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Clive Owen & Julia Roberts Cover Entertainment Weekly

Clive Owen & Julia Roberts Cover Entertainment Weekly

Duplicity stars Clive Owen and Julia Roberts take the latest cover of Entertainment Weekly.

Julia, 41, shared a bit about her son Henry, almost 2, and 4-year-old fraternal twins, Phinnaeus and Hazel. “They were in the trailer, hanging out, reading books, jumping on the one bed they’re allowed to jump on, Henry‘s taking naps,” she says of life on the set. “To make a movie as a mother of three children under 3? That’s an accomplishment I’m proud of.”

Clive, 44, chimed in to talk about co-star Julia, who plays a slick corporate spy who trades kisses and quips with an equally smooth Clive. “She’s the best at playing this kind of material,” says Clive of Julia. “She’s got a deftness and a lightness of touch and an ease. She was far and away the choice for us.”

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Duplicity opens everywhere on Friday, March 20.

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  • Zac

    I love Celine Dion and I don’t care she lipsynches too much in concerts!

  • ryan



  • Audrey

    She looks gorgeous!! Good to see her again after such a while, feels fresh. Excellent tip for other actresses give us a break once in a few years!! We’ll love you even more.

  • ♥Shqipëria♥

    Clive Owen is super cute!

  • lakers fan in boston

    love julia =]
    she kinda is a butter face but i think she looks great on the cover
    im not sure if ill watch the movie tho, i still dont no what it’s really about

  • asdf

    three kids under 3?
    Her twins are 4. I don’t get it..

  • popozao

    ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww why is that slag back in business???? my eyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyes!!!!!!!! RUN CLIVE!!!!!!!!!!

  • max

    thanks jared for all these new juliapics! it’s refreshing to see more of her instead of all the usual b-listers…
    i love the cover, she rocks in purple!

  • julia rocks

    I love julia Roberts, but please give us also some


    mr. & mrs. smith?

  • barbarie

    clive owen super cute?!?!?!?! he’s smokin’

  • barbarie

    clive owen super cute?!?!?!?! he’s smokin’

  • uglysexy

    Julia’s still eminently doable…I’d love to have my way with her ;p
    on credit baby…on credit

  • Julia

    Julia reminds me of an alligator when she opens her mouth.

  • chapped beyond

    Oh yeah, Julia.. what an accomplishment… you made a friggin’ movie with 3 kids, oh and what an accomplishment to be proud of…. do you even remember what reality is? Do you even have the vaguest memory of reality? I’m sure with that swarm of nanny’s and assistants willing to jump at your every whim made it really hard to make that movie… Reality check number 631 for dip-shit movie stars: the majority of mother’s hold down full time jobs, look after their kids ON THEIR OWN, DO EVERYTHING ON THEIR OWN – so please don’t insult these millions of women by making douchey statements like making a friggin’ movie with 3 kids is something to be proud. Wake the f**k up!

  • Sal

    I love her. She is so classy. Looks like a good movie.

  • Megan

    Clive is cute.
    Julia…. not so much.

  • me

    yea right, classy. dates a married man and walks around with that smug look on her face 24/7.

  • gerard

    julia fantastic !

  • slambang

    UGH. I can’t stand this woman. She thinks she’s all that; she always has. She took another woman’s husband, won an undeserved Oscar, and is a crappy actress with the most annoying laugh on the planet (ever notice that she has to do that laugh in EVERY movie she makes?!).

  • Tyler


    This is not an Angelina Jolie thread. This is about Julia Roberts. You need to post your description “AJ”s thread.

  • KD1206
  • Clive!!!

    Julia who? I’m looking at Clive-gorgeous, handsome, charming..his wife is a very lucky lady!!

  • Julia fan

    COME BACK Julia! Banish that frog-face Jennifer Aniston, who is trying to steal your sweetheart crown–with her fake PR games, her nudiie pics in a gross men’s mag. to promote a DOG movie, and her endless ‘razzi bikini pics. Julia has class and charm. She can take time off from the spotlight, but unfortunately famewhorre Aniston refuses to leave. Banish Aniston back to tv land where she belongs!

  • jaye

    Yep, she’s fresh and photoshopped. I guess she needs some money. She’ll be all grins to the paps for a bit. She is one fouled mouth woman.

  • Love her

    I wish Julia would make more movies. I’d rather see her than all those other so-called “stars” out there.

  • realfiction


  • Nora

    Horse-faced Julia, please, I beg you, GO AWAY. Have you no decency?! You are fake, cold, smug, overpaid, marginally talented, stupid, unread, and even stupider and more overrated than you were in the hideous 90s with those rom-coms. I summon the gods of all that is holy and decent, go away and raise your babies with the man you stole from his family.

  • open

    She looks really pretty on the cover…Stunning actually!

  • opinionated

    She looks really pretty on de cover…Stunning actually!

  • gerard Vandenberg

    be honest: WHAT ELSE CAN THEY DO, folks?

  • Twilight Series

    I could never stand her mug. She’s got mouth that you could fit a horse in there and walks around like the world belongs to her. Gahhhh!

  • Laura

    Clive Owen is the most gorgeous man, fancy being Julia Roberts and getting paid big bucks to get up close and personal with him …. yes please I do!

  • Celine

    She is now and will always be a selfish man-stealing ho bag. She couldn’t get a man of her own so she had to go buy one.

  • firey

    Clive Owen is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SEXY, GORGEOUS and julia roberts one BIG ASS MOUTH woman and not really all that pretty.

  • firey

    Clive Owen is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SEXY, GORGEOUS and julia roberts one BIG ASS MOUTH woman and not really all that pretty.

  • Custom T

    They should be together..they looks sexy as **ll!

  • Aliz

    amazing cover and very funny movie! They’ve a great chemistry! ^__^