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Beyonce Covers 'Vogue' April 2009

Beyonce Covers 'Vogue' April 2009

Style icon Beyonce graces the April 2009 cover of Vogue.

The mag’s headline boasts, “Real woman have curves — Beyonce at her best.”

So tell me this: If you don’t have curves, does that not make you a real woman?

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the Filipino boys dancing to Beyonce‘s “Single Ladies.” It’s a riot!

This spring, Beyonce will kick off a massive concert tour, premiering live performances of songs from her latest album I Am… Sasha Fierce.

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  • thats_right

    Angelina and Brad forever

  • sweetie

    She looks beautiful! :-)

  • cynthia

    Beautiful :D I LOVE BEYONCE: D

  • lola

    i luv you beyonce

  • k

    Skinny girls already know they’re the cream of the crop and societies ideal, so it’s okay for fat girls to try to empower themselves. It’s like telling a retarded person they’re smart.

  • Zac

    I love Celine Dion and I don’t care she lipsynches too much in concerts!
    Beyonce is great at lipsynching also.



  • rafaela

    Beautiful Queen Bey!

  • Parkan

    “So tell me this: If you don’t have curves, does that not make you a real woman?”

    Good question…statements like this are just a way of striking out at people who are slim. People can’t help the bodies they’re born with, and I understand “fuller-figured” people being a bit resentful of the way society imposes a thin ideal of women.

    But it’s just stupid to compensate for your possible insecurities by insulting women who don’t have your so-called “curvy” body type. If you were so secure in your body, you wouldn’t need to.



  • lupe

    tok, #5: yeah, skinny girls, the ones with their bones sticking out and sunken cheek bones are just gorgeous, aren’t they?? did you know that when you starve yourself your body begins to eat it’s fat, and then begins eating organs? yeah. your body will acctually destroy itself. and then you’ll die. cool. so to those skinny girls out there starving themselves: you’re killing yourself to look so disgusting. but i mean, do it and #5 will support you all the way!

  • Shaun

    she is so beautiful !

  • alexis

    real women are happy with the body God gave them.

  • Irene

    She is sooooo overrated.

  • Greek

    Why do the photoshop her so much if she likes her curvy body? I don’t get it. She’s so fake and overrated.

  • truth ALWAYS hurts

    if she’s so proud of her curves, why does she always appear photoshopped ( especially in the lower part of her body ) ? THIS WOMAN IS FAKE!

  • webster

    Guess what I’m a slim girl myself, Beyonce is probably 50 lbs heavier than me but my chest size is definitely bigger than hers and I got a nice firm round toosh that I work very hard on maintaining through everyday exercises.You don’t need to be overweight to be curvy, in fact the word curvy has totally different meaning than what delusional overweight women are thinking. But if it makes them feel better fine, let it be, just don’t resent skinny girls for their God given gifts. In fact most skinny girls have better curves than sloppy, shapeless, fat girls. Beyonce is one of them. Her thighs, arms, and butt are too fat to look sexy or feminine anymore. When your body frame is bigger than your man’s, that is not sexy anymore.

  • Blah

    Beyonce has a pumpkin head! Ugly hoe! She’s nothing special.

  • hannah

    There’s a difference between having an eating disorder and being skinny. idiot.

  • bree

    I think she is one of the most overrated artisit out there. The magazines should shine more attention to the new and upcoming artists.

  • anthony

    Physically speaking real women have vaginas.. Sorry but it’s true! All the ” curvier ” girls seem to get the oh real women have curves line and it’s a bit over done by now. A woman can be just that, a beautiful woman in whatever shape she’s comfortable in curves or no curves.

  • Gasol_fan16

    BEAUTIFUL!!!! :D

  • Blah


  • Shaun

    @#23 BLAH



  • anon

    All women have curves. If you have breasts you have curves. one thing a curve isn’t is FAT. Excess flesh on the body especially where it’s not supposed to be, hands, neck, just excess fat. Beyonce is healthy. But how come no one is talking about her 10 inch waist that she gets with a corset?

  • lupe is fat

    lupe @ 03/13/2009 at 7:21 pm

    Lupe you are such an ignorant bitter and jealous person. Skinny is healthy, #5 never said anorexic. I weigh 118 lbs and I don’t have any bones sticking out. Why do you think obese people like you get heart disease, organ failure, cholesterol, diabetes, cancer, etc? It is your body’s way of telling you “stop eating you fat pig.” If you look back in history you will find that more people were thin – normal weight, rather than overweight because food was healthier and their lifestyles were much healthier. Today so many people are overweight and ill because of it, due in part to unhealthy eating habits and too much consumption of unhealthy fats and processed food. It takes an extreme amount of weight loss for a person to become anorexic. Thin people are not unhealthy or sick. Normal people are not chubby, and they do not look like Beyonce. A person with normal weight and fat in their body is thin believe it or not. Instead of living a lie why don’t you get your lazy fat ass off the couch and start jogging, running, walking, cleaning the house, playing sports? Or why don;t you start buying healthy food instead of being a lazy fat ass and just pulling up to McDonald’s drive thru? People get overweight because of all the negative things such as bad food, bad genes, illness, injury, lack of exercise, stress, etc – nobody chooses to be fat so don’t try to glamorize it. People like Beyonce and Tyra Banks are promoting unhealthy eating and obesity that is just a terrible thing to promote to young teenagers. Teens already are thinking that being fat is ok, which in turn is only damaging their health, in the short and long run. If someone smarter than Beyonce and Tyra doesn’t show them a way to a healthy eating, they will only get fatter and will develop an illness.

