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Zac Efron Covers Interview Magazine

Zac Efron Covers Interview Magazine

Zac Efron strikes an artistic pose on the April 2009 cover of Interview Magazine.

The cover claims “Zac Efron is the future.”

DO YOU THINK Zac is the future?

FYI: Zac, 21, attended Taylor Swift‘s concert last night (Thursday, March 12) at The Factory Theatre in Sydney, Australia. Taylor had also supported Zac at his 17 Again premiere on Wednesday.

Don’t forget to enter to win Zac‘s SIGG water bottle!

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  • Bree

    Wow Zachary. Looking good dude. He is the future, I agree with them.

  • LaurenB

    I agree with Naomi. It’s so funny how poor ‘talentless’ Zac Efron gets more comments and more reaction than most of these so called ‘better’ actors. Show’s he’s doing something right. Both he and Van together and geez you have more comments than anyone else put together. They are that amazing. Whichever way you look at it, but commenting, you just add to their popularity, so really it’s a win win situation.

    Zac…and V are the future. They ain’t going anywhere.

  • gracemarie

    I think both Zac and V are the future especially after seeing the Bandslam and 17 Again trailers. I thought they were the future during HSM days

    Get use to them folks they are here to stay

  • aida

    I think: Yes he is the FUTURE <3
    I do not say that only cause I’m a amazing crazy fan of Zac, i say the truth.. i think really he is the future, he is the boy, where the world search about him.. I mean he is really BEAUTIFUL, CUTE, NICE, INTELLIGENT, SEXY x]] & loooootttss moooreee =]]

  • Nikki

    Zac is fresh blood. As is Rob, Kristin, V, Emilie, Shia..etc etc (I can’t be bothered to name anymore.) This is new young hip Hollywood. The future. Fresh talent intead of the old staid bunch who need to retire or think of something fun to do as it’s old and boring. These are the kids of the future. Hollywood execs know it, the casting directors know it. These kids are being offered parts left right and centre. And this is only the beginning. A fair warning I think you will agree, but Zac and his contempories are going nowehere.

    Zac especially has a good head on his shoulders. He is sensible and about as down to earth as you can get. He has no endorsements, a normal attitude, he is hardworking and dedicated to his craft, he is intelligent and the guy is level headed. Can’t get better than that. Translation…Efron rules!!!

  • rachel

    Love him, love him, love him.


    The future ?? He’s old news ! lol Rob Pattinson is the future <3

  • bexley

    He really is the future. People just need to wake up and realise.

    17 Again is amazing people, go see it!!

  • M

    #27 is right: Rob Pattinson is the future :p

  • leigh

    Rob has nothing on Zac. I like him, but he’s too much of a drunk bum to actually make anything of himself.

  • poppy

    I think what a lot of people don’t understand nor realise, is that all you have seen of Zac so far, has been his Disney PR self. That’s not Zac. And in time you will see him for the natural charming, self effacing, funny guy that he is. He is so normal and so unaffected, people don’t like that and so they pick him apart, because really he is just that normal. His own self is starting to show though, as 17 promo is going along. It’s a new Zac. An un-Disney Zac. (Same goes for his gorgous gf too, who will wow everyone in SP).

    In the words of underestimate Zac at your own peril. Because you ain’t seen nothing yet. This boy is here to stay.

  • gracemarie


    V is part of that too with being pursued for 2 movies Sucker Punch & Dead @17 and being on the cover of so many mags and best dressed list and Bandslam trailers already being seen in movie theater.

    She has a high profile as well. HSM3 made quadruple the money Twilight did. She and Zac are both recognizable around the world.

    I’m not so sure about Shia anymore.

  • sarahi

    HSM3 made more money? I’m surprised since people act like it’s the next best thing. I’m glad though since I love hsm and the cast! no one I know likes twilight including my teenage nieces.

  • cccwww

    cccwww-Here’s a video of the game that Zac went to with Vanessa. Leo comes up to them to say goodbye. So whether or not you like Zac or Leo’s accounting of how they met–they’re friends.

    This video means nothing. Obviously Leo is a very polite and classy guy who acknowledges his fellow actors. He even acknowledged Vanessa. What has more weight to me is how they acknowlege one another with their words, and I’m merely pointing out that Zac made the encounter with Leo out to be more than what Leo thought of it. I mean think about it, how can one person think of their meeting as a “brief” encounter while the other party chooses to describe the same event as “the whole game”. Very amusing – and actually, kind of embarrassing for Zac, if you ask me.

