Jude Law: Minghella Movie Marathon!

Jude Law: Minghella Movie Marathon!

Jude Law attends the Minghella Movie Marathon, a film festival to mark the one year anniversary of director Anthony Minghella‘s death.

The 36-year-old British actor was spotted arriving at the screening of The Talented Mr. Ripley at Medina Theater on the Isle of Wight on Sunday (March 15).

Minghella died March 18, 2008, after undergoing surgery the previous week for cancer of the tonsils and neck.

10+ pictures inside of Jude Law at the Minghella Movie Marathon…

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jude law minghella movie marathon 01
jude law minghella movie marathon 02
jude law minghella movie marathon 03
jude law minghella movie marathon 04
jude law minghella movie marathon 05
jude law minghella movie marathon 06
jude law minghella movie marathon 07
jude law minghella movie marathon 08
jude law minghella movie marathon 09
jude law minghella movie marathon 10
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Credit: Big Pictures; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • diana

    he’s quite handsome in these pics. love him without the mustache.

  • Pff

    He’s looking gooooood.

  • sheryl

    *Waves and blows kisses at Jude*

  • Pole

    Oh my gosh, he’s looking great here *fans herself*

  • kim

    My boo is looking good, I just hope that he wore those shoe
    just for comforter, and had another pair for the service.

    Love you Jude.

  • jill

    Hello Sexy !

    My Jude fix is in.

    Thanks Jared

  • dee

    RDJ was calling Jude “Hotson” instead of Watson and we all know

    Kiss Kiss for you Jude.

  • dee

    It is nice to see Jude at Anthony Minghella’s Marathon, It was such a shock when he died. I’m gald they found a way to celebrate Anthony life work.

  • Pole

    Yes, it’s very sweet of him to support the family like this. Jude is more than just a pretty face IMO :-D

    Thanks for the pictures Jared!

  • AnnieRich

    He s really looking good here. I like that he can go out on town having fun, but be serious when he needs to.

  • purpleworm

    And here we have the ubiquitous grey t-shirt, under a dark suit. (he wears that a lot. whatever. ) But, hey, it’s my mate’s film festival so I’d better add my snazzy waistcoat. You know, posh it up a bit. And then these old smelly trainers’ll do. I like to mix it up.

    At least he put away his chest hair for this event.

    Pic #2 (or #6 depending on which way you count) makes it all better. It’s The Tongue Thing. What else can I say?

  • Pole

    Yeah, that Tongue Thing makes it easy to overlook his clothes :-D

    I wonder though – does he put a lot of thought into dressing or is he simply wearing whatever he picks up from the floor first? Sometimes it really looks like the latter..

  • josefiep

    He’s looking fine.
    Gosh, i love that awesome smile.. :-)

  • wishful

    O Man what I would love to do with that tongue

  • dolorescraeg

    i’m panting, my heart is palpitating…my libido…oh boy. jude you looked glorious ten years ago…you look glorious now only more so. look in the dictionary folks under sexy…..JUDE….under beautiful…..jude…under really nice man…jude. his affection and loyalty to the late anthony ninghella is very touching. they were such good friends in life and jude has not deserted anthony or his family in death…jude did you wear the trainers ’cause you had to take the ferry to the isle of wight? whatever…looking at these pictures is comparable to…to….well not for print…..

  • nikki

    Jude Law attends the Minghella Movie Marathon, while dressing crazy but remaining sexy doing so.

    Love you Jude

    Thanks Jared

  • http://Sexy sharyllee

    Wow! how good and nice of Jude to attend.. Beautiful eyes and all

  • Sara


  • Pole

    Ha, ha – now we’re jealous of a waterbottle again :lol:

  • Sara

    Oh dear Jude, don’t you know your smile lights my life?
    Love You, Heart ♥

  • Fiona

    OMG, does he carry a permit to look like that so unabashedly!!??

