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Miranda Kerr Goes Back Down Under

Miranda Kerr Goes Back Down Under

Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr arrives at LAX airport en route back to her native Australia on Tuesday (March 11) .

The 25-year-old model traveled with her dog in an LV bag as she went through security!

Yesterday Miranda attended the Victoria’s Secret Model Launch event at the Grove and worked it out with Namibian model Behati Prinsloo and former Project Runway designer Christian Siriano.

Boyfriend Orlando Bloom was in London riding his bike!

10+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr going back down under…

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111 Responses to “Miranda Kerr Goes Back Down Under”

  1. 1
    bebe Says:

    MIRANDA “chipmunk” KERR

    ADRIANA “transvestite” LIMA

    ALESSANDRA “crossed eye” AMBROSIO

    MARISA “pornstar” MILLER

    DOUTZEN “bodybuilder lumber the next KK” KROES

    HEIDI “vs grandmother” KLUM

  2. 2
    naomi Says:

    I think after a humiliating sweat stain, miranda now wants to go back home to have a good cry LOL

  3. 3
    a total fan Says:

    Not really a pretty girl but not really homely ,can’t figure her out.

  4. 4
    Nora Says:

    LOL @ bebe. You def. got the Heidi Klum thing right.

  5. 5
    @3 Says:

    What is homely? or you mean homebody?

  6. 6
    mikee Says:

    @1 LOL LOL LOL

    I guess the VS angels have now new names…

  7. 7
    Dave Says:

    @bebe, hey, I like Doutzen!! I dont get who this girl is. Dont remember her in VS at all :/ but then again looking like that I guess I wouldnt recognize her, she looks a state, not model material at all! WTF dude! How could a man find that attractive when she looks like a man. I thought VS had more about them. DOUTZEN!!!

  8. 8
    rhian Says:

    I’m so loving the hat…

  9. 9
    brenda Says:

    She looks cute and where’s frankie?

  10. 10
    carolina Says:

    bebe is so jealous ……….or so bitter

  11. 11
    nikki Says:

    a pizza or burger wouldnt bee a bad thing… she needs it shes sooo thinnn

  12. 12
    bebe@7 Says:

    Ah ok.. That’s just my opinion and i’m basing it from the pics of each of them. What i’m trying to say about doutzen is she really has a different body figure now, kinda thick for a model, and everytime i see new pics of her, she seems to be adding a few lbs. mostly on arms and thigh parts which is not really good to look at. But that is just my opinion!

    Hopefully she won’t be adding so much like KK cause based on my observation she and kk have same body figure that seem to easily go out of shape once they age and needs strict dieting and exercising.

  13. 13
    bebe Says:

    I’m not jealous, and like what i’ve said, it’s just my opinion based on their pics.

    And i guess the jealous and bitter thing is more appropriate for those who say nasty names like wh*re, sl*t, and those who take it personally to hate someone for dating an actor or by mere rumors on internet!

  14. 14
    g!na Says:

    pic 5! she’s just one sweaty mess! lol. she has a sweat issue! poor thing!

  15. 15
    not sure... Says:

    I’m surprised she would be taking her dog back to Australia as we have very strict animal laws and Frankie would have to be in quarantine for a minimum of a month before being released, maybe she is going to London instead?

  16. 16
    spfxgirl Says:

    I don’t mean this in a nasty way because maybe she’s a really nice person.
    Where are her looks? i think she has a really horrible looking shaped face.
    Even her nose shape is rather odd. I just don’t see model quality in her at all. She might have the height she doesn’t even have a great body to be a VS model.
    But hey .. she obviously has somrthing they like over at VS.

    I am not being big headed .. but i tend to have a great eye.. Its part of my job.

  17. 17
    sunday Says:

    she is ugly

  18. 18
    carolina Says:

    i didnt say you were jealous an bitter because you say something about miranda…….i said that because you suddenly write something bad about six models…… probably dont like one or two but all of them,………but well i respect your opinion anyway you were very respectful about it

  19. 19
    sah Says:

    i have those boots! :D

  20. 20
    sah Says:

    i have those boots! :D

  21. 21
    jaja Says:

    Hey JJ are you sure she’s going back to OZ?

    She could be heading back to NY or UK or wherever for the very reason that OZ has very strict rules for animals from overseas, unless she has a special pass or something for frankie.

