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Naked Model Tops Zac Efron

Naked Model Tops Zac Efron

Zac Efron instantly sheds his Disney by getting down and dirty in the April 2009 issue of Interview Magazine. Lithuanian model Edita Vilkeviciute even gets naked and lays on top of the 21-year-old actor in one of the shots.

“I think it went pretty cool,” Zac said of the shoot. “There was, like, a giant sandbox in the middle of a studio, and then I just got to roll around in the dirt for a couple of hours. I got pretty dirty by the end of it, so that was fun. It was definitely different from anything I had ever done before.”

The former High School Musical star gets interviewed byMilk director Gus Van Sant in the cover feature. Pick up the latest issue, on stands next Tuesday (March 24).

For more Zac goodness, visit the official mag site at

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637 Responses to “Naked Model Tops Zac Efron”

  1. 1
    Sammy Says:

    OH DAMN. You go Zac! ;]

  2. 2
    ~m~ Says:


  3. 3
    Katie Says:

    OMG! He’s FN SEXY!

  4. 4
    rentonsgirl Says:

    Just wanna say WOW! Those are some great pictures and not just because he looks great in them lol.

    They’re really classy photographs. The guy is a photographer’s dream. Love how gritty they look, great shoot.

  5. 5
    zanessa4everrr! Says:


  6. 6
    Anon Says:

    Is it me or more and more photoshoots involve nudity nowdays. And they said Americans are prude???!!!!

  7. 7
    hate her Says:


  8. 8
    Pff Says:


  9. 9
    Malia Says:

    OMG, he was interviewed by Gus Van Sant!!! That is the coolest thing ever!!!!! He is one of my favorite directors. Can’t wait to read the interview.

    Still wish they would market Zac as an actor though, rather than as a sex symbol.

  10. 10
    elle Says:

    Wow… Hot! Wonder if Vanessa likes the pics?

  11. 11
    hmm Says:

    i wonder what baby V thinks of this :p

  12. 12
    VALE_RIA Says:

    OH MY GOD !

  13. 13
    'Mandise Says:

    lol @#6! Nudity and sex SELL. =) Anyway, Zac is a pretty boy but that’s it. He’s not “sexy”…well, maybe for 12 years old girls as always lol :p This kind of shots doesn’t suit him. I’ll forever see him as the Zac “High School Musical Troy” Efron who tries to get rid of this image by getting a little “buffed up” and make “racy” photoshoots…..stay in your yard little boy. ( don’t try to come and tell me he’s 21 and can do whatever he wants and is sexy since it all depends on your point your view and opinion.) Yeah, I don’t find that sexy, are you going to jump on me for a simple opinion?

  14. 14
    wow Says:

    Wow what an *******.

  15. 15
    MAgie Says:

    Holy hell!! Damn not only do I get incredibly hot pictures of Zac, and more adult and more edgy which is always a plus, he is being interviewed by Gus Van Sant?!?!?!? Ugh this is a good day, I need to find that magazine and buy it and read the interview!!

  16. 16
    Orla Says:

    wow im just…im speechless…he really hot… lucky model haha:D

  17. 17
    gracie Says:

    Vanessa better watch out. Edita is pretty cute, plus she’s a vs model. Haha!

  18. 18
    gracie Says:

    Vanessa better watch out. Edita is pretty cute, plus she’s a vs model. Haha!

  19. 19
    Malia Says:

    From what I read of the interview, it sounds good. I will definitely buy the magazine. I’ll bet he was thrilled to be talking to Gus.

  20. 20
    Sam Says:

    Damn all I have to say is go Zac. It would have been better if I didn’t have to see her nipple but whatever. Disney Zac is long gone and I have to admit, I’m loving it. I just hope people don’t start hating on him for this.

    He’s 21 he’s not and wasn’t going to be a teenager or teen star the rest of his life.

  21. 21
    Alexia Says:


  22. 22
    nadi Says:


  23. 23
    vicky Says:

    He’s the hotness!!!

  24. 24
    shialove!! Says:

    he is ok but not sexy or hot like shia labeouf!!!! :(

  25. 25
    zanessa4everrr! Says:

    i LOVE this post disney zac!

  26. 26
    wENDELL Says:

    Who is this Edita? I want to see more of her! I think we will be having a new celebrity model soon… :)

  27. 27
    Bubbaness Says:

    First time I’ve even given him a second glance…

    *checks Efron’s age*


  28. 28
    seth Says:

    Funny that he said he rolled around in the sand..I wonder with who..
    Oh wait yeah that’s right a gorgeous model!!!!!
    Efron is definatly going the player route to shed the Disney image.
    I hope Vanessa can handle it.

  29. 29
    ha Says:

    is that the only pic of zac with the nude model? there has to be more and hotter. C’mon.

    Bye bye Zanessa! Zac needs a real woman so he can start looking like a real man instead of a damn 16 year old.

  30. 30
    leonard Says:

    Edita is so pretty. I don’t care about Zac, tought.

  31. 31
    Susie Says:

    In some of the pictures he looks something like James Dean and that’s not bad!

  32. 32
    sandeeera Says:

    wooooahh..that’s what i call hot. x]
    he’s definetly not a disney boy anymore x]

  33. 33
    Tiptoes Says:

    whoa, hot photoshoot. I am looking forward to the interview.
    Zac is quickly turning to a young man.

  34. 34
    LolaSvelt Says:

    Are you sure that’s not Vanessa? We all know how she loves to flash her vag.

  35. 35
    Zanessa4ever Says:

    well Vanessa had her turn I guess he needed his and for all thoses ppl say Oh no no more Zanessa thats bull S***

  36. 36
    groovacious Says:

    HOT! He got sooo goodlooking!

  37. 37
    smdwh Says:

    sexy sexy zac

  38. 38
    smdwh Says:

    sexy sexy zac

  39. 39
    newport beach, 92660 Says:

    > damnn , why couldn’t i be that model ?

    audrey ♥

  40. 40
    deadlydoll Says:

    meanwhile Zac wishes it were a male model sans clothes, on top of him.

  41. 41
    gracemarie Says:

    Vanessa is 20 not 16, And some of you seem to forget since that picture was taken he and V were at the oscars together, have had a romantic weekend and he misses her on his promotional trip.

    Obviously many of you have never had a mature relationship and further than that V is clearly no longer a child and can and does hold her own against most other woman at least he seems to think so. Maybe you have forgotten how many covers she’s been on.

    And if the rumors about the R-rated Sucerk Punch are true she’s shedding her Gabriella as well.

    Lets grow up .

  42. 42
    Naomi Says:

    I love that he was interviewed by Gus. Good for him. I trust the interview will be intelligent. I would love to see him in a Gus-directed movie at some point.

    I’m with you Malia. I’d rather he’s not marketed as a sex symbol as he has more depth and talent than that.

    I’d rather see him naked in a good adult role than with a naked model in a sexy shoot.

    Having said that, I really love the pics, they are artistic and edgy, and are a first step towards a post-disney image. I’m trusting he’ll back it up soon with a good adult role and be taken for the serious actor he wants to be. It’s step by step.

  43. 43
    Tony Says:

    i really don’t see why vanessa would not want zac to work. she’s always stood behind him and supported him in all his work. she supported him while he filmed hairspray when everyone thought he was dating that chubby chick. she supported him through the promotion of hairspray with that chubby chick, too. she also supported him through the filming of “17 again” and was even on the set with him a lot. i can see if she were not in the business she would not understand. but she is, and she does.

  44. 44
    samm Says:

    omg! holy ****! hot!

  45. 45
    eLLe Says:

    Naomi – I don’t care why he’s naked, as long as he is, I’m guna watch hahaha

  46. 46
    Stacy Says:


    too freaking hott!!!

    take that disney and everyone else who said that he is a disney boy!

    i dnt see disney boys and girls doing magazines for INTERVIEW do you?!?!?!!?

    im sooo glad zac got to do this,
    he is a amazing , talented and ofcourse HOT 21 year old actor with so much potential
    luv him

  47. 47
    vtj Says:

    Brad Pitt’s replacement.

