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Reese Witherspoon is Downsizing

Reese Witherspoon is Downsizing

Reese Whitherspoon attends another Monsters vs. Aliens photocall with costar Kiefer Sutherland at Paris’ Hotel George V on Sunday (March 15).

The 32-year-old actress is expected to star in a social satire about miniature people called Downsizing. Reese would play a woman Paul Giamatti meets on his journey as a miniature person. Sacha Baron Cohen would play a pint-sized foreigner.

15+ pictures inside of Downsizing Reese Witherspoon

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reese witherspoon downsizing 01
reese witherspoon downsizing 02
reese witherspoon downsizing 03
reese witherspoon downsizing 04
reese witherspoon downsizing 05
reese witherspoon downsizing 06
reese witherspoon downsizing 07
reese witherspoon downsizing 08
reese witherspoon downsizing 09
reese witherspoon downsizing 10
reese witherspoon downsizing 11
reese witherspoon downsizing 12
reese witherspoon downsizing 13
reese witherspoon downsizing 14
reese witherspoon downsizing 15
reese witherspoon downsizing 16
reese witherspoon downsizing 17

Photos: Dominique Charriau/WireImage, Pascal Le Segretain/Getty
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  • Laura

    I love Reece she is a natural beauty and more importantly she seems like a very down to earth person :)

  • yuck

    badly dressed

  • jjfan


  • zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    not that b i t ch again

  • ewww

    Her smile is digusting

  • Mario

    Reese, cover that forehead!

  • reese stinks

    Reese Witherspoon: “I don’t take a shower every day.”

  • bella

    I am so sick of her. They should have had two different people in each city. Where are rest of the voices from this movie. Reese overkill is not doing it for me.

  • FUN!!!!

    It’s great to see Reece;it looks like she is finally having alot of fun in her life. I agree she is a natural beauty with a positive outlook on life. Good luck with the movie and with Jake!!

  • Jen

    Reese is fugly and phony
    How much is she paying her fake boyfriend for the promotion?

  • Thierry

    1 and 9, natural beauty? Are you kidding? She just had a boob job before the promo of the movie. Look closer….and she is definitely not pregnant.

  • mama

    Jake is the one paying for the PR, why else is he tagging along? At least she has a movie to promote. Bubble boy has nothing, poor sap.

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    she wish she could downsize her huge lumpy forehead, that long flat witch nose, and that 8 inch long pointy chin.

  • Nelly

    Why the breast implants? I thought she said she was happy and comfortable with herself and critizised those women in hollywood who look plastic. Maybe Jake likes big boobs and she’s done it to please him.

  • Stephen

    number 13, she went to the plastic surgeon to reduce her forehead and her chin and came out with a boob job, the surgeon couldn’t do anything with the chin/forehead,there was no operation that could fix it.

  • Patty

    At last, a picture that shows she is NOT pregnant. But those boobs are def bigger. On behalf of the entire readership let me say, STOP WITH ALL THE REESE PROMO PICTURES. We know, she’s in a Disney film. She’s dragging her fellow Disney actor Jake around with her. We’ve seen it. Stop showing it again, and again.

  • crapper

    You sillyhags are blind, Reese has not gotten a boob job, she always had a nice rack. Most likely sheis wearing a wonder bra in some of these photo calls.

    Now why don’t you gals go join up with Jenny raig or something.

  • clive

    Perfect chin

  • persti
  • Larry

    Sorry,guys, but they’ve never been that big,anyway, we will find out when she goes back to her normal clothes or her running sessions in LA, if they downsize it’s because she was wearing a push up bra, but if they don’t, it’s obviously a new pair.

  • reese’s SAGGY breasts

    Unfortunately, we did see Reese Witherspoon in a bikini and her
    SAGGY breasts aren’t nice.

  • Bee

    15,…je,je,so funny, I was thinking the same as you,..They still haven’t come up with an op. to reduce that chin.

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    perfect chin for cracking coconuts.
    reece could easily headbutt her way through a brick wall.

