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Zac Efron is on Cruise Control

Zac Efron is on Cruise Control

Zac Efron covers up in a beanie and hoodie as he and his entourage hop onto a ferry back to their hotel in Sydney, Australia on Wednesday afternoon (March 11).

The 21-year-old actor had high-tailed it from LAX airport in Los Angeles on Monday night (green hoodie).

Zac is in town to premiere his new flick, 17 Again. Check back later today for pics! For more info on the comedy, visit

30+ pictures inside of Zac Efron in cruise control…

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zac efron cruise control 01
zac efron cruise control 02
zac efron cruise control 03
zac efron cruise control 04
zac efron cruise control 05
zac efron cruise control 06
zac efron cruise control 07
zac efron cruise control 08
zac efron cruise control 09
zac efron cruise control 10
zac efron cruise control 11
zac efron cruise control 12
zac efron cruise control 13
zac efron cruise control 14
zac efron cruise control 15
zac efron cruise control 16
zac efron cruise control 17
zac efron cruise control 18
zac efron cruise control 19
zac efron cruise control 20
zac efron cruise control 21
zac efron cruise control 22
zac efron cruise control 23
zac efron cruise control 24
zac efron cruise control 25
zac efron cruise control 26
zac efron cruise control 27
zac efron cruise control 28
zac efron cruise control 29
zac efron cruise control 30

Credit: RAZM; Photos: Flynetonline, GSI Media
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  • zac_fag

    FAG!!! looks like my little sista!!!and first by the way!!

  • char

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Zac is hot!!!!!!! i love him!

  • alice

    I love Zac Efron! You #1… you’re stupid! get a life!

  • mika


  • mika

    omg thats really close to my house (i live in syd)

  • Just Jared

    Take some pics and send them to me, guys!!!

  • SnOopy

    #1 get a life omg…and those ‘girly’ features of his sweet face make him one fo the hottest guys alive!=) luv ya zaccy!^^

  • Karen

    Hope the premiere is going well and I can’t wait to see the pictures.

  • Erin

    How very Rob Pattinson of you Zac. lmao!

  • desiree

    His new houchie isn’t as pretty as Vanessa. so you can all stop guessing why he left her home. It’s called blonde in sydney, he’s a ****!

  • soso


  • poppy

    Deiree again, that is a PR assistant. Someone who works for him, or the company. As do the other people with him. The tall guy was at the airport as was the other woman. You need to get a life. V does not care for your vile comments agaisnt her bf. Not only that, but you are insulting someone who is only trying to do her job.

    ….he looks good here, without even trying and after a flight. Hope the premiere goes well for him. Should have started by now.

  • ashlee

    god there are a lot of idiot ten yr olds on this site. all those people with zac work with him. some of you people really do need brain implants. do you allow your significant other to go to work? god forbid if your bf has a female boss. would you make him quit his job?

  • ‘Mandise

    This little boy is just a little cute but is sooooooooooo damn overrated. I guess only little girls can love and worship him. You know it’s like Angie and her bunch of fanatics

  • Trina

    The young woman in the picture is Gina Hoffman’s assistant. And since Gina Hoffman works for Zac, this woman also works for Zac.

  • Malia

    The “17 Again” red carpet will be at the Entertainment Exchange, which is a two-day forum for film studios and record companies to showcase their hottest entertainment properties to an audience of brand managers, marketers and advertising agencies. Delegates will see and hear presentations from senior entertainment industry executives and enjoy an exclusive music showcase and a red carpet premiere.

    The Entertainment Exchange takes place at the Ivy Room on 11-12 March 2009.

  • nikki

    #9 ur stupid!!
    rob is ugly and zac efron has been aorund longer, so if rob does somthing, im gonna say how he is acting like zac efron!!


  • Flick it

    omg! wow zac is like hot now! i thought of him not really hot, but wow now a days he is super hot now!<3 wow


  • Totally

    wtf!?!?!!!!!!???!?!?! #19 YOU ARE SSOOOO RIGHT!! he is like hot now, what the heck!:O!!
    he is super hot

  • bass hunter! ::

    The girl with him is his assistant! he has one where he goes like to premieres! so calm down!
    he is gorgeous by the way

  • :D

    I LLOOOVVEE ZAC EFRONNNNN!!! OOMMGGG<33!! and for those who say oohh ur like a little 11 year old… NO IM 17 YEARS OLD!!


    i am ssooo freaking glad he became famous, i never felt this love before, only a little bit towards bam margera like 4 years ago! NOW ZAC EFRON IS LIKE HOT<3

    i totally lloovvee zac efron and ZANESSA!! i think and really truly bealive they will end up getting married soon!!!<33<3<3<3 their perfect together and seem ssooo happy!, the funny thing is i live in hollywood by where he lives!! NO JJOKE!! I LLLOOOVVEEEE ZAC EFRON!!!<3<3<3 :D

  • Mrs.Efron77

    He looks stunninghere! can not wait for the premiere pictures! i hope he looks really hot, as USUAL!

  • Kathleen

    BTW, Zac in NOT winking, he’s squinting because of the sun. Wow, some really insecure girls keeping track of Zac on here. Scary. Pretty obvious you will never have a boyfriend for long if you analyze a person you don’t even know, tracking his every move and thinking he’s flirting with some non existing person off camera.

