. does anyone care now?. the less comments about the two of them the better. hope they then do one back to canada.

  55. 55
    unreechy Says:

    Majority will always rule on these two. They will always be laughed & mocked at until they are completely gone. Until then, we will continue to laugh at them, and wait to see what trifling stuff they can come up with the next time. They are truly beating some z-listed celebrities when it comes to the outrageous foul stuff that they can use to get publicity.

  56. 56
    share Says:

    so true

    and frankly, it does not matter that they get a lot of posts, they are all negative, they don’t help their reputation

  57. 57
    austine Says:

    So many pictures yet their paid pap/s still couldnt get a shot some lovey-dovey affection… even some smack kiss on forehead when saying goodbye… just none and nothing at all. So freaking unbelievable of this “consistently” so cold-hearted & tightly guarded (supposed-to-be) relationship. Did both of them never-ever heard of the word spontaneity?!

  58. 58
    hm.... Says:

    The negativity are all in the haters mind. They will always critisize no matter what.

  59. 59
    share Says:

    ok, what if I say this:
    they are in love, he is crazy about her, you can see it in the way he treats her. BUT IT IS NOT BELIEVABLE

    There is no affection, EVER.
    You can see she is happy, you can also see he is always angry. Who cares about the pap if you are so in love. HC is strange with her to say the least, he was not like that with other girls. Why be angry at paps, you are with the woman you love, so show it for god’s sake.

  60. 60
    Anakin Says:

    @48 – Who cares what George Lucas has to say, he wrecked his Star Wars franchise with those cr@ppy prequels, and critcize HC’s acting all you want, but when you get wooden scripts from GL, you’re going to get wooden performances (Mark Hamill wasn’t much better and he whined even more in A New Hope). Lucas should be the last to talk about promising, when he made his last SW movie he said he was going to do smaller films, we’re still waiting! Star Wars : Clone Wars doesn’t count. He keeps going into the well, and next up will probably be Star Wars in 3-D and when George runs out of money, the SW movies will come out in Blu-Ray!

    @7 – gimme a break, he does treasure his privacy, if he didn’t he’d be clubbing every night or eating at the restaurants where all the paps camp out. For that matter neither does she. Gossip Fodder??! Oh please, he may not have chosen the woman you want or I want but it’s his life. No career prospects, wth are you talking about?! So stop with the condescending attitude.

    I may not be a Rachel fan but if she’s gotten HC to stop smoking those death sticks, she may gain a fan yet!

  61. 61
    no-kidding-sherlock Says:


    Read back post # 7 & 23 and decipher them fully if w/ those projects that he’s got, still aims him to run as a decent-serious actor or just a celebrity wannabe &/or flash-in-the-pan actor. And as for those rumored projects, they’ll continue to be a rumor till it would eventually fade out to everyone’s memory; as it would all just fall down to as another knock of his press releases. Dont worry, he’s probably immune to it by now as it happens to him all the time.

    Anyhow, from the majority (haters) of this post, the saying that just goes that “if you can’t “still” beat ‘em, just join ‘em! As far as I can remember (pre & post Jumper), the so-called haters are always on a full swing everytime they get a thread most esp in JJ; so I dunno why at this point, the “minorities” still haven’t get used to it. And further, Cringetensen is absolutely NOT ALL THAT after all. He probably “got” just about anything and/or anyone (i.e. stinking movies & gffs) for what he is and for what he deserved to have. The End.

  62. 62
    celebhores Says:

    you call shopping as “running errands”

    this shows a huge difference between the 2

    HC is wearing stuff he wore a few days ago
    RB as usual wearing something new and overly priced

    im still perplexed why he is interested in such a superficial, spoiled cali girl?? whom is the opposite of what he is and waht he said he wanted.

  63. 63
    Sumo Says:

    You all seem to think that jobs in Hollywood are based on popularity or the opinions of teenaged gossipmongers. Jobs in Hwood are based on one thing only: how much your movies gross. If Zac Efron’s movies tanked he would not have a career. Producer’s ain’t romantics. The more money your product makes, the more offers you get. Hayden’s movies/DVD’s combined have earned very respectable grosses (with a few notable dogs) and he is very popular in Europe and Japan. While I totally agree he has made some career missteps (bad agents, bad advice perhaps) it would be foolish to count him out. He’s only 27, he has global name recognition, outstanding industry connections, and if he be-stirs himself to have a movie career, he’ll have one. He may not feel it’s worth it to endure another round of the unbelievable insults and maliciousness that seem to accompany his every action. You guys beat on him all day long then wonder why he doesn’t love his fans? Go figure…

  64. 64
    NY GAL Says:

    Voice of Reason @46
    Which site has the 30 photos that you are talking about? Also, it looks like HC is trying to grow a mustache? No one has mentioned that yet.

  65. 65
    ? Says:


    You summed up the feelings of the majority of Hayden fans who can see this relationship for what it is, but cant speak out, for fear of being labelled “haters” by vicious rayden fans. I dont know which is worse. Rayden fans who think RAchel is the makings of Hayden or Rachel fans who think Rachel is teh future leader of MENSA.

  66. 66
    bint Says:


  67. 67
    jeannaire Says:

    @#37 – I don’t really know if he loves her or just grabbed the first costar who said yes to him. God knows he tried before and every time got turned down, this is his first…

    And HC thinks that he got a somebody by now?! Tsk what a poor broad…with all of his hits & misses in the dating/hook-up game after all these years, he still ends up w/ a (another) “smelly toad.

  68. 68
    celebhores Says:


    i agree with #7 and you, but hey, just ignore them. i have been. dont react to them. haters are those who provoke and bash and name call. not those who are giving constructive thoughts and opinions.

    that said,

    i know hc doesnt like la and the paps, but honestly in these pics, he just looks miserable not because of them. like he is worn out of this relationship. BUT if he was he wouldnt have given her a ring…..maybe he likes misery?

