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Taylor Lautner is a Dirt Bike Devil

Taylor Lautner is a Dirt Bike Devil

Taylor Lautner, aka Jacob Black, gets some dirt bike lessons for his upcoming role in the Twilight sequel, New Moon, on Friday (March 6) in Vancouver, Canada.

On Sunday (March 8), the 17-year-old actor was seen hanging out with costars Kristen Stewart and Nikki Reed in downtown Vancouver, where New Moon will be shot later this month.

How kind of Kristen to shove a cigarette down Nikki‘s throat!

Dakota Fanning was recently cast as vampire Jane in New Moon.

20+ pictures inside of dirt bike devil Taylor Lautner

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taylor lautner dirt bike 01
taylor lautner dirt bike 02
taylor lautner dirt bike 03
taylor lautner dirt bike 04
taylor lautner dirt bike 05
taylor lautner dirt bike 06
taylor lautner dirt bike 07
taylor lautner dirt bike 08
taylor lautner dirt bike 09
taylor lautner dirt bike 10
taylor lautner dirt bike 11
taylor lautner dirt bike 12
taylor lautner dirt bike 13
taylor lautner dirt bike 14
taylor lautner dirt bike 15
taylor lautner dirt bike 16
taylor lautner dirt bike 17
taylor lautner dirt bike 18
taylor lautner dirt bike 19
taylor lautner dirt bike 20
taylor lautner dirt bike 21

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117 Responses to “Taylor Lautner is a Dirt Bike Devil”

  1. 1
    Chariot Says:

    Puff away Nikki and Kristen!

  2. 2
    'Mandise Says:

    Taylor is kinda hot …….. I don’t know, there’s something sexy about him :D

  3. 3
    kati Says:

    its so wierd seeing kristen smoking, it dosent suit her…….

  4. 4
    Lauren Says:

    How is it nikki reed doesn’t even look like nikki reed..are these pictures from the same day because kristen has a different coat on? unless she just changes..bit wierd but okay!

    i’d like to meet taylor and ashley greene and jackson rathbone more than anyone else on the twilight films – they seem much nicer people than anyone else, obviously robert is alright as well but i dunno theres something about them

  5. 5
    totaltwilighter Says:

    aaah hot!

  6. 6
    Marina Says:

    not only Kristen has changed her clothes. Nikki and Taylor also wear different outfits, so probably these are picture taken in 2 days

  7. 7
    blaster Says:

    cool!!! they are really BFF’s!!!! my friend and I do the same.. yes, i smoke too..

    so they are starting pre-prod now in Vancouver.. filming will start in a couple of weeks!!! yey!!!

    Love KStew!!! she’s awesome!!

  8. 8
    Erin Says:

    I am such a fan of Kristen I am! But with her and Nikki smoking with Taylor in the middle… maybe not such a great idea.

    I’m so excited for New Moon!

  9. 9
    blaster Says:

    i wanna kristen in that bike too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. 10
    sasa Says:

    ugh gtfo nreed. taycob and kbitch can stay but ugh she just annoys the f*ck out of me.

  11. 11
    me me me Says:

    if they wanna smoke, let them smoke. the anti-smoking campaign is really disgusting.

  12. 12
    Marianne23 Says:

    does anyone know the brand of the coat that kristen is wearing???…it’s amazing!!thanx

  13. 13
    marissa Says:

    what i like about them is that they seem pretty normal. it’s actually quite refreshing ;)
    and who cares if they smoke or not??

  14. 14
    blaster Says:

    i wanna SEE kristen ride that bike too!!!

  15. 15
    Lucy Says:

    Why is Nikki reed there. She doesn’t even have a major role in New Moon apart from the end/ abit early for her to be filming already. And where is ROB :(

    Go Jacob :D I can’t wait to see how Lautner plays him in New Moon

  16. 16
    Sarah Says:

    ah he is so SEXY! i am jealous!
    i dont really like kristen.
    but i love nikki she is really pretty.

  17. 17
    blaster Says:

    kristen and nikki are wearing the same gray under shirt.. cute!! nice to have close friends like that..

  18. 18
    jasmine Says:

    thats cute of them all hanging out. I love Kirsten’s style.

