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Reese Witherspoon: Monster's Ball

Reese Witherspoon: Monster's Ball

Costars Reese Witherspoon (in Ports 1961) and Kiefer Sutherland pose together during a photocall to promote their new animated flick, Monsters vs. Aliens on Tuesday (March 10) in Berlin, Germany.

“[My sons Deacon and daughter Ava] love it,” the 32-year-old actor said of the movie. “Because they hear my voice and they recognize my voice and they loved this movie, they loved Bob and they think the blue character is so funny and they just loved this movie. They are so happy they can take all their friends to see this movie.”

Monsters vs. Aliens opens in theaters on March 27.

20+ pictures inside of Reese Witherspoon‘s Monster’s Ball…

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reese witherspoon monsters ball berlin 01
reese witherspoon monsters ball berlin 02
reese witherspoon monsters ball berlin 03
reese witherspoon monsters ball berlin 04
reese witherspoon monsters ball berlin 05
reese witherspoon monsters ball berlin 06
reese witherspoon monsters ball berlin 07
reese witherspoon monsters ball berlin 08
reese witherspoon monsters ball berlin 09
reese witherspoon monsters ball berlin 10
reese witherspoon monsters ball berlin 11
reese witherspoon monsters ball berlin 12
reese witherspoon monsters ball berlin 13
reese witherspoon monsters ball berlin 14
reese witherspoon monsters ball berlin 15
reese witherspoon monsters ball berlin 16
reese witherspoon monsters ball berlin 17
reese witherspoon monsters ball berlin 18
reese witherspoon monsters ball berlin 19
reese witherspoon monsters ball berlin 20

Photos: Michael Gottschalk/AFP/Getty, WENN
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  • ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

    she’s very pretty! beautiful smile! but she’s pregnant or not? here i don’t believe more

  • NativeNYker

    She is so wholesome looking. You just want to give her a big hug.

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • ~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~

    like, o.m.g.. like, she’s sooo fake and stuff. like yeaaa, shee’ss sooo like.. fake.

  • Carrie

    Reese looks better than ever! She’s stunning!

  • Jenn

    Aww she looks so cute! I love her!


    Aww all the Reese worshipers are going to be sooooo disappointed she doesn’t look pregnant! Wah!

  • 187carrott

    I am new on this. Can you comment on something else, or must you stay with Reese.

  • 187carrott

    I am new on this. Can you comment on something else, or must you stay with Reese.

  • Ivana

    Now she doesn’t look pregnant… i guess we must wait another month.
    She looks so happy and relaxed..

  • melissa

    She was obviously suffering from a casse of trapped wind last night.

    Some people really need to clam down, poor Reese, beign forced into pregancy just to convince some sad sack fans that Jake really isn’t gay.

  • ellie

    Reese your just so pretty, love your acting.. Love you in the movies.

  • melissa

    and obviously I need to learn how to spell.. calm down bump watchers, most women over 25 do have naturally rounded stomachs, its all quite natural.

  • LolaSvelt

    She could have the most boring style ever.

  • a Melissa Fan

    I like CLAM DOWN better! LOL!

  • Shelly Fish

    All the Reese fans need to clam down on that baby bump!

  • Love

    Her kids just love her voice, cause they just love her, cause they love everything about her, cause they love that everything in life is about her. Good could she be anymore self-centered and phony. Her chin looks like it’s getting pointier by the day.

  • BEtsky

    She looks great. I love her in her movies too.

  • Boney chintz

    Her chin? You mean her 3rd elbow.

  • Tablier

    “most women over 25 do have naturally rounded stomachs, its all quite natural.”
    I believe the word is “abdominal extension”.

  • Reese Witherkat

    I think Reese is doing Jeffrey Katzenberg (the 3rd guy in the pics). Suspected it for a long time. He’s exactly her type.

  • she’s me me me

    Whenever she talks about her kids she sounds so narcisistic, Like the time she said it was shocking to see them at school having an entire life that didn’t include her or that having children was so grounding because to them your nothing really special.

    It seems to me that reminders that she is not the center of the universe come as quite a shock to Reese.

  • Angie

    she looks great for her age, I love her hair!

  • Patty

    Of course her kids love her! She’s their mother, #16. And I agree that this dress is a much better choice than many others recently.

  • reese, fuck off!

    ugly b i t c h

  • Marco


  • the dq

    She needs to learn to stand with her legs NOT crossed, looking like she’s in need of a bathroom AT ONCE!!!!!!

    Also, people are always say such mean things about Jennifer Anniston’s chin and this girl has one of the biggest chins I’ve ever seen. They could both use a chin reduction.