  69. 69
    lin Says:

    Love them

  70. 70
    xiea Says:

    @Jennifer #7 and everyone else agreeing
    Yes your post was not vitriolic but still judgmental. When you’ve worked in Hollywood and know what it’s like to work in the industry as an actor then you can talk but otherwise you are being judgmental.
    It’s so easy to be a target for comments like the ones on this board when the product you are selling is yourself. Being an actor is a business too. You are not just an artist you are also a salesman and the product is you. It’s the least favorite thing to do for most actors but it’s just reality and being out there and photographed is part of it. It’s naive to think that this would not be part of the job description at some point in most actors careers.
    I’m a fan and I don’t care if their reps tip off the paparazzi, if that happens at all. Thats probably the reality of Hollywood with many many actors but I doubt that it’s quite as everyone here portrays it to be in a lot cases.
    Rachel and Hayden are not being snapped breaking the law, flashing privates or doing outrageous things and in comparison to the other actors/celebs out there are not splattered all over the gossip sites and tabloids. It’s comparatively a very modest amount of attention that people here are blowing out of proportion for their own motives. They are snapped doing every day things fans appreciate seeing. Some of you may not like it (and some aren’t fans at all) and that’s your right but to constantly malign and attack these people personally in public forums simply for being photographed by paparazzi is not being reasonable either.
    Just consider there might be something you don’t know about all this. Is it too much to ask to give the benefit of the doubt? Walk a mile in their shoes?

  71. 71
    no-kidding-sherlock Says:

    @ 63 – then wonder why he doesn’t love his fans? Go figure…

    With the CONSTANT negative feedback about him from most of the internet blogs… it looks like that his so-called abhorrence to his fans had eventually BOOMERANG on him too. Deservingly so.

  72. 72
    anna Says:

    Bilson and Christensen are lacking in talent, and that is why they resort to this.
    Actors and actresses who are genuinely talented do not need to do this.
    It’s as simple as that.

  73. 73
    emilee Says:

    Great couple :)

  74. 74
    xiea Says:

    @anna # 72

    And you know this how? So sure of that are you? Name some genuinely talented actors actress who have not been photographed by paparazzi.

  75. 75
    share Says:


    Desperate for attention couple who ALWAYS gets bad reviews so they resort to shameless milking of their private live, because professionally they get bad reviews and nothing else EVER.

  76. 76
    jeannaire Says:

    HC still-looking like a bum is just bumming around in LA ( no mere possibillity that he’s doing a movie at the moment) or better put that he was ask to bum more in LA to use an additional props for RB’s paparazzi photoshoots.

  77. 77
    celebhores Says:

    if they wernt together, neither one would be photographed.

    i think hc would be hiding up in canada if it wasnt for her.

  78. 78
    maryanne Says:

    I think most of the fans who are in an uproar over the constant posts of Hayden and Rachel on JJ are the ones who have been fans for a long time, myself included. Years. And he never used to be splashed on the gossip sites like this. He’d come out to promote his movies and he participated in Bullrun a couple times. Otherwise, you wouldn’t see him or know what he was doing in-between films. Now you get a day by day accounting of his activities with his “beloved”. That’s why there’s an outcry. Sure, all actors need the coverage to a certain degree, but Hayden only came out to support his movies. He himself has said “If you don’t want to be seen, you won’t be seen.” He knows how to disappear. I don’t know what he is doing now.

  79. 79
    Vestes de Cuisine Says:

    Is she pregnant?

  80. 80
    Jen Says:

    boring.. shes ugly and cant act.. he is a good actor but i dont think hes that cute

  81. 81
    celebhores Says:

    well said maryanne

  82. 82
    c Says:

    Rachel will take anybody home to leep with her don’t you all know that? she only want to show how she get a man to be with her. LL the attention is just to show how low she can get. She did adam the same way. Don’t thinkk going to last very long. She had to do something when she came back from canada empty handle. All her rep and her drum up this story to cover up the real reason she went up there. Because last year she slept her way in a paart in new york ilove you.Hayden is wasting his time being with no talented rachel bilson. Don’t he know that she sleep around other guys when he don’t be around. Its not hayden that is not talking to his fans. She’s the one who want his fans to be hers. Also the real reason the pictures are being is being taken is because of her. Becuse that what she people to see her doing all the time. The story came out here because she know he would run down and see her . And hayden doesn’t have ring on and if he do its from last year.He need to stop hanging around her like that cause its bad business. and it not giving him anywhere but trouble. He doesn not need all of this media attention for his career. The thing that rachel can do for him is bring him down. Cause she just want him to boost her career chances.Hope i don’t have to see them do anything else. Cause he always live mad. He know what she’s doing and need to stay away dfrom her.Cause its not haelping either one of them. She just want to make him a liar. Like this relationship and engagement.Hayden need to start hanging around other people that’s going to turn his career around.And not nobody that wants something from him. These pictures was taken last month. Stop fooling people like that. Wasn’t she was alone friday. The other site did the same thing with him and her last week.This will be over soon don’t see no ring on her finger.Must have told her to stop wearing.ITs over

  83. 83
    celebhores Says:

    we had a lot of respect for him for staying out of the news. i think he still prefers it that way, but as long as he is with her……well, he’ll have to deal with it.
    actually as long as he dates fellow actors, it will like this. notice celebs who marry regular folk, dont get as much attention?

  84. 84
    toni Says:

    xiea at #74 I think what anna at #72 meant was getting pics 4 times a week doing nothing. Most talented actors have jobs/meetings to go to and can’t spend every waking moment shopping. Actors are their products, yes but promoting yourself endlessly with no reason is silly. Hardly anyone commenting on these two believe that they have careers left. She is still known as the OC chick and that ended 2? years ago. He is known as the SW guy that ruined the franchise. His last few movies have been panned critically and haven’t done that well at the box office. His next few projects don’t look that promising either.
    I can’t see any possible career booster this relationship pimping is giving them. It borders on the ridiculous.

  85. 85
    anna Says:

    xiea, Zooey Deschanel just got engaged. She’s also getting double the work offers that BIlson is getting. Hence, she keeps her private life private and has no need to “leak” it to the press for crumbs of attention.

    Amy Adams is also engaged, but do you see pictures of her and her BF daily on Just Jared? No, because her talent is what gets her hired.
    And besides, she’s too busy working to go on daily shopping trips like Rachel.

