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Reese Witherspoon & Jake Gyllenhaal: Madrid Museum!

Reese Witherspoon & Jake Gyllenhaal: Madrid Museum!

Cute couple Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal visit the art exhibits at Museo Nacional del Prado (Prado Museum) in Madrid, Spain on Thursday (March 12).

According to Wiki, Prado features one of the world’s finest collections of European art, from the 12th century to the early 19th century, based on the former Spanish Royal Collection

Reese, 32, and Jake, 28, must have checked out the current exhibition at the museum, Entre Dioses Y Hombres (Among Gods and Men).

10+ pictures inside of museum mates Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal

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reese witherspoon jake gyllenhaal museum 01
reese witherspoon jake gyllenhaal museum 02
reese witherspoon jake gyllenhaal museum 03
reese witherspoon jake gyllenhaal museum 04
reese witherspoon jake gyllenhaal museum 05
reese witherspoon jake gyllenhaal museum 06
reese witherspoon jake gyllenhaal museum 07
reese witherspoon jake gyllenhaal museum 08
reese witherspoon jake gyllenhaal museum 09
reese witherspoon jake gyllenhaal museum 10

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  • Veselka

    Cool they seem very happy

  • Ivana

    So i guess he didn’t go to fishing with Austin … too bad :)))

  • Cat

    I new Jake would be in Europe with Reese, they are looking good. Now wait for the idiots to get here.

  • Haha

    Nice one Ivana.

  • n.o.l.a

    I like them together. I hope they are happy.

  • Julia

    Like Reese’s look, Jake’s – not.

  • Ivana

    Thanks Haha :)))

  • Phonyspoon

    Phoonyspoon hits again! lol

  • stfn

    I’ve been a couple of times at the Museo del Prado, it’s amazing!! i’m sure they loved it, specially Il greco, el viejo, el bosco, and botticelli.
    I’m happy to see that at least some american stars appreciate fine arts.
    Good for them!!

  • ewww

    I’m so glad that paparazzi were there!
    Near the museum!
    Reese and Jake are phony PR w h * r e s

  • Eva

    Reese and Jake are in Spain outside Museo del prado, wouw,…..he flew alll the way to spain for the photo op, but wait a moment, why Spanish media is not reporting this, oh yes, they only paid American paps,…oh, well, I hope they look around the museum and really understand the paintings, the Prado is amazing, it takes a whole day to look at everything, maybe for them it took only a few minutes,well, I hope they really took time to see everything, it would be a shame if they only were there for the photos.

  • Fake

    Another set-up photo op. Reese at least made an effort to dress up for this one. I’ve been to the Prado many times and I have never seen any paps hanging around. Either they decided to try their luck for the first time today to catch a celeb or Reese’s PR gave them a call.

  • Terry

    I recently visited El prado and it’s amazing, but they don’t look like they are going to visit a museum,sorry, with all these paps around, outside el prado, that’s reallly really weird, they must have paid these people to take pictures of them, to make them look like they are interested in art, papts aoutside the prado, no way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!are you joking?And what the hell is jake wearing?oh, my god, who is buying this?Madrid is not LA.

  • Manuela

    What??????I’m Spanish and I’ve lived in Madrid for many years and guys, there is no way there are paps outside the Prado museum,no way, not in a million years, that is not a paps area at all, this is only part of PR promotion of the movie,….outside the Prado museum,nooooo waaayyyyyy! What are these people selling,this is art, obviously, they haven’t got a clue about art.

  • Ivana

    Museo Nacional del Prado is magnificent… i am dying to go there… i been in Barcelona at Dali Museum and enjoyed until last moment…
    I honestly hope that these two come here… not only to be seen but to see something worth of watching..

  • Marc

    Can’t stand those fake b i t c h e s

  • se

    When people like american without background visit a museum is like children when they read cartoon or magazine of Donald Duck or Mickey Mouse.
    They will go out of Museum more ignorants…It is only to show the other people that they visit such places…
    I am happy that I don’t be near these two because I hape people hose would like bluff or make comment of things whose they don’t know or undertand!

  • Natalia

    This is a joke, right? Paps outside the Prado,ja,ja,ja,…! I’ve been living in Madrid for 15 years and El prado museum is not a place were paps would go unless you give them a really big tip of course,….obviously, Reese and jake’s PR wants to make them look like cultural people,but sorry,..we are not buying this, this is really a joke, makes me laugh,…fun!!!!!!Uhhh, you really need to live in Madrid to understand this,..he,he,fun.What a laugh,…..

  • se

    When these Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal open their mouths to give interviews we can observe that they haven’t any kind of background!

    Visiting thousand Museums wil not help them.

  • Adrian

    Ha,ha,ha,ha,haaaaah,…this is making me laugh,..paps outside The Prado,what?, I’m a student living in madrid at the moment and I know for sure that the Prado is not surrounded by paps by any chance,…..I really hope Reese and Jake are going to get something out of this, I mean some education, The prado is amaaaazing,but why on earth are they doing this there? they could have promoted the movie somewhere else, c’mon guys this is an insult to intelligent cultural people who visit the Prado every day to actually see the paintings and art there.

  • Haha

    I’m sorry but I do not blieve anyone who has posted that say they have been to that museum, if you are so cultural what the f**k are you doing posting on here. Perhaps you should put your “intelligence” to better use.

  • Eva maria

    Why on earth would you do a photo op outside El Prado?, such a cultural, beautifull place? It’s not gonna make you more intelligent,….I hope it didn’t disturb the people queueing out there to see the real paintings, it wouldn’t be fair. I’ve been there and it takes the whole day to see all of the museum, it’s amazing, I wouldn’t have liked to wait longer outside, just because there is some kind of movie star trying to promote a movie that has nothing to do with El Prado,damn!

