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Zac Efron & Taylor Swift are 17 Again

Zac Efron & Taylor Swift are 17 Again

Taylor Swift comes out to support leading man Zac Efron at the premiere of his new comedy, 17 Again, at Hoyts Cinema at the Entertainment Quarter on Wednesday (March 11) in Sydney, Australia.

Taylor, 19, paired her Fendi sandals with a white halter dress by Australian designer Rachel Gilbert. Zac, 21, looked dapper in his suit but signed so many autographs, he had permanent marker ink all over his fingers! The things celebrities have to do for fans…

30+ pictures inside of Zac Efron & Taylor Swift being 17 Again

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zac efron taylor swift 17 again 01
zac efron taylor swift 17 again 02
zac efron taylor swift 17 again 03
zac efron taylor swift 17 again 04
zac efron taylor swift 17 again 05
zac efron taylor swift 17 again 06
zac efron taylor swift 17 again 07
zac efron taylor swift 17 again 08
zac efron taylor swift 17 again 09
zac efron taylor swift 17 again 10
zac efron taylor swift 17 again 11
zac efron taylor swift 17 again 12
zac efron taylor swift 17 again 13
zac efron taylor swift 17 again 14
zac efron taylor swift 17 again 15
zac efron taylor swift 17 again 16
zac efron taylor swift 17 again 17
zac efron taylor swift 17 again 18
zac efron taylor swift 17 again 19
zac efron taylor swift 17 again 20
zac efron taylor swift 17 again 21
zac efron taylor swift 17 again 22
zac efron taylor swift 17 again 23
zac efron taylor swift 17 again 24
zac efron taylor swift 17 again 25
zac efron taylor swift 17 again 26
zac efron taylor swift 17 again 27
zac efron taylor swift 17 again 28
zac efron taylor swift 17 again 29
zac efron taylor swift 17 again 30

Credit: Snapper Media; Photos: Gaye Gerard/Getty, Bauergriffinonline
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    You they kinda of make a cute couple im kinda sick of vanessa whats her mane.

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    now that’s a cute couple. taylor’s a real recording artist, who can get a job by herself. LOL
    c’mon swiffron. or maybe zaclor. hahahahaha

  • claire2

    zac … guapo

  • lily

    They Kinda Look Like Bro + Sis in Some Pics

    And Its Gotta be Zanessa All The Way

  • jojo

    taylor is taller than zac! zac is so hot:))))))<3 love him!
    he looks so nice to people

  • gracemarie


    Here we go!

    I wish Vanessa had gone to shut up the nonsense. Between the Taylor garbage that’s begun and and the blond girl stuff of yesterday and it’s only the first day of the promotion/premiere tour this is going to be a pain on the boards for the next couple of weeks.

    I hope he goes home for a few days or V goes to Paris so we supporters can get a break.

    The remark about missing V is not a quote so there is no way to know if he actually said that or not. But I’m sure he misses her.

    So all supporters including Go Sox, Poppy, Malia, Boji, Naomi ,
    and For Real – please stay close we are going to need you I think.

  • Ashley

    They aren’t a couple guys, she was just there for the movie. (And the red carpet)

  • marissa
  • just askin

    I don’t find her very attractive…well she’s attractive but I don’t find her beautiful. She gave off a weird stalker vibe when all that Joe Jonas stuff came out. She is talented though. He looks uncomfortable like he’d rather be anywhere but there.

  • http://zacefronamazingpics nicolle

    they loook sooooo cute together vannessa aint gunna be happy but they soooo suite xxx

  • Mary

    joke other blond BAH

    Vanessa is for him ,yes

  • Lemongirl02

    will it’s stard to be boren

    vanessa is for zac and zac for vanessa

    new if vanessa goes out with a boy that mean she did’t want zac any more

    whatever she is bussnnes women new she did’t want to go with him becus she is have that new movie work

  • nikomilinko
  • ashlee

    i think that was very nice of taylor swift to attend the premiere. she has been touring in australia for the past week or two.

  • Wonder Woman

    I realize that JJ makes it sound as if Taylor Swift ATTENDED the premiere WITH Zac, but that’s not the case. She simply posed with him for a few pics on the red carpet. But, Zac’s fans already know that.

    If JJ didn’t, he should have given Taylor her own thread for attending the premiere. But the good thing, now all Taylor’s country music fans will know who Zac Efron is and maybe go see “17 Again.”

  • zanessa4everrr!

    he’s so hot!!

  • zanessa4everrr!

    he’s so hot!!

  • Tippi-Toes

    Zac did say in one interview that he wished Vanessa could be there with him. I hope when he’s on the Rove show he will divulge the information as to when her new movie starts shooting. Maybe besides those Pilate classes, she is also be taking some karate.

  • Malia

    I also think that was very nice of Taylor Swift to attend the premiere. I’m sure Zac was happy to have a fellow American there to support the movie. I never realize the girl was so tall. And with those heels on, she’s slumping next to Zac, trying to not be tall. :)

  • sharon b

    i was there last night and dont panic i think they were together for about two minutes if that Zac spent twenty minutes or more on the red carpet and she spent about five….he then stayed for the movie for about fifteen minutes and we managed to catch him at the back enterance and he even took time to slow down in his car and wave hello to a small group of us…….WOW what a great guy.

