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Freida Pinto: Black, White and Elle All Over

Freida Pinto: Black, White and Elle All Over

Freida Pinto is featured in one of Elle‘s latest spreads that supermodel Erin Wasson styled.

The 24-year-old actress is pictured alongside actor Michael Angarano, the longtime boyfriend of Twilight star Kristen Stewart.

The mag writes, “Need we say more than she played the heartbreakingly beautiful love interest in Slumdog Millionaire? Pinto, 24, has yet to sign on to her next project. But as the star of this year’s best picture darling, the former Mumbai model has the luxury to take her time with her next pick.”

As an update to that, Freida has signed on to star in Woody Allen‘s next flick.

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  • Sarac

    Calling Freida a Bollywood beauty is misleading. Sumdog was her FIRST movie. Slumdog is NOT a Bollywood movie. Freida has never done anyhting in Bollywood, therefore she is NOT a Bollywood star, just a regular instantly famous Hollywood celebrity. Beautiful though.

  • Cutiepie

    I can tell she was styled by Erin Wasson. Erin narcissistically styled Freida exactly like the way she, Erin, dresses in real life. There’s no versatility. When I saw the pictures first, I thought I was looking at Ethiopian model Liya Kebede. There’s a slight resemblance there.

  • Just Jared

    Thanks Sarac, fixed!

  • blah

    THey make to big of a deal out of her

  • Nora

    Go away, talentless nobody!

  • Alex

    She has more talent most hollywood actress. She know how to talk in the camera. 1000w smile.

    Just jared is slow.

    Freida pinto scored another hit in chanel dress.

  • Amanda

    I think it’s sort of ironic how Dev was the star of the film and his next movie is a Nickelodeon film and Freida barely in it for fifteen minutes gets the Woody Allen film.

  • Polar bear

    Frieda is beautiful and is going to be a huge star someday, in fact, she is well on her way.

  • Jules

    LOL. She looks like OCTO-MOM with that hoodie.

  • sweetie

    She’s beautiful. :-)

  • Tablier

    #9; She sure as hell does!

  • Alex

    I think i am finding lots of people jealous of Pinto for no reason. I think she is talented enough to mingle with big stars. She has confidence and eyhnic beauty. why do people go crazy on white plastic dolls like aiswaray rai who is like a bimbo who can’t act and stood like plastic.

    Why do everyone want people like same clones?…

  • ~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~

    i’m a have to google that name cause i have no fcuking idea who this person is. lmbaoo

  • anna

    michael isn’t kristen’s bf anymore…well known fact that they’re broken up. they’re just close friends now. so it’s misleading to call him her ‘longtime boyfriend.’ should check your facts first.

  • h

    Actually Anna, Michael and Kristin are still together, so how about you get your facts first.

  • Jay

    I saw her and Dev Patel in Hyde park on Saturday.

  • Mar

    Whats the deal with that homeless guy? They need better security! Coffee cup and everything!!!

  • sandra1345

    Anna !where did you get that? Are u close friend with Kristen Stewart?

  • hello_world

    And who is your source h?

  • kim

    anna, yeah, mike and kristen are still together, I dont know where u heard they broke up but yeah.

  • Jules

    THAT dude is Kristen Stewart’s boyfriend!!!!???? Ummm….okay. I am sure he is a very nice guy. Why am I making Robert Pattinson comparisons? Okay…I’ll stop now.

  • clara

    Anna had a dream or a nightmare last night :).

  • h

    Hello_world she even recently spoke about Michael in an interview. I will have to find it. They have been together since 14 or 15.

  • h

    Hello_world she even recently spoke about Michael in an interview. I will have to find it. They have been together since 14 or 15.

  • slumdog 90

    Pinto is gorgeous,… and the guy with her looks like a homeless…woow! this is kristen stewart ‘s boy friend?!!!!!! But, I thought she was with Robert Pattinson..My girlfriend is crazy about him…. I think I am not into people news at all..Excuse-me girls…I came here only to see Pinto Pictures I like her.

