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Jennifer Lopez Records Comeback Album?

Jennifer Lopez Records Comeback Album?

A solo Jennifer Lopez is all smiles as she leaves a West Village recording studio in New York City on Wednesday night (March 11).

The 39-year-old triple threat is back to work, reportedly recording a comeback album with longtime manager Benny Medina. Jennifer, now a mother of twins, will turn the big 4-0 this July.

WHAT KIND OF sound do you think will suit Jennifer’s next album? Sounds off in the comments!

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99 Responses to “Jennifer Lopez Records Comeback Album?”

  1. 1
    Jasmine Says:

    DANCE DANCE AND MORE DANCING MUSIC no ballads sge needs to go the lady gaga route!

  2. 2
    tulino Says:

    I can’t wait for new J.LO album, she is the best singer, dancer, and performer ever. Hope she will do a tour soon. Love her.

  3. 3
    Hira Says:

    MARIAH CAREY IS THE BEST. J.Lo can’t sing.

  4. 4
    from jaylo.. Says:

    i wanna hear middle eastern sounds in her song.
    with her voice and the instruments i think it would sound great.

    or something electronic,but shes already done that

    i say something MIDDLE EASTERN!

  5. 5
    from jaylo.. Says:

    i wanna hear middle eastern sounds in her song.
    with her voice and the instruments i think it would sound great.

    or something electronic,but shes already done that

    i say something MIDDLE EASTERN!

  6. 6
    mark Says:

    i love j. lo so happy

  7. 7
    jordan Says:

  8. 8
    tulino Says:

    I agree that maria carey is a good artist, but she is not better than J.LO, ok.
    Jennifer Lopez is a real Diva and has class, also J.LO is famous and popular worldwide not only in USA like Mariah.
    Mariah only can sing and nothing else, while J.LO sings, excellent dancer, performer, actress, show and business woman.
    Finally J.LO is a mother, so she had her roots already, while mariah can not even have babies.

  9. 9
    garyhallentertainment/LOS ANGELES Says:

    jennifer lopez is not a singer nor has she ever been a singer, why is she recording a cd when she’s not a singer, this is the problem with the music industry, they are always giving contracts to people who are worthy of them!!!

  10. 10
    gerard vandenberg Says:

    A comeback of WHAT?
    ………………………….being los?

  11. 11
    diane Says:

    What a fat old hag she has become.

  12. 12
    tulino Says:

    Of course Jennifer Lopez is a singer, she has alerady sold 51 million of album worlwide, also people still love her and we are waiting for her comeback

  13. 13
    Mich Says:

    Lately, she’s been looking beautiful.

  14. 14
    Wow Says:

    Wow, JLo looks great!

  15. 15
    pump it Says:

    #2….thanks for that belly laugh. I needed that bad.
    No doubt it will be dance infused with r&b. Much like Madonnas latest but probably without the quirky touches. More commercial and therefore dull and insipid.

  16. 16
    Jay Says:

    Total ***** but she sure is pretty.

  17. 17
    nuckingfuts Says:

    Tulino – You must be on massive amount of qualude. JLo sold 51 million records worldwide??? If you really believe that, I have a bridge in San Francisco I would like to sell to you? Her last two albums failed miserably.

  18. 18
    tulino Says:

    I love her, i can wait for her to be on stage, J.LO is my inspiration :-)

  19. 19
    Pop Says:

    ugly personality, pretty face.

  20. 20
    chichi Says:

    UGH, when is she going to give up on her career? She doesn’t even know how to sing. She is so old too.

    its time for the oldies to bow down to teh new generation of singers and songwriters.

  21. 21
    chichi Says:

    UGH, when is she going to give up on her career? She doesn’t even know how to sing. She is so old too.

    its time for the oldies to bow down to teh new generation of singers and songwriters.

  22. 22
    t Says:

    Her last album was 1.5 years ago it hasn’t been that long.

  23. 23
    MickeyVonDutch Says:

    #10 Gerard, So far I haven’t been able to solve any of the puzzles that you’ve been posting here. Even in back-translation to Dutch the word “los” means nothing to me in this context. Please clarify or use Google Translater, because I can’t take anymore. AAAHHHHHRRRGGG.