  22. 22
    "?" Says:

    I wonder what type of grease she uses on her face to make it shiny?

  23. 23
    ruffa Says:

    I don’t find VS angels very beautiful at all but rather unique. (eg manface gisele, retarded looking karolina)

    And guess what, they are the most recognizable and highest paid models.

  24. 24
    @22 Says:

    Maybe miranda is using a very unique kind of organic oil to keep her face like those of 14 year olds LOL

    Never mind that she’ll be a walking grease as long as she’ll look young forever ayt miranda…

  25. 25
    blake Says:

    Why does it seem that miranda is only gaining weigt on the face department? She and adriana i think have same problem of having puffy cheeks.

  26. 26
    not sure... Says:

    So many nasty comments about Miranda’s looks, Gee, jealous much????……keep trying to convince yourself that she is ugly!!!…..but it will not change the fact she is stunningly beautiful…….lol

  27. 27
    agot Says:

    Maybe miranda wants to be with her family when they move to their new house in brisbane. Well, that’s what i read from a previous post.

  28. 28
    liberty Says:

    Just plain fugly oily chubby face and sweaty armpits YUCK

  29. 29
    LOL Says:

    Oh, the haters are so sad and pathetic.
    Poor lonely women .
    Oh, and I think that she is going to NY, not Oz. She said in an interview that she would be going back to NY.
    I bet that Orlando will fly to NY, from London to meet her.
    Such a gorgeous couple.

  30. 30
    frenchie Says:

    I honestly don’t like miranda to be with bloom. She could find someone who’s a lot better than him. Look at gisele and adriana, i think they’re all happily married now.

  31. 31
    chrisler 1 Says:

    wow! her face is so sweaty. Some powder would have done her wonders.

  32. 32
    *** Says:

    Miranda really has a serious sweat problem!

  33. 33
    LOL Says:

    I love how the same hater keeps posting over and over.
    No matter how much she sweats, she will always be prettier than any of you.
    She is gorgeous and radiant.

  34. 34
    sandra Says:

    miranda is beautiful!!!!

  35. 35
    she is beautiful Says:

    Miranda is so gorgeous. She did say she was going to New York.
    I hope Orlando joins her there.

  36. 36
    jenn Says:

    Who cares if Bloom goes to NY?

  37. 37
    gerard vandenberg Says:

    I think I will be joining her, folks!!

  38. 38
    not sweat.... Says:

    It looks to me that she has moisturizer on her face rather than sweat, this is to keep her skin from drying out and not dehydrating on the long flight, a lot of models and celebs do this and of course drink lots of water.

  39. 39
    Duh.... Says:

    It’s moisturizer not sweat………lol!

  40. 40
    chocsoc Says:

    I agree with #21′s comment re: are you sure JJ she’s flying into Oz?
    I live here, and the only country I can travel to & from with my dogs with ease is New Awesome Zealand, as Australia & NZ share an agreement about quarantine procedures.
    Flying from the States into Oz would need a quarantine period, simple as that. I suppose the possibility exists that she has a special pass for Frankie, but that would be discriminatory for other dog owners.

  41. 41
    claire Says:

    Maybe miranda is also a good tipper cause i saw from the other pics that she had a folded 20$ for the skycap, or i could be wrong also.

  42. 42
    @40 Says:

    Miranda is an australian and with her status, it’s not impossible to get a special pass for frankie. NO BIG DEAL

  43. 43
    Lena Says:

    @19 where are her boots from? I love them!

  44. 44
    Cat Says:

    I love her outfit!

  45. 45
    @42 Says:

    No she wouldn’t be able to get a special pass, doesn’t matter who you are, the law is very very strict regarding all animals, fruit and flora arriving in Australia, the minimum quarantine period for her dog would be a month.

  46. 46
    alex Says:

    Girls I see on the streets of Chicago are 10 times hotter and more beautiful than this cabbage face kid. Other VS models are above average in the looks department but this one puzzles me.

  47. 47
    janet Says:

    Does anyone know why she’s going back to OZ?

    Yeah but why aren’t those girls not a top model or famous or into hollywood if they are so hot and so pretty. But to each his own, so i might as well respect that.