  • taylor


  • Jane

    these pictures are so gorgeous. very vintage

  • tru

    #14 Anna – hey there girl. It’s me Trudy from the other eonline board.
    Hows ya? You posted there @ #71 this comment:
    anna Fri, Mar 6, 2009, 11:36 AM
    “why’d they add that old quote about she * michael? it’s in brackets…she didn’t say that in THIS interview, so how can they use it? don’t believe she’s been doing ANYTHING w/ him lately….let alone laughing it up. they’re sooo doneskies, people! ”
    And now you’re here @14. Why are you confident in your “opinion?”
    Thanks and bests out…………..xoxoxoxo

  • peeps

    She is drop dead, but I don’t get why they would have her in the pic with scruffy next to her. I can’t believe that is Kristen Stewarts boyfriend.

  • anna

    sry all can’t disclose…k will do in her own time. just rest assured it’s been over between them for awhile.

  • melissa



  • MELZ

    i think kristen and her bf michael are still together

  • http://justjared soprano

    Average looking; there are far more beautiful Indian women around. Talentless & conceited, What’s all the fuss about?

  • tru

    (And Wonderful to read some posts which do feel to be some of the…
    ….NEW MOON CAST!?!)
    Go Kris and Rob to the New Moon….and beyond…………..

  • super fly chick

    she is pretty but there is a reason why she never made in bollywood she has no acting skills in order to crack into the bollywood circuit you need to have a face like ashwairya rai, priyanka chopra, bisphasa , and new talent deepkia pardoue, Fredia won’t last …..

    if you saw the movie slumdog then you should know she only had 7 lines in the whole movie and that to the director told her to whisper her lines because she does have an accent listen to her talk when she does interviews….

    i think she boinked someone to get this part in the woody allen movie that is the only thing that makes sense she doesn’t have talent….

  • Twifanatic Amanda

    I tihnk all of you are dumb for talking about kristen and michael, we know nothing. Except that they’re a cute couple lol

  • ng.

    Anna: How do you know this about Michael Angarano and Kristen Stewart? It’s not that I don’t believe you, because I want to, it’s just I would love to know how you know this information. It would be GREATLY APPRECIATED if you replied back to one of the people asking you questions about it. :D

  • Melanie

    Um Kristen isn’t with her boyfriend anymore. I’m sorry but it’s not true. This place should get their facts straight.

  • Erin

    “Michael Angarano, the longtime boyfriend of Twilight star Kristen Stewart.”

    I hate it when they do that to people. Soon that’s probably all he’ll be known as.

  • melissa

    Melanie…how do you and Anna know this? I’m just really really curious, if you are allowed to tell moi, please, please, e-mail me.

  • Melanie


    It’s not true. Trust me.

  • melissa

    Melanie, can you e-mail me, please?

  • Lila

    cutiepie, i thought the same when i saw the pics. i knew immediately it was erin’s work. this look works for erin, but don’t think it suits frieda. she looks cute though.

  • Nancy

    You sound so sure anna.
    I wish I could believe your words.

  • Nancy

    #41 Melanie – what’s not true? the break up?

  • Honey

    She’s OK, but not magnificent.

  • sharon

    That interview with Kristen was from about 4 months ago. So who knows if she is even still with that michael aragano anymore! their probably just still friends. But the real question is what is Freida Pinto doing with him?

  • N

    I was going to say the Nylon interview I heard was done in November/December last year. I mean most magazines do photoshoots and interview MONTHS before the magazine is even out.

    Take Ashley Greene for example she did an interview and photo shoot for Maxim in JUNE and the magazine didn’t come out until DECEMBER

    Although I would love to believe Anna, until it comes out of Kristen’s mouth I wont believe it. That doesn’t mean I believe she is with Micheal either.

    All that matters is if both are happy then everyone shouldn’t give a rats..

  • juban

    Is Alex a Freida plant?

  • sasa

    *sigh* Oh Oregano. How thee looketh so much better when thy showers.