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Zac Efron & Taylor Swift are 17 Again

Zac Efron & Taylor Swift are 17 Again

Taylor Swift comes out to support leading man Zac Efron at the premiere of his new comedy, 17 Again, at Hoyts Cinema at the Entertainment Quarter on Wednesday (March 11) in Sydney, Australia.

Taylor, 19, paired her Fendi sandals with a white halter dress by Australian designer Rachel Gilbert. Zac, 21, looked dapper in his suit but signed so many autographs, he had permanent marker ink all over his fingers! The things celebrities have to do for fans…

30+ pictures inside of Zac Efron & Taylor Swift being 17 Again

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zac efron taylor swift 17 again 01
zac efron taylor swift 17 again 02
zac efron taylor swift 17 again 03
zac efron taylor swift 17 again 04
zac efron taylor swift 17 again 05
zac efron taylor swift 17 again 06
zac efron taylor swift 17 again 07
zac efron taylor swift 17 again 08
zac efron taylor swift 17 again 09
zac efron taylor swift 17 again 10
zac efron taylor swift 17 again 11
zac efron taylor swift 17 again 12
zac efron taylor swift 17 again 13
zac efron taylor swift 17 again 14
zac efron taylor swift 17 again 15
zac efron taylor swift 17 again 16
zac efron taylor swift 17 again 17
zac efron taylor swift 17 again 18
zac efron taylor swift 17 again 19
zac efron taylor swift 17 again 20
zac efron taylor swift 17 again 21
zac efron taylor swift 17 again 22
zac efron taylor swift 17 again 23
zac efron taylor swift 17 again 24
zac efron taylor swift 17 again 25
zac efron taylor swift 17 again 26
zac efron taylor swift 17 again 27
zac efron taylor swift 17 again 28
zac efron taylor swift 17 again 29
zac efron taylor swift 17 again 30

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106 Responses to “Zac Efron & Taylor Swift are 17 Again”

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  1. 51
    gracemarie Says:


    You really need therapy you are seeing things that aren’t there and even worsr the couple of pixs where she is looking at him you can barely see her face.

    There is pretty much no chance he’d leave V after almost 4 years for her. And he’s a grown man and can decide who he wants to date for himself

  2. 52
    Vfan Says:

    #48 He is tired of Vanessa ? Ok so if I see Zac hold her or her hand again,talk to her,or even go near her I’ll remember he is TIRED of her. Oh and can you remind Zac that he is tired of her. Like when he was at the Wacthmen premiere and Vanessa was’nt paying him any mind untill he gestured for her to pose with him .Oh and how about the Gloden Globes and the Oscars? Remind him that he is tired of her so he he won’t hold her during their interviews.. ok?

  3. 53
    zanfan2 Says:

    Taylor Swift and Zac Efron are celebrities who are working the PR machine. It is good publicity for both of them to be scene at the premiere. It is business. Get a grip people…

  4. 54
    pop86 Says:

    I knew some people would go crazy when they saw the picture of Zac and Taylor Swift. They need to grow up.

    I glad Zac didn’t cut his hair. I like it long and slick back.

  5. 55
    Angela Says:

    Taylor looks pretty, and I lovvve her dress! so cute!

  6. 56
    Trina Says:

    Of course it was a PR move by Taylor’s people to have her seen on the red carpet. They have her everywhere–so many different places, I can’t believe her head isn’t spinning. And for her to be seen with Zac Efron is another big plus. That will expose her to an audience that is not into country music. Zac will also benefit from the photo ops. It will expose him to country music fans who are not fans of Zac.

  7. 57
    Mel Says:

    i wanna go to the melbourne premiere! i hope taylor will attend that tooooooo. i want to meet her

  8. 58
    frejamacarons Says:

    zac is such a freak, its time to stop your little demeanour of ‘im trying to be a REAL actor”, plus you are a short midget.

  9. 59
    Trina Says:

    This is sweet:

  10. 60
    mhay Says:

    Zac is so Hot!!!!

  11. 61
    ashlee Says:

    taylor is 5 ft 11 and she is wearing 3-inch heels so that makes her 6 ft 2 in these pics. :)

    zac is 5 ft 9, the same height as richard linklater.

  12. 62
    lilly Says:

    taylor seems SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much more genuine and appreciative of her success then vanessa. shes actually likeable.

  13. 63
    ashlee Says:

    oh, we have mind readers on here now. bad enough we have the so called body language experts. now we have people who knows who is and who is not appreciative of their success. amazing!!!!