  86. 86
    leimore Says:

    @ 62 – RB as usual wearing something new and overly priced…

    That she most likely bought recently & was documented (of course) from the last JJ thread… entitlled: Rachel Bilson Takes Time at the Vine.

    I honestly believe that she thinks she is walking on a catwalk everytime she gets out of her house. In her shallow and vapid mind she thinks she is a Supermodel even though she barely reached 5 ft tall! . To live your life solely to be the centre of attention. That’s what RB is thinking all the time She thinks she is a fashionista but she is just a freaking sheep, a fashion follower or more so a fashion copycat. She is just a ******* joke!

  87. 87
    share Says:

    @84 and 85
    I agree with you and also, people who are talented and work are rarely seen bc they can afford to hire others to do their mundane chores, rachel and hayden are not highly paid, for example Natalie Portman is #74 highest paid, Hayden is at 200 and Rachel is something 464. i know that sienna miller is 182 on the list, and she was reported as having financial problems, buys too much. Hayden and Rachel are always building and buying and hardly working, so they have to do their shopping just as any one.

  88. 88
    xiea Says:

    @ maryanne #78
    And maybe for whatever reason right now is not the time for him to disappear. You know there has to be a certain amount of strategy to being an actor. It’s also a business. I think that fans don’t always stop to realise there is that other side to being an actor. It too easy to idealise and romanticise things and discount the reality. I’m sure if Hayden had his way he’d still prefer never to see a camera in his face but is it reality. Probably not and I’m still a fan of Hayden all the same.
    Pictures of just Hayden have not been on JJ on a daily basis. Rachel has been photographed almost daily and a couple of times with Hayden. She’s been a popular paparazzi subject since her OC days. Hayden and Rachel are engaged. They will be photographed together sometimes. I think there is an interest in them as a newly engaged couple right now so it’s normal coverage. It will be old news at some point.
    Can you imagine the patience Hayden must have to have with all this. Fans need to have a little patience too.

  89. 89
    liv Says:

    JJ must think he’s doing their careers a favor, especially his beloved Rachel’s, but he’s hastening their transition into tabloid footnotes.

  90. 90
    share Says:

    I am sorry, I just checked, natalie is 84, sienna is 181, hayden is 238, rachel is 460. Hayden got himself the bottom of the totem pole. I just think that rachel really does something really bad for his image.

  91. 91
    xiea Says:

    @ toni #84

    I know what anna was trying to say. If everyone you think is a genuine talent is photographed by a paparazzi does it mean they were tipped off and pimping themselves. Rachel is not the only actress being photographed numerous times a week.

    Also, you can’t tell from photos and reports on gossip sites that shopping and running erands doesn’t include business meetings. For example JJ’s report on this posting is inaccurate. Rachel was dressed up and was either coming back from or going to a party of some kind and pictured at her mother or father’s house not their house.
    I don’t know if the paparazzi are tipped off or not in the case of Hayden or Rachel. Both Hayden and Rachel are popular with websites, fans and the paparazzi. Either way it’s all part of the business. It’s ridiculous to call it pimping.

  92. 92
    Jennifer Says:

    I love Rachel Bilson

  93. 93
    stormy Says:

    No, RB is a publicity-seeking actrine that has a very limited talent for actual acting and a large talent for getting herself photographed going to parties, running errands, walking the dog, going to lunch, etc. and doing 4 or 5 times a week. #91, the only person who is photographed more times than RB while doing nothing is Katie Holmes. Katie Holmes at least was working most of the time she’s been photographed the last several months (going to and from rehearsals, etc.) RB almost never works and when she speaks, the most ridiculous stuff comes out. She even called a designer’s work in Fashion Week ‘fabulous sh*t.’ Also please recall that her husband is an A-list star with a solid career and a long list of, if not excellent, at least watchable films. HC can’t say the same thing. He’s only done two films that were good and that was ten years ago. Everything he’s done in the last 5 years has been garbage and there is no reason not to expect this trend to continue. His choice of roles is dismal and now, having lied to everyone about his relationship with RB for two full years and now actively pimping it out (in direct contradiction to the person he said he was), his popularity in going into the toilet. There are a lot more bankable stars out there than he is, some of which he has worked with before, such as Jamie Bell, Samuel Jackson, Ewan McGregor and Natalie Portman. HC shines as a failure and he’s marrying an empty-headed self-obsessed and self-important female dog who is his perfect match in every way.

    He might be young still but with a wife now undercutting his ambitions to be a serious actor with her constant efforts to get on the gossip pages every other day for doing nothing and pressing out every detail of their life in order to get attention for herself, his credibility is non-existent. His career is, Thank God, over and there’s nothing he can do about it.

  94. 94
    stormy Says:

    No, RB is a publicity-seeking actrine that has a very limited talent for actual acting and a large talent for getting herself photographed going to parties, running errands, walking the dog, going to lunch, etc. and doing 4 or 5 times a week. #91, the only person who is photographed more times than RB while doing nothing is Katie Holmes. Katie Holmes at least was working most of the time she’s been photographed the last several months (going to and from rehearsals, etc.) RB almost never works and when she speaks, the most ridiculous stuff comes out. She even called a designer’s work in Fashion Week ‘fabulous sh*t.’ Also please recall that her husband is an A-list star with a solid career and a long list of, if not excellent, at least watchable films. HC can’t say the same thing. He’s only done two films that were good and that was ten years ago. Everything he’s done in the last 5 years has been garbage and there is no reason not to expect this trend to continue. His choice of roles is dismal and now, having lied to everyone about his relationship with RB for two full years and now actively pimping it out (in direct contradiction to the person he said he was), his popularity in going into the toilet. There are a lot more bankable stars out there than he is, some of which he has worked with before, such as Jamie Bell, Samuel Jackson, Ewan McGregor and Natalie Portman. HC shines as a failure and he’s marrying an empty-headed self-obsessed and self-important female dog who is his perfect match in every way.

    He might be young still but with a wife now undercutting his ambitions to be a serious actor with her constant efforts to get on the gossip pages every other day for doing nothing and pressing out every detail of their life in order to get attention for herself, his credibility is non-existent. His career is, Thank God, over and there’s nothing he can do about it.

