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Nadya Suleman Accepts Round-the-Clock Care

Nadya Suleman Accepts Round-the-Clock Care

Nadya Suleman, aka Octomom, is spotted leaving a taping of the Dr. Phil Show on Monday (March 9) in Whittier, Calif.

At the taping of Dr. Phil that will air tomorrow and Wednesday, Suleman announced she would accept an offer from Angels in Waiting to help raise her 14 children. “Nadya realized that she had to make every effort to care for the octuplets as well as the six children at home in a way that proved that she understood the enormity and complexity of the task ahead, Dr. Phil said in a statement.

“The childcare will be completely transparent, so that Kaiser Permanente and Child Protective Services will see that Nadya is seriously committed to her family,” the statement went on to say. Angels in Waiting estimates that it will cost $135,000 a month to care 24 hours a day for Suleman‘s eight babies

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  • bint

    I’m happy to hear this.

  • wtf

    This is nefarious. The children need to be taken away & this psychopath need to be institutionalized. It’s difficult not to be enraged, incensed. The wacko doctor also needs to be condemned.

  • emilie

    alright… wtf need to chill out….so this woman is getting some help with her kids. What’s it to you? leave her alone. She made a mistake and is going to have to live with the consequences….so shut up and just be happy that these babies got the opportunity to have a life…thats more than you can say for other babies.

  • palvasha





  • basketca

    She made a mistake, yeah. Being mom of 6 little children and with very little money, she expend part of it to have another 8 children. Yeah, she’s exactly like those 15 year old girls who are pregnant, exactly the same.

    Come on, she just wanted to have more and more babies and she didn’t care if she couldn’t take care of them. Poor kids.

    Now I know what I want to be: a mum of 14 kids. I beg for money and a house and I spend my money in plastic surgery. What a fabulous life …

  • toast

    omg i can feel my blood boiling by just looking at her. She is famewhore personified, that people keep giving her publicity such as you Jared is sick!!

  • Tablier

    “She made a mistake”… Yeah, right.
    She knew exactly what she was doing.


    She is getting exactly what she was looking for. Receiving lots of money without even having to work, oh, and receiving free help.

  • NativeNYker

    That woman is one mess that no one can fix!

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • Sick b!tch

    no wonder this country is so, so messed up.

  • Sick b!tch

    emilie @ 03/10/2009 at 9:36 am

    there are so many people right now that have no job, home, and money. they are the one that need help. this b!tch doesn’t even work and expect help. that’s so fcuking sick. do you know what is sicker is that the people willing to help her giving the impression that it is OK to be single, have 14 kids, no job.

  • Jess

    I can’t even stand to hear her name be mentioned. She makes me want to vomit. I just can’t believe that people are giving her SO much attention, she makes herself out to be a fukcing celebrity. She looks like she’s spending all her money on designer bags and clothes and makeup. It’s absolutely rediculous. I feel awful for her children, and hope every day that they will be taken away from her. She doesn’t deserve them. At all. I just can’t believe that Dr. Phil would support someone so selfish. Can they not see that she’s nothing but a media whore?!

  • Alex

    How can people be so clueless about octomom? She knows exactly what she was doing. She was doing religious thing of spreading islam. Islam allow men to have as many wives and as many children so the islam can expand. So she is just doing god’s duty in her mind. She will never tell what is the plan. Mulsims has this concept that they can lie to non muslims and will go to heavens. They can escape lie detector test because they believe in the islam cult. I would put her in a prison for mentally retarded..

  • MARY

    who the eff is going to pay for this $135,000 a month bill? this bitch pisses me off looking at her face she doesn’t care

  • Brenda

    I just want to know how she can afford the Tori Burch. I hope they’re loaners.

  • laughing girl

    Suleman=BAD, Jolie=GOOD. I don’t get it. They have the same illness. Both are narcississtic twits that use children to validate there existence. I wish someone would bring up the similarities in these two so the world can see that Jolie is just as ‘creepy’ as Suleman.

  • OH MY

    Betch should have all of her children taken away. She’s a leech on society.