  19. 19
    hope Says:

    Kristen’s coat is by French Connection

  20. 20
    chauncey Says:

    Just where is Robert Pattinson?! Get him now ASAP LOL

  21. 21
    BB Says:

    omfg he is not hot…..are u blind? :X

  22. 22
    Madonna Says:


  23. 23
    Sia Says:

    Where’s Rob ? I’m sad he’s not in this movie too much ! I’m sorry Team Rob/Edward !!!!
    It’s still great that the cast is really close !!!

  24. 24
    Holly Says:

    I now know he wears calvin klein :D

  25. 25
    Russian girl Says:


  26. 26
    rpattz Says:

    Taylor is soooo UGLY!!

    Where is my ROB??

  27. 27
    rpattz Says:

    Taylor is soooo UGLY!!

    Where is my ROB??

  28. 28
    bint Says:

    Cute couple!

  29. 29
    Vestes de Cuisine Says:

    A smoker.

  30. 30
    haeden Says:

    i really don’t like nikki reed. why she keep hanging with them, she don’t have anything really major in new moon.

  31. 31
    Twifanatic Amanda Says:

    Oh are you going to be a ***** to Kristen too, Jared?

  32. 32
    Twifanatic Amanda Says:

    most of the people on the cast are smokers you ******* idiots

  33. 33
    julia Says:

    nicki reed is with them because she and kristen are best friends nicki reed even visits kristen on her other filmsets and so does kristen
    i dont care nicki is there and who cares if theyre smoking they started someday it is like that they cant help it doesnt matter

  34. 34
    Jen Says:

    cant stand either of them.. Kristen is so blah.. Nikki is really ugly.. Taylor I dont find cute, but hes alright…I dont dislike him… and no surprise i heard they were smokers, ugh…

    but i guess its a good thing they all get along so well

  35. 35
    tpum Says:

    where’s Rob ??

  36. 36
    albita Says:

    joder con el lobito!!

  37. 37
    Destined Says:

    Love Taylor! Team Jacob all the way! He is so cute.

  38. 38
    layla Says:

    mmm taylor is super cute! I don’t get why they chose nikki for the role she’s not that gorgeous. and the character is. whatever.

    kristen- eat something. look how nasty she looks in her jeans. so skinny.

  39. 39
    layla Says:

    oh and um kristen’s sweatshirt is by nike, retards. not FCUK

  40. 40
    Jane Says:

    OMG Twi-stars have managed to pull paparatzis over to Vancity… unbelievable LOL

  41. 41
    Lauren Says:

    I’m sorry, but I find Nikki and Kristen so lame for the whole smoking thing. It’s like they’re blatantly trying to boost their badass points, but it just makes them look so obvious.

    kudos to taylor for abstaining and keeping it classy

  42. 42
    natymab Says:

    Where is our Rob???

  43. 43
    diana Says:

    cute pictures!

  44. 44
    indiesr Says:

    Rob is probably spending time alone, getting into character just like he did before. Love him!

  45. 45
    onedimpledcheek Says:

    Rob is off ******** ***** and getting wasted, because that’s what he does. Nikki is there with Kristen because they’re ******** (under the guise of BFFs, because, apparently, idiots will make all the excuses in the world for two people who are just entirely too affectionate with each other to not be *******).

    I can’t believe how little you children pay attention.

    Also, people sometimes smoke. Get over it. I can’t believe the generations right after mine are such pansy-asses.

  46. 46
    adriana Says:

    i hope they dont get cancer! they’re so young!

  47. 47
    JJ Says:

    kristen looks stoned and just gross
    nikki looks like shes gained a couple pounds
    taylor looks hotttt!!!

  48. 48
    anna Says:

    why aren’t there any pics of rob hanging out w/ them if they’re all such ‘good friends?’ maybe b/c he’s been seeing kristen since tokyo and summit is trying to keep a lid on it. news flash…everybody has already figured it out. we’re not stupid.

  49. 49
    Noelani Says:

    i really love two out of the three. nikki hasn’t really caught on to me yet. i think it’s just cuz she plays rose so she’s not much of a fav for me; so in time hopefully that changes.

    but as for the two i love…
    taylor looks hot yet is two years younger than me so i gotta hold back the fantasizing.

    and kristen… love her to death. she smokes? well that’s her choice and as long as she’s 18 aka legal… who cares it’s her body. all i know is that some people need to mind their own bussiness.

  50. 50
    Noelani Says:

    i agree with you anna yet again :) where are the rob pics??!?!?!? the ones from mae aren’t enough! hahahaha.