  48. 48
    @40 Says:

    I don’t think that she is going to Oz, but it is possible to get your dog a pet passport.
    It allows you to take your animal to certain countries, and still bring them to England and Australia without quarantine. They implant a chip, and records are kept on the animal including Vet. visits and travel info. They allow you to take them to countries that control rabies, not to third world nations. Sidi has one, and that’s why Orlando is able to take him back and forth to London from LA without quarantine. I’m sure that he has encouraged Miranda to get Frankie ‘chipped’ as well.

  49. 49
    soso Says:


  50. 50
    xoxo Says:

    Miranda really looks cute as well as her dress. Can anyone id her boots?

  51. 51
    loren Says:

    Did anyone notice how miranda was trying to be the center of attention during her interview with behati on a morning show? I think miranda is a self centered attention grabbing girl like her idol heidi. She has changed a lot when you try to compare her previous interviews. Hope she still succeeds despite her being an airhead.

  52. 52
    @51...loren Says:

    What a load of nonsense, I saw the interview and she did nothing of the kind.
    They both answered questions asked of them from the hosts, no more on less.
    Miranda and Behati gave a fun interview but still managed to bring attention to the perfume and body lotion products.
    As usual haters like yourself are only interested in twisting the facts so you can make up a negative story about Miranda out of sheer jealousy!!!

  53. 53
    @52 Says:

    Yey the defensive team of miranda is back once again, and the haters got an in your face block!

  54. 54
    beautiful Says:

    She looks great I love the boots

  55. 55
    Cute and youthful looking Says:

    She’s a cutie! Probably the type who’ll still look very youthful at an age when most of us are wrinkled and haggard looking.

  56. 56
    ??? Says:

    I wonder where she is going.If Orlando stays in London she will probably join him or it may be the other way around anyway can’t wait to see pictures of this hot couple.

  57. 57
    And the hits keep coming Says:

    LOL – Sometimes I think this girl has more fans than Orlando Bloom does judging from the amount of ‘hits’ her threads always generate. Love her or hate her – she pulls in the hits for JJ.

  58. 58
    mikee@57 Says:

    Because according to some posters at “what’s the name of that forum”, miranda is always giving them something to write and laugh about from her stupidity and lies. You see, miranda is such an inspiration for them! LOL

  59. 59
    megan Says:

    Maybe miranda is the second most hated model here on JJ, and bar refaeli is the winner on that category. Poor girls.

  60. 60
    Who cares? Says:

    The point is they’re ‘popular’ whether for the right or wrong reasons. I’m sure the only thing that really matters to JJ is they GENERATE INTEREST and because they do people keep posting away about them.

  61. 61
    @60 Says:


    I like the change of miranda’s threads here on JJ cause before i used to always read absurd and so deafening comments about miranda. Nice to know that there are some fans out there who try to argue and keep the facts from “the other side” straight.

  62. 62
    elsbeth Says:

    #40 there is such a thing as a pet passport Orlando has one for Sidi and Im sure Miranda has one for Frankie if all of the records are kept up to date your pet can travel to almost every country-with a few European ones excepted-with no quarrantine. How do you think all these people are able to bring their dogs back and forth from country to country constantly, me included. You need to have special forms filled out by your vet and other paperwork then its OK.

  63. 63
    @58 Says:

    But what’s even funnier, is that the more they post about HER, the more we laugh at THEM, and their sad little excuses for lives.
    They keep us endlessly entertained, while Miranda goes on with her successful life, never having to bother with those losers.

  64. 64
    mikee@63 Says:

    You’re right, but they will always make excuses and theories about miranda cause that’s part of their routine LOL And again i don’t care, i’m just happy that miranda is getting a lot of breaks lately.

  65. 65
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    i cant really say anything nice 2 her yet
    that pit stain is still in my mind =\

  66. 66
    @65 Says:

    awww, come on
    surely you’ve seen a woman sweat before
    and hers was still just a dainty little spot even after being in a warn store and under pressure
    it’s not like she was sweating like ‘fat *******’.

  67. 67
    @66 Says:

    LOL – like the ‘jatjellushaterz?’ Those types probably SWEAT while Miranda just daintily ‘perspires.’

  68. 68
    rose Says:

    I really don’t think miranda is heading back to OZ. She’s either be flying back to NY or UK.