  24. 24
    original diva Says:

    some body is being paid to post in this bit ch favor, she has never been able to sing, barely dance, her butt got all the attention, but since she is an old, fat, ugly, horrible personality, i doubt any one cares about her any more, me myself have totally forgotten about this non talent ho, and i love it.

  25. 25
    tulino Says:

    old? come on, you guys are jelous of her and her body
    or what you try to say is that at the time we turn 30 people should kill themselve because they are old?
    haters, you guys do not look americans.

  26. 26
    MickeyVonDutch Says:

    Correction: Google TranslatOr. My English is slipping already, so time is of the essence here.

  27. 27
    LOL@J-NO Says:

    I would like to hear some talent in her new album cause it was lacking in any of her previous works. Just a little would help her failing career. She’s not really a(n) singer, actress, nor entertainer. The only reason she’s famous is cause she was dating famous people like Puff Daddy and Ben Affleck. She screwed her claim to fame when she married that nobody.

  28. 28
    James Says:

    she need some more latine flavor in her music like her first album + nobody does that now. i’d love to hear that from her.

    And she looks Amazing.

  29. 29
    LOL@J-NO Says:


    You’re dumb as ****. Everybody knows Mariah Carey is above J-Lo. It’s Mariah that’s known world-wide not J-Lo. Also just because J-Lo attempted acting and pretends to dance in her MV that doesn’t put her above Mariah who is:
    the number one selling female artist
    has the greatest vocal range according to Guiness Book of World Records
    has the most number 1 songs individually
    and ranks #3 as overall (the Beattles is #1).

    You really should look up your facts before you speak cause you just lost any credibility. Try using wikipedia if you don’t know how to do research.

  30. 30
    patz Says:

    I love her. She is so hot:

  31. 31
    Aussie Girl Says:

    #8 I think you are a little deluded re-mariah Carey not being famous all over the world. J-Lo is mainly known for her relationships!!! But if she wants to try,good luck to her, she will need it so much younger competition. And what do you mean that MC can’t have babies, has she said this or is it just a snide remark!!

  32. 32
    MICHAEL C Says:

    You go girl!

  33. 33
    Darren Says:

    A song had leaked off her new album called Hooked On You. SOunds a bit like Janet Jacksons Feedback.

  34. 34
    krist jo dee Says:

    NO NO NO! I was hoping we would be done with lip syncing. Damn.

  35. 35
    PETER Says:


  36. 36
    Gwenny Says:

    Love her 4rever. That’s all!

  37. 37
    Anonymous Says:

    Jennifer the whole word is waiting for your comeback.And she looks beautiful here.very beautiful.she isn’t called one of the most beautiful women in the world for nothing.

  38. 38
    elle Says:

    no jlo no

  39. 39
    nysro Says:

    The best, and only sound i would wish from a J.Lo album , would be total SILENECE…

    she sucks donkey balls as a singer.. stick to acting..

  40. 40
    sarah Says:

    she’s so beautiful !

    I think she’s a better actress than singer but i love her a dance songs, like Waiting for tonight or Walking on sunshine i’d love stuff like that, but no Hip hop please !!

  41. 41
    JAYE97x Says:

    YES!! I CAN’T WAIT!!

  42. 42
    Travis Says:

    She can’t sing but she’s gorgeous. She should stick with acting.

  43. 43
    cutie Says:

    so cute! :-)

  44. 44
    lucy and Ethel Says:


  45. 45
    raquel Says:

    Triple Threat? The woman can’t act, can’t sing and is a ‘street’ dancer. Rita Moreno or Chita Rivera she’s NOT!!

  46. 46
    No-Talented Hag Says:

    Not this old broken dog slag again! Even with all the surgery she still looks a mess. And this woman was never a singer to begin with are you crazy. A half-azz dancer at best with no neck and tacky as hell. J-Low go away and stay away!

  47. 47
    jummy Says:

    she looks soooo beautiful!i can´t wait for the next album,i love hooked on you

  48. 48
    Chris Says:

    Can’t stand her but she’s a good looking woman.
    I’ll give her that.