  51. 51
    Alexandra Says:

    underwear showing much? TAYLOR!
    lol whatever at least now i know he wears Calvin Klein
    I´m so glad he was no smoking with them
    just keeping it classy… Kudos to him!

  52. 52
    sandra1345 Says:

    If kristen breaks up with her boyfriendmicheal only coz she has a new girlfriend Nikki.. I’m kidding lololol.. I am happy to see my lovely actors again and I am looking for seeing more pictures….I don’t expect many pictures of Rob coz he is a loner and he is sick of papz and fans and robsten’s fan ect……

  53. 53
    ttf Says:

    they’re young, they smoke. they’re real people.

  54. 54
    bia Says:

    They all seems so cute and gorgeous *-*
    And how long eithout seeing nikki and kristen together… i was missing them already !

  55. 55
    MELZ Says:

    i LOVE kristen Stewart!!! she is amazing and i love her outfit!!! does anyone kno where her shoes are from??? and tyler is cute and i like nikki…cant wait to see pics of rob!!

  56. 56
    lily Says:

    Love Them !!!!

  57. 57
    Sydney Says:

    Who cares if they smoke but I wouldn’t do it in front of taylor it looks like it makes him feel uncomfortable but anyway my husband taylor god he looks sexy in those pictures I mean look at his ass damn he is so fine

  58. 58
    Kimberly Leyva Says:

    I love Nikki Reed. I love Rosalie and Emment they are so cute together i hope they go out rellay… i dont like Kristen…
    Where Rob?
    Oh wait he is with me :)
    Team Edward

  59. 59
    Kimberly Leyva Says:

    I Love TWILIGHT…
    Where rob?
    Oh wait he with me :)
    I love Nikki reed way more then Kristen

  60. 60
    camila gomez Says:

    i love rob, but i need know where’s he… i love him so much!!!!!

  61. 61
    KSTEW Crew Says:

    Who gives a —-where Rob is. There is way too much Taylor candy on display!!!!! Kristen doesn’t need to eat, she is just tiny you fat, jealous a–holes. More bad, nasty and rude comments from the Rob Twihard b—-es. Nice, you lame asses. You are all just jealous because Rob likes and maybe is in love with Kristen so you have to bash the hell outta her. Grow up you retards. I love seeing them all together, they look great. I wish I had a girlfriend like Kristen and Nikki to hang with me. If you were a true fan you wouldn’t be trashing any of them. Stop with the Kristen bashing b—sh–. Enough of hearing the same ol’ complaints. If they choose to smoke it is their business – butt out.

  62. 62
    Kate Says:

    Oh big deal…someone is smoking. No matter what Kristen does, someone will complain. Rob drinks…any complaints there? They all look like they are good friends enjoying the day. Like the way Kristen and Taylor match – wearing black and green.

  63. 63
    VALE_RIA Says:


  64. 64
    ana Says:

    I love them! they are so cute and Taylor is so HOTT!

  65. 65
    brandy, Says:

    WTF? dayum i should have been in vaan
    on the weekend GUH!

  66. 66
    Rebeca Says:

    im dissapointed that rob isnt in any of these pics,aha anyways
    it’s great to see that everyone in the cast is so close. lol
    i’m so excited for New Moon i honsetly can’t wait :]

  67. 67
    loden Says:

    Are they on Robson? I was there the same damn day! lame :(

  68. 68
    alexandria Says:

    Nikki and Kristen are just like us, normal people. Would you prefer that they smoke in private places just to appear wholesome? For me, smoking is not cool but I have nothing against people who smoke because that’s their choice.

  69. 69
    bretmarie Says:

    There are pictures online of Rob walking in Vancouver about this same time (during the day) by himself carrying his large black laptop bag. My guess he is probably spending time with one of his good musician friends, Sam Bradley, who lives and performs in Vancouver. Go Rob!

  70. 70
    hanna Says:

    ****!!taylor is really hot…******* hot!!

  71. 71
    sal Says:

    Sharing her smoke w/ Nikki – unclassy & bad influence to Taylor :( rofl
    Ahwell, Nikki did write Thirteen, i guess we should of expected her to be kinda trashy haha.
    And the drugs make kstew super neurotic. She’s a bad actress…

  72. 72
    brie2009 Says:

    Seeing Kristen blow a tree wasn’t a big problem to me, so seeing her smoke is still not a big issue. I know that it is bad and all. But what I am trying to say is that seeing her smoke a cig doesn’t surprise me.

