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Rachel Bilson: Honest Tea For An Honest Woman

Rachel Bilson: Honest Tea For An Honest Woman


Newly engaged Rachel Bilson is all bundled up as she is picked up by a limo at her home en route to LAX airport in Los Angeles on Monday (March 9).

The 27-year-old actress was seen carrying around a bottle of Honest Tea — Organic Peach White Tea Flavor. Says the bottle of the flavor, “[It's a] combination of sweet organic peaches and light antioxidant-rich white.”

10+ pictures inside of honest woman Rachel Bilson

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rachel bilson honest tea 01
rachel bilson honest tea 02
rachel bilson honest tea 03
rachel bilson honest tea 04
rachel bilson honest tea 05
rachel bilson honest tea 06
rachel bilson honest tea 07
rachel bilson honest tea 08
rachel bilson honest tea 09
rachel bilson honest tea 10

Credit: JAM; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • mike


  • hj


  • drewlard

    RB’s face looks like a roast beef sandwich that was repeatedly beaten with a rubber chicken. I really don’t get all the fuss about her!

  • omg

    Honestly no style.

  • Matingas

    wait for the airport set! :P then put them together JARED!

    its pretty nice .. worked with a good photog.. hope you use BGs

  • bam


  • Jessicaaa

    she is so preggers…. you will see.

  • Not hardly

    Thank God she’s going to Canada to get married and stay there for a while and we won’t have to see her insipid face in the press every single day! The end of this for people that used to be fans of Hayden is almost in sight and we can move on to people now that have futures and careers, and let the guy rot on his farm in obscurity forever– unemployed and unemployable, with an ignorable and talentless wife. Good riddence, RB! We won’t miss you at all and if you had any brains you would know that your life in front of the cameras as a working actress is OVER.

  • jeannaire

    Her S.A.D (Seeking Attention Deficiency) Syndrome is really incurable just like dying of a cancer!

  • rayden

    Rachel`s smile looks like she`s having some kind of a secret.

  • leigh

    HONEST? No, she’s not.
    Playing peekabo with the press with her engagement ring. That ain’t honest.

    JJ is overexposing her so much people will forget she was ever an actress and will think she’s a reality star

  • mikee

    WOW RB is all over JJ considering she’s not even doing any movie or tv projects at the moment.

    It’s getting a bit annoying now!

  • whodie

    Newly Engaged for the NTH time around?!
    Don’t you ever get tired of saying the same thing over all the time huh Jared?!
    Your anal retention is now revolting. It’s so not a royal engagement to speak of as she was not engaged to a prince but more like of a prick as she herself is a freak.

  • atlqueen

    She’s gonna be a married woman when we see her surface again. Crazy, huh?

  • Observer

    Funny she has a lunch with her Director on WFF and now she is in a Studio limo leaving..Hello reshoots..And why would she diss the opportunity to travel w/o the groom to go to canada. OR her mom who is glued to her hip. PLEASE Lunch with DIrector, Studio limo, luggage for 2 week as she always backs for a long time when she is only for a week or less and she only shot WFF for a few days. Now if the bacholer was with her I would say sure.

    Who said preggers ..ROTFLMAO pleasee..she would not wish to destroy her body with a kid.. And her popularity meter is at Zero. @ atiqueen did she tell you this maybe on the plane with the page six rep. maybe she will emerger married some day soon or not. don’t assume makes and ass out of you and me.

  • Bridgette

    I agree with Jessica. I def. think that she is pregnant! she has been wearing loss fitting clothes lately, and can i add her recent engagement. Although her and her lovely boy toy have been together for quit some time, i do feel that the recent engagement may have been rushed for some unexpected news. But if she’s not i still love her!

  • Bridgette


  • tt

    “RB’s face looks like a roast beef sandwich that was repeatedly beaten with a rubber chicken. I really don’t get all the fuss about her!”

    Her face looks like a bowl of melted pudding! Icky poo!

  • Gina

    @ 7

    She’s not the only one!

