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Tina Davis: Chris Brown's Mystery Woman

Tina Davis: Chris Brown's Mystery Woman

A three-page text message on Chris Brown‘s cell phone from manager Tina Davis was what left Rihanna battered and bruised, reports TMZ.

Tina, who turns 40 next month, is rumored to have had a relationship with Chris when he was 16.

The text message to Chris “from a woman who Brown had a previous sexual relationship with” talked about hooking up later. Rihanna apparently found out and she slapped and hit him. Chris retaliated.

Meanwhile, according to E!, Chris and Rihanna are currently recording a duet together.

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  • nut

    wow she must have whipped it on him

  • Mayville

    Rihanna should not have hit Cris. Who knows, maybe it was not the first time. She is rumoured for her jeolous streak.

    The same way it is wrong for a man to hit a woman, women should never raise their hands to men either!

    No to violence .. period!

  • “very disappointed fan”

    Chris Brown is a piece of garbage and everything else is being said about him, but what about Rihanna, i think she is worst. With her actions to not press charges and going back with him, she is sending the message that Domestic Violence is accept and that it should be expected because that means that that person loves you. She should be penalize too for her actions, she is sending the wrong message to young people. What ashamed that people like her are role models. I think her music should boycott too, so she gets the message that what she is doing is wrong.

  • chockl8

    Cris brown is such a dick…screwing an old bag? damn, what an embarssment for Rhianna. How did he compare the two. Na! am disappointed in Chris… He’s a a true dick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Sad, so sad…..all of this happening because of this old, fat, out-of-shape bitch. I don’t wish him well at all….as a matter of fact hope he burns slowly in his so-called career. A big cheer to Oprah for bringing this little coward to his knees. I guess his short career is almost out the window. And adding to all of this, maybe Sean Combs ought to get his f###ed up head examined for bringing Rhianna and Chris together. But wait, he’s got daughters of his own, wait and see if he’ll be as understanding when one of them gets knocked around. Makes you wander if all these old bastards really care about what happens to this young girl. Cause that son-of-a-bitch Chris is gonna do it again to Rhianna. Where’s Sean gonna be then? Blame him if anything happens, maybe he too likes to knock women around.



  • love stinks

    everybody’s upset with Chris hitting Rhianna but what about Rhianna attacking him first? I feel that Rhianna got what she asked for. As for Chris, he didn’t have to hit her back man, could’ve just walked away…and screwing a 40 year old bitch…she should be in jail. From my point of you, she’s a child molester and a rapist. Those 2 are just dead sick.

  • Babytin

    OMIGOD open your eyes people!!! when a woman hits a man he should have a right to protect himself, its just like if a girl throws sand in a boys eyes, is he not allowed to do the same? what happened to equality?! same rights? i think you’re all just too damn straight to really get the fact that anything a woman does a man can do, and likewise! rihanna hit chris? chris hit rihanna??? sounds the same to me. now lets just leave it to the damned authority to sort it out!

  • Pandabeargyrl

    As we teach our kids about Domestic Violence we should first teach them to keep their hands to themselves. Oprah, Donald Trump, Inside Edition, ENews and whomever else…who made you lord almighty with the ability to end CB’s career with the knowledge that he is not remorseful and can not change. Further more if he wanted to do free concerts in the future to give back and bring attention to Domestic Violence you wonderful rich SMART folks are making this impossible by your aggressive attempts to destroy his LIFE AS WELL AS HIS CAREER. Stop exploiting this situation for your personal gain. Allow these kids to heal and move on. Sounds like an old fashion witch hunt with a lynch mob flair.

  • GateKeeper

    ..does Rihanna get charged for attaching Chris Brown from the beginning of this incident? I’m not taking up for chris brown and what he did becuz he’s WRONG..but if I was in the postion of chris brown..if Rihanna would have attacked me becuz of a text message?..I would have filed charges against her..PERIOD case closed..what would have been the public appeal then?..I’m sure the appeal would have been totally different, and also, I believe the media is making more of this than it should be..let the law handle it and what ever the situation between the both of them is their personal business, and when this duet tune is released..I assumed it will have a message to the public..leave us alone..

  • Chris & Rihana

    Now come now everybody is jump on one person Chris and you’ll don’t even know the whole story. Isn’t it said that Rihana hit him first. Is that not abuse but is anyone talking about her or him leaving her. Hello no and its most of you women on here that are doing all of the talking. For Tina don’t anyone know but her and Chris what and if anything went on. I agree with the number 18 message people really needs to judge and get their own house and life in order before you judge someone else. Alot of you on here are taking a butt whipping or you are beating up on your man. so when you start to pointing at the next person look at your handthree are pointing back at yourself.