  49. 49
    FED UP WITH jlo's comebacks Says:

    Jlo’s last album was a spanish album ..Well Jlo this coming from the woman that said that B. Medina ruined your career and than she started working with Simon Field and did some great stuff. Now that you are back with the one man who wants you.. guess Simon Field
    gave up on you..The last C.D tanked big time.. she did not make a lot
    of money on that one.. And she had to pay for both her movies that
    tanked one went straight to video ouch..!! Give it up she knows that
    everyone loves Marc that is why she has to show up at his concerts.
    She can’t go on tour by herself or is she for this C.D. With B. Medina.

  50. 50
    JLO CAN'T SING Says:


  51. 51
    blackberry Says:

    so what! jlo fell off after bennifer

  52. 52
    omg Says:

    Very unflattering outfit to her figure.

  53. 53
    saudia Says:

    ugh that’s a bad move .. she did really horrible on her last album what’s the point

  54. 54
    stefanie Says:

    Hasn’t her last two albums been called her “comeback” albums?
    Oh please ~yawn~

    This is not 1998, and she’s not Jenny from the Block anymore.

  55. 55
    karen Says:

    She looks fantastic,very pretty face
    I love jennifer, I´m waiting to see her again dancing and singing and in a new movie. I hope so!!

  56. 56
    Punky Brewstein Says:

    she’ll attain the mediocre level of success that Gloria Estefan did in the late 90s – It’s basically all over for JLo!

  57. 57
    BB Says:

    Can’t wait to hear it!

  58. 58
    STEVEN Says:


  59. 59
    tHE jlO sPOT Says:

    Whatever music she makes, this woman is still hot
    go here for more pix of Jen

  60. 60
    tHE jlO sPOT Says:

    Whatever music she makes, this woman is still hot
    go to the link in our name for more jlo pix

  61. 61
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    who still listens 2 her, her only relevant songs imo where in her 1st cd
    she looks weird yet sexy, i like it =]
    those thighs of her i dont tho

  62. 62
    Darryl Says:

    Jennifer Rocks My WORLD! Will love you and your music forever and more! Can’t wait for your new music to DOMINATE the airwaves!

    PS. i think having so many ‘haters’ is actually a HUGE compliment!

  63. 63
    mimi Says:

    I heard she was shooting a commercial.

  64. 64
    teacup Says:

    She looks amazing as always… and by the way she has sold 51 million albums whether you like it or not. There is something about jennifer that keeps her on the top… She’s really good in comedys, her perfume line is off the roof, etc…… unfortunately she has a lot of haters out there because of her fame. But, she keeps on going nothing stops her and she still making her millions.. Oh and she did not fall after Bennifer. It was the other way around He (Ben fell) and he hasn’t been the same since…..

  65. 65
    kaos Says:

    She cannot sing, cannot act, claim to fame is her big butt which is probably bigger now after the twins. Her last records and movies were utter failures. She is done. Time for her to leave the stage and keep some dignity instead of shoving herself down the public’s throat.

    There are enough talentless fame whores out there, unfortunately.

  66. 66
    annabelle Says:

    J.Lo’s big butt will be back!!!! Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. 67
    No name Says:

    65# Haha… you’re jealous with her. poor you!!!

  68. 68
    alana Says:

    teacup you´re right!this woman is SUCCESSFUL in everything she does:movies, music, clothes and perfums….She took a year off with her babies, now it´s time to see her again, great

  69. 69
    an anonymous source Says:

    Oh you starfucking idiots…

    Nothing pleases me more than to burst your talentless *****-loving bubble:

    Jennifer Lopez was NOT RECORDING ANYTHING. The day these photographs were taken, she was performing her duties as the HIGHLY-paid shill for some pharmaceutical company. Had anyone bothered to fact-check with one of the many components of her ego-support team, you might’ve found that she was, in fact, shooting a commercial that just happened to be set in a recording studio.

    So you pitiful J-Lo fans can rest assured: Jennifer Lopez has indeed moved on to the broodmare stage of her career.

