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Julia Roberts & Clive Owen: Dynamic Duo!

Julia Roberts & Clive Owen: Dynamic Duo!

Julia Roberts and Clive Owen team up to attend the UK premiere of Duplicity held at The Empire, Leicester Square on Tuesday (March 10) in London, England.

Julia Roberts, 41, will produce Dennis Lee‘s comedy Jesus Henry Christ according to the THR. The film will be produced through the pretty woman’s Red Om Films production company. The comedy features a boy born from a petri dish who follows a mysterious trail of post-it notes hoping it will lead to his biological father.

45+ pics inside of Julia Roberts & Clive Owen: Dynamic Duo…

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roberts owen duplicity duo 01
roberts owen duplicity duo 02
roberts owen duplicity duo 03
roberts owen duplicity duo 04
roberts owen duplicity duo 05
roberts owen duplicity duo 06
roberts owen duplicity duo 07
roberts owen duplicity duo 08
roberts owen duplicity duo 09
roberts owen duplicity duo 10
roberts owen duplicity duo 11
roberts owen duplicity duo 12
roberts owen duplicity duo 13
roberts owen duplicity duo 14
roberts owen duplicity duo 15
roberts owen duplicity duo 16
roberts owen duplicity duo 17
roberts owen duplicity duo 18
roberts owen duplicity duo 19
roberts owen duplicity duo 20
roberts owen duplicity duo 21
roberts owen duplicity duo 22
roberts owen duplicity duo 23
roberts owen duplicity duo 24
roberts owen duplicity duo 25
roberts owen duplicity duo 26
roberts owen duplicity duo 27
roberts owen duplicity duo 28
roberts owen duplicity duo 29
roberts owen duplicity duo 30
roberts owen duplicity duo 31
roberts owen duplicity duo 32
roberts owen duplicity duo 33
roberts owen duplicity duo 34
roberts owen duplicity duo 35
roberts owen duplicity duo 36
roberts owen duplicity duo 37
roberts owen duplicity duo 38
roberts owen duplicity duo 39
roberts owen duplicity duo 40
roberts owen duplicity duo 41
roberts owen duplicity duo 42
roberts owen duplicity duo 43
roberts owen duplicity duo 44
roberts owen duplicity duo 45
roberts owen duplicity duo 47
roberts owen duplicity duo 48
roberts owen duplicity duo 49

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  • cushie

    Julia Roberts is still a husband stealing homewrecking ho bag!!

  • cushie

    Julia Roberts is still a selfish, evil, homewrecking husband stealing ho bag!!

  • Nora

    Julia Roberts and her skeletal face. Go away you overexposed, overpaid hag!

  • 360

    I love Julia. She brought us some fun and romantic movies like Pretty Women, My Best Friends Wedding, Runaway Bride, and countless others. She brings you back to classic Hollywood.

  • luis

    Finally Julia Roberts Comeback she looks stunning and Gorgeous better than ever the America’s Sweetheart is Back !!!!

  • gerard Vandenberg

    If eyes could speak:
    ………………………………WE ALL HAVE “A PERIOD” RIGHT NOW, folks!!

  • x

    Clive owen is handsome!

  • Dez

    She’s made some good movies, but classic Hollywood she’s not. But SHE IS THE ORIGINAL rom com queen and America’s sweetheart. Julia’s the real deal. Hear that, Reese? And ahem, ahem, Jen Aniston.

  • has B

    Julia Roberts is a has been.

  • Karma-kameleon

    Clive looks puffy and jowly. Retaining water?

  • has B

    #4, you must be crazy “Julia brings back classic Hollywood” ????that’s a joke.

  • uglysexy
  • 360

    #11-Just relax. No need to twist your panties in a knot over something superficial. Julia Roberts may not be a Audrey Hepburn but she was a good actress in the 90s. That’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it.
    Damn, if you’re this dramatic over something so little, i’d hate to see how you hand things in REAL life. Now go lay back and relax. Pop a couple of chill pills.

  • tom

    Boy, Julia has some big ears!!