  • reese is a hag

    Check out pic #4
    Reese Rat Face Witherspoon’s smile is disgusting

  • Eva maria

    have you been to El prado? if not, what are you waiting for? You should go and visit it,… the fact that I’m posting here doesn’t mean that I can’t go and visit museums, sights, I have a degree in Spanish Philology?You know what that means?I interpret and analyse texts, writings,books, sorry, my English is not perfect, I do my best,….but this web is only for entertainment, nothing serious, only 10 mins of my life,..Have your read Cervantes, Calderon,Quevedo,Garcia Lorca, my god if not, you don’t know what you misss,amazing Spanish writers,….writing in this web doesn’t make me an ignorant, i just give my opinion and have fun,like any other person,this is just a fun site for entertainment purposes……….

  • Amanda

    post # 21-

    Discrimination 101 maybe? So basically by posting your comments you believe yourself to be unintelligent. I am so happy to see ppl take an honest look at themselves. brava. And FYI, ppl from other nations can come on this sight, if Maryanne in Nowhere land, U.S. saw a star and could tell you what the environment was like, you would have no qualms. Hm, maybe you need to look little deeper. I don’t think you’ve found yourself yet. LIfe- get one

  • Susan

    I’ve been living in Spain for many years, I’m a TEFL teacher and I find offensive the fact that these people are using El Prado for promotion of their movie or romance, sorry.

  • Ronald

    Post 21 is a bloody ignorant, at least that’s what he is saying to himself and to everybody else in this blog,as he is posting here. Get some money and do some travellying, what about a journey to Madrid, maybe a visit to El Prado?People posting here are not ignorant, you are the ignorant one,man.

  • bral
  • Manuel

    Queeeeeee! It’s bloody hot in Spain right now, this looks like an advert for some publicity company, wearing a hat and long sleeves?now in Madrid? they must be joking,…right.I work for a solicitors company here and trust me, you don’t wear that in Madrid now, it’s too hot, plus, what are they doing with all these PR people around? they don’t look like they are going into a museum……oh,man!

  • se

    The pedophile Wood Allen would be expulse of Spain because he would ber using the Income Tax of spanish people tomake his film. Parasit!

    Now these two ignorants polluted the Prado Museum. If this situation continous in Europe the people whose have culture will avoid allthese place to not meet with all these ignorants or assossiate their images with people whose like bluff in sociaty!

  • eh

    and these people are famous? very boring…

  • se

    The ignorant people like promote themself in all these Museums and later they speaks only nosenses like these Dan Brawn!
    I hate people whose like bluff in sociaty!
    If these situatin will continous in Europa the people whose have culture would be afraid to go these place to assossiate with ignorants whose like bluff!

  • reese stinks

    Reese Witherspoon: “I don’t take a shower everyday.”

  • lynn

    I just hope the tourists didn’t have to wait because of this charade, honestly, there are big queues there…….

  • ellie

    love you two together ,such a nice looking couple..

  • Jesus

    If they were genuinely going to see the museum as an ordinary couple, nobody would have known, honestly, El prado is not a paps area at all,but what are they doing with all the crew,…PR people and so on,………obviously they wanted to be seen, I doubt if they really saw the museum. Shame!

  • MMax

    I’m sick and tired of Reese Witheerspoon’s self promotion and fauxmance.
    The woman is phony and annoying.

  • MCL

    I bet they left the museum and didn’t see anything,…they were just there for the photo op, which is a shame, jake could have been made the most of the photo op and at least could have got inside and visited the whole place, I bet they didn’t even got inside,…there is another great museum there is called Reina Sofia, another one is the Thyssen,gorgeous places, no photo ops for Reese and jake there? maybe there were not allowed in those 2.

  • Jose maria

    Ah,ah,ah,….he,he,….uh,…sorry, I have to laugh,….paps at El Prado museum,….yes, maybe they came on the plane with Jake. I can’t think of any other way,though…………..

  • Jose maria

    Ah,ah,ah,….he,he,….uh,…sorry, I have to laugh,….paps at El Prado museum,….yes, maybe they came on the plane with Jake. I can’t think of any other way,though…………..

  • Alberto

    Paps at El prado…………they must be joking!

  • laura

    ohhhh, I hope she does the same for him whe he has to promote his movies, all these photo ops.

  • dulce

    gosh, I hope she has taken a shower before visiting the museum, its pretty hot there now,……I would feel sorry for the other visitors,otherwise.

  • Irene

    Where are this people carrying the money?I can’t see any purse or anything,…do they think it’s for free? just because they are celebs? it costs money to get into the Prado, you know?…oh, wait a moment, I don’t think they’ll really get inside.

  • Dr phil

    Cat is the Babbler and #1 Reese fan from IMDB and other sites that does not know “new” means something different than “knew”. Her lack of intelligence sprinkled across many web sites is hysterically funny.

    Typical delusional Reese fan! Must be from Down South where they’re not too big on all that book learnin’

  • lakers fan in boston

    i forgot all about that they r a couple
    she doesnt look that cute, i remember loving her in sweet home alabama
    but it looks like she’s lost her looks

  • mg

    Dr phil
    you just spoke truth, what else can I say?clever.

  • Kali

    Ok, I used to be a Reese’s fan, but now,…what on earth is she doing wearing the same dress that she wore this winter to visit Jake in London,….woman, this is Madrid, it’s hot and you could have worn something more spring,…..that is called bad taste!Did you have a shower anyway? well, I hope so, otherwise Spaniards won’t be very pleased with that,…..people are quite clean there.

  • Dr Cat

    “Dr Phil” I am not who you seem to think I am, But I am pretty sure I know who you are.

    You really should try to stop trying analyse every post .

  • Reese Stinky Witherspoon

    Shut up!
    Thursday isn’t my shower day!