    Regarding the sweat stain, it’s not a crime people, everybody does. And maybe miranda is not using antiperspirant cause she knows it’s carcinogenic.

  69. 69
    funny Says:

    This girl really likes to embarrass herself all the time, and you must keep it up girl so people will always have something to argue about.

  70. 70
    @69....even funnier Says:

    “This girl really likes to embarrass herself all the time”….never happened, only in your imagination of course!!!…..And the only embarrassing thing to do with Miranda are the comments posted on here about her from those suffering extreme Miranda envy……lol!!

  71. 71
    @70 Says:


    I couldn’t understand the logic of your post. Anyways, keep em coming.

  72. 72
    @71..... Says:

    Read it again slowly, you’ll get it eventually, it’s called sarcasm…lol!

  73. 73
    @72 Says:

    Actually, english is my third language so could you transfer it in greek!

    Your posts are over the top and have vague substances but unlike the sarcastic comments i often read here, they are straight to the point.

  74. 74
    to all miranda fans Says:

    Miranda was featured on TMZ last night. They said they mistook her for Harrison Ford(the fedora) and they asked her one question

  75. 75
    to all miranda fans Says:

    Miranda was featured on TMZ last night. They said they mistook her for Harrison Ford(the fedora) and they asked her one question.”Does Orlando ever role play in the bedroom, like dress up as Legolas?” Then she gave her sweetest smile and they all went, “Oh my God, I bet he does”!

    It’s funny, but quite embarrassing cause after all her hardwork the public is just interested about her relationship with bloom!

  76. 76
    tmz are.... Says:

    …idiots if they can’t tell the difference between Miranda Kerr and Harrison Ford.

    She looks wonderful – I love the outfit and wish I had a LV bag to carry my dog in – wow!

    I wonder if she’s going to go on to London to meet Orlando there or if he’s going to meet her in New York?

    Either way, I can’t think about their bedroom play – gets me too excited. :)

  77. 77
    @76 Says:

    Don’t hate on me, but i think a break up is coming soon to their relationship.

  78. 78
    @77.... Says:

    Yeah sure, especially since just a month ago he told the whole world live on national tv she has his heart in her hands!!!

  79. 79
    @78 Says:

    People’s feelings change and no amount of words can compensate that!

  80. 80
    @79.... Says:

    Sounds more like wishful thinking on your part rather than any true facts, I’d still believe what came straight from his mouth rather than some anonymous blogger on JJ!!!

  81. 81
    @80 Says:

    Whatever claims that came from his mouth can be altered by time.

  82. 82
    @81 Says:

    or by Bloom himself, he’s not exactly a reliable source :))))

    Sure honey wateva. It’s called Twuluv in CelebrityLand: it changes on a dime!
    And before my stoning, I’d like to sincerely say I hope she does get away from him soon. She’s been dragged down in all his muck and mire for to long. He treats his gf’s with disrespect and seems selfish and unsteady.

  83. 83
    @82 Says:

    I have to agree with your last sentence…

    I don’t hate bloom or miranda, but i have to say that imo, bloom has some kind of emotional/personality instability. He refuses to grow up and only wants to embrace the party kind of life!

  84. 84
    to all miranda fans Says:

    Once miranda established her career as a model, she’ll get away from bloom and will find a man that’s serious about relationships even if he’s not that famous so long that he’s an above average money maker.

    This is the path usually models take, and i don’t need to cite examples

  85. 85
    Vien Says:

    Is miranda the only model hitmaker here on JJ? LOL

    Now i get why JJ always posts her pictures… People like to comment about her regardless if it’s good or bad!

  86. 86
    xxx Says:

    just plain fugly, fameho, sweaty model

  87. 87
    @86.... Says:

    Yeah sure, keep telling yourself that but deep down you know she is stunningly beautiful and you’re just plain full of jealousy and Miranda envy…….lol!

  88. 88
    @87 Says:

    Yeah sure, keep telling yourself that but deep down you know she is a fameho……lol!

  89. 89
    @83 Says:

    “The party kind of life”
    Orlando goes to one party a month, and out to dinner with friends, and you call that a “party kind of life”??
    Wow, you must live in a cave, then.
    Plus he OBVIOUSLY takes relationships seriously. He was with Kate for almost four years, and is going on two years with Miranda. He doesn’t bed hop like most men in his position would. He flys around the world to see her, and you don’t think that he is serious about her? After what he said on television? Wow. Just, wow.

