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Taylor Lautner is a Dirt Bike Devil

Taylor Lautner is a Dirt Bike Devil

Taylor Lautner, aka Jacob Black, gets some dirt bike lessons for his upcoming role in the Twilight sequel, New Moon, on Friday (March 6) in Vancouver, Canada.

On Sunday (March 8), the 17-year-old actor was seen hanging out with costars Kristen Stewart and Nikki Reed in downtown Vancouver, where New Moon will be shot later this month.

How kind of Kristen to shove a cigarette down Nikki‘s throat!

Dakota Fanning was recently cast as vampire Jane in New Moon.

20+ pictures inside of dirt bike devil Taylor Lautner

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taylor lautner dirt bike 01
taylor lautner dirt bike 02
taylor lautner dirt bike 03
taylor lautner dirt bike 04
taylor lautner dirt bike 05
taylor lautner dirt bike 06
taylor lautner dirt bike 07
taylor lautner dirt bike 08
taylor lautner dirt bike 09
taylor lautner dirt bike 10
taylor lautner dirt bike 11
taylor lautner dirt bike 12
taylor lautner dirt bike 13
taylor lautner dirt bike 14
taylor lautner dirt bike 15
taylor lautner dirt bike 16
taylor lautner dirt bike 17
taylor lautner dirt bike 18
taylor lautner dirt bike 19
taylor lautner dirt bike 20
taylor lautner dirt bike 21

Credit: Dzilla; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • Chariot

    Puff away Nikki and Kristen!

  • ‘Mandise

    Taylor is kinda hot …….. I don’t know, there’s something sexy about him :D

  • kati

    its so wierd seeing kristen smoking, it dosent suit her…….

  • Lauren

    How is it nikki reed doesn’t even look like nikki reed..are these pictures from the same day because kristen has a different coat on? unless she just changes..bit wierd but okay!

    i’d like to meet taylor and ashley greene and jackson rathbone more than anyone else on the twilight films – they seem much nicer people than anyone else, obviously robert is alright as well but i dunno theres something about them

  • totaltwilighter

    aaah hot!

  • Marina

    not only Kristen has changed her clothes. Nikki and Taylor also wear different outfits, so probably these are picture taken in 2 days

  • blaster

    cool!!! they are really BFF’s!!!! my friend and I do the same.. yes, i smoke too..

    so they are starting pre-prod now in Vancouver.. filming will start in a couple of weeks!!! yey!!!

    Love KStew!!! she’s awesome!!

  • Erin

    I am such a fan of Kristen I am! But with her and Nikki smoking with Taylor in the middle… maybe not such a great idea.

    I’m so excited for New Moon!

  • blaster

    i wanna kristen in that bike too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sasa

    ugh gtfo nreed. taycob and kbitch can stay but ugh she just annoys the f*ck out of me.

  • me me me

    if they wanna smoke, let them smoke. the anti-smoking campaign is really disgusting.

  • Marianne23

    does anyone know the brand of the coat that kristen is wearing???…it’s amazing!!thanx

  • marissa

    what i like about them is that they seem pretty normal. it’s actually quite refreshing ;)
    and who cares if they smoke or not??

  • blaster

    i wanna SEE kristen ride that bike too!!!

  • Lucy

    Why is Nikki reed there. She doesn’t even have a major role in New Moon apart from the end/ abit early for her to be filming already. And where is ROB :(

    Go Jacob :D I can’t wait to see how Lautner plays him in New Moon

  • Sarah

    ah he is so SEXY! i am jealous!
    i dont really like kristen.
    but i love nikki she is really pretty.

  • blaster

    kristen and nikki are wearing the same gray under shirt.. cute!! nice to have close friends like that..

  • jasmine

    thats cute of them all hanging out. I love Kirsten’s style.

  • hope

    Kristen’s coat is by French Connection

  • chauncey

    Just where is Robert Pattinson?! Get him now ASAP LOL

  • BB

    omfg he is not hot…..are u blind? :X

  • Madonna


  • Sia

    Where’s Rob ? I’m sad he’s not in this movie too much ! I’m sorry Team Rob/Edward !!!!
    It’s still great that the cast is really close !!!

  • Holly

    I now know he wears calvin klein :D

  • Russian girl


  • rpattz

    Taylor is soooo UGLY!!

    Where is my ROB??

  • rpattz

    Taylor is soooo UGLY!!

    Where is my ROB??

  • bint
  • Vestes de Cuisine

    A smoker.

  • haeden

    i really don’t like nikki reed. why she keep hanging with them, she don’t have anything really major in new moon.

  • Twifanatic Amanda

    Oh are you going to be a bitch to Kristen too, Jared?

  • Twifanatic Amanda

    most of the people on the cast are smokers you fucking idiots

  • julia

    nicki reed is with them because she and kristen are best friends nicki reed even visits kristen on her other filmsets and so does kristen
    i dont care nicki is there and who cares if theyre smoking they started someday it is like that they cant help it doesnt matter

  • Jen

    cant stand either of them.. Kristen is so blah.. Nikki is really ugly.. Taylor I dont find cute, but hes alright…I dont dislike him… and no surprise i heard they were smokers, ugh…

    but i guess its a good thing they all get along so well

  • tpum

    where’s Rob ??

  • albita

    joder con el lobito!!

  • Destined

    Love Taylor! Team Jacob all the way! He is so cute.

  • layla

    mmm taylor is super cute! I don’t get why they chose nikki for the role she’s not that gorgeous. and the character is. whatever.

    kristen- eat something. look how nasty she looks in her jeans. so skinny.

  • layla

    oh and um kristen’s sweatshirt is by nike, retards. not FCUK

  • Jane

    OMG Twi-stars have managed to pull paparatzis over to Vancity… unbelievable LOL

  • Lauren

    I’m sorry, but I find Nikki and Kristen so lame for the whole smoking thing. It’s like they’re blatantly trying to boost their badass points, but it just makes them look so obvious.

    kudos to taylor for abstaining and keeping it classy

  • natymab

    Where is our Rob???

  • diana

    cute pictures!

  • indiesr

    Rob is probably spending time alone, getting into character just like he did before. Love him!

  • onedimpledcheek

    Rob is off screwing sluts and getting wasted, because that’s what he does. Nikki is there with Kristen because they’re screwing (under the guise of BFFs, because, apparently, idiots will make all the excuses in the world for two people who are just entirely too affectionate with each other to not be fucking).

    I can’t believe how little you children pay attention.

    Also, people sometimes smoke. Get over it. I can’t believe the generations right after mine are such pansy-asses.

  • adriana

    i hope they dont get cancer! they’re so young!

  • JJ

    kristen looks stoned and just gross
    nikki looks like shes gained a couple pounds
    taylor looks hotttt!!!

  • anna

    why aren’t there any pics of rob hanging out w/ them if they’re all such ‘good friends?’ maybe b/c he’s been seeing kristen since tokyo and summit is trying to keep a lid on it. news flash…everybody has already figured it out. we’re not stupid.

  • Noelani

    i really love two out of the three. nikki hasn’t really caught on to me yet. i think it’s just cuz she plays rose so she’s not much of a fav for me; so in time hopefully that changes.

    but as for the two i love…
    taylor looks hot yet is two years younger than me so i gotta hold back the fantasizing.

    and kristen… love her to death. she smokes? well that’s her choice and as long as she’s 18 aka legal… who cares it’s her body. all i know is that some people need to mind their own bussiness.

  • Noelani

    i agree with you anna yet again :) where are the rob pics??!?!?!? the ones from mae aren’t enough! hahahaha.