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Nadya Suleman Is Nuts For Knotts Berry Farm

Nadya Suleman Is Nuts For Knotts Berry Farm

Nadya Suleman goes to Knotts Berry Farm with her two older sons on Saturday (March 14) in Buena Park, Calif.

Suleman then spent her Sunday afternoon without her kids at Hi Top Nail Salon in Whittier, California. Last week, Suleman went to her new La Habra home to find a yard full of toilet paper. If her new house gets approval from the hospital, the first two of her octuplets could arrive home on Tuesday.

“I’m elated by all the help I’ve been getting,” Suleman, 33, told People. “I want everyone to know how thankful I am.”

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  • hwooddood

    It’s crazy to think at one point she had 80 fingers inside her lol


    still following this freak? why?
    no-one is interesting in octo-mom, stop taking her picture!!!!!

  • NativeNYker

    This woman is so sickening! Seriously, can’t we all make a pact of just pretending she doesn’t exist?

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • joss

    wait a minute, a mother who claims that her family is living on coupons and needing assistance is at a nail salon? getting her nails done?…
    she keeps saying she’s not a celebrity, but she’s probably enjoying this media attention so she can get more freebies and treat herself to a manicure every week

  • gerard Vandenberg

    Because they know how to enjoy kids?

  • MARY

    jared you need to stop posting her, she is not no damn celebrity stop posting about her getting sick of this crap

  • me


  • bubbles

    why are you posting pictures of this nut job/freak????

  • jolly

    wow, a manicure……..
    i hope people stop helping her. if she can’t take care of the kids, then take them away.

  • pokeman

    this bitch needs to go away. i am so sick of her. look at her in pic 3. she loves attention. she makes me ill.

  • indiesr

    Jared, seriously, Stop posting about this woman, please!

  • Emily

    How does a woman who has no money, on welfare, and a total of 14 kids, have the time (and money!) to get her nails done???!!!!!!

  • Halli

    Not fair to the Californian tax-payers. Its not just her but all of these irresponsible bums who have 8, 12, 15 kids in order to get welfare benefits. I’ve seen it happen (I work in social services). Its not right.

  • Sarah

    #1–Ha thats so funny that is kind of crazy to think about.

    I hate her so much.

  • mrd

    This woman is a nut case. They should take ALL of her children away and give them to good, stable homes so that they don’t have to grow up with a schizo for a mother. My God, and please quite giving her attention – that’s why she did it in the first place!!!

  • loryn

    With three kids of my own, I barley have time to do the normal routine. As much as I think it’s good that you should spend time one on one with a child, I think she has more to worry about than giving her kids “disneyland” days every day…I may be mistaken, but doens’t she have 8 babies in the hospital? She needs to spend time with them! And quit taking these kids to such glamorous places…how about a library or a park. She’s such a fame whooorre. She honestly makes me urrp in my mouth. She’s certifiable phyco. That’s for sure.

  • cecily

    Please, please, please stop posting about this cuntwaffle.

  • to loryn

    with three kids to look after you ‘barley’ have time to learn how to spell

  • Ben

    Octomom is getting hotter by the day i’d hit that in a heartbeat.

  • Mary

    She reminds me of Angelina Jolie, any relation?

  • Glen from Pasadena

    Nadya is the spitting image of Angie on the second picture. I think she could be used as a stunt in her movies.

  • AgH!!

    It’s pitiful. She loves all the attention.!