  • ~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~

    this chick is not a celebrity. i wonder why jared’s trying so hard to make her one.

  • boogie

    this whole situation is sick! The way the US handles these kinds of things is stupid. Where does Angels in Waiting get the funds? This woman did NOT “make a mistake”. It was all planned. Maybe this stupid woman is “smarter” than people have given her credit for- if you get my drift!

    These babies need to go to adoptive homes and away from this nitwit.

    Even if she is getting round the clock care for the babies…….how is she going to support them…..feed, buy clothes …etc. ??? I don’t even think I want to know now!

  • krung krung

    i hate this woman so bad and i am hoping a meteor will fell on her.

  • krung krung

    nu nu, not a meteor, the other one, with a fire on it, i forgot what’s it called.

  • sillyme

    People say she’s trying to be Angelina. But, she kind of looks like a Kardashian to me. Even with her voice, she and Kim Kardashian sound pretty much the same.

    And, just like the Kardarshian sisters, I can see Nadya becoming a “celebrity” even though she hasn’t done anything to deserve it. People don’t like her or what they did, but they seem to like to want to know what’s going on in her life. I can definitely see a reality show in her future.

  • bleh


  • office fan

    This really ticks me off too! Yes, Yes, I know…it’s about the babies. Whatver. Everyone of those children need to be taken from her and placed for adoption. Like Mary #14 said: Who is going to pay this $135,000 a month bill? This woman makes me sick! I can’t stand to see her face. She is a selfish, thoughtless person and a sorry excuse for a mother. A decent mother would not have had invitro again, when she already had 6 kids and couldn’t afford to take care of them herself.

    Oh, and laughing girl#16…huge difference between Octomom and Angelina Jolie: MONEY! Say what you want about how many kids Angelina has…she isn’t leeching off the government or requesting donations from people to support her family.

  • hate this woman

    She had them let her take care of and support them. Dr. Phil is an idiot too and needs to mind his own business- anyone in the 15 min. spotlight for something there his bald ass is!
    Let them be taken from her now and go to good homes rather than later.

  • lizzie

    Who cares bout her? She’s awful

  • G

    I think N ..Argh…I can’t even bring myself to say her name ..
    Her pix should be posted all over schools..To show all girls..This is what you can do with your life..Have 14 kids..Free child care,A multi mill home..Expensive shoes,handbag and Mac makeup..Check out the sun
    And guess what ?..You don’t have to lift a finger!!
    I aspire to be the next N!!!
    I want to live like the song say..Free like a

  • mousee1

    Wow, she’s got 14 children and she wears $200 shoes (Tory Burch Reva flats). I wonder who paid for this ensemble she’s wearing……

  • genevieve

    obviously… because she is palestinian
    she’s a whore and a fame hunger……

  • Ha!

    “She made a mistake”!?!? Are you mentally challenged? She made a CHOICE. IVF doesn’t happen by accident, sweetheart. They don’t implant 6 EMBRYOS in a person’s uterus by ACCIDENT. Those babies are not a mistake. She’s a moron.

  • jolly

    WTF, u don’t wear tori burch when u r broke. obviously she is loaded now. it makes me sick.

    btw, tori burch sucks. she is a copy cat just like suleman.
    can someone tell suleman jolie wears lanvin flats, so she can copy the exact look.

  • boogie

    this nitwit (nadya) seems to be on her cellphone all the time! In photos as well as video (x17) and does not seem to show full attention to her kids. All her kids seem to be like little cute puppies.


  • RHONDa

    Can this woman have more babies? She is a nut with money now, will some lowlife doctor, assist her with more babies? Has this been addressed?

  • Twin Mom

    All of these handouts and yet she can afford to wear Tory Burch ballet flats?

  • ann

    I wish thise wacko would go away. I agree–she s a total leech.

  • http://Sexy sharyllee

    I am glad she gets help and keeps babies.

  • Stacey

    She doesn’t have a job and us tax payers are required to pay her bills, and yet she has on a $200 pair of shoes… strange.