    But Taylor well hmmm….
    If I was an extra on the set and saw his Calvin Klein’s I would have ran and smacked his butt! Okay I know I sounded like a perv. But hey I do that to my friends except its with a textbook!

    Cute guy+Dirt Bikes+Calvin Klein’s = TAYLOR LAUTNER!!! HOT!

  73. 73
    Deliah Says:

    Taylor’s face looks totally fat now.

    Please show some Rob pics. I’m not the least bit interested in seeing a million Taylor pictures.

  74. 74
    SassY Says:

    Wow great pics !! Taylor looks so grown up and as gorgeous as ever ! I think it’s great the girls get along !! I wonder if Taylor & Niki have a thing going on !! They look really cosy in some of those pics !! Good for them if they do !!

  75. 75
    Martina Says:

    Failcob is FUG. I don’t think I can take seeing him all through New Moon. His attitude is too Disney package/media _hore, which is obnoxious to me. My favorite is Nikki. She’s such a real and sweet person, as well as absolutely gorgeous. Jackson, Peter, Kellen–all very very cool people who shine as the Cullen family. Adore the film you guys made.

  76. 76
    Jodie Says:

    For all of you wondering where Rob is, do your research and read your trashy online tabloids!! And you call yourself Robsessed.
    Robert Pattinson said he would not be spending much time with Kristen during filming and what not. Why? He says its to immerse himself in the character – fair enough, makes sense. But i honestly thinkit probably has to do with the fact that she rejected him… awkward much.
    Those of you ‘really not liking’ Nikki Reed, etc, etc. Wake up to yourself!! You don’t even know her!! Kristen and Nikki have been hanging out since the first movie. It’s a tight knit cast.
    And seriously, who gives a rats if they smoke? Thats their choice. Smoking doesn’t suit Kristen..??? Kinda like a fashion accessory huh. She’s a rebel through and through (clothing with pot leaves, Nikki Reed buying her alcohol) and i love it.

  77. 77
    ashley Says:

    OOh looking good, Taylor!!! Kristen can just go away. She really annoys me.

  78. 78
    nazneen Says:

    It’s so cute to see the three of them walk hand in hand together. I like watching the casts together as though they’re a family. Really makes the characters real. They should keep in touch even if the vampire fever (ever) die. [: Thanks for the photos, Jared. Loved it.

  79. 79
    Marie Says:

    Kristen looks sort of trashy.
    oh, n i looove Nikki’s purse :x

  80. 80
    Mswhite71 Says:

    Nikki is the first of the book@ Bella’s b-day party…. then she is there towards the end when edward calls home and when they pick Alice, Edward & Bella up from the airport….so I see why she is there.

  81. 81
    Queenie Says:

    Taylor and Robert r both reli gd lukin!!

  82. 82
    Japanese Says:

    This kid needs to open him freaking eyes.

  83. 83
    JcVee Says:

    wow, its not about having major roles u ********. and who cares if they smoke sheesh. -.- and taylors not ugly. stop puting hate comments. >.<

    im a fan (Y) woot woot.

  84. 84
    alannnaa Says:

    Omfg Jacob iis bthaa hotteesst Guuy ii haavee evaah seen
    |I wouuld likee to be hiis Giirlfrieennd ! lmao
    Naah Juust Jokiinng buuth he iis Faaiir Hot ay

  85. 85
    simone Says:

    Taylor Lautner
    is sorter hot… he has a nice body>>>
    i wish he was mine so i could have him when i WANTED..

  86. 86
    Michelle Says:

    Taylor’s hot but Rob is HOTTER!!! <3

  87. 87
    fernanda Says:

    i love kristen’s style, nikki reed is beautiful and taylor is soo hoot!
    and let’s be honest, everyone smoke sometimes…

  88. 88
    anna Says:

    somehow taylor reminds me of a mole in these pictures

  89. 89
    hechicera Says:

    ahahhaa nikki and kristen smoking xD so adorable!
    k wapos son :D

  90. 90
    Nessa Says:

    Everyone is thinking of them as bella and rosalie when they see the smoking pics…..hello they are actors , real people dont judge!!!

  91. 91
    Troantree Says:

    Does any one know where in Vancouver they will be filming New Moon??

  92. 92
    jazzy Says:

    OMG!!! THat is so cute! I love how they all link arms in some way. that shows how close they are, even to Taylor. Personally I think Nikki looks so much better in these pics than ever.

