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Katie Holmes & Suri Cruise: Pizza Party!

Katie Holmes & Suri Cruise: Pizza Party!

Katie Holmes and her mini-me Suri have a pizza lunch together on Sunday afternoon (March 15) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Suri, who turns 3 in about one month, hid her head in her mom’s shoulder for most of the time.

Katie, 30, debuted longer locks at the premiere of husband Tom Cruise‘s latest WWII flick, Valkyrie in Japan on Wednesday. Looks like those extensions didn’t stay in for very long!

15+ pictures inside of Katie & Suri‘s pizza party…

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katie holmes suri cruise pizza party 01
katie holmes suri cruise pizza party 02
katie holmes suri cruise pizza party 03
katie holmes suri cruise pizza party 04
katie holmes suri cruise pizza party 05
katie holmes suri cruise pizza party 06
katie holmes suri cruise pizza party 07
katie holmes suri cruise pizza party 08
katie holmes suri cruise pizza party 09
katie holmes suri cruise pizza party 10
katie holmes suri cruise pizza party 11
katie holmes suri cruise pizza party 12
katie holmes suri cruise pizza party 13
katie holmes suri cruise pizza party 14
katie holmes suri cruise pizza party 15

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  • blah

    Suri is such a wee cutie pie!

  • Twilight Series

    Damn, she’s got nasty six toe feet. Ewwww

  • liz

    you’d think a bit of pizza would cheer her up ! ;-)

  • Nick Lachey USA

    six toe feat?

  • mia

    Looks like they’re wearing dance clothes. I wonder if Suri had a lesson? Anyways, she’s a cutie.

  • lips,tits smack that old ass.


  • cocoa

    dude she’s got cankles

  • hello!

    Hair in Suri’s eyes – Katie is too busy to take care of her only kid?

  • Barker

    What a waterhead Suri is. Quite the fivehead there.

  • cc

    the child needs her bangs trimed! this cannot be good thing for a little girl. how can she sees anything?

  • dabu

    Well, gee that sounds like fun. Let’s take the little princess out so she can hide the whole time. Wow. Guess she is just continuing the pimping that went on in NYC.

  • Lola

    What extensions? That was a wig.

  • bral
  • Susie

    Why is Katie carrying a blanket?? And why doesn’t she let Suri walk?
    What a jerk.

  • Susie

    Why is Katie carrying a blanket?? And why doesn’t she let Suri walk? And do they HAVE to wear matching outfits? What a jerk.

  • Laure

    she’s so chic.

  • sayin’

    that child is not getting any cuter anymore.

  • Vera

    it was in the 60′s in the mid day(warmest)
    certainly NOT shorts or sandal weather in L.A.

    krazy lady!

  • lola

    she has to do something about her huge legs ,omg short hair again i can’t stand it with long hair she was a live and gorgeous but i love to see her out and about with suri Such a cute kid!

  • blackisthenewwhite

    looks like suri wants shiloh and zahara’s chic black style.

  • Lisa too

    Looks like Suri is growing out her bangs. Maybe once her bangs are a little longer she will have her hair cut in the back and it will be all one length? Too bad she won’t wear a cute barrettes until it grows out more?

  • eew

    katie’s got hippo legs.

  • bobszibb

    Suri is a sourpus. Katie is drab.

    Boring, and Suri is not cute with her autistic behavior.

  • jake

    reason for those bangs on Suri… so that she can hide better when she does not want to bother with people.

    hope she gets the help she needs….she seems to be a special needs child.

    guess tom’s cult religion will not allow that.

    what idiots

  • sniffles

    Who cares if she has cankles, I have much worse features than that!! I have to admit I’d do something about the feet though. I wish she would grow her hair out, she’s gorgeous with long hair.

  • Crissy

    It would be super cute if Suri ,Shiloh, Zahara and Violet were friends and played together

  • Damien


    ANYWAYS THANKS FOR POSTING JJ…love to see katie, tom and suri

  • only JP kids are pefect huh?

    You idiots are TOO funny! Ahem, WHY DOES BRAD CARRY SAME AGE SHILOH? AND OLDER Z? AND OLDER PAX? AND MAD WAS CARRIED UNTIL 6. and not a word said. Shiloh’s hair was a frigging mess, until some nanny probably couldn’t take it anymore and fixed it so she can see! And ‘pimping?” I guess Brad is guilty of that too, taking the kids all over recently and having their pic’s taken.
    Sourpuss Suri? you HAVE to be kidding me! Zahara is the Queen of Sour, I have yet to see her teeth! Suri is adorbale, lay off a baby, better yet, spread the love from the pitt perect family to other kids…Morons, and haters with sick minds, end of story.

  • only JP kids are pefect huh?