  • ‘Mandise

    Hell, I don’t like Julia. I think she got an Oscar unfairly. She didn’t deserve it at all. And her speech was horrible. Besides, I never thought she was pretty. Even in “pretty” woman! I think she’s not that beautiful. Just a skinny girl with a bony face. Anyway, she’s a lucky b.itch for having the chance to play in that movie with a fine ass like Clive Owen!

  • All i’m saying…

    I like them both
    But the commercials make their performances look so forced and “phoned in”
    No heat, no chemistry, no way

  • katy

    I love Julia and I think the movie looks good. I’ll see it. So there haters!

  • MickeyVonDutch

    French elegance: simple clothes with just enough accessorising. I can name a few dozen stars in their forties who should fire their stylist and start dressing according to this basic rule.

    #6 Gerard,

    If Dutch is your native language, as it is mine, may I suggest the Google Translater Tool? So far all your postings have been a complete enigma to me (even in a back-translation).

  • hannah duncan

    Man what’s with the negativity? She is a fantastic actress, even if she hasn’t been in many films recently that fact doesn’t change. Stop hating on her, she’s great!

  • kaplan

    Even if she get with a guy who was still married at the time, he is still to blame also…but who cares. She also parked in a designated handicap spot at whole foods. She is not a great actor, her early movies like jennifer anniston was in my opinion a type cast actress. Her mouth is huge and has an “infectious” laugh.

  • sabrina

    i love J.Ro!
    great actress !
    Best wishes to her and family!

  • Nice chemistry

    I like these 2 together. They seem like they like each other and have a good time together. Good luck on the movie.

  • ellie

    Just love Julia Roberts & Clive Owen, Itsgreat to see her back.

  • maryrowery

    it seems they really like each other… and he’s a great man

  • Jules

    She looks STUNNING. What a gorgeous woman. And she is finally back on the big screen!!! :D She is the BEST!!! ;)

  • tasha

    For those who call Julia a has been, a has been is someone who has been trying to stay on top and they aren’t anymore. Julia volunteerily took herself out of the spotlight to spend time with her kids. Becuase when you’re the highest paid actress in hollywood, making 20 million a picture, won an Oscar, and are sick of doing romantic comedies, what else are you going to do? There’s nowhere else to go! So she was smart to take time out and just have a normal family life. I commend that. She’s not the greatest actress but hey people flew to her movies like a swarm of bees in the 90s so she must have had something. Welcome back Julia.

  • debbie

    I love the sleek pantsuit. That look is very Jodie Foster in Armani, since Jodie is known for her sleek pantsuits. I think it looks great.

  • dallas

    #11, don’t you think Julia will be considered a legend in the future? Not for her acting but then people like Audrey Hepburn and Doris Day were icons for their appeal to the masses and their personalities. Whether you like it or not Julia is technically the most successfull, highest grossing actress OF ALL TIME. No one comes close to her box office appeal and power she had in the 90s up until Erin Brockovich. No actress today has even close to the power Julia Roberts used to have when she was working regularly. Not Reese, not Angelina, not Cameron Diaz.

  • Bordado

    #10; I think it’s called “Getting Old”

  • Ali

    This movie will be a hit, unless the critics trash it. The public loves her spirit. I agree that the trailer looks lame, but I’ll go see it when it opens. I love Julia also with George Clooney – they almost look like they could be married to each other, how comfortable they are together on screen. But, she may also have that with Clive. we’ll just have to see. The thing that bothers me about her is her walk. isn’t that silly? she’s a really bad, side-to-side walker. in old Hollywood, someone would have taught her to walk. all in all, I love that she has been such a good mom , that she defends her kids’ privacy, and that she loves her husband and family. that’s the best. I think Clive Owen is like that too. Really seems to love his wife and children. I adore him.

  • Cane

    What’s up wiht Clive’s face?

  • lakers fan in boston

    2 much eyeliner imo
    but other than that i think she looks really pretty for her age
    there r times when she looks really bad as well tho
    btw does any1 no if she hot a tongue piercing
    i swear in the commercial for the movie it looks like she has 1

  • janna

    I love Julia Roberts. She is my favorite movie star ever. She looks so beautiful.

  • max

    they look fantastic! the audrey hepburn and cary grand of our days!