  • to: loryn and mary

    loryn- glamorous places? lol….I would hardly use that word for those places.

    mary- she does NOT look like angelina jolie. google angie and you will see a huge difference. yuck- This crazy octomom is trying to look like her but everything about it look phony. huge difference.
    get glasses

  • lexi

    i totally have mixed feelings about “octo mom”. i’m glad she appreciates the help she’s getting and that she can spend time with her kids-she probaby decided to go to disneyland and stuff now because she won’t be able to when all the octuplets are home. but really, save some of that money FOR your children! i mean, even if you can afford them now, they have a future! they’ll be expecting money for college, so you better save up now. you’ll have to help pay for 14 weddings, and 28 grandchildren (assuming each kid has 2 children) so even if you can AFFORD your kids now (which I highly doubt because next month no one will care for her), at least save up and don’t spend 1000′s of dollars on makeup, take your kids to disneyland and get your nails done. yes, i guess you deserve time for yourself but all these luxuries are things regular mom’s can’t afford so maybe if you start ACTING like a regular mom, people will like you better.

  • Too bad

    Too Bad yall she is a celebrity now. Soon with a tv show, oh well.

  • ohbrother

    Now why would she take these poor kids to Knotts Farm? For a photo op of course. She knows the media’s all over her. In all the gazillion pics we’ve seen of her lately it’s become cear she’s rarely with hr kids…not to shop for diapers, not to run errands, nothing They obviously need her attention judging from the two year old hitting and biting her on a video I saw. So what dos she do? What any good octomonster would do.. take the two best behaved to a public park for a photo opportunity, leaving the others behind w/ a nanny as usual, then leave them all again to have her nails done. Is ahyone at all surprised at this point? Or is anyone still even trying to defend this woman as a doting loving Mother?

  • Vera

    She spent over $1,000 at a MAC cosmetic store!
    source: TMZ
    she’s using the babies money already on herself.
    EWWWW thisshe is so greedy & gross & nuts

  • blah

    I cant stand this woman. She is getting her wish by being in the spotlight like a celeberty

  • Jane Marsee

    I live on the East Coast but I am sure all of those West Coast inhabitants will understand this analogy. When a big storm is brewing a lot of people like to watch the ocean and wade in the shallows. While having the water lapping at your feet is an enjoyable sensation–you know it’s just temporary because the really big wave hasn’t hit yet. Most people know to leave before the big wave hits them, knocks them down, and drags them helplessly out to sea with no hope of rescue. Nadya Suleman is wading in the shallows right now, with no idea that the monster wave is out there and coming. She will get ‘dragged out to sea’.

  • Donna

    Wait a minute…isn’t this the woman who was on disability for a bad back? Doesn’t every ride like at disneyland and knotsberry farm warn you not to ride them if you have a bad back? Where are the fraud investigators for the workers comp system?

  • ellie2

    this woman is absolutely crazy

  • isabella

    Shame on her and shame on Dr. Phil. There are thousands and thousands of children living in poverty and dangerous conditions in this country. I don’t see any “angels” coming to rescue them because it wouldn’t generate any publicity revenue. The ONLY reason she is being helped is because of the publicity Dr. Phil receives. If he’s giving free handouts, I can give him a list of about 300 children at the school where I work who desperately need their living conditions improved. No one is offering the mothers of these children a handout because they made a poor choice to have have children. The entire situation is sickening, especially the “twist of charity” propaganda given by Dr. Phil and Gloria Aldrich. When will America get tired of this junk and quit giving handouts and the time of day for those who make outrageous decisions! They need to solve their own problems.

  • Momofboys

    I’m a single mom and have young children including a 2 year old and only dream of having time to myself for a manicure…..why doesn’t she just stay home and spend quality time with her chidren playing games, reading, talking, just being with them. She’s always out and about, usually w/out any children, getting her pictures taken. This day was for pictures too, not hr kids. Only 2 even got to go. Stay home and be a MOM Nadya, quit worrying about publicity!!

  • Vee

    Duh–don’t think she’s on disability anymore following a successful octopulet birth. However, she has more than disabililty’s paltry sums on her mind. Puh-lease–nails andKnott’s Farm. When my two were little (with both parents working), we could not afford any of that. Her only problem with being an only child is that she was, and is, a spoiled, self-centered brat.

