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'MacGyver: The Movie' in the Making!

'MacGyver: The Movie' in the Making!

Film studio New Line Cinema will be reviving science-oriented adventure series MacGyver” as a feature film, THR reports.

The 1985-92 series starred Richard Dean Anderson, as an incredibly resourceful secret agent who favored brain over brawn in order to escape from dangerous situations.

“A paperclip can be a wondrous thing,” the ever-so-resourceful MacGyver has said. “More times than I can remember, one of these has gotten me out of a tight spot.”

New Line’s Richard Brener said, “We think we’re a stick of chewing gum, a paper clip and an A-list writer away from a global franchise.”

ARE YOU EXCITED to see MacGyver: The Movie — YAY or NAY?

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  • vmars111

    I can’t believe it’s because of the popularity of the SNL skits!

  • SONNYriente

    There are enough creative minds in the world to come up with something fresh and original. Hollywood is inundated with remakes.

  • ‘Mandise

    I agree with number 2, Hollywood keeps throwing old stuff to our faces. Be original, invent new things if there are such “A-list writers” in that damn place!! Anyway, it’s nay and yay at the same time…….this will bring back loads of memory from my childhood!! the ol’ good times.. XD

  • jughed

    yay! there is so much garbage in hollywood right now that calls itself “entertainent” that im glad to see a return to better storytelling, etc :)

    macgyver rocks

  • PardyHardy

    Making live-saving inventions out of household materials.

  • cocoa

    i loved that show growing up, he’s like james bond without all this fancy sh!t

  • MickeyVonDutch

    How am I going to sleep until then?

  • Kevin

    I’m sure they would ruin the original idea of simple things. I mean, some things McGyver did were unbelieveable, but I think this entire movie will consist of unbelieveable things…

  • Karen

    I loved this programme gowing up!! I still do even to this ay. I have season 1 to 5 of MacGyver on DVD and I watch thim over and over. Wonder if Murdoc would be in the movie? He always seems to come back from the dead!

  • mm

    Can’t wait!


    That’s hot!

  • Jenny

    I can’t wait. As long as Richard dean Anderson does the role, cause he is the one and only MacGyver. It might be a little sad though, considering Dana Elcar is dead..But id rather Pete not be in the movie than them using someone else to play th part.

  • Damien

    brings back memories of my childhood!

  • raquel

    Loved the show! Hope they don’t mess it up for me when they make the movie!

  • lisajane SG-1 LOL (I wish)

    Well I could never stand to watch an episode of the old series but I absolutely LOVE Richard Dean Anderson so I’ll give this re-make a go thats for sure. I hope its true.

  • Laure

    I love MacGyver now this is old skool!

  • FED UP

    After seeing what they did to Charlies Angels.. and other tv shows..
    Who is going to play McGyver.. I know lets find the worst actors
    and ruin this movie too..

  • mandeson

    A MOST FAVOURITE TV classic, I watch the DVDs over and over again…So, yes, I am thrilled that they are thinking of making a movie HOWEVER, I only want Richard Dean Anderson in the leading role and only if the visual effects won’t take center stage and risk turning it into a computer animation game or something…

  • troy

    My initial reaction is Nay. I was never a fan of the series I think I watched two episodes at the most. I had little interest in it as a TV show I can’t see paying to see it at a theater.

    Of course I could change my depending on the star and director etc. But for the time being my answer is Nay.

  • Countess von zinzendorf

    I hope they have Richard Dean Anderson or I’m not interested.

  • adcgordon

    Yay! Loved the show & Love Richard Dean Anderson!

  • Alexa

    I can see Michael Weatherly in the part!

  • Shakira

    I love love love McGuyver. Great show and should be a great movie.

  • Gossipscoop

    Omg! He’s still alive….

  • fudgekat

    Hmmm… This could be awesome! I wonder if SNL’s MacGruber had anything to do with this resurgence….

  • Gossipscoop

    I hope the main actor will be Richard Dean Anderson!
    Or that movie have no sense…

  • cutiepie32

    Making live-saving inventions out of household materials.

    Lol, thats funny and I seriously thought I thats what the headline said :McGruber:The Movie.

  • cutiepie32

    When I first saw the headline I really thought it said “McGruber: The Movie:. lol

  • lakers fan in boston

    another remake….
    i really hate it when they do that, ppl need 2 come up with some new ideas

  • vitcris

    I wasn’t allowed to watch this type of show during that time but my parents are a huge fan and made sure to have the DVD set so I could watch it when I reached my teens. My siblings and I enjoyed watching it over and over and we’re glad a movie is on the pipeline. What I love about the show is the consistency of the storylines.

    Since we are living in a modern day technology, visual effects will definitely take center stage but hoping that the writers will stick to the original plot – “making simple things into something” would remain the focal point of the movie.

    I wish Richard Dean Anderson would still be in the cast as a mentor perhaps and actors playing McGyver could either be JIM CAVIEZEL (The Passion of the Christ) or JOSH HARTNETT (Pearl Harbor)

  • elizabeth

    Yaaaaaahhhh! MacGyver was my first crush and still holds the gold standard in what I expect in a guy. (Yeah, this means I don’t date much…) My world came flat to a halt when the show came on and you can bet I was the kid in the garage afterward desperately trying to figure out the missing component in the gizmos. Succeeded a couple of times too. My parents were forever trying to decide if they were thrilled that I was taking the initiative or just in fear for the health and well-being of the garage/kitchen/etc.

    More MacGyver!!

  • Stephanie

    I love McGyver and I grew up with the show~ Richard Dean Anderson is a handsome guy and needs to be recognized! I’ll definitely see the movie!!! No Mc Gruber at all!!!

  • http://none robbie

    i love the show, i cant wait to see the movie as long as richard dean anderson plays the character, co’z nobody beats the original…!!!

  • pup


  • roberto

    hola. komasta. how r ju? my name roberto. i love macgiva. it really nice. mira . komasta

  • MMA

    Nahh, it just doesn’t seem interesting. I feel like Hollywood is quickly running out of ideas!

  • Jolleyd

    Yay! Yay! Yay! all the way. Let’s have something DECENT for our kids to watch for a change.

  • gary

    ya richard dean is macguyver and must be played by him or i wont watch it at all and there will be alot of pissed off fans they mess with a great show like macguyver.

  • Henning Killengreen

    @SONNYriente: except it’s not a remake. i would love to see this happening, but only if richard stars.