    P.S.: How can she have a “comeback album” when she never had a shred of talent to start with? She ain’t Selena, folks…

  70. 70
    jeffrey Says:

    Please If Mariah wasnt Known
    she would not sell 200 million records worldwide
    All u j.lo fans Are jealous that Mariah will always be better than this *****!

  71. 71
    Funk_miami_dancer Says:

    Ugly peronality and rottweiler face! J-Ho tried to be the new PAULA ABDUL for the late 90′s and she succeeded for a while but being the type of pop-artist that can’t really sing yet claims she is the ‘down’ and ‘from the block’…. her flame just faded. Now, trying to reinvent herself. Ok, fine, I give credit but she won’t bounce back like PAULA with her new REAL comeback LP and first single called ‘BOOMBOX’. Paula, today, as yesterday, can still dance circles around Jenny from the block, or so she claims she is. Now, they both aren’t the best live vocalists but ask Jenny to dance like Paula. She can’t! Now, ask Paula to dance like Jenny and add her own choreographer tricks to the style…. SHE CAN DO IT ALL!
    PAULA ABDUL’s comeback…… and FOREVER OUR GIRL!

    Though, good luck to you, Jennifer.

  72. 72
    JWO! Says:

    on the six – 10 millions
    JLO – 12 millions
    J to tha LO – 4 millions (guiness book baby!)
    This is me… Then – 7 milions
    Rebirth – 3,5 millions
    Como ama una mujer – 1 million
    Brave – almost one million

    total: 38,2 millions
    Plus 13 milllions of singles:

  73. 73
    JWO! Says:

    I am from Brazil and i must say that here Jenny is much more popular, everybody just remember Mariah for hits like “hero” and “my all”. Her web comunities here don’t have more than 70 thousand of people and J.lo’s comunity has almost 100 thousand. So Jennifer is more popular: Only USA still loves mariah, sorry.

  74. 74
    Custom T Says:

    Who Cares? Everyone knows that only the original stuff is the best, so it doesn’t matter what she tries to pull this time.

  75. 75
    Manny Says:

    Hey JWO!
    Who the fu*k cares about Brazil? You basically live in a 3rd world country!

  76. 76
    kATIE uk Says:

    It makes me Laugh how people say jennifer Aint Talented She has sold out her Concerts She has sold 48 Million records and she her films have grossed over 3/4 Of a Billion she holds Number 1 records/singles/movies to her Name she has broken Music Records she Has broke down the Barrier for Mainstream Latina’s she is a Ledgend

    Jennifer Last 2 Albums didnt FLOP Brave sold 700,000 copies With 1 single release (She pulled promo because she was with Child) And CAUM (Her spanish Debut) sold 1.5 Million copies (Broke another Music record (highest first week sales for a spanish Debut) and it topped the Latin ALbum charts for 7 weeks It was 2007 3rd biggest selling spanish Album!

    and who ever Said rebirth FLOPPED check your Facts It sold 690,000 copies worldwide first week Alone then it went on to sell 2.7 Million copies with two singles and Next to nothing promo

    it out sold Britneys BLACKOUT and Mariahs E=MC2 (And mariah had 4/5 singles LOL wich makes it worse)

    then her Perfume Line Jennifer Owns 10% of yearly Perfume sales Her perfume Is the Biggest selling celeb Female line since Liz Taylors white Diamonds

    jennifer has achived Alot more then Mariah/britney etc She also sold 48 Million records wich Makes her a Heavy weight In music but she has been so sucsess in ever other Venture LIKE NO OTHER

    she please Jennifer dont have to drop another Movie or Single Again babys Got Money she is a WORLDWIDE megastar through and Through

    stop the hate Mariah is a fat heffer her last to Albums Bombed e=mc2 and Ballads so stfu Mariah aint even liked outside the US thats why she couldnt sell even 900.000 copies of her latest offerings outside the US she has 4 BACK TO BACK FLOP SINGLES THAT DIDNT HIT THE TOP 30 IN THE UK HAHAHAHAH thats never happend to Jlo =0

    Facts are facts Jennifer is The BOMB people will always care just check this Thread even haters cant get enough :)

  77. 77
    Steve Says:

    @Hira: JLo is the only triple threat. Mariah just sucks.

