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Robert Pattinson Covers GQ April 2009

Robert Pattinson Covers GQ April 2009

Twilight hottie Robert Pattinson heats up the April 2009 cover of GQ Magazine. Here are some fun excerpts from the interview:

On his rumored girlfriend: “There’s literally not a single [true] story that could be written about me. I never do anything. There’s this thing about my supposed girlfriend. There’s this one girl who’s consistently mentioned. It’s like, ‘He’s dating this Brazilian model.’ What’s her name—-Annelyse. I’ve never met her.”

On being romantically involved with Camilla Belle, who is dating Joe Jonas: “That’s the funniest [rumor]. No. I mean, yeah, yeah, I’m friends with Camilla… It’s funny, though, because I met her at her place the other day, and there’s a security gate, and even the security woman—I guess she knows that Camilla lives there, and she was like, ‘Oooh!’ …I mean, Camilla’s the nicest—she’s a saint. And it’s funny that she’s being portrayed as this home wrecker. She’s literally the most unlikely person to be a home wrecker. It’s just ridiculous.”

On his new period film, Little Ashes, in which he plays a young Salvador Dali: “I thought I’d never get another acting job again. So I was like, ‘Yeah—why not try to do something weird?’ There’s all these gay sex scenes. And y’know, I haven’t even done a sex scene with a girl, in my whole career… And here I am, with Javier [Beltrán], who plays Lorca, doing an extremely hard-core sex scene, where I have a nervous breakdown afterward. And because we’re both straight, what we were doing seemed kind of ridiculous.”

On any last comments: “Okay, (deep breath) I f—ed Joe Jonas. I love him.”

Check out the full Pattinson article at The issue hits stands in NY/LA on March 17th and where on March 24th.

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Photos: Nathaniel Goldberg/GQ
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  • Leah

    funny, the cover says “hide your daughters”, for my friends and I its more like “hide your mothers” cause we all have a thing for him. intelligent, funny and handsome. Not cookie-cuter handsome, but striking.

  • lo

    wow, hot AND funny! Yes please!

  • erw

    Fugly!!! I do NOT get the adoration. His face is as flat as a pancake and he has the hips of a woman!!! WTF?!!!

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    you still trying to be me?!? lmbao

  • meg


  • M

    That’s such a funny article! Love it!

  • Melissa

    bloody hell he is gorgeous

  • athena

    I can’t believe he made the cover. It’s not my favorite. He looks much older than he is. I did have interest in him and it’s quickly waning..I know actors must move on, but I liked him best in Harry Potter as Cedric Diggory…oh well, maybe it’s because I don’t get Robert Pattison and I don’t care to get him either. His agents are doing a good job working to get him out in the Hollywood circuit…and Many British actors succeed in this sector in the US.

  • uy

    omg sexiest man alive!!!

  • micky

    Love him he`s beautiful

  • http://YAHOO HOLLY


  • rocknmovie

    Best GQ cover ever. He is gorgeous, brooding, sexy, sultry, smodering. Sexiest man alive. Sex on legs.

  • okk

    sooo HOT!

  • Key

    Who say Joe Jonas is gay…? hahaha noooo Joe is dating Camilla Belle …. come on don’t u read the article???
    If Joe was gay so Robert who said “I f…Joe Jonas I love him”.
    in fact Robert would be the gay for said that Joe !!!……hahaha

  • Key

    Who say Joe Jonas is gay…? hahaha noooo Joe is dating Camilla Belle …. come on don’t u read the article???
    If Joe was gay so Robert who said “I f…Joe Jonas I love him”.
    in fact Robert would be the gay for saying that Joe !!!……hahaha

  • Lizzie

    I adore him. I am baffled at some of the hate Robert gets. He is probably the most unpretentious young actor in Hollywood. He’s not trying to be in your face “look at me; I am the next big thing; I am so awesome!”

    I LOVE his personality and the fact that he can laugh at himself. And from everything I read about him – he’s a real sweetheart!

    I really hate rude comments about his looks. I don’t get the appeal of 90% of the male actors out there! But each to their own. Perfect looks & a perfect body isn’t the only thing that makes someone “hot!”

    Anyway, once Robert gains more confidence – he will be unstoppable and I wish him all the best! I hope Hollywood doesn’t suck the life out of him. I think he’s a gem in a sea of boring & mediocre.

  • Celia h.

    He only has ONE facial expression. He always poses like that. Come on ROBERT give us some VERSATILITY!!!!

  • Alexandra

    OMG thats amazing… i love robert soo much. ♥

  • Tammecka

    Oh! I am In Love =D

  • jeanette

    omg thats hystericall
    hes so gorgeous when he is clean and tity
    wat does gq stand for?

  • :)))

    woot woot sexy!!!