  95. 95
    toni Says:

    #91 The actors I believe are talented rarely show up in the gossip blogs. You’re right, Rachel isn’t the only one photographed several times a week. She is next to Lindsay Lohan, Miley Cyrus, the casts of Gossip Girl and the new Beverly Hills 90215. None of which scream huge talent and long lasting careers. They’re all known more for their personal lives rather than work.

    Are the paparrazi tipped off? Sure they are, otherwise we would be seeing different faces not the same tired ones we see everyday. It only becomes part of the business if you invite it to be. She seems to invite and enjoy it.

  96. 96
    Weeeeeeeeee Says:

    wow it’s so sad to see Hayden reduced to being Mr. Bilson and carrying her bags while the paparrazzi carry on about her ugly outfits and shopping all day. Hope you get your acting career back on track Hayden!

  97. 97
    stormyblm Says:

    this is the first time i have ever visited such a site. i was curious to see what Hayden has been up to. so i googled.

    i am a fan of him.
    someone took my name, its ok.

    this is the first time i heard of all this. i had no idea all this was going on WOW!!

    i think hayden has so much potential. i dont know about all this stuff going on BUT all i can do is wish him the best =)

    i cant believe how vicious some people are. but to each his or her own.

    whether he is right or wrong; whether this is a mistake or not, its his life. life is an on-going learning experience.

  98. 98
    fern Says:

    #95, your’e right. RB is in the same category as these other people. We know that she calls the papparazzi and ‘poses’ for candids. I recall one last year where she was ‘hailing a taxi’ right in front of her own car! It was done just for the cameras. We know that she drags her little sister all over the place as a prop whether Hattie wants to be there or not, and the last time it was cold and raining, them going to a toystore to get toys that the girl did not need and probably did not want. RB apparently never goes anywhere without first alerting the media, including buying coffee, getting groceries, getting hair done, taking dog to groomer, having lunch, etc. etc. She even has pictures of her gong to a hospital. I’m amazed we don’t have pictures of her going to the bathroom. We’ve had pictures of her doing everything but working constantly for a whole year now. Currently we’re getting pictures of the two of them doing nothing but shopping and he’s carrying the bags or driving the car and looking embarrassed and/or sick. HC is in touch now with his inner love for papparazzi and endless media attention. I guess that’s the only camera attention he’s going to be getting from now on since he will be Mr. Rachel Bilson, carrying the diaper bag/shopping bag/trash bag for the rest of his life.

  99. 99
    xiea Says:

    @ toni #95

    Like what actors? Charlize Theron, Helen Mirren. Who?

  100. 100
    michael pall Says:

    Donnie Wahlberg and his brother Mark are more worth than this junk! As for Rachel, she really needs to stop acting this way, and start thinking about her own future…….because shopping all day it’s not a paid work!

  101. 101
    celebhores Says:

    she doesnt have to quit shopping. she has hc as her bank.

    looks like she has a shopping addiction.

    she sometimes changes clothes a few times a day. NEW clothes. at least hc isnt like that.

  102. 102
    OLIVIA Says:

    Hot couple!!

  103. 103
    what the hell! Says:

    is it me or does anyone think they do a job lot of photograghs together with hayden always wearing the same clothes? then he just goes undercover knowing it keeps her happy.

  104. 104
    gulley Says:

    @103 Hayden often wears the same clothes for days running and does not wash them, nor does he bathe. After a few days the smell will make your eyes water. I have heard this from cast and crew of productions he’s worked on, some such as Jake Gyllenhal have said this publically (that he smells really bad.) Fans have also written in after encounters with him where his breath is so bad it will flatten a normal person. You wonder why they’re never shown holding hands or standing close to one another? Two words: The. Stench.

  105. 105
    what the hell! Says:

    @103- maybe so. but it cant be that bad they are all loved up. remember. cant keep eyes and anything else off each orther.(i know to much info)

  106. 106
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    he really doesnt look like anakin now…

    not liking the outfit
    but those legs r really yummy =]
    i just love rachel so much!!!
    that smile of hers is just 2 cute =]

  107. 107
    celebhores Says:

    His nails are clean, this indicates he bathes. who doesnt wear the same clothes sometimes? who is to say they wernt washed?

    and he smelled when he worked with Jake because he wanted to get into character, i remember him commenting on it in an interview….its posted on DH.
    never heard of fans saying his breath is bad.

  108. 108
    celebhores Says:

    be careful of JJ, he gives half the story

    30+ pics. mostly with her gal pals. hmm guess she drags hc around like a dog.
    that isnt her home, they are visitng someone.

    call it quits hayden and go join bullrun!!!

  109. 109
    celebhores Says:

    these pics look like theyre from a wedding (last ones)
    or engagement party?

  110. 110
    what the hell! Says:

    LAINEY GOSSIP-THURSDAY MARCH 5TH- can anyone belive she would go there and stay there?.

  111. 111
    celebhores Says:

    where the farm? no, thats why they are in LA.
    cant picture a valley girl liking farm life.

    hc loves it but is putting u with rbs crap

    This proves that love is blind, deaf and retarded!

  112. 112
    what the hell! Says:

    @111- how can that be love looking so miserable all the time? is that the only time he can act?.

  113. 113
    celebhores Says:

    HC doesnt realize that you dont have to sacrifice SELF when youre with someone; they need to accept you for you. You want to go play in bullrun, do it!
    you want to be on your farm….do it!

    he is giving and giving, she takes. this is how we know they are doomed. inevitably.

  114. 114
    oBSERVER Says:

    It was a wedding for starters they went back to HER HOME does the dog go to party with them NOTT he was at the door so YES this was her home not someone else’s. He never attends anything functions like this and reason WHY that is is he allergic to weddings or marriage.

    @105 what proof do you so called have of them being LOVIE DOVIE not even the paps get this impression and x17 called her a big looser. Whatever his or her future is both are very immature.

  115. 115
    share Says:

    Both are awful actors and idiots, only Hayden just became one bc of association with an idiot=RB. I don’t want to call any one names, but they are not good actors and obviously stupid. Non of their activity pays off in a good way. LOSERS.

