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Jennifer Aniston & John Mayer Split -- Again

Jennifer Aniston & John Mayer Split -- Again

After a high-profile appearance at the Oscars together, Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer have split, sources close to the couple reveal.

“They had some disagreements and decided to not continue to see each other,” a source tells People. “Jen is moving on with her life like she always does. She seems happy.”

“He broke up with her when she got back from her European tour,” another source tells E! (she was there promoting her doggy flick Marley & Me).

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  • momiji

    That explained why John said, “…I’m going as OSCAR BOYFRIEND”.

    A FAKE RELATIONSHIP all along.

    Jen, you’re such a LIAR !!!!

  • hyacinth


  • wow


  • bp

    It was all show at the Oscars. She didn’t want to go by herself.

  • liarliar

    Jen is a liar, fraud and fake that’s why she always gets dumped.

  • http://ISRAEL lisa rose

    i dont think its true.

  • rionemesis

    i really think she is better off him

  • share

    why such anger, she is simply much older and he thinks he is god himself

    she will find someone, it is hard for her bc who are you going to settle for after Brad Pitt

  • Achtung


    she lied to her fans once again.but they are toooooooooo stupid to see it.


  • brandie

    not at all surprised. brad and angie… the not to distant future

  • Valerie

    She is so ridiculous, an aging cougar who is a media joke.

  • Achtung

    (she was there promoting her doggy flick Marley & Me).

    sssssssssssh JJ,her fans think it was real acting.

  • Micah

    Not a fan but x17 already proved this false.

  • Cynthia


  • michelle

    Breaking up isn’t a happy event. Really feel bad for J. Hope she can find the one who is real for her.

  • Micah

    Sorry..just tired of the bullshit on all four. It’s like a never ending cycle.

  • tina

    Well duh, who didn’t see that coming? She can’t keep her mouth shut about her relationships and how great they are, she’s always overcompensating!

  • Soph

    wow most of you guys are so mean. none of you know jennifer in real life, so you can’t judge her like that. grow up!

  • haha told ya so!

    No wonder the stupid hens are having a meltdown. How much you guys wanna bet? Now they are going to scream “She is much better off without him’. lol. We all know that Peeboy read up on the blogs. I’m sure he is embarrassed to be associated with a DESPERATE wannabe cougar. She isn’t hot enought to even be a cougar. He finalized what a joke this old hag is. Poor Jenhags never have anything substantial to celebrate. See what happens when you are cheering for the LOSER team. lol

  • Micah

    It’s false and I hate her with John Mayer. She can do better but yes they are together.

  • Nel

    I don’t believe any of this. They’re still together. When an article says, “Sources close to so-and-so say…” ITS A LIE! No one can name the source. This is yet another BS story!

  • RunAndTellThat

    Brad and Angelina forever. This big chin hoe is a disgrace. Brad made the right choice to leave the tv actress for a Hollywood Glamourous Movie Star.

  • me1031

    what the HECK?
    you guys are soo rudee.
    have u ever thought that this MAY not be true?
    but if it is then there had to be a good reason.
    it wasnt fake at all. i think they really liked each other.
    but you guys can think all you want to.

  • me1031

    what the HECK?
    you guys are soo rudee.
    have u ever thought that this MAY not be true?
    but if it is then there had to be a good reason.
    it wasnt fake at all. i think they really liked each other.
    but you guys can think all you want to.

  • mayer left Maniston AGAIN

    I am shocked and the world is shocked!! :-) I guess his contract was over right after Oscar and her movie promotion! AND SHE LIED TO OPRAH ONCE AGAIN WITH THAT STUPID INTERVIEW WITH ON OSCAR NIGHT!! Oprah won’t be happy!!

  • Cindee

    Even as an Angie fan I can see some of quotes are old. I think all are just happy and have moved on. I really thinking its the media that will not.

  • too much botox and stuff

    damn, she looks like a ventriloquist with big rosie ball like cheeks. hhahah I think Mayer can do better. I used to be a fan of his before this charade happened. hell, even jessica Simpson was better for him. at least that seemed real.

  • n.o.l.a

    But…weren’t they just “very happy…very happy”. anustain is a USER pure and simple.

  • mayer left Maniston AGAIN

    Well I see it is on People so I guess it is true, People is not like other tabloids, and beside, Mayer had contract with her and not relationship! I wonder how much she payed him this time and when they will be back together again? For the next movie promotion or what? I see trolls will go crazy now, especially that crazy bet!!

