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'New Moon' Cast is Smoking -- Literally!

'New Moon' Cast is Smoking -- Literally!

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Kellan Lutz, Nikki Reed and Peter Facinelli (Jennie Garth’s husband) puff away at their cancer sticks in between takes on the set of the Twilight sequel, New Moon, in Vancouver, Canada on Wednesday (March 11).

Non-smoking cast members: Taylor Lautner (pictured below), Ashley Greene and Jackson Rathbone.

Reed recently expressed how proud she was of Lautner. Pattinson is the April 2009 cover boy for GQ Magazine. Check out the pics if you haven’t already!

20+ pictures inside of the smoking New Moon cast…

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new moon smoking cast 01
new moon smoking cast 02
new moon smoking cast 03
new moon smoking cast 04
new moon smoking cast 05
new moon smoking cast 06
new moon smoking cast 07
new moon smoking cast 08
new moon smoking cast 09
new moon smoking cast 10
new moon smoking cast 11
new moon smoking cast 12
new moon smoking cast 13
new moon smoking cast 14
new moon smoking cast 15
new moon smoking cast 16
new moon smoking cast 17
new moon smoking cast 18
new moon smoking cast 19
new moon smoking cast 20

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  • eww



    Big deal if they smoke
    anyqay great way to keep warm


    Wait I thought Jackson smokes

  • mk

    I heart Rob.

  • rose


  • cort

    umm, I could’ve sworn Jackson smokes.

    he’s lighting his, kristen’s and nikki’s cigs here..

  • brina

    i hate smoking it’s horrible, but some duded looks os hot smoking. and isn’t kristen only 18… i know that’s legal but geez

  • trish.

    lol they all smoke.
    cool but whack cause they’re making me want a cig.
    (i smoke)

    and it’s cold up there it’s probably making them warm. and jacob doesnt smoke! so he’s drinking that coffee or tea.

  • Creep

    You know, if they were going to hire trash, they could’ve at least hired trash that could act.

  • kris

    oh god.
    big freaking deal !
    they smoke.
    so does half the country.

    I really hope they stop though
    but it’s not our lives so i really could care less
    if they want to smoke as long as they do a great job
    with the movies they do
    that’s all that matters.

  • trish.

    trash cus they smoke?

    get over yourself. LOL

    you’re an IDIOOOOOOOOT!

  • Creep

    trash cus they smoke?

    get over yourself. LOL

    you’re an IDIOOOOOOOOT!


    I wasn’t just referring to the smoking, I was referring to them in general. I hope Kristen brought her bong with her. And at least I’m an idiot who knows how to spell.

  • krystal

    jackson does smoke he smokes new ports

  • ann

    I love rob and the rest of the cast, but what LOSERS for smoking. It’s unhealthy and ruins your looks

  • lily

    of course kristen brought her bong ahaha

  • cocoa

    Kids, if you don’t smoke, don’t start. it’s a nasty habit. It’s really hard to break the habit when you want to



  • victoria

    jackson does smoke. he’s just not pictured here smoking.

  • Jessica

    Bad habit, but whatever.
    It’s their choices.

  • Jessica

    ew. you do not do that! a total turnoff. and when so many people like rob and kristen…what a horrible influence!
    no wonder camille belle is dating joe and not rob (besides from the fact that joe is so hott!!) is that he doenst do that!
    what a loser they are…

    but go taylor!

  • Madonna


  • kt

    Dear Taylor:
    Smoking is not cool. Don’t start.

  • nikki

    kristen has been smoking since she was 16 so yeah and rob looks hottttt while smokinggg


    CANNOT WAIT for the movie

  • gabi(BRAzilian girl)

    I wanted to be the ROB cigarette


    OMG! Pics very perfect!

  • Ariana.Squill

    rob is flaminggggggg

  • elle

    well, good thing taylor doesn’t smoke :)

  • Ilovecigarettes

    They’re sooo cool!

  • soph

    I don’t smoke and hate smoking in general but I don’t preach or nothing. I don’t care if other people do. It’s their choice. If they want to smoke–then so be it. It’s not really a big deal. It’s their lungs, not ours. On the other hand, I really do love them all. I had no idea Peter smoked though. *shrugs* Maybe some of them are just social smokers. LOL

  • KD1206
  • nysro

    That wig that Taylor gay is wearing looks like shit…

  • laura

    does anyone know where they have been filming?? or going to be filming??

  • Theresa

    smoking is such a turn-off for me. but hey, what am i gonna do about it?

  • molly

    That wig on Taylor looks horrible! LOL

  • Non SMokers UNITE!

    Good for Taylor not smoking…in 10 times he’ll still look youthful and beautiful..whereas a smoker’s skin always wrinkles more …. the rest of the Twilight cast will look twice their age.

  • Farie Rose

    ashley greene does smoke. do your homework. no wait. just look properly at your pictures.

  • sissysissy

    can’t wait to see the movie!!!

  • Delaney

    LOL…well if we see Dakota Fanning lighting up we will know there is something in the water.

  • sarahi

    yeah whoever said smoking ruins your looks were right. it ages you fast so those good looking people aren’t going to be that way for long if they keep smoking.

  • LALA

    OH SH!TH
    OH SH!TH
    oh sh!th chilllllllllllllll with the cigs wowwwwwwww
    but rob smoking is such a turn on right now wow hez HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT

  • jen

    Honestly, in this day and age, smoking has got to be one of the dumbest things you could do. It’s sad that there will probably be plenty of young people who see one of the hottest casts out there now smoking and think that it’s not that bad because they all look “hot” doing it. Smoking is not sexy. Smoking is a terrible addictive habit that contributes to the deaths of many loved ones each year. Just because Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson do it and look good doing it doesn’t mean that changes.

  • LALA

    oo and this pictures r kinda killing the movie

  • joss

    lol who cares, they’re all smoking hot

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    isn’t taylor supposed to look older, and more manly?!? well.. he doesn’t. not onef-ing bit.

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    and he might be wearing the worst wig ever seen on film.

  • ck

    big deal they smokes….
    its there live…
    as long as they dont force the non smokers to smoke
    then thats okay
    proud of ash and tay for not puffing cigs. though (thats if they dont smoke)
    tay for sure isn’t.. but w.e
    they are all still pretty darn hot =)

  • cancersticksucks


  • Marsha

    Its completely disgusting!

  • KStew krew

    Pick, pick, pick…..who gives a sh–. It really is their choice. I’m sure mommy and daddy have lectured them, just like your parents do/have. Can’t we just enjoy seeing the cast in some new pictures? Granted, we could have been given better pictures, but how interesting would that be compared to “OMG they’re smoking” pictures so we can rip on them. Bad press/pictures like these suck.

  • arantxa

    love them ! (L)