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Hilary Duff & Carrie Underwood: Hockey Hotties

Hilary Duff & Carrie Underwood: Hockey Hotties

Hilary Duff and Carrie Underwood cheer on their favorite Mikes at the game between the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Ottawa Senators on Wednesday (March 11) at the Scotiabank Place in Ottawa, Canada.

Duff supported her Senators boyfriend, Mike Comrie. Carrie cheers on her own Senators boyfriend, Mike Fisher. The girls must have been good luck charms as the Senators defeated the Tampa Bay Lightning 3-2 in overtime.

It’s rumored that Carrie‘s necklace was birthday present from Fisher from Tiffany’s in Canada. Fisher didn’t deny it after the same, saying, “Yeah, maybe it was a birthday gift for her, I guess. But it’s good to get a win like that, keep things rolling. It was fun. It wasn’t our best effort, but we’ll take the win.”

Pictured below: Carrie jumping high in celebration after Fisher‘s goal halfway through overtime.

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Photos: Wayne Cuddington/The Ottawa Citizen, Phillip MacCallum/Getty
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  • Billie

    Carrie Underwood ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ferr

    They both look beautiful!:D
    but i love Hilary!

  • flutters

    Thank Jared! Cute pics. Carrie was really cute celebrating Mike’s goal!

    By the way Mike was responding to whether the goal was for Carrie, not the necklace ;) Here’s him talking about that.

  • Savannah

    Hilarryy looks reallly good, I’m glad her face is more fulll now.

  • STEF

    they both look GREAT!!!!

  • BB

    carrie – nice fake teeth :-/

  • lauren

    Carrie looks gorgeous and happy!


    those are carrie’s real teeth. for sure.

  • di

    Love them! It was a great game and glad they both could come out to show support for their men! Great pics and great smiles. :)

  • Rorschach

    #6 – btw they BOTH have fake teeth

  • gaby

    yeah i think he said the goal was for her, the necklace wasn’t mentioned

    but gorgeous just the same!

  • Rorschach

    in fact their boyfriend probably have fake teeth too, haha

  • dl

    Gorgeous girls!!

    Carrie just looks all kinds of happy.

  • brooklyn

    Yes, by the way he was responding to the goal that he scored to win as her birthday present!

  • Nikki

    Carrie looks absolutely incredible <3 And her teeth ARE real lmao they’re not veneers or anything, they’re just whitened. Hilary’s idk if they’re real but I’m sure Carrie’s are.

  • malia

    glad for carrie. the thing is if she got married to mike, just b prepared to move on a moment’s notice in case he gets transferred. there was one hockey guy w/his wife n family that moved 14 times. hope mike doesn’t.

  • saudia

    I love it .. lol she’s not hiding at games anymore

  • Billie

    Hey Rorschach & BB: you both are ignorant idiots! Carrie doesn’t have one thing that is fake. You must really be miserable human beings to diss on Carrie! GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!

  • Tom

    Two good looking girls. I wish my name was mike.

  • marissa

    hilary looks healthy… carrie still looks anorexic.

  • Tina

    can’t we all agree and say both look gorgeous and happy because they really do look great!

  • linda

    carrie had braces when she was young, way before idol thats why she has a nice smile and hilary i heard did get veneers, carrie doesnt look anorexic she looks good i think shes at a heathy weight for how tall she is…hilary looks good too there both beautiful and does it really matter anyway about their teeth…who cares theres alwasy people with insecurities nitpicking others..thats pretty silly.

    carrie looks reeeeeeeeeeealy happy shes never jumped and smiled like this for tony romo at his games…

  • jen


  • Jasmine

    I never got the big deal with veneers braces, etc that’s nothing major when your in Hollywood your expected to have beautiful teeth they both look amazing!

  • anonymous


    Why is it Tony has to be brought into comments for Carrie. Its over & its done. Lets let them just move on as a certain few should too. If you care so much about Carrie quit bring up the past relationships. It is a disservice to Carrie & you should know & understand that. It really is very old. I think maybe it is you that still has this Tony & Carrie infatuation for you not to let it go.
    It’s wonderful Carrie seems to have found someone to setlle out with. Isn’t that good for everyone? Really get over it. Neither Tony nor Carrie are losing sleep over something that didn’t work.