    They’ll be retiring Brad soon and wanna bet Zac will be his replacement?!

  48. 48
    Hayley Says:

    Wooahhh ! To be honest i find it odd looking at zac like this, i mean i know he is doing it in a way to shed his ‘disney’ image but its still a little weird.. i also feel he could of done a lot better things then this to shed his tween image.. but good luck to him i guess and noone can deny how hot he looks ;)
    As for vanessa.. to be honest she must be fine with it because i don’t think he would of done it if she wasnt

  49. 49
    chels Says:

    im sure vanessa is supporting him and is not jealous because after 3 years of relationship, CONFIDENCE is the main reason they stand together..

  50. 50
    anthony Says:

    Edita is STUNNING, he is very lucky to be that close to her

  51. 51
    cocoa Says:

    wow he’s hot! Disney shouldn’t care. He’s not working for them anymore. I love post disney Zac though

  52. 52
    gracemarie Says:

    Time to read haters:

    On playing a 30-year-old guy in 17 Again:

    “Well, I couldn’t really relate to the character in a lot of ways, so I didn’t have that to work from. I worked a lot with Burr [Steers], the director, and Matthew [Perry], and just tried to think in terms of an older guy. He’s experienced life. He’s been through a lot that I haven’t been through yet. So it was a big change from High School Musical. You know, I’ve fallen in love, and I’ve not known what I want to do with my own future—I still don’t know. But I’ve never had a daughter who I’m looking out for. I’ve never been proud of my son. I’ve never gotten a divorce. It was interesting trying to figure that out. It was definitely a change of pace. And it was great working with Burr, because he’s got this huge imagination, and this sense of people—not what they seem to be, or what they’re defined to be, or what they want to appear to be, but as they actually are.”

    He says, “You know, I’ve fallen in love” – not “I’ve been in love” or “I was in love” or I fell in love” all of which would be past tense. But “I have fallen in love” it’s called the present perfect tense. What’s that? It denotes something that has happened and continues in the present.

    V is not going anywhere

  53. 53
    Zanessa Fan!!! Says:

    wow!!! Zac looks sooo sexy!!! Man i love him!!!

  54. 54
    Stephany Says:


  55. 55
    Karma-kameleon Says:

    It’s obvious he wants to shake his HSM image. Not sure this is the way to go, though. The photos won’t get him there, it’s kickass acting that wiil. Zac, don’t get wrapped up to tight in trying to prove the “sexy.” You have a ways to go.

  56. 56
    Zac Says:

    Why couldn’t they use naked male model ?

  57. 57
    Tiptoes Says:

    i enjoyed the snippet of his interview. his answers are mature, intelligent. van is always supportive of Zac’s career, and vice versa. they are in the same business together, and understand what it takes to be a major player. i won’t be surprised if Van will also come out with her own sexy photoshoot.

    And love the way the “us’ always slips out of him (about the Brazil vacation)…

  58. 58
    tina Says:

    I would assume that Zac’s GF knew about this photoshoot. I doubt she is insecure as some would like to think so she knows this was work. It is so funny because anytime Zac does a movie, photoshoot, goes to lunch, or does any kind of promotional event with a female, there is this segment who want it to be something more. Here I was thinking that all actors and actresses do sexy photoshoots at some point in their career.

  59. 59
    tiff Says:

    omg!!! wen i first saw it i thought it was disturbing but then i realized that zac wouldn’t do something like that without vanessa knowing oh and on the interview thread he said that he has FALLEN IN LOVE okay so let’s see if rat face can say something about that. oh and to the losers who kept saying vanessa watch out you always say that she’s been watching out for like 3 years now since ppl keep saying that and yet they are still together!!!!!!!!!!!!! which obviously means that zac would not run away with som other girl because he has fallen in love with her!!!!!!!! take that rat face and desiree

  60. 60
    Deb Says:

    Nessa cant say crap after her cell phone pictures getting sent everywhere!

  61. 61
    Tiptoes Says:

    #52 gracemarie – good post.

    go Zac for giving us a hot photoshoot. and underneath all that nice body is a smart guy who seriously contemplates on his career moves. Zac knows he has everything going for him now, and he wants to capitalize and translate this to long term opportunities like getting serious movie roles and going for mature audience.

  62. 62
    watch out Vanessa! Says:

    “which obviously means that zac would not run away with som other girl because he has fallen in love with her!”
    Zac will run away with some cute boy.

  63. 63
    Malia Says:

    #52 gracemarie @ 03/16/2009 at 6:26
    OMG, someone who actually KNOWS grammar. And can read!!!! Present perfect tense! Bless you!!!!

    I figured most people under 40 would not catch that. But, then I knew that Zac and Vanessa’s fans are sharp cookies.

    Do you go to a private school?

  64. 64
    tiff Says:

    #62 um your’re an idiot.maybe u should run away with one and fill that empty void u call a life. don’t wanna be mean but come on your’re and idiot!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. 65
    ha Says:

    Efron and pattison.

  66. 66
    Will Says:

    Calm down, tiff.
    Zac is gay and there is nothing wrong with that.

  67. 67
    camie Says:

    It’s been a while since I came on, but anyway the picture are a rugged and fine piece of art. ok, and to all the haters out there she’s naked so what, it’a a photoshoot. A photoshoot has nothing to do with his personal life, he’s growing up he’s 21, he can do whatever he wants. And it’s really cute that he talks about his relationship without even knowing that he does. The fact that he says i’ve fallen in love show how much respect he gives to Vanessa. Anyway, the photoshoot is amazing.

  68. 68
    zac is a rat Says:

    I bet Zac was rubbing his hands together when they told him he was going to have a naked female on top of him and getting paid for it too.

  69. 69
    seth Says:

    He sooo had a hard on in this shoot!!!
    Vanessa is doomed!

  70. 70
    gracemarie Says:


    Yes I went to private school. LOL Grammar was required LMAO!!!

  71. 71
    tiff Says:

    will he is not gay anyway just to make things clear i am not an obsessed fan i just think it’s stupid when ppl say he’s gay
    wait…… will and vanessa watch out are u the same person

    p.s. i am calm okay

  72. 72
    kimo Says:

    why didnit he just pose with his shirt off or something in the mud? That would have been more hotness for everyone. Why did they have to use a naked model on top of him whose totally exposing her boobs? Especially since most of his fans are women.

  73. 73
    brie2009 Says:

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!! Zac looks HOT in these pics!!!

  74. 74
    kgg Says:

    Will #66….you’ve been on here before and have stated that you are gay. Just because you are does not mean Zac is…..think about it!

    Zac is looking very sexy in these shots….I’d say he is as far away from Disney as the sun is to the next galaxy. I’m sure V is fine with these pics…they are both professionals and know that these types of photoshoots and publicity are normal.

    And whoever brought up the “pics” again, needs to wash your. mind with soap. Not her fault….got it?

  75. 75
    Tina Says:

    Vanessa is a good beard.

  76. 76
    go sox Says:

    I going to have to agree that I wish they would promote Zac professionally and not overly with this sex symbol image. The pictures are great of him, but they cross the line of tastefulness for me. Sorry.

  77. 77
    taylor Says:

    awww he looks amazing .
    but as for that girl ….


    why not vanessa ?

  78. 78
    lynn Says:

    were is the thread hat says that zac is in love

  79. 79
    Malia Says:

    From what I read of the interview, it’s good. Zac comes across as very intelligent and articulate.

    But, I’m curious why they (and who) chose to market him this way. Does his PR think this will obliterate the gay rumors? Make him look more mature? Get rid of the Disney image? I’m not getting their logic behind the photo shoot.

    I do like the pictures–that James Dean quality. But SO many of the young fans (his largest fan base) are VERY confused by this. They think he’s cheating on Vanessa. They truly think Zac snuck out and got it on with this girl and a photographer took pictures of it. They can’t comprehend that this is just a photo shoot.

    It seems that Zac’s people are trying too hard to make Zac transition from a tweenie sex symbol into an older sex symbol. And they’re doing it way too fast and in a too-risqué way for his young fan base.

