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Reese Witherspoon is All Ruffled Up

Reese Witherspoon is All Ruffled Up

Reese Whitherspoon works out a cute ruffled dress at the Monsters Vs. Aliens photocall at Hassler Hotel on Friday (March 13) in Rome, Italy.

The L.A. premiere of the movie was just announced: Sunday, March 22 @ 10AM held at the Gibson Amphitheatre. Cast members attending include: Reese (Ginormica), Kiefer (General W.R. Monger), Seth Rogen (B.O.B.), Will Arnett (The Missing Link), Hugh Laurie (Dr. Cockroach), Rainn Wilson (Galaxhar), Paul Rudd (Derek Dietl) and Amy Poehler (Computer).

Monsters Vs. Aliens opens everywhere on Friday, March 27. Find out which monster you are at!

20+ pictures inside of Reese Witherspoon all ruffled up…

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reese witherspoon ruffled up 01
reese witherspoon ruffled up 02
reese witherspoon ruffled up 03
reese witherspoon ruffled up 04
reese witherspoon ruffled up 05
reese witherspoon ruffled up 06
reese witherspoon ruffled up 07
reese witherspoon ruffled up 08
reese witherspoon ruffled up 09
reese witherspoon ruffled up 10
reese witherspoon ruffled up 11
reese witherspoon ruffled up 12
reese witherspoon ruffled up 13
reese witherspoon ruffled up 14
reese witherspoon ruffled up 15
reese witherspoon ruffled up 16
reese witherspoon ruffled up 17
reese witherspoon ruffled up 18
reese witherspoon ruffled up 19
reese witherspoon ruffled up 20

Photos: Elisabetta Villa/Getty
Posted to: Kiefer Sutherland, Reese Witherspoon

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  • getting bored

    How much more of this do we have to take. Isn’t everyone else just totally bored as me of seeing Reese and Keifer on a daily basis. Couldn’t they at least get Seth Rogen or another cast member to go along. Please tell me that it will be over soon and they’re not going to visit every European country.

  • homieeee


  • homieeee


  • LolaSvelt

    Her style is so dull and this outfit is unflattering, even if she is flashing her tatas.

  • ellie

    Reese I just adore you. Your also a sweetie..

  • Abby

    #1 I am!!!!!

    And….why does she look so thin????

  • aaaanne jugsten

    i loove her
    wow , her birthday is on march 22nd

  • getting bored

    She really is flashing her tatas isn’t she. Reese, its a family film, lets keep the puppies in the kennel eh.

  • Fug

    Jared how much does Reese’s PR pay you to constantly gush over her. She looks fugly. I’m sure we will get another staged photo op with her fake boyfriend at some other non-pap spot in Rome.

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    hey, ugly’s back. she’s fcuking hideous. hahaha

  • lovely

    Cute! Her boobs look bigger. Pregnant?

  • eww

    Oh no, not that bore again.

  • reese stinks

    awful, awful dress
    fugly woman

  • blah

    she is not cute at all

  • betsk
  • not again!

    Reese Witherspoon is boring as always.
    Do we really need to look at that every single day?

  • whatever

    she’s like fat skinny. Country bupkin-prissy frat-girl.

  • pedro

    what? has she had a boob job? It looks like that to me. She looks as she if she is promoting a p*rn movie instead of a family one.

  • shoegal421

    not usually a fan but she’s been looking good lately…

  • Cate

    I don’t mind Reese, but Hugh Laurie is all I want to see – THE hottest (nearly) 50 yr. old on the planet!!

  • Cate

    I don’t mind Reese, but Hugh Laurie is all I want to see – THE hottest (nearly) 50 yr. old on the planet!!

  • bb

    The midget is looking boobalicious!

  • Yep

    another baby for Reese soon!

  • lainey

    She must be using Jessica Simpson’s stylist.

  • m

    Has she got implants? If you look at previous pics her boobies are tiny compare to these 2.

