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Portia De Rossi Guests on The Ellen Show

Portia De Rossi Guests on The Ellen Show

Ellen DeGeneres welcomes her partner, actress Portia de Rossi, during a taping of The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Thursday (March 12) at the WB lot in Burbank, Calif.

“In a meeting talking about Portia‘s appearance on the show Monday I’m told I’ll learn something about her that she’s never told me,” Ellen said.

Portia, 36, is promoting her new show Better Off Ted, which premieres this Wednesday, March 18 @ 8:30PM ET/PT on ABC. EW gave the show a B+.

The episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show airs on Monday, March 16.

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Photos: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.
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68 Responses to “Portia De Rossi Guests on The Ellen Show”

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  1. 26
    me Says:

    umm, actually she can, honeybunch. at least until all the people that love to tell everyone else how to live have their way.

  2. 27
    kimd Says:

    l love both,but what they have done is wrong ,refer to the bible it says adam and eve,not eve and eve,nor adam and steve,holy matrimony is between a man and woman or woman and man…Read the bible.

  3. 28
    Thompson Says:

    **** the bible!

  4. 29
    ac Says:

    The bible has nothing to due with a government civil (read: secular) marriage.

  5. 30
    vmars111 Says:

    I bet Portia’s pregnant!

    Which would be awesome news but might just be bittersweet if it affects the Arrested Development movie. Nay-Yay!

  6. 31
    AJ Says:

    I’ve never been one to really like gay people but I definitely LOVE Ellen and Portia. Maybe the world is changing for me. The reason I believe is because they are likeable.

  7. 32
    Landi Says:

    kimd: stop forcing your bible down everyone’s throat. so inconsiderate.

  8. 33
    shoegal421 Says:

    you realize that so many people who look to the bible…the king james version in particular…king james was gay. the convenient hypocrisy of religions is astounding.

  9. 34
    mc Says:

    The Bible is a dangerous book full of prejudice!!!

  10. 35
    I dont believe in the bible! Says:

    Ow men those who refer to the bible are Idiots. The bible has at least 18 contradictions and about 8 factual errors in it!

    I rest my case. The bible is wrong about at least 26 things I know about, so they can be wrong about the adam and eve thing to!.

    Let every human being love the ones they love, no matter for there gender. Even natures does it.

    And if your against it, fine, but don’t bring the bible into it. A book with so many errors in it isn’t a real good source you know. :P

    Ow and for those who don’t believe me;

    or google, bible errors. You will find enough.

  11. 36
    I dont believe in the bible! Says:

    Ow by the way isnt this in your pressious bible?

    GOD’S WORD® Translation (©1995)
    “Stop judging, and you will never be judged. Stop condemning, and you will never be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven.

  12. 37
    John bisceglia Says:

    Hey, Honey Bunch – Pay My Taxes!

    And KEEP paying them until we are EQUAL.

    No go VOTE on that – oops! You can’t! [equality tax revolt]

  13. 38
    John bisceglia Says:

    Hey Bible-Lovers – Pay My Taxes this year, and every single year!

    And KEEP paying them until you stop infecting U.S. law with your perverted “bible”……it’s disgusting.

  14. 39
    gay maybe? Says:

    I bet you’re right! She’s pregnant.. That would be great for them.

  15. 40
    Penny Says:

    The bible says a lot of things, it also says “an eye for an eye” but we’ve evolved in the last few years. Get off your high horses and act like Christians you bunch of hypocrites – they are married, wife and wife!

    Ellen was the first women to show that she had BALLS! She came out way before everyone else and she took a lot of heat for it. I have a tremendous amount of respect for both of them.

    Quit hiding behind your bibles, God created lesbians and gays.

  16. 41
    BELLA Says:

    13 & 25! you are the reason for HATE in this world! Real Love does not discriminate gender,sex,etc. When two people are in love and want to share their lives together they should be able to do that! Love does not care who you are man/woman, man/man, woman/woman. It’s about wanting to be with who you chose as your lover! LOVE IS BETTER THAN HATE! WHY HATE WHEN SOMEONE IS IN LOVE~

  17. 42
    Ket Says:

    I have to say, reading all these comments that are happy for them and defending them make me happy… It makes me realize how many people respect and don’t judge people because of their sexuality. I was afraid I was going to read a bunch of ‘gay bashing’ and rude comments, but most had good things to say about Ellen and Portia:-)
    Thank you!!!
    PS- Sexuality isn’t that important and people need to just get over it!! Love is love…

  18. 43
    Jackie Says:

    Wife, not partner. They are so cute!

  19. 44
    Lisa too Says:

    Maybe the secret is that she has been with a man….ha haaa

  20. 45
    Alix Says:

    Poria is Ellens wife, not her partner!

  21. 46
    RMS Says:


  22. 47
    sam Says:

    what i don’t understand is – these christian types who say they are roommates, not married, etc – why are they reading and commenting on stories about ellen & portia ??? rack off and look at another website

    proud aussie

  23. 48
    Gerarda Says:

    I really like Ellen and Portia, but as an ignorant straight person, I have always wondered why some lesbian women are butch (guy-like) and others are not. Like Ellen and Rosie O’Donnell are butch, Portia and Rosie’s partner are not. Why is that?

  24. 49
    ina Says:

    Portia is Ellen’s wife, and Ellen is Portia’s wife.
    Sorry bible lover! that is the FACT.

  25. 50
    kc Says:

    Her WIFE, jj. WIFE.

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