  80. 80
    cristina Says:

    I know Zac wants to shed the disney light that is bestowed upon him, but this is taking it a bit far. I don’t like when guys take pics like this, it’s low and vulgar. I love Zac, but what does he think he can achieve from posing in a picture like this. It almost looks a pose for a porn movie, I know other actors have taken pictures like this, but the same thing goes for them too. I know people are going to bash me, but I am entitled to voice my opinion. I am just not feeling this whatseover, and it’s a big difference from the sleeping beauty pic that released last week. And if he want to show everyone that he’s not the disney guy, and a more mature guy, he should show it through his acting in the roles he picks, and as a result he would shed the disney light,

  81. 81
    rosielee9 Says:

    I’m no prude but I have to admit that I don’t see the point of having a naked woman on top of Zac it would have been just as good to have him topless or even just take out the photo of him and the woman as the one’s of Zac on his own are very sexy and he looks grat. I know he’s now 21 and wants to get away from the Disney imagine and make the transiction from teen hearthrob to adult, but it just seems as it’s been said that his PR people are pushing it to fast since he has reached 21 and legally became an adult.

    Some parents of younger fans could find the one photo quite offensive for their children and have a hard time explaining to them why Zac is posing like this as after all it was the young fans that helped him to get where he is today.

    Don’t get me wrong I think Zac is great but I would much rather have his Rolling Stone’s pictures which were just as sexy as these then these one’s which as I say I think is a bit to much to soon.

    But I wish him well and can’t wait to see 17 Again but do hope that anymore photo shoots he does for a while does’nt involve naked women on top of him. I know like his fans he is growing up but for the really young one’s this is’nt a thing for them to be seeing.

  82. 82
    laura Says:

    Malia, i do agree with the fact that this is affecting the younger fans, because this is too hard for them to comprehend, and also the fact that this is too-risque. The younger fans have a narrow mind, and as time goes by their mind would mature, but as for now, i don’t think this was a wise move.

  83. 83
    kimo Says:

    maybe they want zac to have a play boy image. I thought he wanted to be taken seriously as an actor. I don’t know if this is going to help him. He may get more sex roles though. He looks hot but that woman is just blinding me! I can’t get past her in the picture!!!!

  84. 84
    dalia Says:

    I agree with you too Malia. The naked girl is really unnecessary and a l little extreme.
    Zac is gorgeous and sexy in his own right, the use of a pornographic type of pic can be seen as disturbing, not artistic.
    But I’m sure this pic along with the condom story is getting Zac out of the Disney image at a fast pace and that may be what his PR team is going for.
    And I am not a Vanessa/ Zac skeptic, but if this were my bf—job or no job—I would not want to see this. Vanessa is amazing if this doesn’t bother her.

  85. 85
    Naomi Says:

    I liked the interview as well. He came across as intelligent and I like that he and Gus covered a lot of topics making it like a discussion between grown men. I’d like to see more os such sensible interviews.

    I don’t think anyone needs to worry about Van. I’m sure she’s aware of the shoot and was supportive. They both knew it would be coming out right about this time and have probably discussed what reactions could be. Everyone but the tween fans can distinguish between work and leisure.

    I still see the pics as artistic and edgy and I’m happy with the feature but I thoroughly understand people that think he’s trying too hard and in the wrong way.

    I’d rather Zac do his breaking out with a role like Van’s Sucker Punch rather than through sexy photoshoots just because I’d rather he be taken as a serious, talented actor than a sex symbol.

    Any underwear model can do a shoot like this, I think he’s way past this though I think the intelligent interview balances it out some.

    To be fair to him, there are so many teen stars out there trying to break through and the sooner he gets into mainstream, the better for him. Ultimately, he’s outgrowing some of his fans and it can’t be helped, that’s growing up. I personally just want him to do it with good roles.

  86. 86
    gaga Says:

    ITS just a publicity stunt b/c apparently according to hollywood in order to show you’re an adult you have to be sexy and provocative, and its usually at the expense of women. This is just another explotive media campaigne so this twat can get his image revamped. Its not sexy its degrading and unnecessary. There are a thousand other ways one can be sexy this just seems childish I think hollywood is one big child that has no common sense at all, AND yet we the mass consumers eat it all up.

  87. 87
    susanne Says:

    Ok, I tend to disagree with some who think this is a wrong move for him now. On the contrary, if he does not strike now while the perverbial iron is hot, he won’t have a career in the adult movie area. Unfortunately it is harder for actors who are portrayed as teen idols to transend into adult roles, there are just to many up and comers parading through hollywood, more than there has ever been. (Note: I am 45 yrs old and have been following hollywood history for many years). Now while I do understand he has younger fans. Let me also interate that it is not Zac’s responsibility to be a parent to these kids. Parents need to monitor what their kids see on the internet as well as what they read. Magazines such at Interview are geared towards adults not preteens or teens, therefore my sumation would be the only way for them to see these photos would be again through the internet. (sidenote: Loved the photos, well taken, just absolutely beautiful)

  88. 88
    Becky Says:

    Malia I Totally agree with you.

  89. 89
    kristi Says:

    #84- i agree. The naked chick was really unnecesary. I wouldn’t want my bf doing that

  90. 90
    NATHALIA Says:

    photo with the girl
    zac do not need this kind of publicity
    I am disappointed with zac
    I’m sure we will hear,
    vanessa praise your photos

    and certainly more so I Admiral

    vanessa you are a great, great girlfriend

  91. 91
    Becky Says:

    rosielee9 I Totally agree with you

  92. 92
    hihi Says:

    Nasty ass ….he probably asked for that chic. I just wish Vanessa was’nt with him ,then I would’nt give a sh it.

  93. 93
    Jazmin Says:

    Good Interview. Pictres are hot but yes..don’t really get why the naked lady.

    Maybe they are just trying to get the Zanessa image out along with the disney image.

    I Love V & Z togethe and as individual…but if this is what they are trying to do they are going about it the wrong way.

  94. 94
    a total fan Says:

    I don’t find him attractive at all, not even sexy. He is too pretty. I like rugged men l like them to look like they don’t spend more time in front of the mirrow than I do.

  95. 95
    kimo Says:

    Maybe he’s doing this becaude he’s not getting offered mature roles? I still don’t see how the naked woman comes into play as far as his career is concerned. As I stated before, I would rather see his muscles than to look at a boob. I mean, shouldn’t he be trying to attract female fans? I guess this makes him more of a risk taker. I just hope older fans will accept this drastic transition. Sometimes moves like this could be detrimental to ones career. We’ll see what happens next.

  96. 96
    caine Says:

    Guys, Zac and Vanessa aren’t going to last anyway. They were only promoted heavily for their movie. There is no heat there, sorry.

  97. 97
    c Says:

    I am an adult and i do not get why this would appealing to adults. To horny men and women I get it. But to the general adult population, what is so attractive about seeing another random person in the buff, or seeing this over hyped dude with a girl in the buff. Adults with intellect and common decency won’t find this appealing. Adults with teenage hormons, really imature inner child will find this appealing.
    so……..i don’t get this

  98. 98
    susanne Says:

    Clearly most if you girls on here are really young. There is nothing wrong with these pictures, they clearly do not misrepresent women (again I am 45 years old) much older then most of you, and I find nothing wrong, degrading or otherwise. It’s called art children. Interview is an Art magazine first started by Andy Warhol, of which I know most of you will not know who he is or was, as he has long past away. Andy Warhol was an artistic visionary and quite the genius, a jerk to most people, but genius none the less. As far as you girls thinking that Vanessa would have a problem with this, then you clearly are no fans of her’s cause your inferring that she is less then educated to know this is just work. So does that me anytime he does a movie with another female that there is some king of romance going on. Of course not again it’s work it’s part of the publicity promotion So all these other actors and/or actress that work with people other than their spouce, would that apply also. Of course not it’s part of their job. Does that mean when your mommy and daddy go off to work and speak with another person at their office of the opposite sex that their having romance. NO!!!

