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'America's Next Top Model' Stampede Video

'America's Next Top Model' Stampede Video

A casting call for America’s Next Top Model turned ugly when chaos broke out leaving six people injured.

In midtown Manhattan on Saturday afternoon (March 14), an overheating car triggered a stampede after several people in the crowd started yelling, “There’s a bomb!”

Three Bronx residents were arrested and charged with starting the pandemonium that erupted. Host Tyra Banks and other show reps have yet to comment on the incident.

Watch the absolute craziness below!

“America’s Next Top Model” Stampede
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  • sara

    What a bunch of idiots. The last thing you shout is “there’s a bomb” in a large crowd. People could have died and people have died from stampedes. The whole place looks packed couldn’t Tyra get a big venue like AI and get these people off the street. It is just as dangerous for the drivers who probably have no idea as to what is happening.

  • shell

    I didn’t even know that many people watched that dumb ass show

  • julie

    Oh good god. As if a bomb first starts blowing off smoke, then waits ten minutes and then explodes. I completely agree with sara.

  • Laure

    This is insane and the sad thing about it is that the show doesn’t make you a SUPER MODEL!


  • gogol dancer

    I would never want to be in a situation where the crowd is huge like that, that is just ridiculous. Whoever is in charge should either cap it at the first 1000 people or get a bigger venue. That was just ridiculous….. especially for a stupid show like America’s Next Top Model. And who ever yelled bomb is an absolute morone of the highest order.

  • fri

    tyra banks is a pop tart…i’m glad that she does tween shows because she has the mind of a tween although she is 30-something yrs old!

  • amanda

    haha I was there!! my friends and I got there at 5am and it was already chaotic…about 2000 girls, no real line, and no staff in sight! we promptly made a beeline for the nearest diner to watch the hilarity from a safe distance. good thing we left way before this madness happened!

  • Rhian

    I have never seen anything so crazy in my life what an idiot!!

  • ayj6m6l

    that’s funny lol . they’re runnin’ around like Ants.

  • sam

    shell, you’e probably an ugly ass pig who can’t watch the chow because it’s makes you jealous mother nature didn’t turn your ass out in a more ttractive light. stay real, FATASS!!!

  • sam

    sorry, got a little excited, and lost my spelling ability. lets try this again……………….
    shell, you’e probably an ugly ass pig who can’t watch the show because it makes you jealous mother nature didn’t turn your ass out in a more attractive light. stay real, FATASS!!!

  • 0bservati0n

    that’s scary situation.

  • CJ

    this passes as culture and entertainment in this country……………so sad……………young women trying to become famous…………..and dying in the process……………

  • lala

    OMG that’s why I wanna move to New York haha

  • meine meinung

    only Promo

  • fudgekat

    I loved this video so much, I blogged about it too:

    I’m really into the fact that it was the 5’7″ crew who went nuts. Those ladies are scrappy!

  • lakers fan in boston

    dumb crazy bitches…
    so so sad, tbh im still surprised ppl even watch this show
    i thought it’s been going down hill for a while

  • jiji

    hahahaha omgg this is why i want to move in New York hahahah I have never seen anything so crazy in my life !!

  • Karen

    the place with most bimbos in USA at that time, what else to expect…

  • shell

    Hey Sam, way to get worked up over a show. I could care less if the show is about models or about a bunch of hicks who are competing for the love of another hick. It’s reality tv and it’s a waste of programming. Reality tv blows and this is just another reality show that wouldn’t be missed. Nice way to result to name calling…you probably tried out for this show too and got rejected right?

  • brie2009

    Now this whole stampede thing is just grimey!

  • sundus

    that is a funny situation….crazy ppl!!!!!!!!!

  • sundus

    lolz….crazy ppl!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sammy123

    whoever’s responsible for this is n absolute t-w-a-t..! people could have been seriously injured and killed, i hope they get the punishment they deserve,,,,!

  • Jackdaddy

    Regardless of bomb or not it sure didn’t look like many of them were willing to get out of line. They just bunched up more towards the entrance where the interviews were being held. So would you say models are stupid?

  • she

    to Sam and Shell….
    seriously arguing on a webpage…
    why dont you hop on the net after you graduate and have something intelligent to say…..

  • MMA

    Who would just sit here and tape this?

  • Astro


  • sweetbones

    It looks like bunch of rats coming oout of the building….Ridiculous…..get a life!!!!

  • sweetbones

    get a life !!!! you bunch of rats…

  • sweetbones

    Theres going to be another Casting Called Americas Next Top Hookers so if you want to Join Please go to the website: http://www.americasnext for all yall skinny bitches!!!