  116. 116
    share Says:

    She looks ridiculous in those enormous shoes with huge hills and still too short for him, ugly couple, really strange looking, he is farmer, she is a ditz.

  117. 117
    what the hell! Says:

    @114- you have tacken it all the wrong way it was a sarcastic remark.(i know lowest form of wit). that is what i am saying its not a romance.just seeing what they can get out of it. apart from losing fans and making fools of themselves.

  118. 118
    nina Says:

    It`s her mother`s house.

  119. 119
    what the hell! Says:

    so he went and picked her took her to mum’s house then went home alone?. btw is that rachels or his own car he is driving?.p.s her mum was at the do as well but has been left out of the pics above and on gossip girl to make out that rachel and hayden are a couple. went though them on x17.

  120. 120
    ??? Says:

    Why is that so important which house , whose car, who was driving, etc. Does it make any difference? Does it make them less together? Does it give someone another hope they are not?

  121. 121
    what the hell! Says:

    no-ones cares what’s going what does matter is the lying and the mickey tacking they are doing. what right have they got with i’m so above it all attitude. they are far from being a-list they could do to remember that.

  122. 122
    ??? Says:

    They are actually just living their lives. It is the people outside speculating everything they can think of because they know nothing about them. The right to which attitude sounds envious to me.

  123. 123
    share Says:

    The reason people speculate is because it is totally unbelievable that any guy would like this ditz who has no talent at all and no real looks. It is becoming clear that after all the rejections they found each other, he just does not want to be alone and is thinking that building a life is good enough, but it will not replace true love and as we all know he was in love and got rejected. It is pity that this fake relationship is happening. I don’t see love in his eyes or actions, does anybody?

  124. 124
    ??? Says:

    People get rejected now and then. They stand up and fall in love again. That is a part of growing up. The next time they fall in love the more they cherish and protect this new love. About Hayden in particular, I can`t tell about his feelings because i don`t know him personally. I can only speculate like all the people here. I think he is very close to Rachel`s family.

  125. 125
    Observer Says:

    @what the hell

    Sorry if I misunderstood you were being facetious it’s hard to tell anymore who feels what. As for the house I don’t think it’s her mom’s but, then again who knows where mom exactly lives anymore or him for that matter and really who cares..If the money shot was there they would grab it provided they are paid well for it.

    As for the car he never really drives any of the ones he used to own I think he got rid of them. He did say he was in an accident with one the last one he had in BR 06, Can only assume what happen he always borrows her most of the time.

    Sorry her outfit looks hidious Dennis Rodman looks better in a dress then she does.

  126. 126
    mrs. c. Says:

    Hayden had one true love in Natalie Portman, but she broke his heart and he had never been the same since. They loved, respected, and cared for each other deeply. Hayden lost not only the love of his life in Nat, but his self-respect and confidence have seemed to disappear as well. Such a shame!

  127. 127
    saudia Says:

    you guys are so negative, can’t you be happy that they’re engaged, let them live their lives

  128. 128
    panakin Says:

    RB is hands down the worst dressed celeb ever! She has no fashion sense to become a designer…as a matter of fact, she has no acting talent either. She’s only good at shopping and walking her dog….oh… and don’t forget that’s she’s a genius at manipulating the paps to take pix of her everywhere and everyday!

  129. 129
    G Says:

    @ Xiea

    I agree with your point, in that an actor is a product and an “artist,” but the board stream is correct as well as the theme is NOT that they are photographed, it’s WHAT THEY’RE PHOTOGRAPHED DOING…which lately has been NOTHING.

    I’ll come right out and say it: Rachel Bilson is an entertainer and that is her highest potential. Her career will not be anything more then that, because let’s be honest: the girl ain’t got the chops.

    But HAYDEN: it’s there, he’s got it, but HE’S LAZY. As a fan since LAAH, the boy’s got chops, but it’s what we do with our talents that separate the entertainers, from the movie stars, and the true ARTIST i.e. ‘ACTORS’ from them all.

    He’s choices, questionable as of late, especially this engagement! (Considering the two barely had enough chemistry to carry ‘Jumper’ and now their getting married?)

    But all the same, HAYDEN HAS THE POTENTIAL TO BE GREAT. Someone needs to shake him awake and tell him: EVERYTHING YOU WANT IS JUST OUTSIDE OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE.

    Now get off your ass, out of your funk, out of this rut, and out the door to what SHOULD BE your “CAREER” as and ACTOR.

  130. 130
    share Says:

    i completely agree with you, she broke his heart and he has never been the same since and has been downgrading and he knows it.

  131. 131
    Really? Says:

    Now hayden has two true loves, Sienna und Natalie, as long as it`s not Rachel. Oh, wait, what about GIna?

  132. 132
    sharon Says:

    something to chew on

  133. 133
    jane Says:

    Haters: If these losers like you said and Rachel and as stupid as you speak, because you can not stay a minute without typing their name into Google search or news about their lives? Why not admit that to you instead of hate, which are obsecados for them? Yes, because a person who read about 200 posts just to speak ill of them, are not haters, but obsecados and envious of what to do. If you do not like them would not be here right? Seek help, tudos you need a doctor urgently.

  134. 134
    atlqueen Says:

    I have realized that there is literally five to seven people posting on this thread. It is so funny. This thread has morphed into something ‘different’ (haters vs. fans). You can tell when one person is posting bullsh!t because they don’t talk to anyone. They just post crap,they are two to five minutes apart and we never see them again. I guess the dynamic duo actually decided to pry open their own lives.

  135. 135
    Lincoln Jones Says:

    @ 134

    Yeah, its pretty entertaining to read these threads. I’m guessing there are around seven 13 year old girls posting on these Rachel threads over and over again under different names. It appears to only be happening on this obscure blog site. I haven’t seen any of this on the big celeb gossip sites. I doubt that this couple even knows these frustrated little teeny boppers even exist. But its pretty funny to read this. It reminds me of those little girls who threw a tizzy fit when David Archuleta didn’t win the final on American Idol. Only this time is their beloved Anakin.

  136. 136
    voice of reason Says:

    @135 your comment is so right I’m ROTFLMAO-thank you.

