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Rihanna Steps Out In New York City

Rihanna Steps Out In New York City

Rihanna looks fierce as ever, stepping out in a stylish pair of black patent Margella cut-out boots in New York City on Friday (March 13).

All those rumors about Chris Brown and Rihanna recording a duet are apparently false.

Chris and [producer] Polow da Don wrote a song together,” a source tells People. “Around August or September of 2008, Chris and Rihanna recorded a demo of that song. What they recorded were just reference vocals. There is no duet, and nothing has been recorded together since February.”

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  • sucre

    Hope she herself feels good about getting back together with CB.

  • Lillianne

    No she does not look fierce. She looks like she is hanging her head in shame. I will never look at her in awe again.

  • katie

    hope she is a lot better now, but what i don’t understand is why she is still with CHRIS!!!

  • must be hard to walk out in public for the first time since the “incident”…

  • Erica

    she looks goood :)

  • katie

    She looks gorgeous and as if she never got beat up.
    Thank goodness they weren’t permanent. But what I don’t understand is why in the world is she still with CHRIS!?!?

  • still


    she looks GOOOOOOD , she doesn’t have to hide !she’s always so fierce even in bad times :D
    im happy to see her again and people need to mind their own bussiness !

  • Sanah


  • Mistical

    100% agree with “Lillianne” post!!

  • mandy

    yayyyy no duet !!!!!!

    good to see her again ! she looks really pretty !

  • jaye

    great body. dude face though.

  • icarlita

    Okay this broad showed her true colors, now that she knows everyone hates her as much as her loser boyfriend she’s gonna try to get some sympathy.

  • Ambiance

    this is such crap….
    just leave them alone already…. what happens now is up to them
    who are we to judge anyway
    maybe they like beating eachother up

  • t

    Ugly boots. Is she still with Brown or not?

  • faith

    If she went back to that guy, that’s sick. I hope it’s not true. :-(

  • cute

    Cute. She doesn’t have the greatest fashion sense, but nice to see her looking healthy again.

  • mju8

    Trying to look fierce and independent is one thing. Actually BEING fierce and independent by leaving your violent and abusive partner is quite another.

  • Rashawn

    Sometimes Rihanna looks like Jermaine Jackson.

  • jake

    she’s hot !
    i hate chris , she needs a man not a little boy like chris beat her down !

  • deetz

    # 17 – So true! Well said!

  • Ninja

    I think her outfit is cute but the boots do not go.

  • ‘Mandise

    I love her jacket. Why is she hiding like this? she annoys me… not even capable of doing the right thing. Never liked her, do not, never will!

  • indy

    Never thought she was pretty but glad to see the bruises have healed. No one should have to go through that.

  • Ann

    I feel for her, for being in the public eye and having to worrry about people’s opinions. At the same time, I cannot help but be annoyed by the fact that she has the financial capability and support to get away from Chris and she chooses not to. There are women on there in similar situations that would run away in a heartbeat if they had 1/4 of the resources she has at her fingertips.

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    she looks like a fcuking loser… and ‘if’ she got back with douche brown she really is a loser.

  • CC

    The cut out shoes looks cheap.
    RiRi should stick to classy styles.

  • nop

    i used to she was a strong independent woman but i guess not.

  • swe3t23

    i lost respect for her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    she lost me as a fan

  • Katie

    This whole Rihanna/Chris thing really disturbs me. Rihanna COULD have stood up for not only herself, but for the MANY little girls that are Rihanna wannabe’s. Now? Now they think that bruises are cool. BAD, BAD, BAD role model. I’m NEVER letting my kids buy her CD’s OR his EVER again!

  • g freeze


  • french

    i love her jacket and i like the boots ! im glad she healed and she looks really good !

    people need to let her live her life and do her own mistakes , she’s young and she’ll learn .it’s her PRIVATE LIFE , the artists make fans happy with their music not their personal life

  • BOyz

    the caption for the picture says Rihanna’s BET: all in
    does this mean she is taping a BET show today?

  • VNY

    looks like Michael Jackson.

  • kiss

    Wow, some of these hateful comments are ridiculous. I wonder how some of these idiots would feel if they got their a** kicked and then everyone made rude comments about it. You heartless creatures should be ashamed of yourselves. No matter who started or not, “A MAN DOESN’T EVER HIT A WOMAN!” No matter what Rihanna may have done, Chris did far worse. Did he have bruises all over is face, was he choked to unconsiousness, did he have his life threatened, no. But Rihanna did, so have some f—-ing sympathy.

  • jaye

    Who knows what is true? What seems to be true is that Rihanna and her lawyers are trying to find a way to make all of this go away without ANYONE paying any consequences. They are likely to refute anything that makes either of them look bad. Right now they ALL are on damage control.

  • blah

    Good for her for being out in public once again, but bad for her if she was stupid enough to go back with that short ass freak

  • sissyy

    i love you riri !

  • andreanne

    its good to see her!
    youre amazing rihanna

  • AK

    Another Tina-Mike or Whitney-Bobby…what a shame!

  • camilla


  • Liza

    Its Margiela Jared…

  • rafaela

    Boring Rihanna!

  • 5000

    Fierce is not how you dress but how you carry yrself u have to have self confidence, strength and u have to think your someone worthwhile. Rihanna is none of the above, not even remotely close so don’t even use that word when describing Rihanna cause the only title she falls under is loser. Sorry.
    Anyway is is good to see that she is still in one piece.

  • hello11

    she looks better with black eyes,

  • Shannon

    u kno the old me who was a big time rhiaana fan would have been all fangirly over her now i dont even care and she’s just blah to me!

  • CD

    YOU SPELLED “Margiela” WRONG!

  • shake it

    Its safe to say nobody knows what went down or why or whether this was the first time it happened. All were going on is a leaked picture and a bunch of accounts by people with sudden unexplained memory recollections.

    Bottom line, a man never hits a woman but a woman never hits a man either. If this was the first time it happened, then I feel bad for her, but otherwise she’s there by choice.

    PS. People can say whatever they want about them, theyre public figures. They want the big bucks, they have to deal with all the sh*t that comes with it including peoples opinions.

  • barron797

    Her image is tarnished. I can’t look at her the same either.

    I can’t understand why you would want to hang out with someone who beats the crap out of you.

  • Irene

    Biggest idiot of 2009! YOu are stupid, Rihanna! YOu should know better.


    rihanna is starting to get on my fucking nerves…
    and her shoes are MARGIELA not “margella”