  99. 99
    ashlee Says:

    i seriously doubt this type of shoot will get him any adult roles. unless he’s thinking of going the p-o-r-n route.

  100. 100
    Jazmin Says:

    Caine…. They have a connection that only people that have fallen in love can see. I guess we know why you can’t see that.

  101. 101
    lol Says:

    #94 I agree he does’nt even look like a REAL man and yet still he think’s so high of him self. To me he’s a boy that is an imature ass that would rather Vanessa to get shot and die then giving up a quick fu ck. with some *****.

  102. 102
    ashlee Says:

    artistic or not, this is an enormous step away from his thousands of tweenie fans. most of them think it’s yucky. but maybe that was the reason for the shoot. to move as quickly as possible away from the young fans.

  103. 103
    yuck Says:


  104. 104
    susanne Says:


    You are no adult. You are making assumptions that this is pornography, it is far from it. I am quite intelligent and articulate. NOT horny like you suggest or imply. It’s quite obvious most of you are not culture enough to distinguish Art from Trash.

  105. 105
    Becca Says:

    that’s racy for a Disney kid!

  106. 106
    go sox Says:

    Really, though, what is accomplished with soft-pornographic pics? What kind of image is he shooting for here? The pics of him alone were great….they portray him as sexy and gritty. But naked, sexually provocative pics?? Just not necessary. We all get he’s “breaking free” but this is a bit much.

  107. 107
    go sox Says:

    susanne, just so you know, I’m older than you, and I still don’t find these pics “artsy” or tasteful in ANY way. The ones of him alone, yes. And this has NOTHING to do with Vanessa. At all. This is all about what he is portraying here, and it’s crossing the line.

  108. 108
    christine x3 Says:

    random model but i love zac

  109. 109
    for # 98 Says:

    I’m not that young, If that’s art, then i make art everyday i take a shower, no wait, let me go outside, rub mud all over me take a hot shower get my man to take a picture and oh what do you konw i got art to be sold…. that’s the biggest scam if I ever heard one susanne. getting naked isn’t artistic, then every single person who gets naked is essentially art. You use the word “art” in the wrong context, its actually an excuse so someone else can fulfill their fanatasies that’s wut your “art” is….

  110. 110
    zacisdesprate Says:

    He trys way to hard.. what a pathetic peice of sh it he looks like he belongs in the trash can.I will start to hate Vanessa if she continues going out with this THING it’s like she’s insulting herself even dating him.

  111. 111
    Rosie Says:

    Ewwww… this ******* is nowhere near sexy to me. No offenses, lol.

  112. 112
    C Says:

    First I never said i think this is pornography what i did imply was that this image of two people rolling around in the mud AND to point out the obvious, the woman is the only one naked, is what I consider to be exploitation of women. If this photo shoot is all about Zac and his ability to be an adult, why is he covered and not at least showing a naked upper half. Its not sexy, unless you are of the variety that is into so called “edgy” photos which really is just another word for attention seeking in the most unoriginal setting. This has been done before, and to claim its art is a fallacy.
    let me reiterate this is not art its just a libido indusing photo

  113. 113
    Blair Says:

    i wonder vanessa has to say about these. :P
    he’s hot, period.

  114. 114
    go sox Says:

    I consider it soft-pornographic, because there isn’t complete nudity of both, but a sexual act is certainly implied in these pictures.

  115. 115
    ha Says:

    It looks like Zac is coping a feel. he is touching some side boob.

  116. 116
    pop86 Says:

    Susanne, most of the people outside of NYC and art circles are not familiar with Interview. Until the Zac cover, most fans didn’t know the magazine existed. I see nothing wrong with pictures(even with the naked model) and compare to the magazine previous photoshoot this is pretty tame.

    Also, the magazine editors decided on the photoshoot not the Zac or his management. The editors presented their vision of the photo layout to Zac and explained how this layout fits into the overall look of the April issue. Zac will either agree to do the photoshoot or not. If editors had chosen two unknown models, the photos still would have worked. The layout is more a reflection of Interview than it is of Zac.

  117. 117
    kimo Says:

    I’m an older as well . Maybe that’s why I don’t see the appeal or get the artsy feel from this picture. I still see high school musical zac trying to come out and make a huge impression on older fans. Unfortunately, I see someone who’s uncomfortable in his own skin. Why is he all covered up? Maybe I would see art if he was exposed in some way. In my opinion, he still played it safe. Maybe if he buff up a little more and take a topless picture, then I could picture him in an artsy manner. Until then, he’s still looks like a tween trying to be a man. I see him as being more cute then sexy. This is just my opinion.

  118. 118
    LANENI Says:

    Clearly most if you girls on here are really young. There is nothing wrong with these pictures, they clearly do not misrepresent women (again I am 45 years old) much older then most of you, and I find nothing wrong, degrading or otherwise. It’s called art children. Interview is an Art magazine first started by Andy Warhol, of which I know most of you will not know who he is or was, as he has long past away. Andy Warhol was an artistic visionary and quite the genius, a jerk to most people, but genius none the less. As far as you girls thinking that Vanessa would have a problem with this, then you clearly are no fans of her’s cause your inferring that she is less then educated to know this is just work. So does that me anytime he does a movie with another female that there is some king of romance going on. Of course not again it’s work it’s part of the publicity promotion So all these other actors and/or actress that work with people other than their spouce, would that apply also. Of course not it’s part of their job. Does that mean when your mommy and daddy go off to work and speak with another person at their office of the opposite sex that their having romance. NO!!!


  119. 119
    zacishotttt Says:
    i wish i was that model.

    damn hes fricken hott. just look at those arms!

  120. 120
    Trina Says:

    It kind of goes against what Zac always said about not doing anything to alienate his young fans. And most of his young fans do consider it weird and are take aback by it. I guess the right word is confused. They are confused by it.

  121. 121
    vixen Says:

    Hahah this is funny. Poor kid is trying just a bit too hard to fit in with the big boys. You know, he would be more convincing if he did a porno with a women AND man-just to show everyone there’s no hard feelings and he likes both sexes equally.

  122. 122
    dalia Says:

    Go Sox I completely agree with you…soft porn is not going to catapult Zac into mature roles…A good solid acting role will.

    Of course it may create more stories about him and Vanessa again, which is what he does not want…The thinking behind these pics is debatable.

  123. 123
    susanne Says:

    Go Sox and C

    We have a difference of opinion. I don’t find anything wrong with them. I understand you may feel he’s jumping the gun, but in that industry especially with regards to teen idols, it has never been an easy transition. Only very few have made the leap. Unfortunately now a days cause there are so many new up and comers if he does not do something he will be left behind. I know and do understand how you might feel. But from someone who has followed hollywood history for along time have seen to many tragedies amongst those how could not make it. Not saying Zac would ever fall into that path, he has clearly shown at his young age intelligence and he has the love and support of his family. But it society I am referring to more so then Zac and how things are moving from when we were younger.

  124. 124
    go sox Says:

    Very debatable, dalia! I don’t think these pics concern Vanessa in any way, but I certainly wonder about the thought process in choosing to do this. He’s had plenty of other TASTEFUL photo shoots, that are totally sexy and adult. Just question this move. And I’m a Zac fan!!

  125. 125
    ZN3 Says:

    Damn! Zac’s growing up! But… i’m not very comfortable with the pic…

  126. 126
    ashlee Says:

    true, most of his young fans won’t ever see the magazine, but they have already seen them posted on all the fans sites. they are making comments that they are disappointed in zac, pleading with him not to “go bad” and asking if the naked model was necessary.

  127. 127
    ha Says:

    lol I love how bi*tches are proud of him. what proud for being a sell out who could care less about talent and the work like he has always said. Whatever it’s obvious that the “zac” fans are only happy that this is what they consider a slap in the face to Vanessa who they wish would ************.