  78. 78
    Steve Says:

    @original diva: I’m a fan, but she is old and overweight now.

  79. 79
    eric Says:

    well JLO is talented have yu guyz forgotten she played selena sumthin dat not alot of people can do and dat is play a real persons life like what she did

    sure is getting old but dam she is still fine ass hell haters fall bak ok ******* love to JLO

  80. 80
    franciot Says:

    J Lo’s a ****!

  81. 81
    jho hater Says:

    jlo sucks but shes famous and loaded . Get over it everyone. Go do something with your lives.jlos probably at home in her grand estate reading these comments saying ha ha .im rich b*tch . but all said and done i hate the ho. She wears fur.By the way we should all skin chinese fur workers alive to see if they like it.Sh*t they do it to animals, why not them.Dirty chincs. Screw Jho.

  82. 82
    Jean Says:

    I still donno why HATERS and someone here who acted like a JLo FAN and wrote his silly comment dont understand when we hate somebodies we have to forget them SO if you hate Jennifer you shouldn’t care about anything she does

    To all Mariah Carey fans, here in Germany we forgot her like it or not THIS IS THE FACT she has no chance like Jennifer we still buy her albums, movies and we go to her lives and interviews

    Mariah Carey is just a SINGER she has nothing else to do she tried to make a movie but her crappy acting didnt help her but if we come to Jennifer Lopez, she’s a good singer ( STOP BEING JEALUZ PLZ JUST BE REAL AND GO WATCH HER LIVES WITHOUT PLAYBACK )IF U NEED SOME LIVES TO WATCH ILL HELP, OR SHE WOULDNT HAVE 4 #1s US SINGLES AND SOME ODER WORLD CHARTS.

    She’s also A GREAT ACTRESS who acted a lot of unforgetness movies like : U Turn, Anaconda, Enough, Selena, Out Of Sight, Maid In Manathan etc… She’s A GREAT DANCER too we still remember all her hottest moves in music videos

    SHE CAN MADE THE HISTORY WHEN SHE HAD #1 MUSIC VIDEO AND MOVIE IN THE SAME WEEK, she also ONE OF THE BIGGEST FASHION DESINGERS, her Perfume Line Jennifer Owns 10% of yearly Perfume sales Her perfume Is the Biggest selling celeb Female line since Liz Taylors white Diamonds… So she’s A SUCCESSFUL BUISNESS WOMAN

    According to Mariah she has a good voice yes but I don’t like it coz I don’t feel it she cant be a beautiful woman and has the sexiest body – la guitarra – like Jennifer lopez a long way to go for me Mariah hasnt even 1% of beauty she also looks like a pig (everybody knows that ) and she’s done coz she’s not the old Mariah so she was forgotten while Jennifer was starting her music career she stole her manager Benny to help her back to the game in 2005 but she’s still not the old Mariah like it or not so that’s why she hates Jennifer coz she beats her in many things

    Now she becomes **** to sell she has no purpose she’s still wearing mini skirts to sell like what we have seen in TMB… She will not make a good family she’s 40 yo and still doing bad things like she’s 18 yo so SHE HAS NO PERSONALITY MARIAH SHE WILL ALWAYS LOOKS LIKE A *****

  83. 83
    Jean Says:

    @Steve: go do ur crappy acting to someone else lol

  84. 84
    Jean Says:

    If JLo is ***** what we would say to Mariah or Britney angles ?? hahahahahah lol

  85. 85
    Jean Says:

    @Custom T:

    Ok Brazil is in a 3rd world country but do u wanna have a trip there ??? of course, you will do but plz dont think urself the richest person in the world there are MILLIONS of POOR ppl living in the best countries in all over the world and MILLIONS of THE RICHEST ppl living in the 3rd world countries OPEN UR EYES AND DONT BE STUPID PLZ auh I forgot simply, u r a Mariah fan lol

  86. 86
    Jean Says:


    Thx for saying da fact ;)

  87. 87
    Jean Says:


    Thx 4 saying da fact ;)

  88. 88
    Jean Says:


    She’s 40 and still looks like she is 20 so stunning go see her people have to forget about jealousy and enevy

    The star who is overweight now is moooriah will always look old fat caw looking like a pig she gets naked to sell what a shame.

