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Orlando Bloom Is Sweet To His Sister

Orlando Bloom Is Sweet To His Sister

Orlando Bloom puts his arm around his sister, Samantha Bloom, attending a private viewing of “Mythologies” by The Haunch of Venison Gallery on Thursday (March 12) in London, England.

The 32-year-old actor has been riding around London on his new Harley Davidson and even took some pictures with fans.

Orlando‘s girlfriend, Miranda Kerr was spotted traveling back to her native Australia, after attending the Victoria’s Secret Model Launch event.

10+ pictures inside of Orlando Bloom being sweet to his sister…

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orlando bloom samantha mythologies 01
orlando bloom samantha mythologies 02
orlando bloom samantha mythologies 03
orlando bloom samantha mythologies 04
orlando bloom samantha mythologies 05
orlando bloom samantha mythologies 06
orlando bloom samantha mythologies 07
orlando bloom samantha mythologies 08
orlando bloom samantha mythologies 09
orlando bloom samantha mythologies 10

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  • brett

    obviously orlando was the person, who got all the pretty genes.. not trying to be mean or anything, just saying…

  • Cooh

    they don’t look alike
    to bad for her
    orli is hot as always :X

  • yun

    This is cute :)

  • Betina

    Orli is so cute! I miss him and Kate Bosworth!

  • Jacqueline

    Nice to see him looking so relaxed! Sweet!

  • linda

    Long distance relationships never works, right?

  • slime

    One of those talentless actors who relies on looks and publicities to keep his career going!

  • gerard Vandenberg

    This because a girl is “NOT DONE” for faggots, folks!!

  • fatjealoushater

    Next post here on JJ will be…


  • faggot

    Once again there’s my boy posing for the paps…

  • jam

    JJ i think is the only US based media that continues to give a sh*t about this oh so talented actor. I bet bloom’s pr team is associated with JJ.

  • NativeNYker

    I wish he’d be sweet to me! I luv me some of him…

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • marie

    That’s great that he’s there to support his sister.

  • @10

    Paps aren’t allowed into private viewings of Galleries. Those were in all likeliness photographers that work for some local paper.

  • Sunny

    Orlando Bloom is a TOOL. Ever since I saw that video of him trying to leave the scene of an accident and leaving is injured friend. That is not a good person PERIOD.

  • @linda/6

    Nope, they never seem to do they? So sad ;).

  • Audrina

    you never know dear, third times a charm, yea?

  • @#11

    Yes, but its only the GF and her team who get blamed.

  • ellie

    Orlando your always just sweet and so good looking too!!

  • jam#18

    Well, i also have to agree with #7…

    Kinda pathetic that most talentless hollywood/brit actors are just living on hype with nothing to offer but looks and bland acting.

  • @11 and 18

    Hmm, that’s funny. I wonder why I keep seeing pics of him in entertainment magazines in the US? If no one cared, we wouldn’t see those pics anywhere but here, but yet they are all over.
    And you evidently care enough about him to take the time to read and to post, right?
    He’s posing for a PHOTOGRAPHER, not a pap. Big difference.

  • freda


  • leo_dc fan

    Leo is the real deal and that is proven by the longevity of his career and his versatility in portraying different roles.

  • sweet

    Sweet and oh so gorgeous!

  • coraline

    I sooo agree with fatjealoushater. Orlando and Miranda will indeed break-up very soon. I am not being a hater, i love Orlando and like Miranda, she’s sweet. It’s just a strong feeling. I miss Orlando with Kate also. People don’t hate Orlando because he’s sweet & beautiful. His career will be on the rise again.

  • jen

    Is he done filming the indi movie?

  • @25

    A mediocre actor who can’t carry his own movie is going to have a hard time to make his career last or even rise again, especially with todays economy. Movie producers won’t entrust big budgeted films on the hands of actors who are known for supporting roles and couldn’t make an impression to the box office when he’s the main star.

  • coraline

    Whatever @25. Why sooo serious?

  • snicker

    Ummm way to go #21. LoL. Thanks for proving the point. The GF and her team are always blamed for that too because she’s the only fame ho’ in that relationship, right? Riiiiight.. Yes the only place you see Bloom is in tabloids and gossip magazines and blogs, not on the big screen where serious actors do real work. Celebrities try to sell magazines, actors work. One type has a much longer shelf life than the other. Guess on what side Bloom falls? And don’t make the assumption that just because he and his publicists connive to get his pictures in the magazines it means he’s oh so in demand by the public, because they’ve never bought the stuff he’s been hyping which is why he’s so desperate now. Your fandumb has always overestimated itself in both numbers and your importance. It’s all gonna dry up very soon.

  • ?

