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Beyonce Covers 'Vogue' April 2009

Beyonce Covers 'Vogue' April 2009

Style icon Beyonce graces the April 2009 cover of Vogue.

The mag’s headline boasts, “Real woman have curves — Beyonce at her best.”

So tell me this: If you don’t have curves, does that not make you a real woman?

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the Filipino boys dancing to Beyonce‘s “Single Ladies.” It’s a riot!

This spring, Beyonce will kick off a massive concert tour, premiering live performances of songs from her latest album I Am… Sasha Fierce.

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91 Responses to “Beyonce Covers 'Vogue' April 2009”

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  1. 51
    Skinny_Btich Says:

    So tell me this: If you don’t have curves, does that not make you a real woman?

    LOL. Oh Jared, I love you so much for that comment. :-)

    Someone needs to stick up for us thin girls, too. I’m tired of people making us out to be “less of a woman” than fat chicks with giant breasts and behinds.

  2. 52
    Not impressed by JA Says:

    She is beautiful but i don’t like the quote ‘real women have curves’ !
    I don’t like the constant insult thrown at skinny/slim/lean women when the chubby or fat ones are tolerated. It’s just like nobody can be slim or skinny without being putting down or pecieved as being less of a woman or anorexic labelled abusively.
    Mind you but ‘REAL WOMEN’ come in every shape or form. -
    Dismissing one type because it doesn’t fit the it profile of the moment is pure insult. No wonder the average American teen dreams of getting breast implants as soon as she turns 18.

    Skinny women are as woman are all the rest, nothing more, nothing less. Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams are as real woman than Beyonce !

  3. 53
    Llalla Says:

    Beyonce is a robot.

  4. 54
    ariel Says:

    She looks good and of course curves make you a real woman. Especially when 99% of the people that just commented are overweight.

  5. 55
    Kimberly Says:

    Hmmm…this is an interesting thread. While I do not agree with the “real women have curves” comment, I wouldn’t agree with many of these comments on here either. Women come in all different shapes and sizes, it’s when they alter their figure in order to conform to societies’ “ideal body weight” that gets them into trouble. Starving oneself, over exercising and getting breast implants to conform to what the fashion industry views as beautiful is very unhealthy behavior. So is leading a sedentary lifestyle and eating processed food. Both are unacceptable. Women might want to start supporting each other instead of bagging on one another.

    And by the way, to call someone fat is a little insensitive and immature. People carry extra weight for many different reasons. Some may have a genetic predisposition or medical condition that keeps them from being what we view as thin.

    I say be fit and healthy, and not worry about what society thinks of your body. And please stop bagging on women for being thin or having curves. Accept what you have and do your best with it.

    And P.S., saying that thin women are the cream of the crop is absolutely laughable, considering that men like women off all shapes and sizes.

  6. 56
    ihavenolife Says:

    she poses the same way in almost every picture. does this pose have a slimming effect or is this her signature stance, like her mermaid gowns?

  7. 57
    Sexymami! Says:

    kim kardashian is sexy and curvy, bey looks like a fat tranny!! she looks soooooooooooo ugly and like her mom, mixed with a little rupaul!

  8. 58
    Sexymami! Says:

    kim kardashian is sexy and curvy, bey looks like a fat tranny!! she looks soooooooooooo ugly and like her mom, mixed with a little rupaul!

  9. 59
    Sexymami! Says:

    kim kardashian is sexy and curvy, bey looks like a fat tranny!! she looks soooooooooooo ugly and like her mom, mixed with a little rupaul!

  10. 60
    deano Says:

    anna wintour puts women with real style and grace on the cover of vogue beyonce is graceful mrs obam has great style britney dosent thats why anna wont put britney on the cover britney can do an elle cover to make u guys happy

  11. 61
    MickeyVonDutch Says:

    I never get why you would call someone who is good looking by objective standards “ugly”. Just say that Beyonce/Jennifer/Angelina or whomever isn’t your type. Hating is so very unbecoming and the fact that you’re anonymous here shouldn’t be considered a free pass for going off on someone you don’t even know personally.

  12. 62
    gerard Vandenberg Says:

    be sure: HONESTY IS “not done”, folks!!

