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Daniel Craig & Satsuki Mitchell: Ivy Club Couple

Daniel Craig & Satsuki Mitchell: Ivy Club Couple

Daniel Craig grabs dinner at the Ivy Club in London on Friday night (March 13) with his longtime love Satsuki Mitchell, who donned some funky footwear.

According to spywitnesses, the 41-year-old British actor turned into the real James Bond to fool the paparazzi. Craig used a decoy car at the main door, but snuck out of the back door of the Club in a different car. How very 007!

Slumdog Millionaire actress Freida Pinto is said to be in the running to be the next Bond girl.

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  • Pff

    Why the kerfuffle? Just get papped.

  • Pff

    Why the kerfuffle? Just get papped you went to the ivy for gawd sake.

  • ali

    Those shoes are gorgeous, not funky. Love Daniel Craig.

  • re pics

    Back in London then.
    Snapped at the Ivy Club? Knew that was coming! Who predicted that on here? Using a decoy? Why? The security around him is very tight nowadays.
    They look happy as usual. ;)

    Not too sure about his hair! Not a great suit.
    What designer are her sows? Is she becoming an Imelda Marcos I wonder?

  • re pics

    Sows! LOL! I meant shoes!

  • lol

    no holding hands then? oh dear..keeping that for the red carpet?

  • DC

    Oh my he is looking old even his posture is beginning to looks like an old man. Do they ever cook? Looks like they are always out for dinner but I suppose if you can afford it whey not!

  • Yikes

    Let the Sats haters emerge….. enough already.

  • PDA

    No PDA requried when they don’t expect the paps. That only occurs when the cameras are on or they are behind closed doors. Whatever happened to “Insider on Satsuki”?

  • daniel

    what happend to daniel? he looks terrible! he looks sad.

  • NativeNYker

    She better be riding that man enough to work off those calories!

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • to PDA

    so you are saying they put the PDA on for the expected cameras? i think they would have seen the paps standing there taking the pics as they got out of the car wouldnt they?

  • Bunch of hens here

    Yikes is right. The Sats haters are like a bunch of hens. Cluck Cluck Cluck. pick a little

    LOL just like the movie.

  • Danny

    He looks horrible!
    What happened to him he has aged 20 years in just 2 years.
    He does not look happy at all and I don’t understand why he has everything! Great career, money, woman he loves and yet he looks so sad. What gives?

  • PDA

    To 12

  • what a farce

    Miserable as usual. They tired from putting on fake PDA’s then from L.A.?

  • Twilight Series

    Those shoes aren’t that funky. Antonio Berardi started funky shoes fashion. I’m sure Posh will be pissed someone other than her has the balls to wear funky bags on their feet. The effin nerve!

  • to PDA 15

    then why didnt they hold hands then as its obvious they saw the cameras there. he looks like he couldnt be bothered and really peed off.

  • linda

    Don’t tell me Satsuki wants to become like Posh now! Those shoes she is wearing must of cost a fortune. I see the credit crunch is oblivious to the hierarchy of people who are paid way too much for doing very little.

  • confused at his actions

    i am confused here.
    why the decoy car when you go to the one of the most papped places in london? not too sure who he think’s he is.
    these two are becoming a little strange too me and their actions.
    i personally think they love it all now.
    as for another poster saying why cant they stay in? well i guess its their choice and maybe he is falling into the “im a celebrity, i must get my face in the press on a regular basis” but don’t complain about privacy when you seem to invite the intrusion a little right?
    Mr Chows now this?
    i assume they had a reservation then?

  • to 18

    Daniel is always peeeeed off for some reason. He is just a miserable person that is just who he is. SAD

  • to comment #1 and # 2

    Yes agree! Why the commotion? Who is he anyway now? Princess Diana and the decoy car?
    You go to the Ivy to get SEEN! To provide a decoy car only draws more attention.
    As you can see, it did not PREVENT the paps from getting pics. And not great ones at that.

  • to 22

    These 2 are such a joke now. Pathetic isn’t it?

    They so so hard to get attention but pretending they don’t want the attention. Hollywoood is fickle I think he is on his way out as an A lister not that he was ever one.

  • daniel

    all she does is shop and get dresses fitted i think and makes him go out all the time it looks like. make him stay home and cook a meal for the man.

  • wised cracked’

    You got that right #21

    Maybe he wasn’t allowed to drink his guinesses? (sp) Thats why he’s peed off!! hahaha…

    Sporting the military haircut. He looks like my ol’ drill sargent!! Sats looks nice here…like her hair.

    Glad to hear that Freida Pinto to be in the running to be the next Bond girl, instead of Jennifer Anniston who so badly wants to be a Bond girl…geeze

  • his hair

    Is his hair for a new role? Anyone know or is it to counteract thinning?

  • A RING!!!!!
  • to 25

    Well as he was pictured GOING INTO the club looking peed off then I would assume he hasn’t been drinking (yet). I see no pictures of them leaving the club.

  • A ring? So what?

