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Halle Berry is the Sexiest Black Woman

Halle Berry is the Sexiest Black Woman

Halle Berry is spends the afternoon at a friend’s house on Tuesday (March 10) in Los Angeles, Calif.

The 42-year-old actress was just named the Sexiest Black Woman by Access Hollywood’s TV One Access survey. Halle beat out Tyra Banks, Alicia Keys, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Rihanna in TV One Access‘ poll.

Halle just released her debut fragrance, Halle, in collaboration with perfume giant Coty.

WHAT DO YOU THINK about Halle Berry being named the Sexiest Black Woman?

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77 Responses to “Halle Berry is the Sexiest Black Woman”

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  1. 1
    BECCA Says:

    she looks GREAT even in jeans and a baseball cap go halle

  2. 2
    melis Says:

    WEIRD HOW ALL THE WOMEN ARE LIGHTER OF “BLACK”! THANKS AH I guess darker skinned woman are still toO dark for true beauty. Way to make a statement while trying to be sneaky about it.

  3. 3
    Countess von zinzendorf Says:

    She’s half white so I don’t think she should qualify for sexiest black woman. How about someone who only has a little white (most blacks have a little bit of white in them if they live in America.)

  4. 4
    bintk Says:

    She’s cute!

  5. 5
    h. Says:

    Way to make something out of nothing #2 and #3.

    She’s gorgeous, it doesn’t friggen matter how dark her skin is or is not.

  6. 6
    Demonstar Says:

    I think it’s degrading.I feel the same way whether it’s men or women. “sexiest” anyone is degrading. It makes objects out of people. I think Halle Berry is probably one of the most beautiful human beings period. I also don’t like the racial category. I thought we were moving away from that kind of B.S. Access is behind times and ignorant. They are ignorant about women and about race.

  7. 7
    annie Says:

    urrrrr I like Jada……

  8. 8
    RHONDa Says:

    What about the stunningly, gorgeous Michelle Obama, I thought she was the most beautiful black woman in the World. Everyone wants her arms, don’t they?

  9. 9
    truth ALWAYS hurts Says:

    she’s is beautiful but nothing stunning about her (….overrated…)JADA PINKETT SMITH should ‘ve been named the sexiest one.

  10. 10
    lol Says:

    anyone see the video of this foul mouthed cow…she showed her true colours on the live video..she is so ugly on the inside and moreover how contradictory saying she is a black woman???? it is almost like making fun of her LOL with tabloids publishing that especially after the BS with kid and sperm donor in tow….oh she is in so deep in manure it aint funny

    my condolence halle lol its been a long time comming and theres more too..the future has no room for fake con artist’s and shallow people that prey on young vulnerable hearts!!!

  11. 11
    sara Says:

    i love it when people say she’s HALF white so she’s not black. Really?
    If slavery still existed would she be a slave? Yes, probably the cfook or wet nurse…but a slave
    Would she be able to join a country club? No.. they’d use her as a lawn jockey.
    If she wondered into a Klu Kluz Klan rally, would they let her join…or start looking for a rope?
    If they were gonna call her names what would they yell? “half-black or ******?
    She has had many racist experiences in her life. She doesn’t see herself as a half white woman but a whole black woman. If that wasn’t the case then she should be doing the same roles as white women.

  12. 12
    dundies Says:

    She’s half white so I don’t think she should qualify for sexiest black woman.


    your being ridiculous! look at her skin and what color do you see? if you want to be so damn specific why dont u just request an another online poll for sexiest 100% african american women OR just gtfo

  13. 13
    tat Says:

    What do I think? I think its a shame that her mother is white, she is half white, and she is still referred to as a black woman.. Pisses me off. She is a mixed race woman and should be identified in the media as that.

  14. 14
    Shar Says:

    it’s weird and offensive that every women they listed are all light skinned, and this is comming from a light skinned black woman. they should hav included Black women of all shades if they want to truely make a statement and not be looked upon as biased.

  15. 15
    abby Says:

    If they were gonna call her names what would they yell? “half-black or ******?
    She has had many racist experiences in her life. She doesn’t see herself as a half white woman but a whole black woman.

    Her mother may be white but it’s her mother that TOLD her she’s NOT WHITE!

  16. 16
    No Old broads Says:

    Paula Patton is pretty. Women past forty are not sexy in my opinion they are too old.

  17. 17
    hallie Says:


  18. 18
    clare Says:

    White people can get as pissed off all they want because in the end SHE doesn’t see herself as MIXED HALF OR WHITE.

    The joke is, that it’s white people who made sure she knew her place wasn’t with white people.

  19. 19
    sei Says:

    Ya’ll need to get a grip on the whole race thing. Why they keep mentioning her as the Sexiest Woman etc again again is beyond me? Now TVOne is getting into the act. Old news, yawn.

    It was reported months ago with that joke of an Esquire article parodying her Oscar speech which a lot of folks including Oprah etal took as gospel. Won’t go off an Auntie O tangent.

    Also, X17 has a video of the same photos with her walking her mother to the door. Her house? Her mother’s house? A friend’s who knows? Glad to know she actually has friends other than Oprah and that sleazoid reporter Nancy O’Dell.

    Still think she keeps tipping off the sleazoid pappis. Even though, they can be stalkerazzis at times. @10–that was a set up for the Fertility Clinic damage control pictures a few days later. Everything this woman does is calculated even if she’s blowing to the wind in the oposite direction. Talk about low self-esteem issues.

  20. 20
    Frank Says:

    #16 And one day you will be one of those “old” people and feel embarrassed by your shallow immature self. Because the only reason you think it’s old is the number.

    I know 20 year olds that look older than Halle!

  21. 21
    teedee Says:

    @17–Halle hasn’t confirmed she’s pregnant. Get real with UR wishful thinking. Until she, her team or her gossip buddy Nancy O’Dell confirm it, it’s not true. Stop spreading the **** gurl.Don’t let the pix of she and Gabe exiting the Westwood Fertility Clinic, ya know the one folks have been spreading the 411 on how she got Nahla fool you. The only new baby I know about is her new fragrance “Halle” which she has repeatedly called her ‘new baby’.

  22. 22
    mixed Says:

    Ok ok… Halle Berry is interacial – half white and half black – So is Obama, yet their white linage gets no recognition.

    Both Halle and Obama were born from the loins of white women and raised by white families. Neither had much knowledge of their black heritage.

  23. 23
    partz Says:

    She is actually the sexiest woman alive:

  24. 24
    commander Says:

    Halle considers herself biracial. She’s said that many times in many different interviews. Just like Alicia Keys.

    Plus, everyone knows that Halle’s obsessed with white people. She’s married to a white guy and she certainly hoped that their children would be as white as possible too.

  25. 25
    D Says:

    Acknowledging only one half of who you are is dangerous, and I think that when people are of mixed heritage that both should be celebrated. Simply calling her “black” separates black and white people in this country even more. The same with Obama. He isn’t the first Black president. He is European/African American. Saying that he is “black” because he doesn’t have fair skin is like saying a masculine gay person is straight and not gay. Too much emphasis is put on Black or White in this country. There are far more underrepresented cultures who don’t even get a chance to be considered “sexy”. Where are the Indian, Turkish, Asian or Native American “sexy” actresses or Presidents?

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