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Angelina Jolie is Evelyn A. Salt

Angelina Jolie is Evelyn A. Salt

Angelina Jolie takes on her role a raven-haired femme fatale Evelyn A. Salt as she films her upcoming spy flick with costar Liev Schreiber (pictured below) in New York City on Saturday (March 14).

Salt is a CIA officer who is fingered as a Russian sleeper spy. Liev plays Salt’s boss and friend on the Russian desk at the CIA. The film was originally developed with Tom Cruise in the lead role, centering on Edwin A. Salt.

Also pictured: Liev‘s son Sasha, 19 months.

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Credit: PPNY/GSNY, Bauergriffinonline; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, INFdaily
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  • antiloonie

    WHY does she need a wig????

    She needs the wig, because she is going bald. Its pretty sad when the bystanders or extras are better looking than the “star’. Boy, she looks haggard, her face is falling apart, and they are going to have to fix that lip. I don’t know why this is newsworthy, as nothing looks interesting either-unless its a comedy about an anorexic druggie trying to be an action star?

  • i am a fan
  • zlsdy

    Her lips are looking a little deflated?!! I am going to suppose that this along with the serious creases in her face are all part of the disguise though.

  • Aussie Girl

    #42 What we are seeing is surely only a very small part of the movie!
    But they did’nt cast any-one, they cast the number one female action star. I wonder if Jen got a audition, oops i forgot no part for a Racheal in an action thriller!!!!

  • worthReposting

    mmsic @ 03/14/2009 at 9:16 pm

    Angie’s versatility is one of the reasons movie producers and directors pursue her and not that one-dimensional wannabe bond girl.On top of that,Angie can really act.It must be so embarrassing for that wannabe bond girl to not be invited for a screen test while Freida Pinto was extended an invitation.Oh how the movie god’s must be dancing and rejoicing that this wannabe bond girl won’t have the chance to inflict pain and suffering to the moviegoers.HALLELUJAH!!!



  • SALT is great for NYC

    SALT is great for NYC economy. Fewer films/tv series are being made here and the state film subsidy is in some danger. This film is employing many people and bringing millions to the NYC economy.

    Love you Angie from NYC and a small supplier for the film. People appreciate this production. THANK YOU and all the cast and crew.

  • Banging

    We now know and so does Angie that blonde and bangs regardless of color are not great combinations for her. Also, she has a really big head so when she wears wigs they look funny.

  • debra77

    Why is there so much bit*hing about the movie stills. Don’t most of you realized that some of this stuff will in all likely hood be cut during the editing process. We have seen still from other movies. Shots and costumes that never make it to the big screen. This whole negative rants before the movie is made is just ridiculous. It is just a way to undermine the movie before it comes out. We have seen two or three scenes from what will be hundreds of shots. These are not in an order so we don’t know what is really going on. I for one will be in the theater opening day to support one of my favorite actors. Be damned to the nuts who come here to criticize and complain about a woman they say they don’t like. Who cares what you think.. or don’t think.

    We don’t have to say that Angelina is a beautiful woman. The nuts know that. That is why they are here. No life of their own, so they have to attached themselves to the greatness that is Angelina. Just like children, they want attention. Even a child will behave in a negative way to get a response from someone. So we must conclude that most of negative comes from children, or adults who are so pathetic and empty in their own lives that they must attack someone who they feel has the life that they so desperately want. But you have to stop focusing on Angie and get out of you home to get a life. Some of you are such sad souls. You must live lives of desperation and loneliness. You are more obsessed with this woman then her fans. I freely admit I am a big fan. I post on occasion, but I do have a life outside my like for Brad/Angelina. But it seems you nuts sit around waiting for news on them and are on the boards as soon as it hits. PATHETHIC is not a sufficient word to describe you.

    Please get some help before it is too late.

    Have to go and enjoy my life.. perhaps some of you losers who hate on Brad/Angie should do the same. Maybe then you won’t be so jealous of their lives and can start celebrating you own.