  128. 128
    Vannie Says:

    I’m 21 and i find these pictures sexy. He looks more rugged and less pretty boy. The model, she’s sexy but i agree with some of you in that she was not really needed. It would have been a fine photoshoot without her, but I guess they are really trying to shake the Disney and Zanessa image from him, i dunno. However i really wonder what Vanessa thinks about these photos. If she’s fine with them then i really don’t know what to think, if it were my bf i would be a tad bit jealous and ask why the hell do you even have to pose with a naked model on top of you? There’s no reason for that, but the pics are sexy anyway. He looks hot and so does her boob lol Oh and so what if he’s not being a good role model for the ‘younger kids’, its not his job. He can do what he wants, he’s an adult and it’s the parent’s responsibility to monitor what their kids do and see. It’s not like he’s under 21, so he can pose with naked women if he wants.

  129. 129
    Boji Says:

    I dare say Brad Pitt started off as a pretty boy and took his clothes off for some of his movies and look where he is now. Zac is shedding his pretty boy image albeit slowly. I guess a lot of producers/directors want to capitalise more on his good looks than his acting skills. He’s still waiting for his big breakout, I guess.

  130. 130
    go sox Says:

    susanne, I agree with your points. I just feel Zac could make his transition with good PROFESSIONAL moves, hard work, and learning his craft. NOT with pics like these. Others have done it and did not have to resort to this. I have faith in Zac’s TALENT, not just his looks.

  131. 131
    desiree Says:

    everytime that fool For Real almost convines me that this jackass is a man with honor who loves and respect his ole lady he does some nasty crap like this.

    i don’t know how this helps his caereer it just is an advertisement “hey world i’m ******** around on my supposed girlfriend and i want her and the whole world to know , line up houchies

    vanessa is a beautiful woman whether you like her or no and she deserves better than this joke of a man

  132. 132
    susanne Says:

    I agree it should be about his talent as he not doubt is. Unquestionable. But it’s society and how things are perceived. Look at all the programs now. It has changed so much. Right now he is early in his career. I even remember an old interview Brad Pitt gave when he was just starting out and that was 20 yrs ago since he began mentioned about the taking off the shirt, portraying the sex symbol, etc., but cause he explained early on he did those things. Now as we all know at time progress he became older things changed and look were he’s at now.

  133. 133
    Naomi Says:

    First of all, I really don’t get the concern about Vanessa. This is not about her, let’s not make it about her. this has nothing to do with Zac’s personal life.

    This is about Zac’s career choices. It’s promo for his work that’s why his older fans want it to be about acting and talent.

    Like I’ve said before, I like the pics but in the context of longevity in the industry and public image, it’s questionable.

    It can never be a slap in the face to Van. In the first instance, she’s apparently being pursued for roles in R-rated movies like Sucker Punch and Dead @ 17 without having to resort to stunts like this.

    I’d say Zac might be the teen hyped sex symbol, but she’s got a head start on mainstream roles and is probably encouraging him to break out of his hearthrob image. The sooner he transitions as well, the better for both their images so she’s probably encouraging him to do what he can to shed the image and advance his career.

    Anybody thinking it’s a slap to her must be a bigger fool than I’d imagined. people need to get it into their heads that producers don’t think like tweens. Being adored by tweens is a big hindrance to getting serious roles and Zac fans should be more concerned about his getting serious roles and longevity than sexy photoshoots. Way to be myopic.

  134. 134
    sweetie Says:

    umm excuse me???????????? what about vanessa? if i was her i’d be pissed…. but he does look hott

  135. 135
    luuuuck Says:


  136. 136
    kami Says:

    these pics shouldn’t have anything to do with vanessa but they do. if you look at some of the internet articles popping up, they are bringing a pic from vanessa’s past to light. i don’t like that. hope she has a tough skin.

  137. 137
    lynn Says:

    i would like to know what vanessa and his mom thinks about thes pictures

  138. 138
    desiree Says:

    the least he could have done was stop home so when this broke vanessa had him there. she has to be a little embarrassed her friends have probably all called.

    where is the violin “zac is a saint” choir tonight, “understanding” karen, “defense guard “for real, and “they are still a couple in love “poppy, and “pseudo intelligent” gracemarie.

    don’t tell me he finally shocked them into reality.

    he told rove he “was not that big” who the hell gives a damn. vanessa get a real man

  139. 139
    hihi Says:

    131- I agree.It’s obvious Zac does’nt give a sh it about Vanessa if she were to die he would’nt even go to her funeral. He’s a dirty ******* and deserves to ***********. Vanessa needs to wake up and realize the person she is REALLY with before the cut get’s to deep.I don’t want her to get hurt ..she’s had enough.

  140. 140
    kimo Says:

    Lets face it, zac is a role model to younger fans whether he wants to be or not. Many celebrities have to be careful and watch the steps they take because people are watching them and taking note. Kids are looking at these fan sites and will see the pictures. Yes, they will be shocked and mostly confused becuase of him and vanessa. It would be better to shed his image in an R rated movie. At least parents can pick and choose what films their children can watch. I loose repspect for actors when they don’t take into consideration their self image.( lindsey lohan) . Would you say she was someone who tried to shed the disney image? Look at all of her sexy photoshoots, drugs, and club hopping. Where is she today? Sometimes trying to shed the image just doesn’t work. I hope Zac’s future projects. And guys, he’s a role model whether he wants to be or not. Most celebrities and singers are.

  141. 141
    kimo Says:

    I meant to say that I hope his management is careful about choosing Zac’s future projects. He’s at a crucial point in his career.

  142. 142
    susanne Says:

    For all you little girls and you know who you are. Your quite bold, are you mind readers now. So apparently you know what Vanessa thinks now. Please go read a book do something constructive with your life. This has nothing to do with her. There is nothing going on, but a photoshoot. So when an other actor poses with another actor whether it be a co worker or model now he’s having an affair. Quite frankly it’s getting old and redundant.

  143. 143
    mhay Says:

    this is a post disney Zac.
    for me the picture is ok
    zac is so Sexy.

  144. 144
    kimo Says:

    I meant to say that I hope his management is careful about his future projects. He’s at a crucial point in his career.

  145. 145
    erin Says:

    i mean yeah he looks good.. but if i were vanessa hudgens i’d be pissed. theres no reason really for him having a naked model in the photo except that its a naked model. its just weird. if i were him i wouldn’t want to do that. why would you want to roll around with a naked girl that wasn’t your wife/girlfriend when you HAVE a girlfriend? its just weird to me.

  146. 146
    TitanicGirl Says:

    here’s the not marked or anything picture.

  147. 147
    gracemarie Says:


    Unless the pixs of Vanessa are the original ones everybody already knows about they were photoshopped. There are no others if there were they would have surfaced before now and how amazing they are going to surface now. Sounds like some more jealous ravinous zac fans.


    I am proud to be a member of the violin chorus with my “pseudo intelligent” self. Did you check the dictionary to find those words?

    BTW ravinous means insatiable but I’m sure you don’t know what that means either.

  148. 148
    yets Says:

    i love Vanessa.
    but i think zac is in the next level of his career
    i know they talk about this already.

  149. 149
    Naomi Says:

    That is why none of you are Vanessa and why Zac will never date you.

    He obviously went for someone sensible who uses their brain and understands what a photshoot is. Gee, how daft can people get!

    I still don’t get why she has to be brought into this at all. People are way more obssessed with this relationship than the participants.

  150. 150
    go sox Says:

    I’m sure Vanessa knew all about this photoshoot, and is proud of how good her man looks. But this isn’t about her.

    I think transitioning between teen and adult roles is very delicate, and some actors do not make it. This was a VERY risky career move, as it’s very controversial and may alienate some of his fans. Vanessa’s photo scandal did, and her pics were innocent and not meant for anyone to see. These photos are in a major publication, and pretty explicit.

    I just would rather Zac have used his good sense, work ethic, and talent to transition. Not his sexuality.

  151. 151
    ... Says:

    Hmm it might just be better if Vanessa stays away from him. Not so much because of Zac but his fans. If they weren’t together then those hypocritical, whiny, scums of the earth would leave her alone. Whether they “ship” him with someone else, Vanessa, think he’s gay, or only care about him, what sites/groups they belong to etc, at the heart they are all the same. And in a negative way.