  • Ivana

    On first premiere i think it was UK… she were that green short dress, her breasts were also big… something tells me she is.. look at her cheeks they are chubbier… she doesn’t have that skinny and sick look… ok she is not beautiful but her face is different and much nicer…

    But honestly when this is gona stop… what is next Paris, Stockholm ???
    Another short dress…

  • lollipop

    Looks like she’s preggers. Swelling boobs are one of the first signs…

  • Push-up Bra

    Jake does not f u c k Reese Stinky Witherspoon.

  • Push-up Bra

    Jake does not f***k Reese Stinky Witherspoon.

  • nene

    Breast augmentation, silicone,implants,boob job, you name it….

  • Patty

    #35, The larger bosom is one of the reasons we’re saying she’s pregnant.

    Ok, everyone, admit it. Reese looks very nice here: fresh and young and lovely. Keifer has just about given up trying, LOL. BUT I’M TIRED OF THE DAILY PIX. Please stop it.

  • Patty

    Excuse me, that was #25.

  • Patty

    Make that #25, not #35

  • mimilala

    Reese just keeps looking cuter and cuter with time…

  • meeee

    Wow, Keifer looks HOT!! <3 that jack bauer!

  • kimba127

    Enough about her. It’s the same damn picture, different dress. Sick of seeing it, sick of hearing about it…whatever it is she’s doing. She can’t act, looks weird and I’m sick of seeing her everyday standing in front of some backdrop in some ugly dress.

  • kimba127

    Enough about her. It’s the same damn picture, different dress. Sick of seeing it, sick of hearing about it…whatever it is she’s doing. She can’t act, looks weird and I’m sick of seeing her everyday standing in front of some backdrop in some ugly dress.

  • lakers fan in boston

    whats with all these posts of her…
    truthfully i really dont like her but i can tolerate her
    once again her faces disturbs me but ive noticed she has some nice legs =]
    how many freaking premieres r there, this has 2 be at least the 4th 5th one

  • madmax

    I bet it’s a push up bra. I don’t think she’s pregnant. In the other pics of her in Berlin and England her dress was more form fitting and she didn’t look pregnant

    She certainly doesn’t know how to dress herself, if it was hot in Madrid why wear something black and boots (I’d roast if I wore something like that in the heat)

    And apparently whoever is dressing her for these promos missed the mark with this dress. it’s hideous.

  • KVB

    She’s not pregnant but had breast implants…. Reese and Jake are stellar actors and would never intentionally have a child out of wedlock. Her respect, as the mother of two children, is too great to have a child with another man without first being married to him.

  • just me

    She looks awful. She is so boring and seems like an uptight,prissy b***h !!

  • Madonna


  • Fucking insane stans

    If you look carefully, you’ll see that they holding hands just a few minutes after they both walk separatly, they don’t seem sooo in love as during their escapade in Rome!!!!!!!!!,0,0

  • zoe

    she looks so cute and fresh. love her style during her promotion. ppl are so jealous.

  • Erica

    Sorry, but I am really sick of hearing and seeing this bitch too. Enough is enough. She is down right ugly and can’t act worth a ****. And yes, she does look pregnant to me. All of her dresses lately are covering her middle. Her face, arms and boobs are fuller than ever before.

  • sebastian

    Pregnancy?no,…guys, she had a breast enlargement. All those visits to the Doc, I think it was the plastic surgeon. Hair extensions, fake boobs,…..what else? I don’t understand why she claims to be so natural, maybe she is worrying she is getting older and won’t get many offers soon. I don’t know what to think ,really.

  • Lee

    I wonder if her new boobs(implants) are part of her contract to appear on her next movie, that James L. Brooks project,where Paul Rudd and Owen Wilson fight over her, they have to make her look sexy for that…..

  • Jack

    Maybe…….but I think the implants would look better on Jake,he,he!

  • Trine

    Not her again….my god….

    she is ugly

  • Custom T

    Cute dress, not really diggin the mommy-cleavage tho!