  89. 89
    Jean Says:


    I forgot to say few people like u they have to die then we will be able to see a world without jealousy and enevy lol

  90. 90
    Jean Says:


    I forgot to say few people like you have to die then we will be able to see a world without jealousy and enevy

    A lot of people dont have her body and they’re simple but someone like if they dont kill themselves they will live sad life

  91. 91
    dannii5585 Says:

    @original diva:
    Yet you are here posting messages against her, that´s how much you forgot about her… ur lame

    Jennifer rocks and I can´t wait for her new album!!!

  92. 92
    COsTaSsSs Says:

    For you who said the thing that Mariah Scarey is the best think twice!!!

  93. 93
    CArl Says:

    Jenny! please go back to ‘waiting for tonight’ genre. be different go back to old school! please!

  94. 94
    Joe Jack son Says:

    Jlo sucks. New aaliyah bipo coming out .. They should have an open casting call.I heard Lujza Abilane is playing her.

  95. 95
    Samantha Says:

    People need to stop hatin. J.lo is a strong latina who isn’t afraid to be the person she really is. Yes her last album tanked but that means nothing it happens to most even Mariah Carey. I also have to say that Mariah Carey can’t sing her voice is toooooo squeaky it’s annoying. Jennifer Lopez is the women that most of you want to look like she has the body that you want and the talent you guys will never have. She is talented and that’s all their is 2 it. I can’t wait for the album forget all the hatters she is doing her thing get over it, don’t be mad none of you are as talented as she is.

  96. 96
    lindsay Says:

    stop trying to compare jlo to mariah carey. mariah carey is the best selling female artist OF ALL TIME with 18 number ones, second ONLY to the beatles. mariah doesnt have to ever make another record again- shes secured her place in music history. shes an ICON! jlo, on the other hand got famous cuz of her big ass! she had 2 0r 3 hit records in the mid 2000s and she hasnt been **** since! lol i think its so funny how all you MEXICANS are hanging on to what she used to be!!!! lol shes a has been! nobody cares about her anymore except you hispanics cuz theres nobody else to represent you! shes all you had and thats just sad cuz she couldnt even sing! deal with it-shes over. done. dont compare her to britney either cuz britneys been out for 10 years and is STILL selling out arenas! her circus tour was super successfull, its all about gaga, rhianna, beyonce, mariah, britney and all the other divasthat are hot and still making good music-NOT JLO!!!!! shes like tiffany or debbie gibson-had a few hits and that was it. she wont be remembered as a true talent like mariah. SHE. IS. OVER. deal with it!!!!!!

  97. 97
    lindsay Says:

    for the people that are saying that all mariah does is sing- thats all she needs to do!!!! her voice alone blows people away! she doesnt need all of the gimmiks because shes TRULY TALENTED!!! when you have one of the greatest voices the world has ever heard like mariah does, you dont need to do a damn thing but sing! thats why shes been around for 20 years and is the best selling female artist of ALL TIME! every singer thats out now like beyonce, rhianna, christina, britney, ect all grew up listening to mariah carey! shes respected in the music business. jlo was around for a minute and then dropped out of sight because in the end talent will prevail! oh, and about mariah in the movies-she made precious and that was HUGE! she got great reviews in it too. mariah carey is a true artist and shoudnt even be mentioned in the same breath with someone like jlo!

  98. 98
    jLo fan 4 evr Says:

    JLo more power 2 ya! UR awesome,beautiful,TAlENTED and an amazing human being lol and 2 all u haters the hell wit yall Y dont U do something productive and positive in this world instead?

  99. 99
    Ali Says:

    dont be Jealous
    jennifer loez is on of the best singers ever
    she is in the top 10 dancers of all the time
    she is a very perfect actors with the backup plan-selena-the wedding planner and …

    i am totally sure that anyone who is saying JLo is not a good singer and isnt talented never have a reason for this
    just they say
    her performing is number 1
    her musics are very great and …

    please dont be fanatic
    i saw someone in youtube that see a very perfect perform and live of jennifer but still say she cant sing
    i dont care about them
    i love her and she is the best

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