  137. 137
    periwinkle Says:

    Yeah it would feel such a “bliss” that when one would predictably post some comment as opposed to the consistent & majority raging posters here; those very few would now have a chance to come out and would right away show support one right after the other. Just the same thing isn’t it?! Hater responded to another hater then “now” believer responded to another believer (just like what they do in a fanforum/fansite). So how much you all want to bet that they’re all the same person too huh?! Tsk… from the rate things are going, said believers need to flock more to further their defensive tactics as they’re still losing the vote – LOL

  138. 138
    voice of reason Says:

    @137 only because the haters use so many names, type the same crap and have a shoe up the backside want to play nice?

    The Majority does not count seeing as it’s 5 people posting as a united “Hayden let me down, Hayden should be with Nat, hayden does drugs etc”

    Only way we lose is because we post honest, we don’t need multiple names, we don’t hide and yet you are still here for what reason only you know–you should go support someone I’m sure they would not give you the time of day either.

  139. 139
    Nayden fan forever Says:

    it’s hard for me to keep watching this or posting me and my husband are huge star wars fans , and we just do not like rachel bilson at all with him, for some reason we can’t get a gripe on this, we just wish he and natalie would have went another try again.

    And whatever reason they broke up they had seemed ment for each other. We even liked him with Sienna Miller go firgure.

    We both don’t really have a problem with RB herself though, I even liked her in the OC and wished she would have stayed with Adam.

    We want Rb to be just as Happy as we do HC were more Hc’s fans in my family though.

    But to be honest with everyone here, Rb comes across as a little girl even though she is a grown woman.

    I can’t understand why this is this way, because HC always seemed before to like the strong independent women instead.

    Unless he feels he has to take care of this poor little insecure girl that what she comes across to me as from what I have seen.

    But the Hayden, Rachel thing it don’t make any sense at all, except that they seemed to be friends and decided to just make a go of it, this really in love thing is hard to buy,

    I don’t know why. Ok maybe I am in a denial state here, but it does seem hard to believe they are this in love when it looks staged at times, and no confirmations declarations of extreme love, they never hold hands much walk together kiss and verbally say , oh we are much in love.

    RB ‘s fashion taste I don’t get if she is trying to be such a role model, I mean if she dressed classy , more, to it would be great, I noticed

    HC doesn’t dress as classy anymore either, that guy had some taste, no I am not jealous , as I said i am married I am old enough to be his mother.

    But , HC had great taste in clothes until lately, we was just hoping that Natalie and Hayden would have been another super couple.

    Or thought HC would have found a powerful, a lady who spoke, out and had causes ,not just a shopping gal.

    I don’ know if we will ever be able to support this as fans , and I just think HC sold out, as everyone else said I am really agreeing here, with alot of other people he just seemed to have alot of promise in his career.

    Our ten year old son loved HC and he was a role model for him.

    This is so very sad. Rb ‘s career seems to be depending on him as they keep making films together.

    The problem I see is another Tom Cruise ordeal.

    I just feel Rb Should do more then just shopping they both seem very shallow to me now, and HC does seem to have turned into the very thing he said hated.

  140. 140
    voice of reason Says:

    @ nayden you don’t understand it because you live in a pathetic hope-Hayden is engaged to Rachel like it, hate it but for the love of god get over it. Hayden and Natalie WILL never be together it has been almost 5 years get a grip and understand that.

  141. 141
    maggie_kayyy Says:

    I am so happy for them.

    I love Rachel, and a part of me (the OC side) longs for Adam and her to get back together, but if she’s content then I am SO happy for them.


  142. 142
    Snow Says:

    It doesn’t matter who he is with, his career , is going nowhere. He don’t care about his fans like he used to. As far as she goes, I can’t really say but it does seem like she does shop alot if she really likes being in the limelight like others say she needs to do more good for others like charity , and other things like that. If she did more of that I would change how I feel. I think at one point , she is just coming across to me as shop till you drop. I don’t know, I have not seen alot about her but this.

  143. 143
    share Says:

    they are 2 pathetic losers judging by their standing in Hollywood as actors and money makers. I don’t believe Hayden was ever in love with her, just very safe and convenient relationship may be mistaken for love or a substitute to it, I think he knows he does not love her, just does not want to be alone. But she is beyond herself to get him. If a girl goes so crazy for a guy, the guy goes for that girl, especially since the guy can’t get the girl he actually wants.

  144. 144
    celebhores Says:

    for all you Naydens…enjoy =)

    beautiful..and HAPPY

  145. 145
    celebhores Says:

    “The auditions became all about meeting Natalie. It was just the thrill of shooting with her. I believe I have chemistry with her and that is key to my getting the part.” –HC

    Does anyone have a link to an interview of HC mentioneing anything about RB?

  146. 146
    celebhores Says:

    This actually sadnes me. but i guess this is how we should remember him.
    love natalies laugh!! not annoying like RB.

    im still shocked he would settle for this annoying, valley girl…

  147. 147
    share Says:

    @144 and 146
    Thank you so much for the links. I don’t doubt that he is not in love with Rachel. I can understand him, he got sick of bad reviews and wants to get away to Canada and needs someone to keep him company and RB is more than willing and eager. He will never love her, it is a convenience, not love, he will always dream of how it could have been with Natalie. I feel really bad for him. HCand RB will never be a RESPECTABLE power couple the way Nayden could have been and HC knows that, he is always angry, never looks happy or in love like with Nat.

  148. 148
    nina Says:

    It really amazed me to read some post here where people fleet from dismay to creating a fantasy world where Hayden and Natalie live happily ever after, which has nothing to do with reality.I think Adam-Rachel fans can cope up with the situation much better, as long as Rachel is happy.

  149. 149
    Japanese Says:

    She always looks so good!

  150. 150
    Hater at rest Says:

    yep, at rest again and again… no work for haters right now.
    You’re wrong.

    @#134, 135, 136
    With these idiotic ‘naydens’, the threads are becoming fanfictions. The fight between fans and haters is more entertaining.
    You’re right, most of the real haters feel bored, and without us, no debat, no game, JJ could become as ‘interesting’ as DH or IMDB…
    I read but post less and less. I’m not even sure to get back anymore.