  • Achtung




    She is a completed idiot. You can’t compete with Brangelina. It’s called karma B!tch. You brought that loser to the Oscars to try and upstage Hollywoods most beautiful couple. Maybe she promise him that he would me Brad and Angelina. Since they are all friends.LOL.

    Brangelina Forever B!tch.

  • freedom 4 john

    a source.get a clue.the source is her publicist.
    as a fan of john mayer.i say thank you for this news.john can go back to concentrating on his music now.can’t wait for a new album.
    i dont care about jen or what happens to her now.her old cougar /\.s.s can find some other victim to pounce on.

  • Cindee

    It’s the same bullshit every month. The media is playing all of us. Without this “triangle” what do the tabs have. Recycled crap.

    Brad and and Angie are happy

    Jennifer is happy

    let it go please and again I am an Angie fan

  • haha told ya so!

    Damn why are the media so mean? Why can’t they let her be the dumpee? Even though I can’t stand this bimbo. I do feel bad that everyone is running away from her LAMEASS. Ok, I vote and say she was the one who dumped Peeboy.

  • LAURA21

    it is true!! mayer just wanted publicity out of aniston!!! i knew they were not going to last…it was EXPECTED! ANISTON AND MAYER WERE GOING TO BREAK UP, BRAD AND ANGELINA WILL BREAK UP AND MANY OTHER HOLLYWOOD COUPLES WILL DO AS WELL…What a shocker!!!!

  • Naima

    #23 you sound like an idiot….

    Jenn is a cool girl and deserves so much better than this guy, I hope they did break up because it was pretty clear that he was simply using her. The guy is an attention whore, this is more of a reflection of what a jerk he really is.

    I don’t understand why brad/angie fans always say such horrible things about Aniston when it was Brad who cheated and Angelina who has always gotten herself involved with people who are unavailable, yet they blame Aniston for Brad leaving her.

    Some of you sound really ignorant and bad spirited with these awful comments.

  • Nel

    And People magazine has never been wrong? Just asking…

  • Mayer is free finally

    Thank you Mayer for leaving that Bitc*h!! You are so much better person and you deserve better girl and not that old hag that was using you to heal her own depressions!

  • JohnMayerfan

    John finally came to his senses and dumped that whiny, shallow fraud.

  • she-who-shall-not-be-named

    Jen talks about Brad too much and this puts off the guys. Who would want to be with anyone who clearly shows she’s still in love with her ex. Maybe she should use her acting skills to keep the next guy and try hard to pretend that she’s over Brad. I hate to hear the public make fun of her relationships post-Brad…

  • haha told ya so!

    I meant the dumper. hahaha whatever! too much glass of wine. Anyways we all know this is something to keep the “poor jen” in the news. Nobody dumped her ass cause it is all FAKE in the first place.


    When the tabloids run fake stories about Brangelina. The haters are quick to believe every word. When the run stories about this ugly wash up sitcom want to be movie actress. Then all tabloids lie. If you believe them when his about Brad and Angelina. You have to believe them when its about man face jennifer.

  • RunAndTellThat

    Thank you god for aligning the stars that would lead Brad to meet and fall in love with Angelina Jolie.

  • Cindee

    Just freaking stop. It’s been over for atleast 4years. The 3 people have no bad words. I think everyone is happier. Let it go. We are now getting getting old interviews as new ones. Its over.

    Let them live their lives

  • Mayer is free finally

    She was such a Bitc*h in that relationship, he went on her movie’s promotion and Oscar night so that she doesn’t have public meltdown (but she had it obviously) and she was so selfish and she didn’t went with him on Grammy night! She is such selfish person, no wonder that all men are running away from her!

  • Achtung

    aniston fans are funny!they believe every break up story about Brad and Angelina in the tabs. reporting of aniston/mayer break up is suddenly not true!lol

  • Anja

    you people are so cruel.

  • Micah

    There are pictures of Jen with John at the Grammy party.


    Get over yourselves low lives, it’s been confirmed that this is just a R.U.M.O.U.R. It’s not exactly surprising and quite pathetic that people on JJ are so quick to accept any rumours that will give them a chance to point fingers at Jennifer Aniston.

  • Louisa

    Since it comes from People, it’s probably true. They love Jennifer. They don’t do this kind of story without confirmation. The only people shocked by this are Jennifer’s fans. Everybody know they would breakup after the Oscars and promotion of her movies.