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David Cook: First On-Screen Kiss!

David Cook: First On-Screen Kiss!

David Cook readies himself for his first on-screen kiss with actress Sarah Roemer while filming his new music video “Come Back To Me” at LAX airport in Los Angeles on Thursday (March 5).

The vid is being directed by Gavin Bowden, who has worked with Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jason Mraz and Lifehouse.

“Come Back To Me” hits radio next month and is the follow up single to “Light On” off Cook‘s self-titled album.

Roemer starred as the love interest of Shia LaBeouf‘s character in 2007′s thriller, Disturbia.

Enjoy the exclusive pics!

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david cook first on screen kiss 02
david cook first on screen kiss 04
david cook first on screen kiss 06
david cook first on screen kiss 07

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  • aditi

    Awww he looks adorable!!! So so so hot. Can’t wait for this vid!!! I didn’t like Sarah in Disturbia but she looks pretty good here…well Cookie can make anyone look good hehe… lucky girl! Thanks for the pix!

  • Michelle

    Aww they’re cute :)

  • Tablier

    Maybe he’ll get some!

  • peanuts

    WOW!!.. he doesnt look like a first timer.. His face has that passion for a moviestar too,, WOW.. Way to go David Cook.. YOur face is as versatile as your voice…..

  • dundies

    um lol of all people…sarah roemer? thats really weird

  • Alexis

    Hot guy that one!


    Aww, he does look so adorable and incredibly gorgeous – this video is killing me! I totally gotta see it now…I heart David Cook! He’s a sweetie pie…

    Wut up to my LJ friends! YO YO!! :P

  • Jess

    I’m jealous. I bet he’s a good kisser. Can’t wait for the vid!

  • Tonya

    Oh I like that song. Didn’t know that was his next single.

  • Paty

    Luckest bitch ever.Damn I want to be her.

  • jennifer

    So, can I be his 2nd on-screen kiss? LMAO

  • kristine

    i LOVE his song Light On, lol.

  • ade

    OMG, I really don’t expect that!
    I’m dying to see!

  • Scott

    Big pimpin’! DC is the man! Squeeze her butt, dude!

  • Ardie

    That lucky woman—with those gorgeous lips of his (not to mention the eyes) she’s hooked for life, and she thought it was just another music video.

  • kristie

    lookin’ forward to this video. :)

  • YUCK!

    I like his voice, but he is only ugly S.O.B! Yuck!

  • Rehabno

    Ok he was not so cute when he was on American Idol…but DAMN….he cleaned up nice….this looks hotttt………..

  • Idletard

    I see he’s changed his rug.

  • Danni

    Love him! Looking forward to the video.

  • sweet

    OH!.. DC ..Fantastic voice, Fantastic musician (im Ryan seacrst), Fantastic Man .. ops wait !.. MAD TALENT…..

  • kaylin

    I’m screaming inside, that girl is the luckiest girl ever!, i wish i was her.. but then again i’d probably shake like no other and wouldn’t be able to contain myself lol and i’m not sure how good we’d look so its probably good that the actress is doing it. :)

  • Taylor

    omg, David Cook is hot!!!

  • Beth

    here comes the jealous girls bitching. I’m hearing it already.

  • laura

    I’m so glad that’s his next single. I LOVE that song.

  • yup

    #11, whatever gave you the idea he was homo is beyond me. people think that about everyone these days. geesh.

    and that girl is HECKA lucky!

  • star22

    Thanks for sharing the picks JJ! I can’t wait to see this video.. David Cook is both gorgeous and has amazing talent! I LOVEEEEEEE his CD!!

    I can’t wait to see him acting in this video.. :)

  • lauren

    Nice jacket.

  • alto15

    I’m not seeing anything hot about Cook. Are standards that low?

  • anastasia

    Umm..could they please pick a pretty girl for him. Sarah Roemer..YUK! Give us a rock chick..not a poseur!

  • Singapore jobs

    For Good Sake, please give him a movie. We are exited to see him in a love story movie.


  • Lady Maria

    David Cook is multi-talented! Look at the look on his face; you actually believe that he loves her. She’s the professional actress, but his expression is more believable than hers. He is one gorgeous man with a gorgeous voice!

  • rascalete

    David and Sarah make a believable couple, they compliment each other. David is very honest with his feelings and they show on his face and he looks very convincing of what I think the video will be about. The song “Come Back To Me” is one of my favorite songs and
    I am glad he has a leading role in the video.

  • Sarah

    Hugh pictures of these two are on DavidCook Uncensored….

    Now she is a cute classy girl. That is the kind of girl David’s fans would like to see him with – a natural beauty…and a girl with class and some brains.

    Can’t wait to see this video. David looks majorly HOT. I have a feeling you will make me proud.

    Your ADvertising friend…..david. (wink, wink)

  • WWP

    Ah Sarah, you DO realize that this is an actress, not his girlfriend don’t you? Let’s not confuse a scripted and directed video with hired help with real life.

  • lulu

    Looks exciting, I can’t wait! And he looks great.

  • Honey

    #11; R U serious?

  • KLCK

    When the heck did Cook get hot? He’s got that middle-American good looks. Well, after he’s been run through a team of stylists, I suppose. Still, he’s got it going for him. Voice, looks, charm. Stop trying to win me over, damn you (not-so-anymore)Baldy.

  • megyn

    oh my gosh. i am super excited that he’s releasing this song as his next single!!

  • dcfan22

    I can’t help but notice he’s looking into her eyes and she’s looking at those gorgeous, yummy lips of his-I’d put money on “HE’s GOOooooD”. I can’t wait to see the whole thing -he’s sooooo hot, I’m jealous!!!!

  • gerard Vandenberg

    America is “LOSING IT” again, folks?

  • Rita

    sooooo jealous!

  • alicia

    So freaking hot! David is just a regular guy with amazing talent, He is incredibly hot and talented!

  • gita-indo

    wow… he’s getting cuter cuter and cuter .. lucky sarah… hu hu hu i wanna kiss him also…

  • Jess

    David Archuleta is SO much better.

  • Terri

    now this girl is much classier than that skank girlfriend Caldwell he use to date. Caldwell is nothing more than a over made up fake LA whore.

    David – learn something. Your fans like this girl…even if she is only in your video. Try dating someone like that in real life. Someone with some substance not fakeness. Stay away from the groupies.

    Also DavidCook Uncensored is an awesome board. Free speech guys.

    JUST JARED – YOU RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • KLCK

    WTF is wrong with you, attacking his ex-gf? Can fans stop acting like they own the right to dictate his life? If he wants to date a wh*re, he will, if he wants to date a country girl, he will, if he wants to date a guy, he will. Leave him alone and just stick to his music. Obsessive fans like this is why the casual listener can’t be bothered to care or want to associate with Cook. BOUNDARIES. LEARN THEM.

  • Chloe

    Well someone in casting knew what they were doing, because THIS looks like the “type” of girl for him. NICE


    WHY HER?

    she looks so expresionless here..

    next time ask a devoted Cookie fan, who won’t need to fake her emotions cos he had her at Hello.


    I’m jealous.

  • sw

    David’s freaky washed up fans are at it again.