    OF COURSE Zac and Vanessa (or most normal people) wouldn’t really make life decisions based on those morons or things like that so..

    Either way I do have to laugh at the specific moronic Zac fans in certain places who are complaining about Vanessa even being mentioned anywhere. He’s been in a 3 yr relationship with her and now there’s a permanent picture of a naked girl on top of him. Yeaa what vanessa thinks or w/e will cross most people’s and especially fan’s minds. It doesn’t mean those people/fans aren’t capable of being happy for him, supporting his career etc.

  152. 152
    eww Says:

    If I were Vanessa I would break up with him….asap.

  153. 153
    kimo Says:

    Oh the price of fame = sexuality. I hope zac doesn’t sell his soul to hollywood. I feel so sorry for him. I can almost sense desperation in these pictures. Is it really worth it? Is this what will make him the next Leo or Brad Pitt? Society is really screwed up.

  154. 154
    bet betty Says:

    No. Matter. How. Dirty. He. Got. His. Face. Into.









  155. 155
    gracemarie Says:


    Vanessa has no need to worry about Zac fans she hasn’t before now and she won’t in the future. And people aren’t going to leave her alone anyway. She is beautiful and talented there will always be a group of jealous, insecure, silly people who can’t handle it.

    She and Zac should just go on with thier lives and relationship.

  156. 156
    WICked wench Says:


  157. 157
    bet betty Says:




  158. 158
    ... Says:

    and reading back at the comments the last part of mine was not directed at you Naomi although you have said something to that effect. had some others /from somewhere else on mind. And the point behind their statements wasn’t exactly the same as yours.

  159. 159
    WICked wench Says:


  160. 160
    vacrazed Says:

    I am so sad for the lot of you who think that this comes as a surprise to Vanessa. Not only would she have known about it, but I am sure she has been supportive towards it. She understands the industry and what it takes to survive. It is different for men then women, if he felt this was a move he needed to make, then good for him.
    I personally find it very artistic though I wonder if he took it too far. Only time will tell However, good for Zac for taking his career into his own hands,and finding a way to be aggressive and forward.

  161. 161
    pop86 Says:

    This photoshoot is not about Vanessa, Zac or even the naked model. If this photo layout had been in a mainstream magazine then I would understand the criticism of the photos, but this is INTERVIEW MAGAZINE. Interview Magazine is known to be edgy and provocative because the magazine is the STAR( it was founded by Andy Wahol, “The everyone is famous for 15 minutes” guy). Even though the magazine is under new owners, the editorial vision is still be outside of the mainstream.

  162. 162
    nathalia Says:

    I agree with you 100%
    zac could do sexy photos
    without being abusive
    not everybody has the ability to understand
    the artistic direction of the photo

  163. 163
    MARISOL Says:

    is too mach no necesario no me gusto el ya es un hombre sexi para esa pblicidad definitva mente no necesaria

  164. 164
    susanne Says:

    Go Sox

    I agree with you, but in all fairness it’s not Zac it’s how this world is turning every where you look. I know you have to agree with me on that at least. Sure there probably could have been another way just to apease his younger fans, but that still would not have changed anything. There are alot of actors and actresses who at one point or another have done photoshoots like this. Zac is not the first nor will he be the last. It is how hollywood works. Especially when they are trying to transition, ultimately he is going to alienate some of those fans cause they don’t understand they still see him as Troy. I believe alot of people are under the misconception that Zac works for Disney and he does not nor has he ever, he just did three movies distributed by Disney. If that were the case, then Johnny Depp works for Disney. Pirates of the Carribean is distributed by Disney. Tom Hanks in 84 did Splash where Daryl Hannah (the mermaid for those who are not familier with the movie) was in fact distributed by Disney. Does that imply they are Disney employees, no…cause then they would not be able to do other movies for other studios. I think it cause it’s just a little difficult for them to assimalate (sp) he’s growing up he not that charactor he’s a real person.

  165. 165
    WICked wench Says:

    People are so transparent on this site. Tons of Edita sock-puppets pushing her career via Zac Efron. I admit, I’ve never looked at Zac as anything other than a school boy – but something happened just recently – he metamorphosized into a pretty, hot guy overnight.

    I wonder where he’s been hiding those cheekbones this whole time – and the razor stubble which he is attempting to grow (sorry Zac; Chace has you on the facial hair.) Anywho, welcome to manhood, Zac. Now, if you want to play with another’s manhood that’s fine with me – esp if that other man is 23 and a blonde-haired blue-eyed babe like yourself.

  166. 166
    tom Says:

    Can’t believe he agreed to pose with a naked model.
    Lot of girls will be disappointed…

  167. 167
    marie Says:

    I think it’s a great photoshoot to get rid of that Troy Bolton image and show the whole world Zac Efron is ready for more mature projects :)

  168. 168
    sarahi Says:

    I have to go with suzanne and pop86 on this one. most of you are being closed minded and way too judgmental. Most people have never heard of interview magazine yet alone teens and it’s not meant for them so it is their parent’s responbility to monitor what they’re reading. and the magazine and photographer control the shoot, not zac. and this is no way implying to me that he isn’t going to use his talent to get mature roles. he already has great reviews for me and orson welles and I’m sure once it comes out his acting skills will shine. stop being so critical people. I love the pics he looks good with or without the model but she doesn’t bother me as much as it bothers everyone else.

  169. 169
    Soni hannigan Says:

    I think that Zac should have had Vanessa naked on top of him. Why in the world would he want to ruin his relationship with vanessa by doing a photshoot like this, especially after that beautiful photo of him and Vanessa as Prince and Sleeping Beauty? It makes no sense. I have been married to my husband like i have said before, for 23 years and we have always had a policy, “Look, but no touching”
    I know this is not about Vanessa, but right now, I feel very sorry for her and her relationship with Zac. If anything was going to break them up, this would be it. The photoshoot with the girl was wrong, and Zac should have taken Vanessa’s feelings into this before doing it, after all she IS his girlfriend.

  170. 170
    Malia Says:

    I have no problem with the picture itself. In a sense, it’s acting. A role Zac is playing. It’s not anything he wouldn’t do in a movie. If the script of “MAOW” follows the book, Richard wears a robe while Sonja is completely naked and they kiss and make out. Mike may also be partially nude in “17 Again” with his wife Scarlet. The characters do kiss and make out. And, yes, Vanessa knows all about this as well as this photoshoot.

    However, I’m not sure it’s a good idea to have the shot with the n-a-k-e-d model lying on top of Zac in a “simulated s-e-x” act posted on all the Zac fan sites that young kids visit.

    It is obviously a decision Zac made, knowing the picture would not sit well with his young fans. He couldn’t NOT know that.

    But losing young fans and possibly gaining older ones may be what he’s aiming for. No slow transition, just exit the parking lot with tires squealing and take the on ramp at full speed ahead.

    I just hope he watches where he’s going and makes good decisions about what movie roles he chooses.

  171. 171
    Riley Says:

    I’ve always wanted to see a naked girl on top of Zac Efron. Oh the joy i’m experiencing right now.


  172. 172
    jamin Says:

    dude, if vanessa did a shoot anywhere close to the one zac did, she would be called bad names. it’s called a double standard.

  173. 173
    susanne Says:


    You said your married. How old are you really. Cause the way your stating things, your implying something that clearly is not there other than work related. It’s obvious you have not been a fan of Vanessa or Zac and are not fully aware that they have been in a relationship for three years. If that’s not commitment, then I don’t know what is. They have been through alot together and are still together. This in no way is going to make Vanessa feel bad. Nor does it imply Zac has no feelings for her. The reason Vanessa is not the women in the shoot and we will repeat again, it has nothing to do with her. This is for his movie not theirs.

  174. 174
    poor V Says:

    He can ************ for all I care.I just don’t want Vanessa to get hurt.

  175. 175
    Pit Says:

    I am with Go Sox on this one – the pics of Zac are good but the naked girl on top of him is a bit of a shock. and I am no young gal and also no “older prude”.