  • bluehaus

    the expressions on some of those fan girls’ faces are funny!!! i do wish vanessa was there too but didn’t really expect her to go along.

  • Not Brain Dead

    I see Taylor Swift DID get her own post on JJ Jr. for attending the premiere. But Zac, who is the star of the movie didn’t get his own post. I find that kind of strange. Well, no I don’t. That is SO JJ, hoping to stir up trouble among the young and insecure by making them think these two went as a couple. Me thinks JJ enjoys feeding the tweenie frenzy way too much.

  • hihi

    #1 and 2- You guys are complete asses…you sound so pathetic that you don’t even realize it.. . .so sad.

  • twinkle

    i hate taylor swift..she is got no talentt….zac rule

  • Amy

    love zac, he always cleans up well :)
    taylor looks lovely too

  • Malia

    This picture is so cute. All these girls are holding on to Zac’s right hand and the security person is trying to get them to let go by placing his hand out. :)

  • Therapist

    Let’s act like mature fans here and not start degrading Taylor Swift. She is a nice girl. And there is nothing wrong with her posing with Zac on the red carpet.

  • friend

    Taylor is so boy crazy. She chases them everywhere. I think guys don’t like being chased. She seems desperate. She is not very pretty. Poor no talent Taylor.

  • troy

    I was afraid we would somehow get pictures of Zac and Taylor together when I heard she was in Sidney as well. Not because I have anything against Taylor I don’t-I think she’s very attractive and talented-but because I knew we would get the kind of nonsense that posts #1 and #2 are spewing.

    For all we know Zac and Taylor may be nothing more then casual acquaintences. It’s even possible that this is the first time they met. So all of you toddlers who want to stir up trouble CUT IT OUT!!

  • Ann

    My, My My would you look at that. So nice to see him with a grown up insted of a baby.

  • mememe


  • me

    they look cute together

  • dianel

    Zac and Vanessa all the way Taylor is so giddy

  • Zacfan

    he has taylor’s makeup on his cheek lol aw

  • shaft

    Wow some of you zanessa fans are so insecure and jealous that it’s really ridiculous. You act like he’s a God sent who can land any gal he choses.
    Anyways, he looks like crap, acts like a fag, and has too many man crushes that are plain creepy.
    It’s going to take one manly and hot looking co-star for Vanessa to get over this chick.

  • Malia

    In one of the red carpet pictures with fans, a girl has I LOVE ZAC written on her forehead with a black marker. :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Troy, Zac and Vanessa are NOT supposed to pose with anyone else on the red carpet. It’s against the law. Only adults like Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman, Scareltt Johansson and Julia Roberts, etc. can do that because they have adult fans.

    Zac and Vanessa still have a lot of fans who range in age from 6 yrs to 13. And they are terrified that if Zac poses with another female, he will ride off into the sunset with her. The fans don’t trust him and his commitment to Vanessa.

  • lizzie

    Stop with this guy, he has NOTHING

  • shaft

    Wow some of you zanessa fans are so insecure and jealous that it’s really pathetic and ridiculous. You act like he’s some God sent gift that can land any gal he choses.
    Anyways, he looks like crap, acts like a fag, and has too many many crushes that are abnormal and plain creepy.
    It’s going take Vanessa Hudgens one manly, hot looking co-star to get over this chick

  • ashlee

    i can’t believe there are so few pictures of the red carpet. usually they are in the hundreds. hope the movie does really well. i can’t wait to see it. only 36 mores days here in the us. yeah!!!!!

  • christine x3



    she looks really pretty!

    zac needs a haircut..

  • oh please

    You guys have GOT to be shitting me right? I personally don’t like Zac but just because you saw Zac take ONE picture with Taylor you think they’re a couple? You guys are sick freaks.

  • athena

    Looks like it was a great premiere. Good of Taylor Swift to be there for support. Her heels are like 4 inches high…even though she is still a tall young lady.
    This is a great beginning for Zac’s transition to be separate of HSM…I think if Vanessa had gone, it would have been a distraction for the premiere.
    He would look hot with a buzz cut and a mustache and beard…just thinking out loud…and I have a prediction that in the year 2013, Zac will be an Oscar nominee for a major movie he will be the star of. ; j take it or leave it…it’s pure entertainment.


    i love him

  • http://justjared shamilah

    Don’t they make a nice couple.

  • vwillalwaysbe

    You know what, to all of you that are saying that they make a cute couple-you’re right because he does’nt deserve someone as beautiful,exotic,cute and funny as Vanessa. So yeah think that Zac and Taylor are better then Vanessa because they never will be.

  • jonhar

    Two of my most loved celebs! They sure do look great together but I still love Zanessa more than any other couples. But it seems to me that Zac is already sick of Baby V..huhuh…

  • lakers fan in boston

    damn she looks hot =]
    loving the dress, shows off her nice legs
    i love how she always dresses properly unlike slutty cyrus =p

  • Therapist

    School must be out for the day. Here comes all the insecure teens with an insurmountable volume of expert comments on Zac and Vanessa’s relationship. Do you all know how insecure and desperate you really sound? Go back and read the comments you post.

  • http://aol Patti

    Wow, it sure looks like she is trying to steal him away from Vanessa.
    You can tell by her body language and the way she looks at him. He is young and should date others.