  • Leslie

    man Hilary looks amazing and Carrie as well looks gorgeous!

  • ME2


  • cory

    Love, love, love both of those gorgeous girls! Very smart and beautiful with great careers and family values. Hollywood needs more women like those two. They looked like they were having a blast. Carrie was quoted as saying as she jumped up “thats my boy!” That is so cute.

  • Jessica

    Carrie looks beautiful!! I’m glad she found a good guy, she seems very happy!


    Love them Both! They are so cute and both seem very nice, genuine girls. It is refreshing to see respectable girls for once instead of the usual skanks like Britney or lindsey lohan.

    You go girl!

  • me

    Love both Hilary and Carrie. Two of the nicest girls in Hollywood for sure.

  • bill

    HILARY looks gorgeous

  • Janie

    Carrie has already stated her teeth are all her and she wore braces when she was young. She is a perfect weight if you see her full length. Hillary is beautiful but Carrie certainly outshines her and that is what most sites have said. Not sure why we are even comparing them anyway.

  • Amanda

    Apparently no one here knows how to tell an anorexic person from a small framed person. People can just be thin and healthy you know.

  • Gretchen

    Carrie is definitely a healthy weight, don’t know where the anorexia comment came from?! She says she’s a size 3.

    Loveeee her. Her & Mike are sooo adorable. Hilary is cool too, that would be nice for them to be friends! Nice support system on the sidelines :)

  • Susantrells

    Geez, the Sens are one Phaneuf away from the ultimate blonde trifecta.

  • Caroline

    I love Hilary!

  • anonymous

    Too bad a puck didn’t fly off the rink, hit Underwood in the mouth and knock a few of those horse teeth out of her.

  • cory

    anonymous you are an idiot and the only one with horse teeth is your mama. Take your hate back to the barn where you live.

  • Mick

    love these 2 bitches they are hot and so are there BFs anywaii stop hating there teeth nd none of them are anorexic get a lyf these 2 r one of the only few in young hollywood who seem 2 b DTE and real I love em

  • lorraine

    i love hilary but more on carrie!!!!!

  • lorraine

    i love hilary but more on carrie!!!!!

  • anna

    They both look lovely but it’s hillary who obviously the natural beauty. She’s got hardly any make-up on and looks stunning meanwhile Carrie appears to have the entire MAC counter on her face for a simple hockey game.

  • linda

    anonymous 3:40 who ever you are at least write your name if you are going to address me!
    im not hung up over tony and carrie im glad their over because i didnt like tony for carrie …i said that she was jumping and smiling and she never did for tony…meaning that she seems really happy with him and i never see carrie like this and that is why the comparison.
    so hopefully she can find love with mike because she deserves to be happy. if i compare the two it really isnt none of your business what i do so “relax” and i really dont owe you an explanation, so dont assume it really makes you look ignorant. if you dont understand then you ask a question thats what smart people do. seriously people can be so uptight

  • linda


  • alLAboutCarrie

    fans just love carrie and we want the best for her if people compare her ex’s its just because we weigh the pro’s and the cons’s if carrie seems and looks happier with mike then tony then thats a good thing its not that were hung up on tony he isnt even a catch actulaly and i myself am happy she has moved on its all about carrie being happy and we aren’t comparing her ex’s to hurt her that is stupid…we just see how different she was with tony then mike…and it seems with shes all smiles…i think that is what linda was saying “anonymous 3:40″ you got it all wrong….and got all upset and judgmental over nothing….’linda” I get you….;)

  • Custom T

    Love them both and good for them! Hockey boys are cute!

  • steph

    Both look AMAZING! Thy are both awesome!! I support both of them and i agree that they are both very nice, caring and really sweet!! May all of the celebrities out there be like them!!!

  • faciricci

    OMG!!! They both look sooooo interchangeable!!!