    SUSIE you are joking right? Post why Angelina and Brad carry Shiloh who is the exact age as Suri, and of cause they still carry their older kids, do they not? When they recently saw Little Mermaid in NY, I kinda recall Brad and Angie CARRYING their kids, correct? Want to research those pics on here? Go ahead! Are you SO brainwashed by this sick JP fan club (and boy are you all sick!) that no other star can carry their kids, Except angie and brad? is this for real???? No body with a brain would believe this.

  • Xenu is real

    I really don’t think the kid is autistic, people! I think she’s just seriously messed from being exposed to all that $cientology cult weirdness already.

  • zahara is carried&pax&shi!

    #29/28 i was wonderin te same thing myself, why nobody complained about the big kids being help all the time by brad/angie, nobody here ever says anyting, and zee and pax and mad are way older. shi is the same age she sure is carried still. but u are right, not a single poster ever says anything about them being carried. damn they sure think everyone is wrong, but the angie/brads of the world *****
    i also agree shi’s hair was all in her face for the last year, and the posters thought it i guess u can say this is strictly a one sided board all on the branaglina side for sure*******

  • Xenu is real

    #28 & 29 – $cientologist alert!!! LOL – research brainwashed.

  • suri is adorable!

    Autistic, ‘special needs”?????? are you people serious? sick bunch! all of you, how can you even suggest such crap? Damn!
    as for kate, first it was she’s too thin, her legs are fine, get a life, better yet, grow up!

  • uh oh…

    I bet the ground shakes as Katie strides along with her gargantuan, thundering leg trunks.

  • Raphael

    So what, #7?

    Shut up about her bangs #7 and #10.

    She’s taking her outside in public to enjoy life and get something to eat, #11.

    What’s this walking crap you’re always spouting, #14? Who cares?

    I think I’ll let the PARENT decide what HER daughter should wear, #18.

    You really should stop saying she’s autistic, #23 and #24.

  • Xenu is real

    Looks like katie was trying to lose the weight in her legs but it just didn’t work and made her top half look even more out of proportion with her legs.
    She should really try some leg-focused exercise routines instead of dieting.

  • what?

    Are you people on DRUGS? HAVE YOU READ ANY OF THE ANGELINA thread here? She probably gets it worse than Tomkat. Plastic face Brad never gets any crap. Better check Yo self!

  • viv

    oh raphael….raphael… wrong are thee…

    I did not mention the word- autistic.

    see how much you don’t know?

    special needs- it’s very obvious. I have a friend who teaches special needs children…some of them are autistic….but, not all. She has very similar traits, behaviors…..that indicate her a special needs child. It can simply mean- she is not developing quite right- and it masks itself as a ” very shy child”. That is just one sign.

  • Xenu is real

    Okay seriously, I’ve worked with autistic children before and suri is NOT autistic and most likely not special needs – it looks to be more a case of standard developmental delay (which is fairly common in some over-privileged children and can be grown out of quickly).
    I mean really, if you were brought up in that $cientology cult, you’d be pretty messed up too. Some of the cult escapees know this first hand, you can read their stories on for yourself.
    It certainly doesn’t help that her parents drag her around in front of celeb-gawkers and paparazzi all the time. I don’t care how “used to it” a kid may seem, it is still very traumatic.

  • Crazy people!

    I hold my 4 years old… there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Especially this is the only child. TomKat has every reason to spoil their only child! you guys are nut case!

  • hag


  • One Word


  • Vera

    this is not just sourpus because she doesn’t
    like the papz(like Zee) but this is a disturbance
    on her face. She needs help.
    It was cold today..WHY dress like it was in the 80′s?
    She was probably ordered by the dictator to make
    a papz run in those ridiculous shorts & piano legs.

  • okay, one more word


  • nora

    I live in L.A. and the highs today were in the low 60′s. No one was wearing shorts. Katie is so damn weird. When it’s boiling hot, she’s wears layers of clothes. When it’s cool, she wears shorts. Proof that she is indeed a fembot.

  • Mini-Me Cankle Pizza Party!

    Still no friends :(

  • Raphael

    Very similar traits and behaviors, #38? You’re diagnosing her based on paparazzi pictures!

    She HAS to be taken outside in public to enjoy life, #39. It’s healthy, physically and mentally. It’s not about being dragged out for the paparazzi.

    And I don’t think she’s suffering from any developmental delay either. It’s silly that you’re coming up with all these conclusions based on nothing substantial.

  • Lily Allen was left “hurt”

    Lily Allen was left “hurt” during a recent trip to the US – after being mistaken for Katie Holmes.

  • Aussie Girl

    #28-29 You two must’nt go on this site very often. Brad&Angelina get dissed almost constantly regarding everything to do with their kids!!
    “Why do they carry them, why only dark colors, no coats, blah blah, blah”why don’nt all go out at same time! It is all really stupid, but TomKat are getting same as the JPS!!! Also Suri does not look special needs!!

  • Noooo!

    Cut her focking bangs!