  • gracemarie


    Glad to see you – things were getting pretty awful on the Zac at Taylors concert post. I finally just left.

    Why are people so anxious to believe ZAc doesn’t love V or that he is not an honorable guy.

  • lucy

    cccwww..blah blah blah

    I think you will find that Zac did sit next to Leo for the whole game. Hence Zac’s comment. Zac is a natural friendly guy, Leo isn’t. That’s all there is to it.

    Zac is amazing. Most actors twice his age could take lessons from him and how humble he is.

  • poppy

    Oh my Gracemarie, don’t even get me started on that thread. Someone called free hour on the mental ward. It’s crazy. But we all know how in love ZV are, and so do they. Thats all that matters.

  • camila perdigão


  • gracemarie

    Well the men in the white coats need to deploy their forces and clean up the place.

    P. Hilton is upset V would not take a picture with him. After all the stuff he has said about her and Zac I’m surprised she didn’t punch him in the nose

  • amelia25

    I love him!!! He is the future.

  • cccwww

    lucy…Yeah, blame Leo for your denial about what happened at an event that you weren’t even there to see.

    From E! News:
    Sorry, folks, despite being spotted together at a Lakers game last month, there’s no real bromance blooming between Zac Efron and Leonardo DiCaprio. The two averted eyes at a recent GQ bash, and now Leo’s downplaying his friendship with the 20-year-old hottie.

    He says of the basketball outing, “I went with my friend Kevin [Connolly] and [Zac] happened to sit next to me—we briefly chatted.”

    Leo’s advice to Z.E.? “The flashbulbs, the interviews, all that stuff won’t amount to anything unless you create a body of work that people want to see.”

    And according to Zac:
    Zac also shared about meeting fellow actor, Leonardo DiCaprio, saying, “A few nights later (after the GQ party), I was at a Lakers game and I texted him, and he said he was coming. And this guy in a ball cap and coat with the collar up sits next to me. We talked the whole game, and he was just everything I thought he would be: smart, level-headed, charming, hilarious. You know, the older-brother vibe.”

    How sad. Now he thinks of Leo as an older brother, while Leo said they just chatted briefly. Looks like lucy and Zac are both delusional.

  • Karen


    So well said, so perfect, so true.
    Ah, another day, another batch of loonies!
    BTW, just until the past 4-5 years Leo looked like some little round-faced boy. Finally he is now getting some age on him which is making him look loads more manly. Believe me, he didn’t look any different when he was Zac’s age although I will say I find Zac a heck of a lot better looking than Leo was then and now.


    WHY NOT ?

  • Karen

    Actually Zac was at a game and sat right beside Leo BEFORE he and Vanessa were at another game where Leo came up to THEM to say Hi and shake Zac’s hand. I would say Zac did impress Leo with his attitude and actions.

    When did your ship land from outer space?

  • Karen

    Really? Vanessa refused to have her picture taken with Perez? Good going, Vanessa! Take that you Perez, you slimeball. Vanessa has way too much integrity for him!

  • sarahi

    yes perez is a slime ball. right now he has a post about this asking his readers to choose between zac and rob. and you know who they’re choosing. zac wouldn’t want the lowlifes on his site as fans anyway.

  • yuppp

    Some of you people are funny. Johnny Depp was on freaking 21 Jump Street and was a tween star just like Zac. Freaking 21 Jump Street!!! Then he was with Kate Moss and was bashing hotel rooms! Does anyone remember THAT Johnny Depp. I don’t see Zac doing the stupid things that Johnny did at that age.

  • gracemarie


    It’s in this post I think but I went over there (I guess I’ll have to shower again) and saw it mentioned.

    Good for her!!!!! After all the insinuations about her man being gay and all the garbage he said about her. She should have slapped him in to next week.

    But she’s got to much class for that Hilton loser.

  • mrsefron.


    HES AN AMAZING ACTOR !!!!! <33

    & Good Looking! Gotta Love him!

  • christine x3

    this is a really good picture of him

  • K.G.

    It’s not about looks. It’s about talent. Doesn’t matter if people/adults think a young adult is better looking than a adult. Depp and DiCaprio are the best actors of their generation, Zac may sing nice but his acting skills don’t interest me and I’ve actually seen some of his work besides HSM.

  • hihi

    WTF? Umm ewww Zac is lame and so are his fangirls and no he’s not the future he’s the past.Wish Vanessa would break up with him…ughhh.

  • zefronluver

    thats hot. :)

  • sarahi

    exuse me? you’re lame asshole.