  • Maria

    She was collecting disability for a back injury that she claimed left her unable to stand for work, but was able to get pregnant almost continually and carry babies almost every year, singletons , twins, and even 8 at a time.. and any Mother will tell you that pregnancy is hard on your back even without a back injury. She’s such a conn. her back injury was a fraud, but Is that surprising? What HASNT she llied about is the more provoking question. All she does is lie!

  • lakers fan in boston

    yawn who the fuck cares….
    those kids of her’s dont deserve an crazy mother like her
    im still shocked by how little they weigh as well
    damn ugly bitch

  • so Sick of her

    Posting stuff about this crazy woman is so below you! Give it a rest, we don’t want to see her anymore! All she wants is attention and unfortuantely, you keep giving it to her.

  • ELM

    Follow the Money/Follow the Smurfers! Federal Law controls real estate brokers and others in trade or business who receive more than $10,000 in a transaction; they must file IRS Form 8300 which government uses to trace money. A Straw Buyer is a person who allows their name, identity and their credit rating to be used to secure real estate; generally do not occupy property. Purpose being, to disguise the origins of money, often with the intent to flip. Straw Buyer’s bank account can be temporarly funded, later removed and timely payments made. In the Sulemen real estate purchase, Nadya claims her home was paid for with her money she “earned.” Based on Nadya’s claim alone, it appears Ed Doud Sulemen is more like a Straw Buyer than Bona Fide Purchaser.

    What’s the gimmick? Nadya Sulemen told Dr. Phil on his show “she put money from selling photos of babies into escrow for new home and some of money to go into trust for 14 children”. The Sulemen trio’s has a redundant pattern; use of “trust” and “transfers”. Their previous house on El Soneto was originally in the name of Angela V Suleman. Then changed to The Angela V Suleman Revocable Living Trust. Now owned by the bank because of not making the monthly mortgage payments there either. The house on Sunrise was handled the same way. In pre-forclosure, behind in payments! First it was put in Angela’s name then switched to the living trust. Will new house that Sugar Daddy Ed Doud Sulemen claims he purchased fall akin to the other two? Be transfered into a trust in his name, another’s name or someone’s unrevokable trust? Under real estate law, he is legally the purchaser of the house on Madonna in La Hambra. More than likely their charades will follow suit to past purchases; be tranfered at some date in time. Appears some sort of pattern going on with Sulemen’s. Sounds to me like a repeat; racket that doesn’t happen by chance!!

  • Deb

    she just makes me wanna puke!

  • janaina

    she is crazy, it has nothing to angelina, maybe wants to be famous.

  • brie2009

    True to that #30.
    But I wanna see the pic of the house full of toilet paper so we can all get a good laugh!

  • skip this oneg

    Please JJ, don’t post pics of the Octomom and her children.

    So just not right………..this woman. It was all planned from day 1 that she would get money and things for having 8 kids. The payments on her mom’s house stopped at the same time she got pregnant.

    She is using her children and shouldn’t be posted.

  • http://NONE SUSIE

    What happened to all that extra skin hanging from her belly?

  • anon


  • tinsky

    this is one time i’m going to break my rule of not posting at anything i don’t find in any way worth reading…. please stop featuring her in your blog. she’s a waste of bandwidth and a waste of my time waiting for her pictures to load. by featuring her in your blog, you are patronizing her. i sure as hell will not give her the time of day!

  • http://news Heather mad at whoever that

    I believe that the crazy DR. should be held responible for what he contributed in invitro getting this single poor mother that already that could not pay for the kids she already had. The whole thing is just sick to me. It is not wright at all , look at all the bpeople that need children ans suffer, and here is this selfish lady just having babies, I believe for the attention. She will have to answer to the ma upstairs, because she apparenlty has moral issues along with psycological problems , to bad the innocent litttle children have to suffer do to her, and whatever is going through her corupt mind. GOD BLESS THOSE CHIDREN they need the lords help!!!!!!

  • MMA

    Does she honestly have the time/money to go to the park or get her nails done? She has 14 kids.