  90. 90
    carl Says:

    Miranda fans really take each comment seriously… RELAX

    She’s hardly known in the US/UK other than bloom’s current booty call!

  91. 91
    @88.... Says:

    Are you 12??? It’s obvious you’re not intelligent enough to come up with your own comments but instead ALWAYS parrot others words back to them like a childish exchange in a school yard, whats next, nah nah na nah na???

  92. 92
    kay Says:

    I think miranda is a real beauty cause she still looks the same even with less or without make up at all. Unlike some models/celebrities who are unrecognizable without make up on their faces.

  93. 93
    @92 Says:

    Without make up, miranda looks like a dingo who just got freed from the outback!

  94. 94
    @92.... Says:

    So true, Miranda is a natural beauty, the close up photos of her face at the VS Heavenly Bloom launch are just stunning.
    She has hardly any make up on yet she looks so beautiful, the pics could be worthy of a magazine cover without needing any air brushing or touch ups.
    A lot of the blogs are talking about how gorgeous she looks.

    @93….jealous much?

  95. 95
    @92 Says:

    She still looks gorgeous even without make up.
    It’s funny. People talk about how gorgeous Doutzen is, and with make up, she is stunning. But I saw pictures of her and her boyfriend on a beach, and she looked horrible. Her eyes looked small, and her face looked very plain. She is a girl who really needs make up to look pretty. Miranda looks pretty without make up.

  96. 96
    @95 Says:

    First of all i don’t want to be rude, just want to say my opinion!

    Yeah i also saw those photos of doutzen you’re talking about, and she looked completely different and made me asked,”is that doutzen”, and i’m not pining on doutzen at all cause there are a bunch of most seemingly stunning or perfect looking celebrities who are barely recognizable without make up. I guess that all go down to the wonders of make up, and there are only few who still looks good or even looks better without too much make up. Bottom line, real beauty is without make up.

  97. 97
    news Says:

    Ssssttt Jared….Miranda is not in Oz. She is in Barcelona for the Fashion Week

  98. 98
    @JJ Says:


  99. 99
    phoem Says:

    A real catwalk model deosn’t smile on the runway.

    Maybe miranda is always doing it cause she always wants to be the center of attention, and she’s a commercial model, not a runway or hifashion one.

  100. 100
    @99.... Says:

    Now you’re putting down Miranda Kerr for smiling????…..omg, she smiled on the runway, the world is ending, what a disaster….lol….you really really really need to gain some perspective and get a life!

  101. 101
    @100 Says:

    LOL That barcelona fashion week is a dlist fashion show compared to NY Paris Milan… wonder why miranda is always on anon shows and designers?

  102. 102
    Is that so? Says:

    Ho-hum. You haters are all so boringly-repetitious and predictable. Miranda is pulling down more earnings right now than you envious lot are EVER likely to see during your totally unremarkable lifetimes.

  103. 103
    candy Says:

    Glad that miranda is doing other fashion related things aside from VS.

    Miranda has worked with respected fashion designers when she moved to NY, and yes, she’s more of a commercial type of model, but that’s where a greater amount of money is than doing runway shows.

  104. 104
    @101.... Says:

    Oh yeah she is sooooo Dlist, that is why she is the 9th highest paid model in the WORLD with a hugely successful career and just happens to be stunningly beautiful AND has Orlando Bloom telling everybody that she holds his heart in her hands…..the poor thing, however will she cope……lol!.

  105. 105
    wow Says:

    It’s so amazing how some people manage to criticize or even hate someone for everything she does or says, wherein they couldn’t even cite a single flaw about other models LOL

  106. 106
    @105 Says:

    Other models aren’t dating Orlando Bloom. That’s the difference.

  107. 107
    amor Says:

    Is she still in Barcelona?

  108. 108
    LOL Says:

    It’s really a shame if doutzen gets the gig of being melbourne’s fashion ambassador to the world, isn’t it?

  109. 109
    Katie Says:

    She’s so gorgeous!

  110. 110
    Custom T Says:

    I hear wedding bells for Mirando and Orlando!!

  111. 111
    Abbygale Says:

    Wow, she is a beautifule woman, anybody to criticize that must be a very insecure and not to mention jelous person !

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