  • ~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~


  • nysro

    Are they remaking Something WIcked This Way Comes??

    She is sure dressed like the old man in it..

    this girl is SO boring.. she does nothing, yet gets covered like she’s a star (she isn’t….)

  • NY GAL

    Thank God, she is leaving LA for awhile!! Now, we will all get a break from her ………………….YAWN!!

  • me

    You people need to quit already You don’t know where she really going .Did you ask her .I see she only put the ring on when she’s not with hayden. Thatat to make sure they are not having any troubleHer and hayden are finish just wait and see. She will back soon.Don’t think she going up there with that mess she started there. Maybe back to new visit. Also she haven’t set date yet.Don’t he suppose to be with her?

  • uberpap

    Doubtful that she’s going back to Canada right now. Most likely its for a movie or a fashion event and the production company has sent a limo for her. If she were going back to Canada, Hayden would be joining her and they would most likely be getting a ride to the airport by her mom.

  • sharon

    LMAO jared it think this is the most misleading title post for her ….HONEST!!!!

  • gerard Vandenberg

    E.T. was honest too, folks!!

  • Madonna


  • ‘Mandise

    I love honest tea. Rachel is cute but I’m seriously jealous of her :p (yeh, I fell in love with Hayden back in 2002)

  • jacinth

    YYYAAAWWWNNN… and not again… the OC-ewok strikes again! This is the new breed of no-talent, not-so-pretty girls getting (in)famous for nothing but just having hired the best publicist in town.

  • amanda

    Maybe the honest tea ppl decided to use rachel to endorse their tea ???

  • what the hell!

    mmm- ring is on middle finger must have got confused having had to do for the married,pregnant rumors the only good thing to come of it is that she will then disappear.

  • c

    There is nothing Honest about her. why you hype her up so much? when she don’t do nothing.The topic should br liars and cheaters.She and hayden is not a super couple. Like brad and angie.The woman has told so many lies since she came on thr radar.You know she not going to married hayden anyway. She will come with some lie as she always do. I think that you going to far to promote her.Honest is when you don’t let others make up stories for you.Like this site is.Since so honest why don’t she tell the truth about who really gave that ring and about her and hayden real relationship. And why he leave without notice and why they don’t show love with each other. Her ex did.Also that’s not his home when want sleep with when he’s town. So where is he? just trying to be honest.

  • selena

    I love her

  • what the hell!

    thats sarcasm on jared’s part.

  • zoe

    we need every freaking day new pics of that d lister?



  • jane

    I think she is pregnant…

  • nina

    Time will tell…

  • kim

    She’s so cute

  • laury

    Love her style

  • Tablier

    Was it that cold in LA to be all bundled up like that?

  • not again

    Boring mentally retarded spoiled brat flying out of California again. And how nice, more photos of her doing nothing. Like we don’t have enough of those. Probably doing the third round of reshoots because her performance WFF was so bad she’s having her part in the film cut down and reshot so she doesn’t have to be more than a couple of minutes. THANK GOD we can have some peace from looking at her fugly face for a while.

  • gina

    Hayden informed me that you don’t believe me. Okay, if you won’t believe me then believe your gut instinct because it does not lie.

  • celebhores
  • celebhores

    if she went to canada….IF
    why the charade? everyone knows these 2 are together, why would the fly seperate? go to such lengths to hide something that is known…..makes no sense to me.

    she has him locked down in the dungeon. with only a cell phone so she can check up on him.
    there are more pics than this JJ, u never post all of them

  • jane

    44) Is a fake photo

  • @ gina

    Could you tell to your dirty and lazy Trashden to stop lying, try to be less selfish and find a real job?

  • what the hell!

    @46-i take it clebhores knew that before posting it. its called sarcasm on their part about the hayden-rachel stuff.

  • lakers fan in boston

    i really hate it when she wears a hat
    other than that her outfit is cute
    and like always she is overall a cute girl
    love u rachel!

  • celebhores

    fantasy. wishing it were true =)
    thanks for picking that up!!! @”what the hell”