  • Karen

    It really shows people’s desperation to be hateful and insulting when they can’t look at these pictures and tell there is a glare and it is making the senstive blue-eyed Zac squint. Believe me, that is what us blue-eyed people do when there is the least bit of glare or sun. Plus, it is my guess the poor boy after having around a 14 hour fligh which left LA late at nigt has just woke up and is still trying to get going.

    I also find it funny how I mentioned in my post on JJJ—withint the first half dozen posts as came on there there first as it usually does—that the blond with him is his publicist. (She works for Gina Hoffman who is Zac’s publicist and apparently she couldn’t come) and then certain cretins on this board had to jump right in there to accuse Zac of some wrong doing using the lie that he is seen with some other woman. Look you knuckleheads people are going to respond to a Zac post whether you make outrageoous comments or not. We’ve been doing it now for a couple years. We don’t need prodding from you.

  • Madonna

    He looks cute in the plaid.

  • Karen

    There are some pics on this site of Zac on the red carpet and they can be enlarged.

    Also, has pics.

  • cubur

    ZAC you are amazing

  • smdwh

    love him

  • dalia

    That looks like Gina on his right i the one pic. it looks like her face but her hair just looks bit darker… I’ not sure if that younger girl is the same one but it is obvious she is there for his promotional duties..She has notebook under her arm.

  • Stacy

    omg im gna faint from his hotness
    too hottt

  • bintk
  • leah

    OMG!!!! He is SO HOT!!

    All of you idiots who are putting him down for smiling and being friendly – what is he supposed to do? Do you want him looking all depressed and unhappy? Just because he smiles at people, talks to people, laughs with people, doesn’t mean that anything inappropriate is going on. (Of course, if it was ME there, then you can be sure that something would be going on, cos I’d be jumping his bones. LOL)

    Love those jeans. They are tight in just the right places.


    I think a lot of insecure people are really angry because they don’t have a secure, trusting relationship like Zac and Vanessa do. If either Zac or Vanessa were as insecure as some of you nut cases are, their relationship would NEVER have lasted the almost-four years it has. Some of you could take lessons from these two instead of trying to give them.

  • Lissy

    He is so hottttttttttttt, and nobody can denied that. So we have to learn to deal with that. Hotttttt, efron, hot, and hot.

  • Simona

    What it too walking stick by it? Whether he is betraying Vanessa?!

  • angie

    If Vanessa was there he would not be smiling or look happy.Espacially at the airport he would’ve looked like someone died.He has some serious’s like he goes out with her to hurt her.But I’m not anyone to judge.


    #37 you are just one more insecure persons. You should not be dispensing relationship advise. Vanessa is secure. Zac is secure. Get counseling for your own insecurities instead of trying to degrade their relationship.

  • V-fan-forever

    I love this outfit!
    And he looks hot as usual!

  • angie

    How am I insecure? He’s the one that has to flirt with other girls to keep his ego up.

  • Kelly

    zac is a rat You keep saying the samething over and over again you
    are making yourself look dumb.

    Zac is a rat is not know if your life is sad or bad but to hate on people. Vanessa loves Zac and vanessa does not mind Zac talking to other woman.

    Same Fans needs to stop being obessed with Zac and Vanessa love life and worry about their lifes.


    #40, Zac’s TALKING to other people–girls, women, children, men–does not mean he is flirting. YOUR THINKING that such common behavior is flirting screams loud and clear that you are a VERY insecure person.

  • happy dude

    That is Gina Hoffman to Zac’s left and Gina’s assistant to Zac’s right.

  • jamin

    dude, does anyone even read that zac is a rat’s comments anymore? i just skip right past them. hasn’t she posted the same comment over and over for the past year? i’m surprised she hasn’t been committed to a mental institution by now with a nervous breakdown, considering all her time agonizing over zac and vanessa’s relationship. oh, maybe that’s already happened. they do have computers in mental wards, don’t they?

  • Naomi

    #44 Jamin,
    They actually do. They apparently have computer days when it appears someone directs them to a Z or V thread to practice how to role play and channel their issues via the internet rather than take them out on each other physically.

    Now and then you encounter them during one of those computer sessions. Not a pretty sight. Apparently some have more computer access than others depending on the severity of their case.

  • Karen

    Yes, it would be abundantly better for everyone to skip over the “snake in the grass” comments as it is very clear by now what is going to be said and it only feeds the problem.

  • Karen

    I wonder why we haven’t gotten any pics from the premiere yet? They are showing up on other sites.

  • Therapist

    I do see a lot of people on this site who are insecure, obviously about themselves, but transferring that insecurity to Zac and Vanessa’s relationship. Here is a good book that can help. Especially with improving your own self-image and self-esteem–something that is vital to having a healthy, trusting relationship:

    The Love Book for Couples: Building a Healthy Relationship, by E. Michael Lillibridge.

  • ashlee

    i think because vanessa wasn’t at the premiere there aren’t many pics. even getty didn’t have that many. the photogs all love her.

  • Karen

    Well, once again I see that Zac doesn’t seem to rate a mention on the main board even though he just premiered his new movie which ISN”T just a kid friendly movie. It is a comedy meant for the whole family—ADULTS as well as kids.

  • pita

    yep.always skip rat comment perhaps i’m not interested reading his or her comment anymore totally insecure person.
    I hope vanessa is with zac at the premiere here in london.