    I agree that Vanessa has to have known about this photoshoot and probably knows more than anyone what Zac was trying to achieve professionally with them. Maybe this is why we have not seen her out a lot the last few days – can you imagine the nasty questions the paps will be aiming at her the next few times they see her. They are bad enough already. She has a tough skin though and who knows what she has in store herself and Zac as they “break out from Disney”.

    I just don’t care for this photoshoot with Zac and I am sure his younger fans and their parents are somewhat put away with the nudity of the shot. My 15 year old is looking foward to our going together to see 17 Again on the 17th of April but I KNOW she is going to see these pictures and I am going to have to make an explanation of “what is going on”.

  176. 176
    Pit Says:

    also – maybe this is Zac’s way of NOT being on Just Jared Junior – these are not the kind of pictures that should be on that site. A little humor here to lighten the mood tonight.

  177. 177
    marie Says:

    I just think Zac has to stay at least a bit true to his fans.. Most of them are teenagers that wouldn’t like or understand that those pictures are art, not pornography or cheating… Zac, I think you should warn your publicity that you might need to change from a teen to a man a bit slower, at least till your fans can follow it without freaking out. :D
    It doesn’t change the fact that the pics are beautiful, yeah, we the older fans get that is art and he wants to be seen as a mature guy, but not necessary the breasts and stuff lol

  178. 178
    Pretty Paige Says:

    #170, I don’t think Zac agreed to photoshoot to gain older fans or to lose younger ones. I think he agreed to the photoshoot because it was different from anything he had previously done.

    Malia,(as you probably know)like most 21yr old men, Zac is going to do thing his way whether anyone like it or not.

  179. 179
    desiree Says:

    i still don’t think vanessa knew about the naked model. why would he tell her when he could embarrass her and laugh in her face. it’s all about him anyway.

    i told you guys the violin chorus would stay away. how could they defend this.

  180. 180
    ha Says:

    I just started diggin zac and my only problem would be his skinny jeans. They make his lower half look short . He needs a better pair of man jeans. I always say do i really think he’s hot after I see him wearing skinny saggin jeans.

  181. 181
    Soni hannigan Says:

    #173 Suzanne,

    For your information I am 48. I have known about zac and Vanessa since the first HSM movie came out. I have followed these two every step of the way, because they remind me of my husband and i when we first dated, and my husband is the same now as he was when we dated and got married. My point, I guess, was did Zac take in to consideration what this might do to Vanessa? Which like someone said ” Maybe that is why Vanessa has not been seen in awhile” Whether she knew about it or not? How would Zac feel if she did a photoshoot like that?
    And how do you know this is not going to make Vanessa feel bad? And what movie is it for? Certainly not 17 again or Me and Orson Wells, so what movie? The end is, I DON”T want anything to happen to Zac and Vanessa, and I just feel this was a very bad choice on Zac’s part.

  182. 182
    sheila Says:

    i just wonder what some of you who are touting this as a great PR move for zac would be saying if this was vanessa with a naked guy pressed up against her….hmmm i thought so. double standard never ceases to exist.

  183. 183
    ha Says:

    Like this. what? and those shoes. ugh! he looks like a child when he dresses like that. Get him better pants and shoes, please. :)

  184. 184
    Tina Says:

    All i have to say as an older mature woman of (31) is that alot of you are so young, dumb and naive! Give the guy a break, he’s not a child, he’s a grown man! he doesn’t have to please all of you with what he is doing in his life, its no ones business but his own. You guys are rediculous! These pictures are very sexy and hot! it’s not a bad thing that he’s getting out of that whole teen image, it happens with all actors, so get over it! he is getting older now and is much sexier than ever before there’s really nothing wrong with what he’s doing, alot of actors have done it in the past and everyone loved it, you guys are bashing way too much, your really not true fans of his if your acting this way, that’s all i have to say.

  185. 185
    birdie Says:

    I subscribe to “Interview” and it always contains “Artful Nudity” but most
    of the time it is not the cover star. This is not about who Zac’s dating or
    even his transition to adult roles, it’s about what kind of career does he
    really want. Of coarse I don’t know Zac apart the his interviews but it
    seemed to me that he wants to be taken seriously as an actor. He says he wants to follow actors that I also admire. He must know he
    is already thought of as a sex symbol since he always makes the list
    of the Sexiest Men. I even feel that in “HSM3″ and “17 Again “the shirtless scene were entirely gratuitous because the directors know
    the women love his body. I just hope this was his idea and maybe he
    should have waited ’til his film actually opened, I honestly think it’s
    going to be #1 and then he could have his choice of adult roles. Also
    I’m not against nudity in films Emile Hirsch was stark naked in “Into
    the Wild” and it was beautiful and not gratuitous. Listen to your heart

  186. 186
    Naomi Says:

    This sure is generating no small controversy with all sorts of weirdos adding their two cents.

    He’s never going to please everyone and needs to take certain risks. Some of us like this, some don’t. The main test is what it achieves. If this is able to persuade non-teens to go see his movie, then it has achieved a short-term goal.

    If this would open up opportunities for serious, adult roles with good producers then it’s achieved a long-term goal. Ultimately, the important thing is that he keeps his eye on substance and longevity.

    Not every fan will always agree with his decisions but they’ve got to work for his long term career. He also doesn’t have the luxury of doing just whatever he wants, he is in a very competitive industry with lots of spare talent as the interview mentioned. nobody is guaranteed sustained stardom.

    This is what should concern fans, not his personal life.

  187. 187
    logics Says:

    For me personally, this isn’t about his girlfriend-it’s about how he’s selling himself. He is using sex to gain acceptance and get into the mainstream market. Yes, sex sells, but it depends on how it’s displayed and how you present it. This type of move in the industry always gets slammed. People didn’t take Jennifer Anistons’ GQ shoot too lightly. A lot of people thought it was a very desperate cry for attention and she was using her body to keep interest alive instead of relying on her talent. You begin to pity people who use such cheap tactics just to up their career. If you were in the workplace, this type of behaviour would be condemned and your ethics would be questioned-not be praised.
    What hes’ doing is bascially the same thing as a person using their sexuality at work just to be promoted-or sleeping with the boss.
    Being a fan does cloud a persons judgement. We’re all guilty of that, but you have to take control of your thoughts and follow what’s right.

  188. 188
    kimo Says:

    zac is a young unmarried man. he seems very curious at this age in his life. i hope this is not a glimpse of his future explorations. i have nothing more to say.

  189. 189
    ha Says:

    Then this pic makes me forget about the pants and shoes. :lol:

  190. 190
    ha Says:

    logics, zac is young. Aniston is like 20 years older than him and she still thinks the only way to sell a movie is to get naked and airbrush her old leathery skin. Shudders! Can’t compare the two.

  191. 191
    logics Says:

    Why can’t people have a decent conversation without bashing anybody just to prove their point. It’s funny that the “older lot” is slamming the younger kids when they’re no better.
    Stop insulting peoples intelligence and calling them names just because they don’t agree with our point of view.
    If you want people to take you seriously-be nice…

  192. 192
    gerard Vandenberg Says:

    SORRY FOLKS, there is no other option possible.

  193. 193
    kimo Says:

    I’m entitled to my opinion and I don’t think posing with a naked woman was a good move. This could be so because I have two small kids. Whatever zac chooses to do, I hope its done with class. I’ve seen provocative photos taken of celebrities in such magazines as GQ. Yet, I saw the phots done in good taste. I don’t remember seeing any nudity in the photos. Maybe close to nudity but nothing totally done with a shock value. I’m sure there are some out there. Anyway, I see this photoshoot as being totally classless. I gues I’m having a hard time shaking his good boy image. Maybe this will help him, maybe not. Who knows.

  194. 194
    kaylie Says:

    why couldn’t it be the other way around?
    haha instead of her naked…

  195. 195
    sarahi Says:

    Naomi and logics seem to be the voice of reason tonight. I agree with everything you guys said.