  • peoplehaha

    C’mon on people who cares what R.Kelly did or what Chris Breezy did. Everyone has there ups and downs it doesn’t mean its right. R.Kelly had sex with a 14 year old, who cares, Chris Brown hit Rihanna…c’mon, gimme a break. This is normal people, I know of so many guys and girls that hit each other and numerous older guys with younger girls. Its ok when the girls are 15 and have sex witha 25 year old guy, and after they break up.. those same girls talk crap about older guys with young girls. Gimme a break you people act like you don’t know about these things, girls hit guys, guys hit girls.. who cares.. Maybe its just me, but thats what my neighborhood is like…

  • tim m

    Are you people serious … what does his music have to do with this .. if you liked his music a month ago – it’s the same damn music. when R Kelly got in trouble ya’ll tried to do the same thing .. his music has always been good … you don’t have to send him fan letters . but the music didn’t do anything .. ignorance must be bliss. If she wants to stay with him .. that’s her choice. Do you say anything to the neighbor that beats his wife/girlfriend .. if not .. stay out of their business. Ya’ll act like he beat her every day or something. I’ve never hit a woman before in my whole life .. but i’ll be damned if i’m going to allow some woman to attack me cuz she knows i want hit her back. It’s foolish for a woman to attack a man in the first place when she knows he is stronger than she is – especially if he didn’t attack her first.

  • Tia

    Rihanna is not a role model for teenage girls or young women for that matter and should not represent a classy product such as CoverGirl. Because of her decision teens are now thinking it’s okay to be abused, as long as their boyfriends simply apologize. I think CoverGirl should drop her asap.

  • girl-from-trinidad-and-tobago

    Rumors are jus that unconfirmed news…steups ppl need to get a life..Chris Brown and Rihanna don’t care about alluh!!!

  • http://idontknow amBER S KENDRICK (Gr. 07)

    well i think that it no body’s busnessies to be talking or saying no thing about it but i also think they it’s only their busnessies so all of you girls and boys needed to stay out of it but she is back with him and it is all said and done so juct get over it all because that whath they did now it time to ended it all so ended all the thing right now before all thing get out of handed and he do it again but i thnk he didn’t not mean it he was just upset with her at the time ………. love amber age 13 in engle wood ohio…. lol about me.


    No one knows the truth…and technically i hate that double standard
    more than 68 percent of men are in abusive relationships however less than 8% report but AS SOON as that man hits her cause he;s just fed up…thats all she kno…If you were a rihanna fan you’d know that she even admitted to being a violent person….i dont like the fact no body is even give CB the benefit of the doubt to even apologize…and if you pay atten tabloids are rarely posting statements from cb’s people…i really dont think a man should ever hit a women…but sumtimes mistakes and sh!t happens…men make mistake and it is def not always true OPRAH AND TYRA… that “if a man hit a women once that he will do it again” being a women, we kno women and we know women nag and hit there men more often than they hit us…i’ve known a handfull of men who have actually hit there gfs or wife b4 and NEVER did it again… just sayin men got feelings to and CB should be given a chance…they are really oding about this. this shouldnt have been blow out the way it did….cause at the end of the day its hurting rihanna even more so everyone out there that “on her side” ur actually puting more pressure on her cause she is still a damn human…

  • Dina p

    i been gone for 3 weeks cause of this shit . and 4 you to know it have to be his MANager notice how i capt Man in manager. besides she a hole like santa would put her on the bad list. ho ho ho merry CHRIStmas
    Dina P
    p.s. LOL qustion do you think that his MANager is a ho ho ho leave a comment
    Dina P

  • http://bighea anonymous

    i think they r both idiots and they cant sing at all

  • http://bighea anonymous

    smelly ugly forehead

  • MAKY

    RIRI…RIhanna u deserve better… And c-breeezeee u stilll hot!!! Fuck u tina davis ur 40… So wat u can only have sex with teenagers go fuck urself!!

  • MAKY

    get a F U C K I N life tina ur taking advantage of a lil’ boy…

  • diamond

    chris my boo evan if its true thats his bisness so mind ur own we would tell about ur relationship so leave his alone ok

  • Naj

    CAN YOU PEOPLE READ?! SHE HIT AND SLAPPED HIM AND HE RETALIATED! You are only going to let someone hit you and you tell them to stop so many times….Let’s be honest! No one should put their hands on anyone else, if she hit him then she gets what she deserves, it’s not ONLY wrong for a man to hit a woman, it’s wrong for a woman to hit a man as well, get over it people! You people who act like this all makes him untalented and say how much you are going to boycott him, he has a million more TRUE fans that will stick by him, who are you people to judge, God it the only one who can judge. So leave him alone, just because he is a celeb, it doesn’t mean he isn’t human!

  • Car Hifi

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