    Wow it’s eerily quiet around here. 2 Bloom posts days old and neither more than 40? Whats happened?

  • http://justjared @29

    Whatever if you hate him so much why are you here?

  • http://justjared ???

    What has Leonardo di caprio to do with Orlando and this thread? The haters seem to forget the failure that were the latest Leo movies especially the one with Ridley Scott and that Kingdom of Haven was a huge success worldwide and is studied in schools .

  • @29

    1.He is in many magazines and magazines don’t buy something they can’t sell. They lose money if they do that, and you don’t have it easy to convince anyone that they buy his pictures despite no public interest. The same way, his PR team will not bribe anyone to get his pics in the media, their goal is not to GIVE money but to GET money so they’ll get rid of him in the very moment they start losing money for working for him.
    2.He has been working recently and he will work again soon.
    3.You don’t believe his fanbase is overestimated in number and importance, otherwise you wouldn’t bother with this.

  • mikee

    A slowly becoming has been actor…

  • Waning interest?

    Nice to see him spending ‘family time’ again at home. Even though his sister is kind of plain, she’s got a beautiful smile. Does seem like his fan base is shrinking though. Unfortunately even his girlfriend pulls in more postings than he does these days.. He needs to get busy with some interesting film projects again; it’s just been too long with nothing.

  • @35

    His girlfriend pulls in more postings because of all of the arguments that the haters cause. They claim that they don’t want her to get any publicity, then come and post on her threads over and over. Makes a lot of sense, huh? It’s the same thing with Leo. A thread about only him won’t reach 50 posts. A thread about him and Bar, or even Bar alone will bring the haters en masse. I often wonder if they are the same haters. All of their arguements sound EXACTLY the same. You could cut and paste any hater comment from Orlando’s thread, into Leo’s, and never know the difference.
    The haters can’t say anything bad about him being with his sister, so it spoils their fun. Except for the “has been” comments, that is. And again, if no one cares about him, why are they posting on his thread?
    He has had an amazing career, earning so much money that he never has to work again, and is now focusing on smaller films with character driven plots, and not CGI. Rent Haven or Ned Kelley, and you will see how good he is in these types of movies.
    I can’t wait to see him in Sympathy for Delicious. And The Cross sounds like another great departure for him. I am looking forward to this new part of his career.

  • jenn

    I enjoyed both movies you mentioned #35. SFD should be fun and I’m looking forward to that as well. I hope that some of the other movie rumors work out as well. His niche could very easily wind up being these Indi movies. Time will tell.

  • Comedy role?

    I think A few choice indies would be a good bet for him right now. And I am curious about this film where he’s playing a rock star. Quite a change-up for him if he can pull it off. And personally I’d like to see him try his hand at a good comedy role. He impressed me in that little skit he did for ‘Extras’ about a year or so ago. Could be comedy would be a good fit for him.

  • elsbeth

    #15 Sunny Is that all you can remember about Orlando? Something that happened almost 3years ago and was proven to not be his fault and that he wasn’t under the influence of anything that night. OMG you need to learn how to move on. I think I agree with most people here if you have felt that way for soooo long why are you here?
    I do have one thing to say about these pictures and almost all of the ones I have seen of his sister Sam, I know that a lot of people will be yelling at me, but, does anyone else here think she might be ,how do I say ,interested in someone like Lindsay Lohan? I have thought that for quite awhile. Just my opinion not that it matters at all just wanted a general idea from every one else

  • @39

    The public often has a long term memory when it comes to celebrities, just as it can easily forget some things when it comes to celebrities. For the general public – meaning NOT his fans or supporters – and people who casually keep up with celebrity news, that incident and the way in which he handled it may stick to Bloom for a long time.

    I believe you are asking if Bloom’s sister, Samantha, is gay, correct? That is what I infer from the phrasing of your question. Some women are not into feminine clothes or hair styles but are non the less straight. Some women are feminine on the surface but are gay. Some people find Bloom effeminate and girly enough to consider him gay. With all the female companions he allegedly has had, or gets photographed with, along with the ‘proof’ of his ‘relationship’ with Kerr, we are meant to assume and believe he’s straight. And sexually very active and virile.

    But if Orlando and Samantha were actually both gay, it would be their own business, of course, and it wouldn’t have any bearing on either of them as human beings. To the best of my knowledge, the only people who would know their *true* sexual preferences and what, if any, legitimate relationships they’ve had over the years would be their close friends and family. The rest of what is seen and read would be what is put out there for public consumption and discussion. Since Samantha is a civilian and not a public figure, she’ll have an easier time of keeping her private life private than her brother.