  • Malia

    I saw that E! thing with Leo, and you know, it kind of reminded me of the Fay Dunaway comment when she found out Hillary Duff was playing Bonnie in Bonnie and Clyde.

    Sounds as if Leo is trying to “downplay” that he actually spent time talking with Zac–”we chatted briefly.” And then he seems to be pointing a finger at the paparazzi attention Zac is getting. Even dissing the types of movies Zac makes.

    Now, why would an established actor make comments like that? Or even have an attitude like that? Why would he feel the need to say such things?

    Any 5th grader should know the answer to that question.

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    the future – jamie bell, emile hirsch, paul dano, channing tatum, robert pattinson, michael cera, daniel radcliffe, shia Labeouf, and the list goes on and on and on.
    those are names of guys who have actually had to act in films. they actually have real material under their belts.
    look @ who zacette has to go up against for film roles.. lol

  • Tippie-Toes

    Zac has always been focused as an actor. He was only 15 when he filmed “Miracle Run” and for that role he was nominated for a Best Young Actor award.

  • sarahi

    it’s ridicouls people try to down play zac’s talent cause he starred in disney movies. the most popular movie in the history of the disney channel by the way.

  • ashlee

    zac doesn’t have to compete with anyone. he’s at the top of the list. no competition. and no comparison. :)

    he is the best!!!!

  • Zacfan

    Why’s he getting blamed for the way the shoot looks? They direct him and dress him for their concept, he doesn’t have a say in it. His reviews for Me & Orson Welles were good so it’s not like he can’t act. He’s still young and making his way, Leonardo had Growing Pains and Johnny Depp had 21 Jump Street. Know your history if you want to say Zac won’t get anywhere in the business.

  • Therapist

    Leo’s young life was filled with turmoil because of his parents’ divorce. By around 16, he was a lost soul—part of the “P-u-s-s-y Posse,” who hung out together chasing girls and drinking. I remember reading numerous articles about him being drunk and getting into fist fights and brawls and going from one female to another in rapid succession.

    So, maybe Mr. DiCaprio is envious of the stable, grounded and totally focused life Zac has at the young age of 21. Something Leo never had.

    Because somewhere inside him—the place where envy smolders—the need to belittle Zac Efron came to life. Such words do not paint a positive or mature picture of Mr. DiCaprio.

  • smdwh

    love that picture

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    Zacfan @ 03/13/2009 at 5:58 pm,
    leo was what.. 19? when he did what’s eating gilbert grape, and this boy’s life (1993)?? lol hardly high school musical.. 1,2,3,4 and however many more.

  • nina

    god can the efron teenies stop dissing leo and no he wasn’t apart of the p ussy group”!

  • sarahi

    nina 94 sorry to tell you but it is true, leo was like that.

  • amanda

    yessir i doooo !

    zac efron is the best<33

  • toni

    I think Zac could be the future. I think he could be the future in a big boxoffice draw way like a Brad Pitt or Will Smith. I haven’t really seen him in other movies besides musicals latelely besides 17 again, but I think if he is to become the future in a amazing actor way like what his fans says then I think he should try now to open his range as an actor because truthfully I believe Emile Hirsch and Shia Labeouf were much more broader actors than Zac when they were his age. But I won’t count him out as not achieving that goal because I think if he really loves acting which I see he does then he can become the future in an amazing actor kind of way.
    Also to be honest like Naomi said, we shouldn’t compare Leonardo Dicaprio and Johnny Depp to Zac Efron because they are in a different league than him, and to all Leo haters, I bet you Leo is no where near jealous of Zac with all the work he has done and the accomplishments he has made when he was the at the age Zac was.

  • omg wow

    i dont know about that future thing..
    i mean hes great at what he does..

    and im not saying that hes just saying i dont know he might be.

    and wtf jared…

    whats up with the caps in FYI i mean i think people already know that.
    its like your hoping for something to happen between them two?

  • a total fan

    I predict that he will drop his “girlfriend” as soon as the HSM franchise is over. He has to stay with Vanessa because they are selling the musicals. It wouldn’t set right with the fans if he was dating someone else instead of her. How can you sell a love story when the main actor is seen dating others. Its like when actors have to tour together and attend premiers. Reminds me of the Spencer couple. I don’t think they are a couple either.

  • zanessa suporter

    a total fan-

    whats up with you..umm they finished with HSM stuff a while ago.

    and they ARE dating they have been for like 4 or 3yrs.

    so stop with the hate..
    and learn your facts.