  • passing Through

    # 53 zlsdy @ 03/14/2009 at 9:22 pm
    53 messages on this thread so far and 40 are them are the same troll. Repeitive AND stupid.

  • Ron

    She’s brought back the hotness. I agree with the posting saying Ben Afleck has a crush on Angelina.

  • so what


    Don’t you remember some newspapers reported she had hep c? I don’t know if it is true, biut hep c might ruine her looks.

  • worthReposting

    antiloonie @ 03/14/2009 at 9:18 pm

    WHY does she need a wig????

    ok,i think you just inspired me to post some ugly maniston pics…that will be fun…stay tuned.

  • passing Through

    # 60 Ron @ 03/14/2009 at 9:25 pm
    I agree with the posting saying Ben Afleck has a crush on Angelina.
    Wonderful. You agree with yourself. Somebody get the cake and ice cream so we can have a party.

  • worthReposting
  • Hey Debra 77

    Seems as if you spent alot of time and energy on a post that is so ridiculously long that I read the first sentence and the last. Get a life and quit responding to people who dont read what you write. If you want to blog, start one somewhere.

  • ohyeshedidit

    Oh wow, brad is in NOLA right now. Thought he was supposed to be babysitting. He just uses any old excuse to hawk his houses that aren’t selling. (by the way, who has a charity but SELLS it??) They’ haven’t been seen together in quite a while. She works 16 hour days and he’s running around. hmmm, those are some dedicated parents…NOT. She said he was supposed to babysit when she was working. Wonder if he had the nanny he was massaging with him. After angie slapped him, I bet he packed up.

  • worthReposting
  • dIETER

    I want Liev Schreiber to bang in Jolies Ass !!!

  • Poor Angie

    Poor insecure Angie. Seems like everytime we read about problems or people witness their huge fights, she hurries and gets pregnant. I am going to bet she will figure out that pumping out babies will only prolong the inevitable.

  • LYNN

    To Antiloonie: @8:42pm 03/14/19

    At 33 yrs of age what person need a serious face lift unless they have had a serious accident and then plastic surgery. You hater cannot
    ever be taken serious because you all just sit back and lie for the hell of it. This girl dont need any work done on face but put a little makeup on. So far in these picture they have not had a lot of makup on her she is looking very au natural. She is being chased. I am sure nobody looks good being chased, climbing walls, bleeding and running without shoes. I sure would like to see what you would look like in the same situation. Peace

  • perst

    blonde, brunette… She always looks hot:

  • NYC

    Seems NYC is the place for movies this Spring, with Angie, Katie Holmes and Jennifer Anniston(shooting back to back films) seems like some good money being poured into the economy by the movie industry. I hope they keep everthing in the USA and recreate international looks for filming over the next several years. We all need money put into America.

  • so what

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  • tlc

    Is this character supposed to be this gaunt looking with creases on her face? If so, Angelina has got the part down pat.

  • I wonder

    Oh, I wonder in the first pics of Angie reporting for filming she looked just so sad and solemn. I wonder if this is around the time of her latest blow up with Brad?

  • worthReposting

    @ohyeshedidit @ 03/14/2009 at 9:28 pm

  • FCC

    Just Jared better not be tracking the posts because someone is watching here. IT’S ILLEGAL TO TRACK POSTINGS, YOU WILL GET IN SO MUCH TROUBLE. I AM WARNING YOU.

  • sarah

    Aw! Sasha looks just like Naomi!

  • ajfan2009

    Oh, I wish I were there to glimpse the shooting of this new movie.
    Angie’s been working really hard… I hope she’ll have a good rest tomorrow.

    Are they going to be filming on Fifth Ave. next Saturday as well, as NY Post reported?
    Does anyone know? I may want to go there to check it out if it’s true.

    Love you, Angie! Keep up your good work! :-)

  • Desparately seeking anyone

    Oh little Angie. Always searching for something or someone to fill the void. Whether it is collecting children or sexing married men or having baby after baby in a desparate bid to keep the man around. How sad.