    @ Nina
    Hi, prefered fan! Have you seen? RaTchel curently goes to a medical center, do you think sh’s pregnant?

  151. 151
    what the hell! Says:

    who cares any more? like its been said before rachel reads these comment’s hence the baggy clothes putting something in front of her, posing with a toy doll in front of her. we have seen it all before with her when the baby rumors start. she just plays up to it like playing coy about the engagement-married stuff. p.s would any where shoes like that if they were pregnant?

  152. 152
    Hater at rest Says:

    I care (for the game), but I don’t know anything about the kinds of shoes to wear in early pregnancy. It would be funny to read the reactions about her pregnancy. So, she’s not pregnant… too bad.

  153. 153
    nina Says:

    @Hater at rest
    Yes, she was at a medical center two times already, but it`s hard to tell….

  154. 154
    tisdragonfly Says:

    who cares anymore she is a poor subistute , for natalie and as far as nayden goes if you love someone you will always love someone. It don’t make a difference how long you shut yourself off or who you are with. I do not know this hc anymore, as far as Rb well she don’t make much of impression on me but shallow and celebhores ty for posting that nayden pic.

  155. 155
    Hater at rest Says:

    @ Nina
    Surely, but I wonder…
    She probably goes there once a year for a checkup. What is surprising is that she’s photographed in front of the center. Coincidence? Does she go there more? Do the paps know some funny news that we don’t know??
    Pregnancy may explain the access of romanticism of Hayden with this engagement ring. We’ll see in 3/4 months.

  156. 156
    what the hell! Says:

    whatever but it says one thing about her. she would sell her soul to the devil if it got her more airtime on sites like these.

  157. 157
    toadstool Says:

    or Hayden’s soul LOL (she’s selfish).

  158. 158
    robin Says:

    you guys are really, truly retarded. like i wonder about some of you. why the hell would rachel hide her finger so many times if she wanted attention? wtf?
    someone needs to be in special ed.

  159. 159
    share Says:

    SPECULATION KEEPS attention on them, that is what they want.
    If they dated and got engaged no one would notice, it is the suspense that they keep milking taking people for fools makes every one angry at them. I think hayden does not love her anyway, so who cares, he got rejected every time, this is the first for him, so he is definitely excited, but not in love.

  160. 160
    Victoria Says:

    Is it just me or does she seem really umcomfortable around him? If you compare he relationship with Hayden to her relationship with Adam then you could tell something is off. I don’t think they are engaged. I think that is just a publicity stunt until the 2nd Jumper comes out. I guess we will see!
    And for the record, she did not do well in Jumper. I thought she ruined the role with all the weird faces she kept making. She is just odd!

  161. 161
    Marcela Says:

    por mucho tiempo lo tuvo en secreto, nadie sabía nada si tenían una relación o no, solamente se especulaba, ahora todo salió a la luz, y no es culpa de Hayden que los paparazy hagan noticias con el de las fotos que le tomaron y con lo que Rachel haya confesado, porque por lo menos lo que yo sé es que Hayden no ha dicho ni una sola palabra :P

  162. 162
    pearl Says:

    All i have to say is that its nice to see Hayden again! i haven’t seen him or heard news about him since the last star wars movie he did.
    Its nice to see he is in love…hope he is happy in his relationship.
    I think rachel and him look cute together!
    I want to see him in more movies.

  163. 163
    share Says:

    I just noticed, but I think Hayden looks critically at her shoes, which look ridiculous, and he does not like this over pretentious look. If she had normal legs not short once and did not have to wear such high hills would have been much better and classier. But class and RB do not go in one sentence.

  164. 164
    periwinkle Says:

    As usual as it is some provoking fan-girl would take a bite on what I have stated at my last post (#137) and would still persist to resist her so-called & same ole “religious convictions” on here. Tsk… nothing new to offer on a different level of perspective.
    Anyhow, the “mainstream & invariable” comments here are wide-ranging from being spiteful, constructive, infuriated, remorseful, affront, credulous, madcap, discerning hmm what else… and as they are just apparently coming only from a bunch of “5”?!?!
    Whew & lol!

  165. 165
    purna Says:

    i like hayden when he dated natalie portman…
    go natalie…!!!!

  166. 166
    Hater at rest Says:

    @ Nina
    I don’t know if you’re here but you’re going to laugh at me. I re-think about these visits to the medical center and now I wonder if they’re linked to her trip. She may have been vaccinated for a trip in an underdeveloped country. The simplest explanation is often the best.

  167. 167
    Nina Says:

    @Hater at rest
    I read in an article that in certain countries one need to have a medical clearance for marriage. I was thinking maybe that is why she was at the medical center. A required vaccination could be a possibility too.

  168. 168
    what the hell! Says:

    here’s hoping it has something to with getting married then they can both do one. i doubt she wont go away and never be papped again she would miss it to much. can you see her living in canada full time?.

  169. 169
    what the hell! Says:

    @166- as if. rachel wiil always put herself first. she would not know where a third world counrty is she would think it was a brand of clothing.

  170. 170
    Nina Says:

    As a private person, yes, but even Hayden has to go to LA now and then because of work. I think they have to divide their time between LA and Canada.

  171. 171
    what the hell! Says:

    @170- no sorry i can’t see her ever being low key in l.a she would miss the paparazzi to much rachel is now known more for her personal life then her acting. its like a drug to her now. she could not bear not being papped now. its the only time it makes her feel like a somebody and not a nobody.

  172. 172
    Nina Says:

    I assume if she would miss the limelight, then she will come to LA., she is a celeb after all.

  173. 173
    hater at rest Says:

    @ 169
    LOL funny, you’re probably right. But I never thought in a humanitarian and disinterested activity, rather in a work linked to her new movie, whose $ 5 million budget could compel the producer to adapt the script and to relocate a part of filming in a ‘low cost’ country.

    I think these two lazy liars could spend half the year in Canada and half in California because they’re rich without having to really work. Plus, there are less and less jobs for these losers.

    I’m sorry but I have to stop here, I don’t want to bother Nina with one of my usual comments. I like our friendly talk.

