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Orlando Bloom: Thumbs Up!

Orlando Bloom: Thumbs Up!

Helmet head Orlando Bloom gives a great big thumbs up as he poses with a fan in London on Wednesday (March 11).

The 32-year-old British actor later sped off on his new Harley Davidson motorcycle along Kings Road.

His model girlfriend, Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr, is on the other side of the world. She most recently attended the launch of the PINK beauty line.

10+ pictures inside of thumbs-up Orlando Bloom

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38 Responses to “Orlando Bloom: Thumbs Up!”

  1. 1
    JHlucas Says:

    Mariah Carey rocks! She’s the best!

  2. 2
    jeanette Says:

    wat does mariah carey have to do with that ? lol

  3. 3
    allspice Says:

    He is so HOT!! Love the curls!

  4. 4
    No suspenders! Halleluja! Says:

    So glad to see him back in London!!!!! That girl was so lucky!!!!!

  5. 5
    japete Says:

    Look closer and check your facts, Jared. It’s not a Harley; it’s a Buell 1125CR. The manufacturer’s name is emblazoned on the bike!

    Agree on the curls!

  6. 6
    sharon Says:

    yeh i was just thinking what the hell is the Mariah carey thing about?

  7. 7
    mark and kriz Says:

    Looking real good there mate!!

  8. 8
    beautiful Says:

    Love him he is my favorite actor and looks great the curls are perfect

  9. 9
    oh yeah Says:

    He’s looking fantastic!
    What a gorgeous man.

  10. 10
    Interesting Says:

    At the risk of upsetting a few on here…oh, wtf I’m just gonna say it anyway. I wonder if People Magazine got it right — according to them he and the girlfriend are “on again/off again” and there’s no engagement in sight. (Actually, what they said was the two of them “bounce back and forth…hot and cold” and SHE “doesn’t want to get engaged.” Interesting if that’s true…the part about her being the one who’s holding back.

  11. 11
    fun Says:

    That bike looks like it would hurt your back to ride it, although I have ridden one an it was a lot of fun. Easy to get around town in too.

  12. 12
    shy Says:

    So glad to see him back in London!!!!! That girl was so lucky!!!!!
    Oh i like the Bike !!!!!

  13. 13
    shysidi Says:

    Oh he is back in London!!!!! Thats great !!
    That girl was so lucky to see him on the road !!!

  14. 14
    Buell not a Harley Says:

    How many bikes does this guy have???

  15. 15
    FroFro Says:

    I think I know that guy…….isnt that Orlando Bloom?

    Loved the POTC1 premiere where he donned all the curls and big smiles. Good to see. Looks like hes having fun.

  16. 16
    Sweet! Says:

    He looks really cute here. Love the curls – and the smile!

  17. 17
    yes! Says:

    He is looking mighty fine on that bike!
    Love the ‘Paris’ curls.

  18. 18
    slime Says:

    One of those talentless actors who relies on looks and publicities to keep his career going!

  19. 19
    @10 Says:

    When did People magazine say that?

  20. 20
    @19 Says:

    People magazine never said that. #10 is trying to be subtle, get it?

  21. 21
    anja Says:

    I’m so sick of all these pap pics of bloom..

    I want to see a new entertaining movie from him and not those boring, low budgeted indi films…

    I guess he’s slowly becoming a has been!

  22. 22
    yum Says:

    hes so handsome. wish he was the actor for Prince of Persia instead of that loser Jake!

  23. 23
    @21 Says:

    You have no taste at all, do you.

  24. 24
    anja@23 Says:

    Oh thanks for reminding me cause i almost forgot that the only people who have “taste” and always “right and saying the truth” are those on specific forums what’s the name.

  25. 25
    bob's your uncle Says:

    Orlando looks handsome, healthy and happy. So what is the problem? He has two movies: one in filming, one on the horizon. Both indies. Good on him.

    He is what he is. And I enjoy why he offers to the visual sense. End of story.

  26. 26
    taylor Says:

    Anja, Anja, Anja. You sound bitter. Smile!
    Enjoy the pics. He does look pretty good, yeah?
    Who cares if #22 doesn’t like Jake. I do. Do you?
    Indi films are good. He’s been out of the loop for a bit so Indi is a good place to start. There are all kinds of movie rumors out there about Orlando, maybe the movie makers are waiting to see SFD and his performance. This indi film could be his stepping stone back into the field of new entertaining movies as you said you want to see.

    Time will tell.

  27. 27
    and betty is your aunt Says:

    Well said #25.
    End of story.

  28. 28
    AWW he looks very cute indeed Says:

    Looking cute Orlando…… very cute indeed :) -

    you see, you can do dorky and make it work…. it just needs to be clean dorky!

  29. 29
    Co Says:

    He is sooo fine! Those curls, those eyes, that face! Gorgeous! Glad he’s back in England for a change. Stay British, Orlando!

  30. 30
    @20 Says:

    Yes, indeed People Magazine did say that In current week’s issue under “Scoop” and captioned “Steamy in Sydney.”

  31. 31
    D. Says:

    Hope he spends a little time at home in the UK. Seems the paps aren’t quite as annoying and intrusive over there as they are in other places. Maybe because he’s a ‘home boy’ they don’t take as much notice.

  32. 32
    citylove Says:

    He’s so hot! I love him!

  33. 33
    iwk Says:

    he looks goooooooood! he’s really making for lost time on the bikey that’s for sure!

  34. 34
    could be: Says:

    “On again/off again” and/or “hot and cold” as defined by People magazine: She’s working in L.A. and/or New York, he’s visiting family/friends in London. I’ll bet a “good friend” told them all about it.

    Next stop for one or the other: London or New York….

  35. 35
    @#20 and #34 Says:

    tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock

  36. 36
    Custom T Says:


  37. 37
    the teacher Says:

    Dear Orlando who the **** teaches you to hold the break with two fingers? ….anyway very very ugly bike! what was in you mind?

  38. 38
    lily lautner Says:

    zac effron looks hot!

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