    Just my own thoughts in response to your post. :)

  • @Bloom fans

    #40 here again. Found this old Access Hollywood December 2001 interview with Orlando when LOTR just came out. He’s very articulate and rather charming in this segment. Thought you might enjoy it! :)

  • FroFro

    @41 – thanks for posting that. I dont believe I have ever seen that clip. Its interviews like that that I know for certain brought people into this fandom of his. Maybe for some it was his looks, which are undeniably fantastic, but that passion when he describes his techniques he’s learned, or processes he tried for building his character, and his absolute love for what he does that shows through in his face – that is what is actually fantastic about him. It was an interview similar to that that I saw that made me think “this guy is something special….really unique”. I guess that is why, for some, him not working too much these days, and doing more “celebrity” than “actor” is maybe a hard thing to accept, or stand by and watch without saying anything. Maybe some may call my comments here “obsessional”, but they can think what they want……dont care. I would love to see Bloom have that kind of passion for his profession again. If he did, he would have project after project lining up, and honestly, nobody can get that back for him but himself. If he has more of the negative aspects of fame and stardom going on right now, he has to be the one to fix that no matter what anyone else says about him. People respect people who respect themselves.

  • FroFro

    ….and FWIW…..I think Sam is adorable, always have. She seems like she would be a breath of fresh air to be around. Captivating smile and personality that shows through whenever you see pics or video of her.

  • @frofro

    But after a short break, he did have project after project lined up…In Celebration, The Red Circle, Fools Rush In, New York I Love You, Sympathy For Delicious, and The Cross. It’s not like he isn’t trying to work. It’s just that he is trying to work with smaller films, which are notoriously hard to get off the ground. If these films had all gotten off the ground, he would have been working non-stop, again. The fact that most of them fell through, is not his fault.
    If he didn’t still have a passion for his work, he would have done stupid movies just for the paycheck, or films that played to his heartthrob status. Instead, he is wanting to do movies that will stretch his talent, and bring out the love of the art that he has inside him.
    How can you say that he has lost his passion for the art, when he is willing to play characters in films as diverse as Sympathy and The Cross? If he wanted to be just a “celebrity”, he would have taken the role in The Prince of Persia, not In Celebration.

  • FroFro

    I see your point, but is he trying too hard to stay in the limelight with other things that to me, seem to be detracting from his natural abilities and what made him unique in the first place? There is only so long he can do the things he’s been doing before people will think, if they already dont, that fame and noteriety is all he is concerned with. Fact is, nobody is ever going to forget the name Orlando Bloom, but what memories and thoughts get tied to that name is entirely up to him.

  • Destiny is a choice
  • @44….

    I agree, what amazes me is that people think just because they’re a fan they have the right to tell Orlando Bloom how to live his life, from what movie roles he chooses to his choice of girlfriend.
    When he decided to take a break for a while and then do smaller films, they turned on him and not to mention the absolutely vile and nasty treatment of his girlfriend.
    Of course the majority of his fans understand and support him, it’s the more obsessed and extreme fans that have a problem.

  • FroFro

    Attempts at conversation here are next to impossible. I am not telling Orlando how to live his life. I am making observances, what I see, in choices he makes. The facts are that lately, he’s covered more by gossip rags, sites and bloggers than he is by professional periodicals in the industry he works in. I’d certainly like to see that shift happen to where he starts doing professional interviews again about upcoming movies, etc. Its been a while since we’ve seen him give an interview like the one linked above. His personal life is documented far more than any particular work he might do, or attempt to be doing. He does have some control over what gets put out there for public speculation, discussion, and consumption believe it or not. I am all for him doing smaller, more character driven films, comedies, dramas, stage work, etc. Nobody turned on him for his professional choices.

    I see you are just making more rude comments based on my name being attached to these posts. Where exactly do you see me trying to start posting battles by what I said? I commented on what brought me into this fandom, made me see that he is unique and worth the trouble of giving work to, and I still feel that way in spite of all the paparazzi coverage he gets on nothing but personal things these days. Please, dont read more into it than it is. Am I not entitled also to comment on what roles I’d like to see him in? Oh wait…..I forgot that priviledge only belongs to those who dont criticize anything he does. Silly me. Carry on then in your priviledged admiration and being the bestest fan.

  • http://justjared orlando fan

    He looks great and happy that is all that matters

  • @39

    A few years ago Orlando said this:
    “I’m quite sensitive to women. I saw how my sister got treated by boyfriends”
    From this I understand Sam is into guys. But if she were a lesbian I’d hope she wouldn’t be into Lindsay Lohan -eeck-.

    I don’t think Orlando is gay either, not because of Miranda Kerr -dating a lingerie model is quite ‘straight’ though- but because of many other tiny details, including what happened that night right before his car crash. Oh, and even Ted C’s said he’s straight, and coming from someone who ususally tries to out everyone…LOL!