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Ioan Gruffudd: Meat & Greet

Ioan Gruffudd: Meat & Greet

Fantastic Four star Ioan Gruffudd shares a passionate kiss with his wife, British actress Alice Evans, at the Farmers Market in Los Angeles on Friday (March 13).

The 35-year-old Welsh actor was seen picking up some fresh meat from the Marconda’s Prime Beef counter.

Earlier this week, IESB reported that 20th Century Fox is gearing up to reboot the Fantastic franchise without Ioan, Chris Evans, Michael Chiklis or Jessica Alba.

WOULD YOU WATCH the next Fantastic Four flick without Ioan – YAY or NAY?

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  • Uggh

    It looks like they are both checking to see if their breath smells in this pic of them – or preparing for mouth to mouth rescucitation(sp?).

  • eww


  • gigi

    I didn’t want to watch the Fantastic 4 franchise WITH him in it. He’s a so-so actor.

  • Mima

    No Chris Evans as the Torch? :( I’m not watching it then…

  • troy

    I thought he made an okay Reed Richards and I thought the best thing about the movies (which I didn’t particularly care for)was Michael Chicklis as the Thing. The weakest link was Jessica Alba and Julian McMahon as the character they insisted on calling Dr. Doom. If you know anything about the character in the comics you would know that what McMahon was playing is NOT Dr. Doom. But to be fair the problem there may have been more with the writing then the actor.

    So yes I would see “Fantastic Four” with a different cast. Although I have to say I’m surprised to hear Fox is thinking of going that route since the films were commercially successful.

  • manolita

    Not really a very attractive kiss. Yuck..

  • katie n

    Aren’t farmer’s market usually are full of families with kids. I am not being too moralistic but the kiss is just too sloppy looking and kids can get scared and tween could have night mares about their future sex lives. I mean you could show affection through warm higs, pecks on the cheeks etc. in public, right?

  • cosi

    katie n – that is such a quaint, antiquated point of view… it’s a kiss, they are not ripping clothes off each other, lol. ‘kids could have nightmares’? mmmkay…

  • dumbasses

    They are disgusting.

  • Jen

    without chris evans.. nope wont see it

  • nikki

    ewwww go in a room

  • jaye

    Changing all the main characters will be odd. If they didn’t get the first 2 movies right, then change the script to fit more with the original comics. I Think that was the point, that it strayed too much from the comics. Although replacing Jessica Alba wouldn’t have been a bad idea.

  • mju8

    his wife seems like a total bitch. does anyone remember his biggest fansite closing down because of her?! what a paranoid control freak!

  • Ex Ioan chick

    They are so fake. Slobbing at a meat market? Poor unfortunate souls willing to do anything for a snapshot.

    Ioan, lose your fake beard and come on out of the closet. We’ll respect you more. You really aren’t fooling us anyway. :-(

  • sayitwasn’tyou

    He is so cute

  • Twilight Series

    Nothing wrong with a little meat and grind. Too bad none of the pics actually caught the toungue action.

  • geez

    Too bad he didn’t took it out, nothing wrong with a little action.

  • Nicolette

    No, I wouldn’t watch a “FFour” without Ioan Gruffudd.
    And thanks for the pictures! :)

  • Alice is a beard

    How pathetic is he “posing” at the meat counter to see if anyone would recognize and approach him, then his “beard” upon seeing the cameras sucks more of his life force with a fake kiss.

    Blech, puke and gross.

  • Shadow


    I WON’T !



  • Alicerhymeswithmalice

    What a couple of phonies- I couldn’t be more nauseated.

  • fan

    Get a grip. Firstly who cares if he wants to snog his wife in public, it’s quite nice to see its his bloody wife he is snogging not some other woman. Secondly the pictures are taken without care of context so you’ve no idea why he is smiling at the counter or anything, you just assume he is posing..sheesh..
    Thirdly he is a brilliant actor if you have only seen him in fantastic four then that’s your loss he was brilliant as Hornblower and Wilburforce.
    He is one of the best actors out there.
    Get a life people and stop being so critical of someone you know nothing about except what you read in the rags..

  • Ray

    Oh gross – they are both digusting!!!!

  • Ray

    Sorry – Disgusting and gross!!!!!

  • NancyHicksGribble

    I had wondered where Boost Mobile found the porcine stars of their commercial. ;D

  • ziggy

    He’s still in the business? I thought he’d quit acting!

  • MMA

    NO WAY! You can;t make a movie and then make a sequel with totally different people…that’s crazy!

  • JohnJay

    The best thing they could do would to be replace the entire cast, director, and script writer. This is very good news, if true.

  • BooWho

    Now fan, don’t get testy just because you’re married to a guy named Joan. :)

  • zippychippy

    I love these Ioan stories. They always bring out the most entertaining sort of embittered nutjobs out of the woodwork. :D

    No, I would not see a FF without the main cast. I went in the movies for him in the first place, and the rest of the cast was pleasant and they all had good chemistry. Why change them out? The films were successful financially.

  • BooWho

    Now “chippy”, don’t be so embittered and nutty.

  • Marie

    I totally agree with you. Ioan is a wonderful actor.

  • Marie

    Fan. I totally agree with you. Ioan is a marvelous actor. Fantastic Four is the least of his work. Did anyone see Simon and Gaenor? I would not go to see the Fantastic Four without Ioan in it. I went to a comic book movie just to see him. I wouldn’t normally. I’ll got to see Ioan in anything.

  • whiteKnight

    Without the originals?? Are you kidding…no, the new ones will probaly suck! Ioan, Jessica, Chris, and Michael were AWESOME and those movies were fun!!