  • worthReposting

    @ I wonder @ 03/14/2009 at 9:34 pm

  • SALT is great for NYC

    antiloonie @ 03/14/2009 at 9:18 pm


    I have the pleasure of working in her area close to her and she is a healthy beautiful really sweet woman who is so nice to all in the cast and crew. Angelina is petite actually sort of tiny and I was surprised as she projects bigger on film. She speaks to all and never complains. Her BGs are also nice people just doing their jobs and she needs them as paps are always trying to get close in and take her pixs. She is wearing lots of makeup and disguises in this production and she is so patient getting ready for each scene. She has had lots of early calls and she is always prepared.

    And I guess you don’t know that insurance companies drug test all cast and crew these days. No drugs allowed as productions are big business and business does not tolerate any interruptions due to drug use. Lots of cops are around this production at all times.

    What a liar whoever you are. Don’t know your motivation to lie but that is all you are doing.

  • nikomilinko
  • vickifromtexas

    jealousy is ugly. therefore the ONE person changing names and spewing hate is very ugly.

  • Myselt

    Can’t wait to see the movie

  • mimilala

    She looks SOOOO much better and sexier with the dark wig! Blonde is definitely not for her.

    She does need to gain weight. Her face looks so haggard.

  • heads up

    Lots of extras working on this film. Super super news. Really hope more big productions like this are on the way to NYC. Many people are scratching for work.

  • huh

    ellie troll is here under different names. This biitch is mental.

  • Friends

    I am glad that Angie has so many loonies, cause she certainly has no friends to turn, maybe some hired help to listen to her whoas. She seems like she leads such a lonely life. If Brad isnt around the only people she has to call are her ex husbands and now their wives are keeping her from talking to them. Pity.


    i hope us fans are not responding to this antiloonie because this animal is worthless. “it” is a piece of crap so please please don’t respond. you are only giving “it” more gas to keep on going.

  • ohyeshedidit

    i m stupid and dump like my idol chinocchio maniston.

  • never

    No nosejob at all, angelina jolie never needed a nosejob

  • RunAndTellThat

    The jenhags have got to move on. Brad and Angelina are happy and madly in love. I am trying not to attack the trolls. but oh well. Jennifer is a old, ugly, manless, talentless, airhead bimbo who had a chance to ma her husband happy. She decided riding his coattails to a movie career was more inmportant. Now she and the obsessed faniston hate Angelina for being a true partner to Brad. The trolls have leave Brad and Angelina alone and go find this big chin, big nose bed hopping wh@re a man. Brad found a beautiful, talented, intelligent woman who loves him. Not is fame. I can’t wait till Angie get pregnant this year while the Un-Mom continue her quest to be the next cougar.

    God thank you so much for aligning the stars that lead Brad to meet and fall in love with a woman that would change his life for the better. Angelina has done more for Brads life in their first six months of dating. Then that dogface tv hacktress ever did. Now we have her this dumb ass b!tch in ever interview. ” I will love Brad for the rest of my life”. Now that someone else love him. Brad should be embarressed that he ever hook up with this sorry excuse of a woman.

    Brangelina Forever B!tch!!!

  • Desparately seeking anyone


  • ajfan2009

    Geez, I normally ignore and skip the negative comments but these haters got real problems, man!!!

    It a Saturday night. Don’t you have better things to do than trolling on this thread? How pathetic some people really are.

  • Andrómeda

    She looks beatiful in that black wig.
    She always looks good.
    Thanks JJ

  • hyde

    Aloonielover @ 03/14/2009 at 8:57 pm

    Antiloonie@8:42pm needs a new facelift ASAP,but she can’t afford it.Anybody willing to help her,please raise your right hand!

    at the end she will look like that


    ROFL Leather Face. Darn she does looks like a man.

  • never
  • dIETER

    just came back from our KKK meeting.

  • Jill

    huh @ 03/14/2009 at 9:42 pm
    ellie troll is here under different names. This biitch is mental.

    That’s not ellie. That’s Shitzy/Ashhole Banks. She completely lost her sh*t when Fugly got dumped again.