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Natalie Portman Bounces From Bardot

Natalie Portman Bounces From Bardot

Natalie Portman and a gal pal relax at L.A.’s Bardot nightclub on Thursday night (March 12).

Soon, the 27-year-old actress can be seen in New York, I Love You, a collection of short films about, duh, love and New York. Nat starred in one and wrote and directed another.

Natalie recently chatted with Twilight‘s Robert Pattinson at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party. And of course, rumors are flying that they have the hots for each other.

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Credit: Michelle Phillip; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • pal

    Natalie is pretty. She was pretty hot in Hotel Chevalier:

  • lovely

    She is very beautiful!

  • aminah

    Love her!

  • fran

    I wish she was dating Pattinson. Theyd be great together

  • whatever

    she looks pissed!

  • lily

    She looks great in that color, well … she always looks great.

  • soi

    Definitely one of my faves! She is gorgeous.

  • rick


  • Thandie

    So beautiful. She looks much younger than 27.

  • a

    Always stunning.

  • tom

    Just got a love her.

  • tim

    I like these colors on her, the hair, the top, the grays, nice.

  • gloria

    rodrigo santoro already said that they’re “getting to know each other”. sorry, r-patz!

  • vico

    He didn’t say, gloria, sorry. He said the whole rumour is untrue. It’s over. Give up. That was just the Brazilian media.,,EMI63289-9531,00.html

    He said only “hanging out”, but that could be just a joke. Ours later he has spoken about that longer. That article is about that. Sorry, guys. :)

  • tim

    @Gloria, #13
    Do you have a link to that statement? Thanks.

  • tom

    Santoro said somewhere that they are hanging out together, right?

  • vico

    Yeah, he never said “we’re getting know each other”, that’s not true. Someone made it up. The Brazilian media is a real mess.
    But tom, there is the link. Santoro says after that that he just heard the whole rumour and it’s all untrue. So… when he said the hanging out thing, he didn’t know about the story. It could be a joke or also a false thing, it seems to be. But after that:,,EMI63289-9531,00.html

    “The whole story is created. I just heard it.” – he says something like this! And this is his latest! Sorry, guys. It’s just a rumour.

    And? He’s in Brazil for weeks!!!!! Hoohoo!!!! It would be really difficult to date!!!!!

  • tom

    I don’t get it, why is Nat being so difficult in the dating area.

  • lala

    Natalie has been seeing Rodrigo Santoro since February and also spotted backstage with Ryan Gosling at a couple of his shows recently. So her chatting up Robert Pattinson briefly at an after-party 3 weeks ago does not constitute as dating. He’s begun seeing Kristen Stewart…you’ll see. Can only hide it for so long–bound to come out eventually.

  • vico

    Pattinson is not dating Kristen Stewart. He’s single since a long time.

  • tom

    Pattison could not be into Kristen, she is not that beautiful and smart. I can believe about Natalie Portman, though.

  • vico

    No, lala, the Santoro and Gosling rumours were false!,,EMI63289-9531,00.html

  • tom

    @22 can you translate it into English? I can’t imagine that both rumors were false.

  • vico

    Tom, why is sihe so difficult? Not she, the media made things up, that’s all.

  • vico

    Tom, can’t you imagine? Why? :) You believe always what you read?

    I can’t translate it exaclty. But Santoro says, the whole story is false, and the media always tries to get her a woman, and he don’t like that they are messing with his private life. So, thats it.

  • ‘Mandise

    What a beauty! I love her

  • kroq

    I thought you had given up Lodovico.

  • tom

    to get him a woman, not her a woman

  • vico

    Kroq, you should give up. That’s the truth. That’s the truth.

  • vico

    Lodovico? Who’s Lodovico? I’m vico. Vico.

  • rrrrrrrrrray

    vico’s right, that’s the translate. than that’s actually untrue.

  • tom
    according to this article, santoro kind a confirmed it?

  • vico

    No. That’s about the same “hanging out” thing. It’s funny how every gossip site ignored the latter QUEM report. So it’s nothing.

  • missy

    Vico, you should also stop. This is getting really boring.

  • vico

    sorry, but I didn’t start this.

  • kroq

    vico, it’s not that I don’t believe you, you just sound like a broken record. All these rumors are probably untrue as you say. I just see you in every Rodrigo-Natalie discussion I come across on the internet.

    The only man in Natalie’s life is her dog.

  • missy

    So you aren’t Lodovico Settembrini ?? Because that person also post MANY comments about Natalie and Rodrigo on the natalie portman forum about being not a couple. Tries very hard to proof that.

    If not my apolagize ;)

  • LOOK

    Natalie has female pattern alopecia (balding) If you look at the last photo, the small hairs at her scalp are a tell tale sign.

  • vico

    what natalie portman forum? I posted this only on justjared. :) I don’t know lodovico settembrini and the other forum.

  • tom

    how do you know that nat is not dating, it looks like she is not, but who knows.

  • jerry

    Btw, where is her adorable dog? Maybe by a caretaker?

  • Mr. Smith

    yeah, where is he? cute dog

  • bateman

    Yeah, adorable. There is a funny poll on about that little dog’s best pictures!

  • woah!

    i just don’t understand how she can be this naturally beautiful! she is stunning!


    We will never truly know who Nat dates unless she is seen with them and with Nat the PDA is apparent when she dates. Rob Patt was said to have the hots for Nat but, no I don’t see them dating only talking if that. the Brazilian man stated in his BLOG that he was not dating her and as for Gossling I don’t see that either. but, then again one never really knows thats what makes Nat so interesting as a person.

  • bateman

    stop posting about her private life, it’s her business

  • darkside

    great pics

  • bloom

    isn’t the same trousers and boots she whore at the Powerful Noise evening?

  • bloom

    WORE :)

  • Gasol_fan16

    Natalie looks perfect and beautiful as alway’s. Elgant and alway’s dressed in good taste. Purple looks great on her.

    @#49 What has Natalie done to you? Did she break your heart or something? Or are you just some jealous teenage hater girl and wished you looked like Nat? ;)