    It’s her right hand.

  • to Danny

    yes. makes you wonder. maybe his career is floundering after the “flops’ he’s had and he realizes he may just be known for Bond after all. maybe he feels at an impasse in his life. pressure getting to him? the press attention?
    easy answer; stay away from papped places, go to private places for holidays and stay home although i’m sure his new house in London is besieged with fans thanks to one UK newspaper.
    no respite although i’m sure his “partner” deosnt mind it. she has her own credit line, bodyguard and apparently the ability to know where the cameras are at all times.

  • to 27

    lol, it likely another promise ring that will hold her over for another 5 years…lol.

  • anon

    his hair looks shorter now then it did at the oscars or am i imagining things

  • ?

    Wasn’t he a cook as one point in his life? I am sure he can whip up something delicious – I wonder what he likes to eat? Don’t know about her she must have a good metabolism since she is always out eating and is still skinny – some women are just lucky that way.

    I wasn’t impressed with QOS – I have seen his earlier films and he was much better then. I think he sold out.

  • OMG

    OMG, Dan looks bad.

  • question

    is the man sick, he looks so old.

  • anon

    QOS financially was not a flop. Defiance technically wasn’t either, seeing as its still being played in many countries and has yet to open a few more, plus DVD sales and rentals.

  • to 33

    the question is: what does she eat? salads probably. he looks like he eats well but needs to watch his weight.

  • The Comedian

    Who is his hairdresser ? the guys/or girl should be sentence to DEATH for such a haircut !!
    He looks 10 years older, gosh the guy is only 41 !! younger than…Keanu Reeves ;-)

  • to anon

    No talking about his Bond films! Defiance DID NOT do as well as expected and making money from DVD sales etc is not exactly what film stars want. They want cinema hits! As for Defiance opening in some countries, they are pulling it from screens due to protests.
    Hardly a rip roaring cinematic hit no matter what is said.

    The man needs a MAJOR number one box office hit away from Bond, it’s that simple. to be considered a ‘front runner” in H/Wood.

    He is only an “A” lister because of Bond, nothing else! I don’t think that is what he had in mind for his illustrious career after such great past perfromances of his earlier works.

  • Got in

    Hey at least they found a place that would let them in!! They look miserable as usual. She looks fugly as usual. Again, going to a pap staple (the Ivy) is just like saying “here I am take my picture”. Don’t worry $at$ I am sure they got alot of pics.

  • freethinker

    Hey, new pictures and a new thread! :)

    That cropped hair doesn’t suit Dan, it draws too much attention to his tired face. And yes, he doesn’t look well at all. Although I don’t think he’s put on weight.
    For once, Sats wears clothes which actually suit her, although the way the trousers wrinkle at the leg indicate they are not the right fit. And while her look is casual, Dan’s is pretty formal. I like the shoes, although they look terribly unpractical. Definitely not the kind of shoes you’d wear walking through tube stations, lol.

    Like a few other posters, I wonder, why do they look so miserable? They are going to a nice fancy restaurant for (what I presume is) a good meal. They should have done something for Comic Relief Day yesterday, that would have made them laugh.

  • Posh Wannabe

    Didn’t $at$ get the memo-Posh is wearing pink these days!!! Better go home and change into another atrocious outfit-you know how “movie producers” can afford these designer clothes!!!!!

  • stress?

    NOT saying Daniel suffers from this but isn’t there a syndrome where you have to cut your hair shorter and shorter? Doesn’t is show unhappiness? I have a feeling it isn’t for a new role.
    Maybe stressed induced. maybe the guy’s hair is fallling out and this is to make it look better? I do see patchiness occuring.
    Again , NOT saying that he suffers from this or anything else.
    But interesting. When a wife or woman in the relationship dictates to the man about his hair, it is apparently called Delilah Syndrome (as in Samson and Delilah)..
    Cutting your hair is reflective of maybe the way you feel and your lack of inner strength?

    This is meaning hair pulling but I think the same OCD tendencies occur NOT saying he suffers from that either.

    Just interesting.

  • one extreme

    oh im sure they will be holding hands and smiling on the 17th at the awards… ;)
    she will make sure of that.

  • to freethinker

    I agree, hardly sporting Comic Relief Red Noses are they?
    Miserable couple I must say!

  • to freethinker

    ..although I don’t know , these pictures and her shoes gave me some Comic Relief!
    You see Daniel hasn’t anything to promote so no Comic Relief for him!

    The irony; so they go out to an expensive meal which, tax-wise, is for “entertainment purposes” no doubt and let’s look like we have the wait of the world on our shoulders while Africa is dependent on the UK and other places for trying to raise money to get food on THEIR plates.

  • testi

    it’s her birthday, right?

    what are they doing still in LA-?
    Can somebody figure that out?

  • testi

    sry, london..

  • to 47

    1) her birthday is not until early April.
    2) they are in LONDON.

  • justsayin

    geez…why is everybody stressing about their looks and their clothes?
    they look just fine.