  • Gail

    She doesn’t age very well.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    Let’s be honest, PALS!!
    YOU FEEL SICK & TIRED, right now?

  • Demonstar

    All these people who claim to hate her or criticize her and yet they can quote every random thing she’s ever said. Obssessed much? lOLOL! What a bunch of FAKES you haters are!

  • Tea

    ugly shoes
    ugly smile

  • geez

    Reese Witherspoon is dumb as a rock !

  • Reese stinks!

    Reese Witherspoon: “I don’t take a shower every day.”

  • rhoniluv


    these two were co-stars in 1996′s “Freeway” were she played a california trick-baby-teen-prostitute & he played a pedophile-necrophiliac-freeway-serial-killer who was trying get acquainted with her under-age sex parts.

    it’s really a hilarious dark-comedy & i LOVE how she NEVER mentions it.

    it’s like she doesn’t want to be know for any of her early, more salacious work. (i.e.-American Psycho)


  • Molly

    @ Demonstar – only the same 4 or 5 people who are posting under different names.

    Some Reese haters/losers – don´t take the idiots seriously!

  • mick

    Molly and Demonstar-you are probably the same person-respect other people’s opinion and stop insulting them. Nobody is isnsulting you,have some manners or go back to school and learn some.

  • Alan

    hey you, bloody Molly, everybody here is free to post whatever they want, who are you to stop people from giving their opinions? do you own this site?If you don’t like what you read, fuck off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ryan

    Oh, god, i hope she had a shower before the premiere, her chichi really stinks, sometimes it gets really bad,I can tell you that as I lived with her for too many years, maybe Jake is already used to that smell and he doesn’t notice, but man, I never got used to it, I had to get away from her.

  • Atila

    She said in an interview with Elle that she doesn’t have a shower every day?may godness,that’s bad,women have to be clean, specially women because it can get really smelly and bad down there if you don’t wash it, honestly.wuaw

  • lisa

    I guess she had a shower, it must have been in her contract for the promotion of the movie, otherwise she probably wouldn’t have done so.he!

  • se

    Nobody would be watch to her in a street in Germany!
    She looks like a “Zwerg”. There are lot of beautiful blond woman in Germany where she can’t make competition!

  • manc

    wow, so apparently this is the 50s. Having a child out of wedlock does not always equate to something negative. There are many couples that choose not to marry, or are happy to have kids first. In Reese’s case, she is more that capable of supporting her kids, so its a non-issue. And don’t ever forget that it takes two. The men are just as culpable.

    Atila, grow up! Women’s vulva (use the correct terms like an adult) don’t necessarily smell if one doesn’t shower for a day. The case may be that you just need to learn how to wash properly in the first place.


    Kiefer smokes so he has a bad sense of smell. Notice how he’s the only one doing the M&A promos with Reese! And the other guy, he stands away from Reese on the other side of Kiefer! LOL

  • madmax

    I wonder where Jake is? I know he’s there with her. I mean he has to play up that they are a couple (he can’t say he’s happy to be back with his guy Austin now can he?)

  • child out of wedlock ? LOL

    WHAT is manc talking about????? LOL

  • Jett

    #33 Reese doesn’t talk about movies that went direct to video and were total failures. She is a business woman who is trying to become the number one female box office star in America. It has nothing to do with her early work being salacious. It has to do with it being ignored. You should find a new hero. This chick is not worth your admiration. She is a product being sold just like McDonalds’s french fries or Coca Cola.

  • lakers fan in boston

    ive never found her that pretty, but i dont argue when others say she’s beautiful, i guess i can see why
    cute dress =] and she doesnt look pregnant like in the last post
    also i have a feeling this movie is gonna suck dick
    i thinking they r hyping this movie up with 2 much, especially with the super bowl commercial, it didnt even look like a great movie

  • Honey

    The dress looks so corporate casual.

  • Goody

    What’s with the bobby pin in her hair? What, is she 12?

  • Kel

    Sorry, but I’m not impressed with Miss Laura Jean Reese Witherspoon. All the makeup, hair/extensions and clothes cannot cover herself up. SHe is still ugly and pathetic. What’s the deal with the bobby pin in her hair, is she 10? And crossing her legs all of the time, makes me think she needs to pee really bad. I have seen enough of her interviews on various tv showes promoting her movies to know that I can’t stand her voice and cannot stand her fake/phoneyness.

  • louis

    God, hasn’t she got an ugly face and chin, not even all the make up in the world could make her look pretty,she only looks well when phottoshopped on the cover of a magazine, which obviously doesn’t look a thing like her.