  93. 93
    rolo Says:

    omg, i love taylor. Kristen is NAWT cute

  94. 94
    )newmoon( Says:

    why exactly is the cast in vancouver anyway? are they there to film in little Italy? and does Taylor Lautner smoke….

  95. 95
    Elita Says:

    Riding bikes are so much fun !!!!!! This movie will be great !! Can’t wait for it to come out in november!!

    Greatings from NORWAY !!

    Hugs from Elita

  96. 96
    Eva Says:

    I dont care if they smoke!! i do it too, its so relaxing…the only thing that i really really hate is Kristen and Nikki, why the hell someone have the idea they will be good for twilight, maybe I can deal with Kristen, but she is soo…mmm stupid!!! such a badd actress and the Nikki OMG Who think he will be perfect as Rosalie?? is she even blonde??? she´s kind of cute, but Rosalie????? ok i know if the director and the main actress are my best friends of course i would get a part…

  97. 97
    TaylorLover104 Says:

    Taylor lautner is the most hot man/teenager in the world he has a face you can not ignore a rocking bod and the most adorable eyes

  98. 98
    TaylorLover104 Says:

    vancover is in canada

  99. 99
    Megan Says:

    Ok girls,
    Kristen Stewart is one of the greatest actresses shes not one of those who beg for attention as you seem to believe, she has talent just because your Jealous that she gets to Kiss Robert pattinson “spunk ransem” is no reason to go on hating her. You should see some of her other films she is absuluty good in them. So just wait till New Moon it will be better. Plus its an normal thing for actresses/actors to smoke I mean really you diss on Kristen stewart but not Robert pattinson? that is just not right not right at all. You would be smoking too if over athousand girls were screaming at you I wouldnt blame Kristen and the rest of the cast for smoking. So really girls you may want to get all the facts right instead of saying like kstew sucks and oh she is so bad If you have something bad to say dont say it all. Because eventually Kristen Stewart wont be in Twilight anymore and it will be all of your fault because of this out of control hatred.

    - Megan

  100. 100
    nikki Says:

    taylor is hot in his own way. ( way better than rob sometimes) and as you people talking about kristan and nikki smoking its their choose to smoke so stop talking about them smoking!! im so sick of reading about how people dont like to see them smoking and asking them to stop. You cant make them stop just by asking them. ( and i love guys on bikes. it just makes them seem hotter)

  101. 101
    kissmyass Says:

    Anyone notice those bumps on Nikki’s head?

  102. 102
    Jenn Says:

    taylor is absolutely handsome
    he’s the sweetest thing ever!!
    i lovee you taylor!


  103. 103
    Trisha Says:

    @‘Mandise: Wat u do mean there’s something about him. He’s flat out sexy. I’d *** him.

  104. 104
    ellen Says:

    I dont like kristen at all she is not a role model at all. I’m so happy that Taylor does not smoke thats good :). But does Dakota Fanning smoke i have no clue. but thank goodness tay;or does not love him he is a awsome actor.

  105. 105
    amanda Says:

    o dam fine fine fine WOOOO im speachles hes so flippin HOT!

  106. 106
    Darlyn Says:

    kristens trashy. and blinks too much. *****.

  107. 107
    MARY Says:


  108. 108
    MARY Says:


  109. 109
    Maddi Says:

    I think that taylor is hot, im not much of a fan of rob, im not saying hes ugly but, im just not that in to him, and i dont think that anyone should be judging celebrities they r under presure as it is without “fans” being mad people smoke all the time who cares, and telling them to stop smoking will probably make it worse.

  110. 110
    Alexa :D Says:

    Wow, smokers. Ill never look at them the same. Im kinda disappointed. When i saw it, I was sad, but then when I saw that Taylor wasn’t smoking, wow, Im so happy. He’s so amazing, and for all these stars, why would you throw your life away by smoking and other stuff that you’re taught not to have anything to do with. But back to Taylor, I truely admire him for that, it might not mean anything to most people who see this but that means a lot to me, not giving in, doing what’s right. :D Right now, he’s my absolute fav celeb!!!

  111. 111
    junu Says:

    hey these pics are dam cool………..taylor looks so cute…………..

  112. 112
    kimmy_puppy Says:


  113. 113
    ashey collins Says:

    uu are so awsome and i thinkk uu are the hotest and best actor ever and i love ur abs and biceps

  114. 114
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