  14. 64
    Roxana Says:

    he looks cute. i agree with some people about his hair, he does need a haircut, but he still looks hot like that. it is very nice of Taylor to be there as a support, somthing that no one was probably expecting, but why not….she is there to perform and one of her fellow friends is premiering a movie, good reason to go and support.they do look cute together, but i have to admit that every time he is on the red carpet without Vanessa,he looks so lost, but still sooo cute. and what’s up with her hand on the 4th pic, it looks like a dog bite or something like that. anyway hopefully he’ll enjoy his stay there and hopefully he’ll be back soon so we can have more zanessa cute sightings.

  15. 65
    bish Says:

    taylor is so da*mn childish and immature. pathetic.

  16. 66
    Malia Says:

    From Country Music Television (CMT)

    This is getting “17 Again” lots of good publicity by having Taylor there.

    Taylor Swift Attends Zac Efron’s Movie Premiere in Australia
    March 11, 2009

    Taylor Swift was a surprise guest at the red carpet premiere for the Zac Efron film, “17 Again”, at the Entertainment Quarter in Sydney, Australia, on Wednesday (March 11).

    Both performers posed for photos and signed autographs for fans. Swift concluded her Australian tour with a concert at the Factory Theater in Sydney on Thursday (March 12). Her next U.S. date will be March 20 at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.

    Otherwise, Zac Efron nor “17 Again” would have been mentioned on CMT.

  17. 67
    Nel Says:

    #65 ~ Roxanna
    That’s Zac’s hand not Taylor’s in the fourth pic.

  18. 68
    Kelly Says:

    Omg some of you fans are way to obsessed.

  19. 69
    Kelly Says:

    Omg some of you fans are way to obsessed.

  20. 70
    mary Says:

    take a shower.

  21. 71
    go sox Says:

    I think it was definitely a publicity move for Taylor to attend this premiere, but I do think it was nice that she did. She has been touring there, was in Sydney that night, so why not? I don’t know if they’re friendly, but we do know Taylor has many Disney friends.

    Anywho, I do think Zac looks great….I know some don’t like his hair here, but I like it. It’s not SO slicked back, and formal, like at the Oscars, but a little more casual and cool.

  22. 72
    Karen Says:

    This is NOT rocket science, folks! Both Zac and Taylor are celebrities and they were both in Sydney promoting their “wares”—Zac his new movie and Taylor her music. It would stand to reason they would bring both these young people together for a picture. It gives BOTH of them some free publicity. Anyone above 12 should be able to get that concept after it is explained to them.

    These two did not come together to his event and according to eye witnesses they did not leave together either. Apparently Zac did not even stay to watch the whole movie. Also, anyone that can look at these pictures where Zac and Taylor are together and not be able to see the striking difference between how he looks with her compared to how he looks with Vanessa is brain dead. Zac looks like he is totally stiff wit her, not because he doesn’t think she is a nice person but he is one who does not feel comfortable with this sort of “PR”. There’s not light in his eyes and he is not holding on to her in any way like he does with VAnessa. As I have said on JJJ, Zac looks more excited when he is in a pic with Ashley, Monique, or even CORBIN!

    Lastly, it is really sad that the people who post such ridiculous comments that start rumors by insinuating things that could not be further from the truth are the one who DON”T believe anything they write to begin with. They just do it to get the weak minded and insecure people all worried and upset. And it is sad that it is the fans who BELIEVE what the lowlifes say! At least they get worried and come on and show their worry which only causes the lowlifes to use more innuendos, etc. But mostly it is sad that JJ would use this tactic to get hits. He posts this on the JR site way before he posts here and explains things far more calmly so the young don’t get all worried and believe what is not so—just leaving enough to get people to comment on that board. Then when he thinks all the kids have gotten their fill he throws Zac to the wolves on the main board and leaves it open like he is at the premiere with Taylor so as to stir things up. It may be good business for him so he can get more hits but it still is like a lie to lead people to believe what isn’t so.

  23. 73
    roni Says:

    OMG! they look incredible together. And guess what…….she has real talent not like that other girl he hangs around with.

    How sweet would it be if he dumped Vanessa Slutgens and hooked up with Taylor! Now that would be a dream come true for his fans that absolutely can’t stand Vanessa.

  24. 74
    bob Says:

    karen, shut up your boring the rest of us with your cheerleading…..AGAIN!!

  25. 75
    Karen Says:

    bob, and you are just as boring as you usually are…AGAIN. And you do know if you don’t like cheerleading then nobody is holding a gun to your head making you read the comments that have the username as “Karen”.

    But tell the truth, aren’t you happy that you got that response that you were aiming at?

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