    *licks computer screen*

  • Anita

    He was gorgeous. I remember his performance in The Talented Mr Ripley. A decade has passed but his appearance is almost the same, which is really admirable <3

  • Sandy

    Yes he looks beautiful, yes age does not dim that beauty at all, yes he is a true friend in life or in death, yes to listen to him is to be transported to a fine and intelligent world and to understand the way his mind workd and what he thinks is important and what he loved about one ofhis best friends. And the people responded to him. the venues on the island were small and their devotion moved him to return and be seen by more people today and make sure that Anhony got the [true homage he deserved. I’ve been watching my own little festival of Mingherlla and Law and it’s wonderful to see how much they gave each other and how much that has given the world. there is a reason why Oscar is mentioned in almost every breath and earned
    or nominated for all his films. there is a larger and greater constituency that miss you Anthony but Jude will never let them forget who you were.

  • dolorescraeg

    i’m still palpitating. i simply cannot get over this beautiful man…he lights up the world…geez, he gets better looking with age.if this keeps up i’ll need sun glasses to look at him in ten years
    jared a hug and kiss for this jude treat….

  • uhhmmmm

    Are we looking at the same pictures?
    You see hotness?
    I see a balding, saggy faced, old-before-his-time adulterer.
    Nothing hot there.

  • Celine


    get glasses and a dictionary. Glasses to see a fine looking man aging as all men do, and a dictionary to look up “adultery”. He was not married to Sienna at the time, and I think we are figuring out she wasn’t quite the innocent pumpkin she let everyone believe.

  • Brenda

    My #1 DILF!

  • Daphne

    He is such a lovely man, inside and out *kiss*.

    It’s inappropriate to say, but geez he makes me want to take him home and do unspeakably naughty things to him.

  • http://Sexy sharyllee

    Jude law with black eye? he is very beautiful…

  • AnnieRich

    OMG I can t get over these pics. If his hair was blond here, he would look like he did in Ripley and it is ten years ago. Jude, if you stick out your tongue in london this summer, I don t know what I will do.

  • dulce mirita

    Jude, I find you simply irrestible, and with a younger aparience.. maybe because I was used to see you lately impersonating Watson. I will always love you in despite of the gray t-shirt sticked to your body. I want to reencarnate myself in that t-shirt.

  • http://www.madonna.com MADONNA


  • Natalie smith

    …so sweet…

  • Sandy

    Uhmmm – we all know that Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but
    you definitely need your eyes checied! The greater majority do not
    find him old and ugly and he looks wonderful here. Put your axe down,
    you have ground enough arleady!

  • dolorescraeg

    poster #25′
    your jealousy is showing……and as sandy said an opthomologist is crucial to your well being. if you’re thinking ugly, sagging etc., look no further than your mirror.

  • jami

    well hello hotstuff! and hello tongue!!!
    looking good, Jude!

  • Karma-kameleon

    Nice tongue :)


    hey cutie jude…
    love love love…

  • Sara

    #25, If you start talking like that…so i think you came to the wrong place. yes, i believe we all see hotness and even not knowing him in person we can see a really great man who we’d love to meet some day and have fun with. So let it go…

  • elle

    ditto hello tongue
    Thanks Jared :)

  • azlynaziz

    thx jared..i look for jude at other sites but u r still d best..ahh jude..so cute..now all i can think of is the cute tongue.sheryl can have the water bottle..i just wanna be the inside of the trainers…so i can keep him warm or be the soles of the trainers so i can protect him from harm.jude im flying to london 26 th april..can i see u?haha in my dreams..

  • dolorescraeg

    i admire your taste.
    jude just makes you feel good by simply looking at him…..it’s like listening to good music…..he’s a miracle of nature and his mom and dad of course.

  • dolorescraeg

    if you want to see a walking talking work of art….check out this jude law video taken athe minghella movie marathon…hope the link works…scroll don.


  • Sandy

    This is a loveely video and you really would not want tomiss it. If you
    have trouble watching it, try another server = I couldn’t get it on AOL
    but I got it immediately on Esplorer. Enjoy!

  • Mimi prism

    THANKS JJ!!! : )

    I just want to say: ” Jude darling, DO NOT TOUCH YOUR HAIR ANY MORE, OK? YOU LOOK AMAZING!” Bless his heart, he is soooo cute!

    Mimi Prism ; D

  • ericap

    I want him.

  • http://righteous.bz/ MMA

    He looks a little tired but still very beautiful! <3