  • eira

    “okay (deep breath) i f***ed Joe Jonas. i love him!”
    i almost died laughing!

  • karmakey

    Love his sense of humor, humility, and that he really doesn’t care about all the publicity nonsense. What an amazing guy. Beautiful inside and out.

  • rocksii

    he’s not hot, but you know..
    he’s got something.. i don’t know
    exactly what it is.. but its just
    something about him that makes
    him attractive.

  • http://jj laurenj

    rob patz is so hot & sexy…………love his sultry looks………but what he and joe jonas see in that famewhore CAMILLA BELLE is beyond me…..the only talent that girl has is between the legs and its obvious both rob and joe have had a taste……….she has them hating each other but yet joe and rob have yet to meet each other or talk to each other so it says alot on camilla’s behalf how she has them at each others throat…….she is using both to advance her status in hollywood becuz really she isnt all that…………………….


    SO HOT

  • Angela

    yummmmmmmmm! He lookin Hot!

  • rob’s future wife

    did robert pattinson say”i f**ed joe jonas or was that there randomly?

  • kris

    HE’S So FREAKING HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://yahoo j

    Now he looks like Edward Cullen.In the movie not so.

  • ladyhawk6473

    Hotter than hell itself!! The imperfectly perfect R-Patz. So funny his last comment, Spunk Ransom at it’s finest….

  • lavagirl

    Rob Pattinson is a definite eye candy but his personality is even better. He is charming, dorky, shy, nervous, self concious, paranoid, funny, well read, sensitive, creative and actually rather sensible/level headed. He’s like a dirty, disorganised, fumbling teenager, a dashing sophisticated gentleman and a tortured creative soul – all rolled into one gorgeous concoction. I hope Hollywood doesn’t spoil him. Best of luck Rob.

  • YUck

    I know I will probably be labeled a “hater”, or be accused of being jealous, but I don’t find him the LEAST bit handsome. Looking at him I can’t see one enviable feature. Ugly face, dorky body. Now I will admit, he looked much better in Twlight, but here, and in other photos, he appears dishelved and unhygenic. I would much rather look like David B, Justin T, Mathew M, Leo D, etc. There all much more attractive IMO!

  • silentsophi

    Why is he on the Cover onf GQ great book with a poorly delivered movie.

  • roblover

    omg!!!!!!!!!! i love rob! and you other people who think not are lesbian… or gay!!!!
    i could do without the facial hair, though but still!!!!!!!!!!! hes still gorgeous!!!!! i love you rob!!!!! and your natural beauty!!!!!!!

  • YUck

    One other thing I would like to add, IF he wasn’t being ballyhooed like his is, I don’t think ONE woman would give him a second glance, let alone have legions of fans. His personality is what makes him “attractive,” if anything, because there are hordes of guys prettier than RP ever thought of being in Hollywood, yet they never get the recognition he is. The image is attractive, the man himself, butt effing ugly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • googlie

    oh fuck
    he looks hot

  • Joey

    i love him most goregeous thing in the world, cant wait for the scenes in the movie and ill buy 78 copies of the mag.

  • Jen

    wow his eyes look amazing in the cover… gorgeous man but not in a typical way… but what i like about him is that he seems honest, very funny interview

  • lara

    shocker a gq photoshoot heavy on the photoshopping and eye liner. still rocking that androgynous look from his tweens a bit. can’t believe he comes on sites like this to read this shat about himself. no place to get real account of people’s opinions of you than in the anonymity of the internet i guess. still though that’s kind of twisted. wonder if he enjoys reading the xxx fan fics about him and kristen. sicko.

  • arantxa

    i (L) ROBERT !

  • lkadsfj

    OMFG!!!! THESE ARE FUCKIN HOT!!! ROBERT PATTINSON IS THE SEXIEST MAN ALIVE!!!! he is sooooo fuckin hot!!! i luv him sooo much and also taylor lautner. sorry to all of the people who hate any of them but I love Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner!!! AHHHH SEXINESS!!!

  • Michelle

    Every time there is a post of him, I can’t help but stare. He’s absolutely breath taking and heavenly.

  • lillu


  • Chanell


    Him and Joe Jonas naked in a room together (with me of course)=

    HEAVEN! lol

  • Alison

    I think he is gorgeous!

  • San

    cud someone explain me wat he meant by he “f*cked” joe jonas??
    i hope he was kidding… :P

  • angie

    absolutely STUNNING!!!

  • emma

    he’s so hot i could die! probably the most beautifuk face on earth right not! he’s hotter than my f-ing boyfriend and that’s a lot! hihi ;)
    AND he’s funny too! “i fucked joe jonas” love it!

  • Dana

    Why must he always look like a hobo? TAKE ANOTHER SHOWER, DUDE.