  • cutie pie

    This woman is a deranged maniac, and those kids should be taken away from her. Why should anyone help her.. you people are fools, it wasnt a act of nature she did this herself. The Dr should be jailed and the sperm donor should take care of these kids.. they are his not mine or yours. You talk about other races getting welfare.. well i hever seen a black person have these many kids and you people think this is ok.. puhleaseeee!!!!

  • cutie pie

    Stacy.. yeah and check out the french manicure and the fake plumped up lips.. nose job and etc! This woman is definetely a user and she made that decision to have these kids.. dont ever talk about nobody being on welfare without mentioning this idiot!.. plus she looks like a idiot with those lips.. Angelina Jolie she is not!!!!

  • cutie pie

    i cant believe these stupid women .. with all the mess going on in the world and the frist thing they do with money is run and get a nose job and fake lips.. what the hell is up with these white womens love for big lips. If God wanted you to have big lips and big bootys and brown skin your azz would have been born that way!

  • cutie pie

    If God wanted you to have plump lips and a big round booty and brown skin .. you would have been born with it!

  • Shakira

    Beautiful family. I hope she gets all the help she needs and raises lovely children.

  • pollyanna

    That’s not Nadya Suleman. That’s Angelina Jolie. WHy isn’t she wearing all black? I think Ang should play Octo-mom in the made for TV movie. I’ll watch that! Get on that Hollywood.

  • sixtomumjolie

    Finally at least some people get the similarities between Jolie and Octomum.
    “They have the same illness. Both are narcississtic twits that use children to validate there existence. I wish someone would bring up the similarities in these two so the world can see that Jolie is just as ‘creepy’ as Suleman.”

  • basketca

    Laughing Girl #16, as Office fan 24# said, ANGELINA HAS MONEY. Angelina is always papped with her kids, they go playing, all of them. If you see this woman’s photos, she’s always with 1 or 2 of her childs. You know why ? Because she can’t go with more of them. Angelina has Brad to help her. Angelina buys clothes, food, toys, her children have education. And if her or Brad can’t be some hours with them, they have babbysitters !!

    And another big difference. This woman has 14 CHILDREN, 14 little children. Angelina has 6 children from 8 to almost 1 year old. There is a huge difference.

  • ozge sikican

    omg, she has Tory Burch shoes, those go for like $200, she does not work and has 14 kids wowww:0i wonder how she can afford designer shoes.

  • basketca

    “Beautiful family. I hope she gets all the help she needs and raises lovely children.”

    Yeah, she’s a fastantic person. You know what ?? I’m going to spend all my money on some Manolo’s and then beg for money, because I’ll have nothing to buy food. Yeah, and then I’ll beg for a house. But I won’t work, cause only losers work instead of having 14 children.

    Please ……….

  • pinkrose

    Totally bugs me that in this day and age (when Californis is broke) this woman alone is using up so much rresources because she was so thoughtless and selfish to have six embryos inplanted, knowing she already had 6 kids she couldn’t take care of. I’m glad for the kids’ sake that she was able to big a more suitable house for them to live in. She still seems so flaky and unconcerned with the chaos she is causing. She is such a fast talker…. trying to convince everyone that she is doing fine as a single unemployed mother of 14. Like it’s all do-able, naturally

  • WTF

    Seriously, WTF? How is Octo-mom able to afford a $195 TORY BURCH flats when she has 14 freakin’ kids to support, millions of dollars in medical bills to pay, & mortgage payments (on her *new* home).

    Oh I know… WE, the American taxpayers paid for it. WE paid for those $195 flats, just like how we’re going to pay for her medical bills & her mortgage!


  • WTF

    @ emilie – 03/10/2009 at 9:36 am

    “She made a mistake…”


    WTF, are you serious? “She made a mistake…” That’s bull. She DID NOT make a mistake. She MADE a CHOICE. It was her CHOICE. Unfortunately for us (the American taxpayers), we’re the ones that are going to end up having to face the consequences for the STUPID CHOICE she made.