  • vtj

    Beautiful she is NOT!

  • Faris

    She looks stunning .. natural Beauty

  • Blah

    @ # 24! Mrs. Wintour can suck it because she’s pretentious and doesn’t put REAL people on the cover with real issues. She puts robots like Beyonce on with zero personality.

    Britney is an inspiriation.

    P.S. Britney was on the cover of vouge before………

    Britney BITCHES!!!!!!!!

  • Si

    I hate Beyonce!!! She is ugly that is all!!! She does not have hair.Her body is very ugly and fat!!

  • vtj

    No curves on Beyonce up top….in the rear, she carries that tea wagon butt around

  • Jess

    Lol at all the jealous Britney fans. Beyonce looks gorgeous on the cover of Vogue. And for all of you complainers, this issue is a celebration of women with many different body types…*hence the “fashion for every figure” headline*. People get pissed off when Vogue has anorexic models on their cover, but get pissed when they have women like Beyonce (who has a much more relateable body to the average American female) on the cover. Get over yourselves already. If you’re mad because your favorite female artist isn’t on the April cover, thats just too bad. You’ll live. And I must say again, Beyonce looks amazing…naturally beautiful.

  • Parkan

    #19 – who even mentioned eating disorders? Clearly you have reading difficulties and/or lack a functioning brain.

  • debra77

    I think she looks good, but I hate that dress. I bet it is one of her Mom’s creations. Ugly. but she is beautiful. Love her curves.

  • sarahi

    you people are so ignorant. See in the black community our men like us with hips and butt and small waist. I do not care what you people are talking about if you have a small waist with a flat belly you are not fat.

  • Marie

    Really? No she is not fat and their is nothing wrong with being slim or having curves. Kim Kardashian has curves and she looks good. Paris is skinny and she looks good, she doesn’t look anorexic at all. Women have different body shapes not everyone is the same dammit.

  • Tranny bitch

    Men are so lucky no one ever seems to question their weight or ask if they are curvy or too thin. Women are always under pressure, pressure, pressure coming down on them.

  • JENN

    “real woman have curve” !!!
    how HYPOCRITE !!!!!!
    I can’t belive Vogueis saying that

  • Joan Jett

    Lesbos never worry about frivolous things like weight. Straight women are tools to the fashion industry and the diet industry. Dumb twats!

  • pop86

    The point of the magazine is that women comes in all different body shapes and size; and one particular size is perfect. Granted Vogue having an issue celebrating women’s body is highly laughable and hypocritical. I will Vogue credit for not ‘white-washing” Beyonce like alot of white magazines do.

  • Regina

    Dear Just Jared,

    Don’t be a tool.

  • em


  • I’m so GAY!

    I am an 18 year old skinny boy and I would love to have curves.

  • Fucking insane stans

    You want to see ugly look up jennifer Hudson
    I agree with 43. Beyonce looks beautiful. oh yeah and Jennifer is ugly…she is a frog face fatty. Beyonce looks good as always.


    IF you want to see ugly look at yourself on the mirror and you’ll see TRUE UGLINESS!!!!!! Jennifer Hudson is a real BEAUTY, she ‘is not overdone and overphotoshop like your FAKEONCE!!! Plus she don’t need to be half naked on stage and in her clip video Cuz’ she’s a classy LADY!! SOMETING THAT YOUR QUEEN B**** SHOULD

    JENH is not a COPY CAT and she don’t pretend writting a song when she doesn’t like your LIARONCE!!!!

    It ‘s funny how B stans,lovers and fans ALWAYS put others artists DOWN to put their QUENN B**** up!!!!!!!

    And some her fucking insane stans say on youtube’s comment that B is their GOD, their ALFA OMEGA,their goddess or their queen but there is ONLY ONE GOD!!!! and it’s NOT B!!!!


    SO ENJOY : )) xoxo

  • Ex-gay/now straight

    The fashion industry is run by gays and they want and expect all women to have bodies like prepubescent boys.

  • jasiin

    If it were no talent Disney clowns Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens, you all would go ga-ga over them, wouldn’t you?

  • Luciana

    Wow, good for her. She’s the 5th Black woman to ever make a US Vogue cover. Even Tyra and Naomi never achieved that. Congrats, Bey.

  • jaye

    Real women come in all shapes and sizes. There is no ‘ideal’ woman. There is someone for everyone, so be happy.

    I will say they didn’t whiten Beyonce up in this photo, but they did take some pounds off her with the photoshopping. Apparently they don’t want too much of what they call ‘real’ women.

  • Vanity

    If someone took a picture of me for a magazine cover I would beg to be photoshopped and I look pretty good I’m told.

  • a realist

    Beautiful girl.