  174. 174
    David (hater at rest) Says:

    @ Nina
    A premarital medical exam is required in Canada but not in California when the couple already lived together before. This exam has been done in California, where it’s useless for the validity of the marriage. So we can consider that this exam had another purpose.

    Look :

  175. 175
    voice of reason Says:

    Actually a medical exam is not required in Ontario goggle Canadian marriage laws. You are correct David in regard to Californian Law but certain sites also say it’s not required.

    I could be wrong but if Rachel was having some test done would she not just go to a local doctor? Because her Mum was with her, perhaps they were just visiting someone in hospital.

  176. 176
    lily Says:

    I believe eons ago you needed to get a med exam for marriage in CA, but that has def changed ’cause I live in OC, got married 5 years ago and wasn’t required to do any such thing.

  177. 177
    Nina Says:

    Thanks for the info, guys.

  178. 178
    NY GAL Says:

    Does anyone know the reason why Hayden didn’t do the voice of Anakin for the Clone Wars cartoon that’s on TV now? Just wondering because the guy that does it , doesn’t sound anything like HC. But all the other characters sound like the original actors and I think some of them are the originals, Sam Jackson for example.

  179. 179
    toni Says:

    After the comments he made about working with George Lucas maybe he wasn’t asked. Or he thought Jumper was going to be his ticket to more offers.

  180. 180
    NY GAL Says:

    @179 toni, what comments did he make about George Lucas? I guess I must have missed that?

  181. 181
    voice of reason Says:

    @NY GIRL @180
    The “thoughts” that toni is typing about is yet another internet feeling.

    Hayden has on numerous interviews told how happy he was to be part of SW, that by being involved it gave him a great opportunity.

    Toni is commenting on 1 article(that spread everywhere on the net) that Hayden was “quoted” saying that it(SW) was not what actors wish to do that SW was not the creative thing actors feel.

    Hayden in verbal interviews has nothing but respect for GL.

    As for the clone wars question posted above, Hayden was not asked because IMO he would cost to much for TV(believe GL alluded to that-because the character appears more than mace), and has to make himself available to do it at the risk of not being able to do anything else. After holding off for almost 5 years to do the right thing by GL my guess hayden just wants to move on and does not want to be tied down to SW forever.

  182. 182
    NY GAL Says:

    @181 VOR, thanks for the info. I’m glad you responded to my question, as you seem to know alot about the movie industry and I respect your opinions as well.

  183. 183
    David Says:

    @ NY GAL
    I don’t know if you’re a SW fan, but in that case, like me, accept GL’s words as ‘the revealed truth’. We’ve no choice.

    @ VOR
    Yes, thank you. I have to admit that I didn’t search seriously on google to answer. You’re probably right on all your points. As fan, you know many things about this couple much better than me. I didn’t know that her mother was there too.

    @ Nina
    Hhhhhhh, Nina, I think we’re lost in guesses. Who is sick? Is there even anybody sick? Why a medical center? Certain exams cannot be done by a local doctor. We have to wait for news…

  184. 184
    Nina Says:

    You are right, certain exams have to be done in medical centers. I hope Rachel is not seriously ill.

  185. 185
    NY GAL Says:

    @David Yes, I am most definitely a Star Wars fan! Episode One is my least favorite.and Episode Three is my favorite! I think George Lucas is brilliant and doesn’t get the respect he deserves. I’m glad to hear that Hayden wasn’t dissing him.

  186. 186
    sharon Says:

  187. 187
    lisaB. Says:

    to all you haters saying his acting jobs are ”jokes” i don’t see any of you doing anything worthwhile in your misrble lives. all you do all day is write ignorant comments about his life. you people know NOTHING of his personal life and you have nerve to talk down on him?? you guys r pathetic

  188. 188
    kaleigh Says:


    Rachel Bilson Dresses Like a Homeless Child, ******

    Actually w/ or w/o the dress, she’s an absolute ******!

  189. 189
    David Says:

    @ Nina
    I surely hope too because I’m not this kind of hater, but she doesn’t seem sick at all. In fact, I wonder if she hasn’t gained a few weight, for the better.

    @ NY GAL
    I agree about GL! He’s talented, and has created a wonderful story, a whole universe. In order, I prefer TESB (the best in my taste), ROTS, TAOTC, ROTJ and ANH. But I’ve been disappointed in ROTS, especially when Anakin turned to the dark side. There’s definitely something wrong/fake in this scene. Of course, I prefer the special effects in the new trilogy, but I find the story more lyric in the first, and I prefer the characters (except the ewoks). And TFM… what to say! I have hoped during 2 hours that Qui-Gon or Obi would be nice enough to cut Jar Jar’s head.
    Finally, there are 2 things that will never change : I’ll always support and thank GL for his work and I’ll always be a little bit disapointed and jealous of Hayden to have been DV’s human face LOL.

    I don’t think he wanted to be disrespectful, but his comment in this interview seemed thankless towards GL who offered him the best opportunity of his life.

  190. 190
    NY GAL Says:

    @David I Agree, JarJar and the Ewoks were so annoying!!! I have a question for you or anyone else out there………….a long, long time ago, George Lucas said that Star Wars is made up of three trilogy’s. There is/was suppose to be a 7,8,9. Does anybody remember that? If so, what’s the scoop?

  191. 191
    David Says:

    @ NY GAL
    LOL the only way to watch TFM:

    There’s only the trilogy by Timothy Zan (the new republic). It’s pleasant to read, but I don’t believe that GL will film them. It’s too late anyway, Mark Hamill and Ford Harrison are too old. But there are many of other books. IMO, the most interesting new stories are the ones relating to the old republic, like in Drew Karpyshyn’s novels.

  192. 192
    NY GAL Says:

    @191 David Thanks so much the info, and for taking the time to answer my question. I really appreciate it!!

  193. 193
    Flug USA Says:

    looks like she is.
    we’ll soon know more. :)
    leave her privacy to her so far.

  194. 194
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    Hayden Christensen Rachel bilson she’s Anakin says I loved you a kiss you be with you Hayden be to gather married happy life togather wife she’s Anakin

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  196. 196
    she Anakin skywalker Says:

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