  13. 63
    PSSSHT! Says:

    Everyone knows not to buy american vogue, out of all the vogues it’s the most uncalssiest one out there.
    All they do Is put a-list stars on there and call it fashion.
    when its not.

  14. 64
    wisher Says:

    I dont get why beyonce gets so much attention . Hasnt released a good song in years now . Looks ugly .

    & in this pic she literally looks bald. Blehh

  15. 65
    elco Says:

    Toooo….photoshoooooppppp!!! But beyonce still rocks!!!

  16. 66
    Luciana Says:

    Only a moron would argue that real women don’t have curves. Being attracted to women with the body type of a 14 yr old body is not normal. It is not normal for women to not posesses any feminine attributes in their body forms. Some of you are so warped in the head.

  17. 67
    NativeNYker Says:

    I would greatly appreciate her going away… She ain’t nothing but a Diana Ross wanna be!

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  18. 68
    elco Says:

    But BRITNEY SPEARS, still #1, she’s amazing divaaa!!!!!! Welcomeee back, brit!!! Btw for justjared’s readers pliss check my blog to see popular indonesian magazine every month!!

  19. 69
    KVB Says:

    One of the most lovely photos of Beyonce…elegantly simplistic = classic.

    Maybe JZ, Beyonce, and the powerful women who have come out during the past two weeks will be able to rescue Rhianna from demise.

  20. 70
    Michael Says:

    Wow that is a very stunning cover, and not over done. I love it.

  21. 71
    Jude Says:

    wow! you guys have sprit! you sure do!

    stop being hypocrites saying a woman with a fuller figure is prettier than skinny girls, come on, everyone diss fat people, a lot more than those that are “slim and slender” !
    “real women have curves” doesn’t mean that skinny girls are ugly!
    A skinny girl with boobs HAS curves!
    AND even if a skinny girl doesn’t have curves as a matter of fct, what’s up wih this?? She still is real and pretty

  22. 72
    kobe #24 Says:

    i am so tired of people talking down on others to make themselves feel better not once has beyonce or tyra ever said eat everything and you’ll be better off and just because b doesn’t like to let everyone know what is going on in her life like britany crazy self doesn’t make her a robot and beyonce does look very beatiful on this cover and ya’ll act like she photoshops the cover she doesn’t own the magazine in lamens term stop hatin so much on this woman if you don’t like her don’t, stop wasting your time trying to talk crap about her cause it’s quite pointless cause i doubt she cares, cause she still goes on about her buisness not caring what ya’ll have to say and still don’t get it why come on here if she fake, fat, stupid, ugly etc. WHY!!! go support the artist you like instead of talking down others just because your favorite artist is failing and not getting the publicity beyonce is getting.
    GO BEYONCE !!! f*** the haters continue to do you, you are highly blessed and don’t ever forget what the bible says”do not touch my annointed” .

  23. 73
    SAM Says:

    “real women have curves”. If Beyonce wasn’t stuffing herself into 2 pairs of Spanxs to get into dresses and other outfits the term will sound believeable. Its funny that she can only get into one type of dress. Real women exercise to keep their body and minds sharp and tight. No one should be taking Caynenne pepper detox drinks to loose weight. Vogue magazine sucks.

  24. 74
    kobe #24 Says:

    another thing why talk down on her because of stuff that her crazy stans/fans may say, is beyonce going around saying i’m the greatest thing since sliced bread no just her stans so i say just talk crap about the stans not her cause she didn’t do anything to ya’ll so why hate so hard on her its stupid, pointless, and very childish to speak on someone you don’t even know personally just tired of everyone going on preconcieved notions or hear say, me i don’t not until i hear it from her mouth saying it.

  25. 75
    Jaja Says:

    Lol at the ppl talking smack about Beyonce like she wrote the cover. Blame Vogue for the cover. Like someone said previously, Real Women accept and love what body type they were given. There are ppl that can exercise all they want but will never be a size 2 and there are some who will eat all they want and can’t gain weight. I hate when women cut other women down. You can beautiful at a size 2 or 12 as long as your happy with yourself and you’re healthy.

    Stop letting the media define what’s true beauty. Some of you all are so childish.

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