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Kate Moss Smokes on the Job

Kate Moss Smokes on the Job

Kate Moss smokes it up while on a photo shoot in Paris, France on Monday (March 16).

Last week, the 35-year-old model was with Leonetta Fendi, Beth Ditto and her boyfriend, Kills guitarist Jamie Hince drinking and partying it up after a Fendi fashion show.

The British supermodel has been seen sitting front row at several fashion shows as she’s in town for Paris fashion week.

More pictures inside of Kate Moss smoking it up…

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kate moss smoking 01
kate moss smoking 02
kate moss smoking 03
kate moss smoking 04
kate moss smoking 05
kate moss smoking 06
kate moss smoking 07

Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • JJ

    She’s Hot!

  • erik

    i honestly (and this is just my opinion) don’t understand the big deal about her. she’s not that pretty and honestly, i think she’s kind of trashy…and unless her boobs are really, really saggy…then there’s nothing there b/c look at the picture where her dress is falling down. nothing to show for it. lol. poor girl…

  • b chick

    she is disgusting.
    her face is freakishly ugly. her body is skin and bones and she is a bitch…

  • b chick

    she is disgusting.
    her face is freakishly ugly. her body is skin and bones and she is a bitch…

  • uglysexy

    dang bro …she’s not cute anymore….like miss brahms from
    “are you being served” after she went to “Eastenders”


    I’m surprised she’s still employable. I’m 4 years older than her, look 10 years younger, am in great shape and am more attractive – and I’m no model. If she’s the standard, where do I sign up? I’m due for alot of money.

    And this, children, is why you shouldn’t do drugs.

  • mju8

    I don’t care what the haters say. Kate’s a living legend!

  • ******


  • gay maybe?

    NOT aging well!

  • Katrina

    Crack is whack.

  • Naima

    #7 I agree, she is a legend, she still photographs like no other, her face is amazing. However, the coke, booze and smokes have caught up to her but that’s Kate, its all part of the package…. She’s still amazing, a little haggard but amazing !!!

  • hermit crab

    she looks like a hag.

  • koko

    Kate is still stunning, you cant change bone structure no matter how old you get. Her cheekbones are killer. Sure she isnt 25 anymore, but she is a true natural beauty, always has been always will be. At least she isnt running out and getting plastic surgery and botox and whatever the rest of hollywood do as soon as a wrinkle or 2 appears. She should be congratulated for aging gracefully and still being gorgeous at 34 or howvever old she is.

  • The Shiznack

    WICKED WENCH @ 03/16/2009 at 10:25 pm

    And this, children, is why you shouldn’t do drugs.


    and Pete Doherty

  • gerard Vandenberg


  • !!!!


  • Sgt Friday

    Hey, #5 – Be nice! Miss Brahms just died. :(

    The reason Kate is a success is because she photographs really well. She may not look great in person anymore, but her bone structure, with a lot of Photoshopping, looks great in pictures. Of course at this point her name doesn’t hurt her either.

  • marco

    Oh dear, she looks so old… thanks to the coke, booze and smokes she looks more like 45-year-old woman.

  • Liza

    Her hard partying lifestyle finally caught up with her.

  • hannah

    she has never looked better. to the person who called her ‘old’, just look at some hoolywood celebs who got botox. their face even scare me more!!!

  • julie

    She does look old and she does look trashy and no one will ever convince me she’s a good mom, putting her daughter to bed every night. She doesn’t even stay home one night a week. TRASH.

  • DD

    I can’t stand her but I think she looks hot & that outfit is very nice too.

  • maddison

    I will always love Kate. Call me a crackhead-lover, I don’t care. BUT, I’m confused by her current ‘condition.’ One moment, she looks like she’s with child. Then, here, just looks blubbery. Please, someone, anyone, is she or isn’t she sperminated?

  • natalie smith

    …she has been incredibly lucky in her career…a couple of photographers liked her…she is quite average and mediocre….bowlegged and surely not ageing that gracefully!!

    BUT WHAT IS WORSE IS THAT SHE IS COMPLETELY UNEDUCATED, UNCULTIVATED (even years of hanging out with the rich famous and surely some of them were of some good level) AND UNINFORMED!!

    I was sitting at the next table in a restaurant at primrose hill when she walked in with har friends a couple of weeks ago!! Jesus Christ!!! No wonder she has been advised by her managers, publicists not to speak and she never gives interviews!!! She sounds like a dump 14 year old!!!! Disgusting!!! I could tell even before but after that encounter…oh dear!!!
    Oh …she knew everything about designers!! She is of border intelligence I sure can tell you that!!

  • milo

    Wow thats gonna be great shoot!!

    Kate is not in fashion she IS FASHION!!!!!!!!!

    Best model ever!!! end off!

  • smart head

    Kate is stupid, she will be died soon thank drugs.She is not normal at all, she´s drug woman who cares not for daughter.

  • karen

    her skin looks deformed

  • ********

    Is that crows feet I see around her eyes??? She’s losing her looks as a model. Still pretty though.

  • justniki

    she is nice, and she is the biggest and the best.

  • lylee

    well what I have to say? she is very beautiful and I really like her!
    go Kate

  • sybille

    She looks 10 years older. Her face is deformed. BEURK.

  • Yeeeni

    She looked more pretty before. Now, she look horrible, all for the droug :(

  • stella

    You guys are CRAZYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kate Moss is so f-ing beautiful and perfect looking….i would do anything to look like her. Who cares if she does coke, so does 99% of the rest of hollywood! Get over it!

  • lakers fan in boston

    i dont understand why ppl say she is hot
    even in her suppose “days”, she was never hot 2 me
    she’s damn butter face and she seems 2 be a bitch
    keep on smoking bitch, make ur ugly face nastier =]

  • lilmw

    At least she doesn’t look anorexic anymore. But all the booze, drugs, and smokes have definitely caught up with her. She looks more like 45.

  • MMA

    She does not look so hot!


    Very nice!

  • Hadley Robert

    In real life she’s nothing special,Twiggy was so much more beautiful! And now she’s designing bags! she’s leading all the fools up the garden path! Moss,get a life!