  • linnyb

    eff her chin is revolting~~~~~~

  • tj

    Reece is a cutie. Always professional and a natural beauty. Very sorry about her divorce, but she totally married BENEATH her w/ Ryan. He is such a pouty jerk. She will find her prince. Someone much better then the X.

  • Tom

    God, I like the French actress, she is so pretty! She is dressing casual, no push up bra, her hair tied up and she looks 1000 times prettier than Reese. I wonder what she looks like when she dresses up,amazing.

  • Larry

    21, I forgot about that one, you are right, we’ve seen her saggy boobs in the bikini pictures last summer, let’s see if this summer they look the same. If they do, it was a push up bra, if they don’t it was the job of a plastic surgeon after maybe…..,20 or 30 interventions. Not as many as the number she would need to reduce her chin.

  • crapper

    The french actress looks like you Tom when she dresses up. Reese always had nice tits, you hags tits are probably hanging down to your knees.

  • LolaSvelt

    She wears too much blue.

    I’m so glad that she’s working with Alexander Payne again. Election is her very best performance, and especially after her crappy post-Oscar career, it will be good to see her finally delve into a good character!

  • Miriam

    The only natural looking one there is the French actress. I bet it took about 20 mins to get her ready and about 4 hours to get Reese’s look.

  • overrated

    Reese Witherspoon is so overrated as an actress!
    She was terrible in her last 4-5 movies, she sucked big time.

  • reese is a b i t c h

    reese is digusting

  • magic_moments

    I like Reese! She seems to be a nice person.
    She looks good here.

  • lol

    People who know Reese Witherspoon said she’s a B I T C H

  • Tom

    Oh,poor crapper, did I hurt your feelings?Don’t get so defensive, I obviously have very different taste in women than you, I respect that. I must say that imo, the French actress is dressing more apropriate to present a family,childrens movie. In Europe, those type of movies are mainly seen by kids. I know adults can enjoy them as much as their kids, but the audience is mainly children.

  • foxy

    unfortunately the part in the Alexander Payne movie for Reese is rather small bigger than a cameo but not a lead character

  • reese crapperspoon

    crapper=more crap, the name said it all.

  • fugly reese

    reese is dumb as a rock and a** fugly

  • tetas

    We saw her tetas last summer and they don’t look anything like the scene from Twilight that persti sent in that link, she must have been 20 years old when she did that, she had 2 children after and is 32 now. She “had”nice tits,but that was very long time ago, not anymore, well, unless the surgeon has fixed them.

  • linda

    This site is so entertaining, I love the variety of comments, it’s funny,love it. It would be so boring if everybody agrees with everybody else. Nice to see different opinions and views.

  • John

    Jesus, Reese’s make up artist is gonna need a big big holiday after this trip. The man/woman must be knackered.

  • lakers fan in boston

    damn whats up with this chick every single damn day…
    u need 2 stop jared, that face of hers just ruins my day =[
    and once again
    how many premieres r there? no lie, this has 2 be at least the 6th premiere

  • Uggh

    Reese needs to get something done with that witchie pooh chin. I mean people make fun of Jennifer Anniston for having a large chin, but, at least it is not the pointy kind like a witch.

    Woof. I always like Reese and her movies, but, she will have to be careful with her angles for photos because of that chin. It is Chinrific.

  • KVB

    The only pregnancy she’s with are her Dolly Parton-sized implants….

  • Reese Chinerspoon

    That’s her real name, or should we call her Reese Boobyspoon after the implants?

  • pipi

    If you all remember her interview with David leterman before Xtmas, her real boobs look half the size of the new ones.

  • dee dee

    Why don’t you get it over with already Jared and rename this site Just Reese. Maybe I should just stop visiting this site until her crappy movie opens and it is safe to go back in the water. She’s a pretentious bore, and I’m tired of seeing mommy dearest dragging her beard/child/Jake around behind her.

  • mimilala

    She looks great!!!

  • Thea

    The french actress is Louise Bourgoin.

  • Thea

    The french actress is Louise Bourgoin.