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Victoria Beckham Lets Loose in London

Victoria Beckham Lets Loose in London

Victoria Beckham leaves her London hotel with multi-colored Louis Vuitton “Spicy Sandals” on Friday (March 13).

The goat leather, 4.5 inch navy suede sandals reportedly cost a whopping $3,000.

Looks like Vicky B‘s husband, David Beckham, will be playing for soccer team AC Milan until July of this year. His main reason for staying with the team is to have a chance to play in the 2010 World Cup.

More pictures of Victoria Beckham letting loose in London…

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victoria beckham shoes 01
victoria beckham shoes 02
victoria beckham shoes 03
victoria beckham shoes 04
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  • suzz

    She needs to start eating … and doing that funny pose with her neck … not nice at all.

  • ggfan

    i do not like those shoes!

  • Mousse

    Throw those hats away Victoria. Your style isn’t so wow anyway but those hats make it all so ridiculous it’s becoming ugly.

  • a total fan

    2k for those ugly things!!

  • Heather

    Those shoes are just horrible. I wish she’d stop trying so hard to portray an image in public, and just relax a bit. She can have a really great sense of humour, but she’s dying to be a fashionista…come on, Vic.

  • dianad1968

    $2K for shoes in this global crisis is just obscene.

  • vtj

    Those feet are HIDEOUS!!!!!!!!! Just GROSS!!!!!!!

  • me

    If she ever sees the first pic …. she might realises. She does not dress ugly, is nice indeed but with the glasses although might be fashionable and stylish does not suit her! Sometimes you have to decide wether not to wear something you might like very much just because it doesn’t suit you, it’s life!

  • me

    I meant the hat with the glasses!!!

  • Zara

    With the economy’s current condition, some people are struggling to put food on the table. And this b*tch is spending $2000 on a pair of ugly shoes??! I would be ashamed of myself.

    And by the way, they really are an UGLY pair of shoes.

  • Jamie

    PRFECTION, the shoes are great touch for the whole outfit, god i love this woman, a true style icon!

  • lucy and Ethel


  • natasha

    she looks amazing
    i love her

  • ‘Mandise

    I actually like the shoes but in this global crisis as someone mentionned before, who would pay some shoes that price?! I also agree that the hat make the whole outfits ridiculous. She tries to be a style icon……she could be one…..without those fugly azz hats!

  • LolaSvelt

    Alexa Chung already beat her to it! She wore the same shoes (and better may I add) at the LV Fashion Show in Paris!

  • sorry gwynnie

    self absorbed bitch should have donated the $2,000 to a family that’s hungry.

  • Celinita

    I love posh so much because she is a strong role model for women like me who don’t have time to try different fashions, but can certainly admire a clever fashionista. The blue blouse looks fabulous on Victoria and as well as the fitted pants. Her shoes are cute too, well the whole outfit is a go for me, I am sold!

  • 123

    she tries too hard.

  • pon

    what is wrong with her neck? i dont gt it. and those shoes r too expensive it is not worth d money.

  • G


  • G

    Style icon?? my ass!! she is a try hard, and thinks she is the new jackie O! there is only 1 miss o and it aint ugly beckham!!

  • G

    forgot to add; she looks like a pig in glasses in the first pic!! look at her ugly piggy nose and neck! omg!

  • Him

    The only thing Victoria has going for her is that she is married to David. He is gorgeous; she just looks ridiculous. Yes you got everyone’s attention with your ugly, expensive shoes.

  • jaye

    A homeless person wouldn’t wear those shoes. Nasty.

  • meeee

    oh my god, those shoes are TACKY and sooo overpriced!!! ridiculous.

  • Nel

    She looks a mess! I’m not just talking about her attire. This b!tch needs to start eating ASAP! Its a true shame what’s become of her because she used to be so beautiful back in the day.

  • ri23

    Bitch is trying way too hard.

  • woof

    This is letting loose? I don’t see even a hint of a smile. In fact, has anyone ever seen her smile?

  • Cals

    Im pretty sure shes the only one in the world who has those shoes! lol

  • saudia

    damn look at those shoes .. wow .. not my taste, but Posh can rock anything

  • lakers fan in boston

    that neck is so so nasty in the 1st pick =[ =[
    damn victoria
    i think that she would defs benefit from gaining a lil weight…
    i use 2 think she was fine but lately she hasnt been looking great
    btw i like the whole outfit except the stupid hate and im not digging the shoes

  • lippylou

    Bad skin

  • Cathey

    Again another example of money does not buy TASTE!!!

  • sucre

    Are those shoes somekind of 1.grade project ? Sure looks like that.
    And somehow she looks like those that the word? sorry Im not sure…Well like the guy from Polar express… Nice Vic. :)

  • bonzo

    WOW, those are some Suuuper ugly toes she’s got there!

  • Gasol_fan16

    Damn!! Walking ankle breaking shoes!

  • popozao


  • boogie

    omg…….don’t know which is more screamish….her neck ( photo # 1)
    or those shoes!

    2K for a pair of those silly looking sandals? So ridiclious! And she will probably wear it once only!

    this woman is one big sorry joke!

  • Irene

    Celebrities are stupid. $2000 for those shoes? I bet she got them for free, but no Maam! We are not stupid to even pay $20 for those shoes, let alone $2000!!!

  • sarah

    Wow, this is pretty casual for Posh. But would it honestly kill her to put on jeans, a t-shirt, and flip flops, and smile once and a while?

  • Pat

    Man she is one ugly woman. She needs to eat some food or something.

  • Madonna

    She is too much.

  • T!

    Nearly as awful as the grey outfit, she wore at an airport the other day. Same hat but in grey, they need to be thrown away!!!!

  • Victoria

    Her head is always ticking out first whenever she walks. Really strange profile and stranger for a person who says that she develops a persona for the public.

  • Shannon beckham

    i love those shoes!!!

  • ice

    Fug shoes. She should stop trying so hard. she’s falling flat on her face

  • lyn

    so was this shoe made out of a magnet and as she walked it picked up metal crap?

  • india

    Without one doubt this woman is DISGUSTINGLY HIDEOUS to look at- WHY??? David Beckham stays married to this UGLY MONTROSITY has to be one of the best kept secrets of our time. What an absolute hideous looking mess she is! Look at her et-ferret-looking face? Ewwwwwwwww! Grosssssss! Also her pretencious uppity attitude has got to go- who in the h*** does she think she is? All she is is married to David Beckham and likens herself a desinger when everyone knows that she is a NON-ENTITY of the highest order! Does she really believe that if she never hooked up with Beckham that anypne would give 2-sh*** about following her around, photographing her ugly a** and hawking her ill-conceived “designs”? Please! If she was still Victoria Adams that girl from the “Spice Girls”- nobody would take notice and nobody would care! She has a “name” because of WHO she married! Sad/Pathetic/Pitiful Victoria- Why anyone looks up to or aspires to be this mess of a woman is beyond comprehension- she is a class A- VILE human being and an amazingly ugly one at that!

  • Cameron

    Hmmm… I wonder if she even remembers her childrens’ names or that she even has children? What a horrendous mum she is– never ever with her boys’ except to traipse them around on mini-photo shoots for the paps! Can’t stand her!

  • KVC

    An empty extreme materialist and mother of three whose children are only for occasional show and are being raised exclusively by others. With the exception of acting and living with her daughter, Katie H. is turning into a replica of this empty woman.