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Hayden Panettiere Defends Herself

Hayden Panettiere Defends Herself

Hayden Panettiere has taken to OK! to clear up some nasty rumors that have been swirling around the blogosphere. Here’s what the 19-year-old Heroes actress had to say:

On former boyfriend and costar Milo Ventimiglia: “Milo and I are very close. We have enjoyed and continue to enjoy working together.”

On the alleged outburst against a tabloid reporter in Hawaii: “I have tremendous respect for the media and reporters particularly the press who treat the people they are interviewing with dignity. I am appreciative that the press has supported me, my career, and especially the causes I feel passionately about. While in Hawaii, one reporter grabbed me suddenly from behind and frightened me. It happens. Typically, the press has treated me with great respect.”

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  • k

    hate her

  • robin

    i knew those stupid rumors weren’t true. the girl is obviously really mature for her age, she doesn’t act like the other brats her age.

  • saudia

    it doesn’t sound like her for some reason ..

  • Samantha

    So… all that but nothing about that imfamous lap dance with ol’ Jesse Mccartney..? interesting, thought she was clearing up rumors, sounds like nonsense to me. Huh.. Children!

  • joss

    it’s probably her manager or some sort of rep that’s talking for her…she acts like she amazing at what she does…in terms of her acting career

  • Samantha

    yeah, she sucks….

  • katie

    umm, robin didn’t you hear about how she tried to order a drink in NY and when she got carded she called 911? i’m sorry, but she sounds like quite a brat to me…

  • mare

    can’t stand her. Noone cares….

  • Kelly

    It’s easy to sound mature when a publicist tells you what to say…

  • Sean

    god damn she is hot.

  • Andy

    She’s used to getting grabbed from she shouldn’t have gotten frightened.

  • Chrissy

    Haters !!! Hayden is a nice girl I’ve had the pleasure to meet her and she has been super nice , and very down to earth , love ya girl

    and get back with Milo , you make a really nice couple.

  • Davey

    Anyone who reads the twitters of the cast and crew of Heroes would know it was all false.

  • annoyedfan

    you people seriously are getting at my nervs… Hayden is awesome and she deserves more respect than you talking about her that way! Back off of her, she is 19 for gods sake, if you were 19 and someone crapped you from behind you would have “freaked” too!

  • Rita

    I used to like her, but now I’m so over her..

  • jennifer

    what an original attempt at damage control hayden.

    you pathetic, talentless hag.

  • Davey

    She shouldn’t need damage control. Pictures show her on set with Milo. Wendi (who does make up for Heroes) every day updates who is on set. For the past week Milo and Hayden have been on set together. OK! was the magazine that first reported it and our now backing Hayden. That should say something.

    Some of you need to get over yourselves. Just because she dated a guy that none of you have any chance with and she’s no longer with him doesn’t automatically make her a b***. Regardless, he still will never look at you that way.

  • Jessica


    I don’t believe the rumors about her trying to get Milo fired, but the way she acted with press was just not cool. DON’T WALK THE RED CARPET IF YOU DON’T WANT TO GET INTERVIEWED, OR AT THE VERY LEAST, DON’T THROW A HISSY FIT WHEN A REPORTER ASKS YOU A QUESTION!!

    She used to be cool, now she’s turning into just another spoiled Hollywood party brat.

  • january5

    obviously some one was putting words in her mouth, shes never denied rumors before, why just these two?

  • Erin

    As Jessica said above, this is obviously Damage Control. She’s parotting a speech written by her PR people word for word.

    As for those calling it a rumour? How can it merely be a rumour when there were multiple witnesses. Not to mention it’s happened before. Remember that Awards Show where she threatened to kill the journalist (because they had written something about her and her recent ex).

    She’s an A class brat and a famewhore. Very hypocritical considering she wouldn’t get to be going to all those mindless red carpet events she loved if she wasn’t photographed in the first place.

  • love_is_dead

    Just another stupid attempt to make her sound like the sweet good girl who’s a victim! Im Sorry, Onlookers said that it was A TAP TO THE SHOULDER AND SHE WENT CRAZY!! Definitely damage control! I personally think she’s full of herself and needs to get off that little pedestal she’s on!

    Oh, and another thing, I’ve noticed that it was a charity event she attended. If Hayden is such a giver and loves to do charities, she could have donated anonymously and skipped the red carpet! Like alot of people do! I bet she does it so her name will stay in the media and get recognized more for ‘doing good deeds’!

  • Custom T

    Well her publicist couldn’t have drilled those lines into her head any better..maybe she is a good actress after all?

  • kk

    love milo!!!

  • kim4312

    She Is Just Freaking Out Maybe She Needs Some Time To Stay Away From Town For a While

  • kim4312

    She Is Just Freaking Out Maybe She Needs Some Time To Stay Away From Town For a While