  196. 196
    Pretty Paige Says:

    #181, What do you mean Vanessa has not been seen in a while. She had lunch with her mother over the weekend at a Japanese restaurant. Vanessa is living her life and she is good at hiding from the paps. You may not have known about the photo shoot but I’m sure Vanessa knew about the photo and probably saw the proofs before they were even published.

    How would Zac feel if it was Vanessa? probably very proud that his girl isn’t playing it safe and it doing something outside of the box.
    Please don’t place your insecurities on Zac and Vanessa. You because you feel threaten by a model( who is simply doing her job btw) doesn’t mean Vanessa should be.

  197. 197
    Soni hannigan Says:

    #182 Sheila:

    I think the same thing would happen if this was vanessa instead of Zac. They would be calling Vanessa hot and worried about what this was doing to Zac. I think the bottom line is that no one wants to see this adorable couple have anything happen to them in there professionaly or personal life.

  198. 198
    jamin Says:

    dude, i agree. if vanessa did a shoot with a naked guy draped over her that way all hell would break loose. she would be crucified and vinegar poured on her wounds.

  199. 199
    pop86 Says:

    My points:

    1) I find it very amusing how some fans(especially older who should know better) who place their insecurities on Zac and Vanessa.

    2) The insecure fans are mad at Zac because they just discovered Zac is a real person not some “Zanessa” fantasy.

    3) How small-minded the some older fans are when they are always preaching to the younger fans not to be small-minded and overly criticial.

  200. 200
    susanne Says:


    I am glad things are perfect for you and your husband and have over the years remained the same. But you can’t place your way of life and things are for you and your husband on Zac and Vanessa that is not fair. For one thing your older so obviously you got married in a different time. Meaning long ago I presume. Now while no one wants anything bad to happen to them. Just as you mentioned I don’t know whether she feels bad or not. Nor do you. As for the reason no one has seen her, how can you imply that the reason may be because of the photoshoot. There have been many times when he was doing something and she did not get photographed and visa versa. If you think they are going to break up cause of this, then Zac should have broken up with Vanessa over the photos that were released over the internet, but instead as soon as he landed in LA and obviously was very tired of the long journey, who was he with, Vanessa. That in and of it self should give you some indication of how committed they are in their relationship. Bottom line is it is their relationship not ours, and I like to think they are mature enough to not make a big deal about this. He’s not cheating on her, it’s just a photoshoot.

  201. 201
    Karen Says:

    First, it certainly got attention and got people talking and when it comes to publicity and promoting yourself that is a key factor in Hollywood. So, I would say that mission was accomplished with this.

    Secondly, you know the saying beauty is in the eye of the beholder? Well, so it what people think of art. Go to an art museum. Centuries ago, what did artist paint many times? Naked women. How many times did you see naked wome and clothed men? A lot. Inothr words for many years the nake body of women seems to have fasinated people. Now, I don’t think it is needed BUT I do understand what people would find artsy about these photos. So, there is going to be no winning here. People are going to see it as their mindset is. Some willl find it way to the left, some will see it way to the right, and there will be a few who will go the middle of the road. But Zac will get what is needed—noticed. We all could start naming how many a young performer—singer or actor—has broken out of the “kid” mold in just this way. Zac is not the first young person to do so. I believe, however, he has been made out to be such a “darling” and fairytale character that he is taking a lot more ridicule than he should.

    Lastly, we have not seen 17 Again yet but it is rated PG13 so obviously there are adult situations there which require more explanation from an adult to the “kids”. SO, right there it shows he has moved on into things away from his “G” rated Troy Bolton. Also, in MAOW which nobody has yet seen his character loses his virginity. We don’t know what that scene holds either and how it was done with Claire Danes. So, maybe we should not be so ready to say this kind of photoshoot is moving him in a direction too quickly or trying too hard.

  202. 202
    sheila Says:

    well, my particular point wasn’t how zac would feel if vanessa did a shoot like this. i just can’t help but feel that some of you who think this photoshoot is all great for zac would turn around and slaughter vanessa for doing the same thing. i’m talking about them as individuals here, not as a couple.

    quite frankly, i think the nipple shot could have been avoided and was done just to up the shock factor. either just show the side of her breast or whatever. it still would have been “artful” and perhaps moreso, instead of verging on soft porn.

    to me, the “story” these pics are tryting to convey are that these two are about to have sex. i don’t know why zac and his PR people felt they needed to go quite this extreme. if she would have even had bottoms on, like jeans, it might have been a little more artful and a little less “playboy”

  203. 203
    sarahi Says:

    karen you are so level headed I always agree with what you say.

  204. 204
    ashlee Says:

    #202, i agree. i don’t know why zac and his PR people felt they needed to go to this extreme.

  205. 205
    gracemarie Says:

    All I’ve seen are people wondering if Vanessa knows about it. Of course she does and she probably approved. She probably saw the stills first.

  206. 206
    Merrrr Says:

    i don’t like that girl thats naked on top of him. not happy jan :(

  207. 207
    Trina Says:

    Well, one young girl, after seeing the pics, commented that she was going to cry. “What happened! That isn’t my zac! I can’t believe he did this type of a photo shoot.” And “didn’t know he would do that kinda photo shoot.”

    So, yes, a lot of the young fans will be disappointed and disillusioned with Zac the same way they were the first time he uttered the word “f-u-c-k” in Detail Mag.

  208. 208
    Karen Says:

    I so agree with your comment. The truth is many people ARE more concerned with the fairytale image of ‘Zanessa” than with Zac Efron or Vanessa Hudgens. When people go on about “I wonder what Vanessa thinks” it goes to show where their mindset is. She obviously knew all about this as he is being interviewed from his new house and we know for the past several months he and Vanessa have not be separated. We also know he has been busy with more than one photoshoot.

    Those who go on about “if it was by boyfriend” should understand it has nothing to do with the way you are thinking. Vanessa is in this business and understand this is about WORK, clearly something people that are not in the business understands. When you all say you would not do this, I believe that. Most of us probably wouldn’t but again we are not in this business. Even some that are in the business do not appear naked in a movie but many do. We shouldn’t have to mention Kate Winslet here and how many times she has appeared without clothes in her movies. I could not do it but she views things differently. And some will say this is about a photo and not a movie but actually in this sense and the circle it is done in does apply to “acting” and the arts just the same way a Kate Winslet movie does.

  209. 209
    logics Says:

    You can’t insult the young fans for feeling the way they feel. Put yourself in their shoes. You were young once too and of course if you had ever seen your idol with another women, you would feel kinda jealous. There’s no need to be ashamed or embarrassed-it’s human nature-something completely out of our control.
    I see where the kids are coming from; they adore Zac AND Vanessa as a couple and want to see them together. When they see another person step into the picture, they feel like that person is a threat to the relationship. They’re kids! They grow out of crushes and fascinations all the time. This year is Zac Efron and Rob Pattinson, next year it’ll be someone new and more exciting.
    Instead of calling them “stupid”-explain to them you know where they’re coming from BUT….
    Like I said before, I’m more concerned about the image he’s selling. It’s not shocking though. Every Disney person went ‘dirty’ to rid their girl/boy next-door image. Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Hillary Duff are just some examples. We’ve seen the backlash that happens from such a drastic move too sudden. They all used their sexualitys to sell themselves instead of using their skills to do the job they were hired to do which is Act! Perform.
    If you want to be a art figure, then take up that job. Actors and modeling are different things. If a Model was in the place of Zac in that photoshoot, it would be no big deal. But this is somebody who wants to be an Actor; a field in which skills and talent is required, not necessarily good looks. Which is why he needs to determine what he wants to be seen as.
    As a non-superficial human being, I question that kind of behaviour. To me, it’s no different then a person using sex in the workplace just to bump their career.

  210. 210
    sheila Says:

    karen, while i agree about 17 again being pg 13 and therefore it being important to remind people that zac has moved on from being the g rated “troy bolton” these pics make me feel more like they’re trying to make him believable as dirk diggler rather than mike o’donnell.

    oh well, as you say, people will always have varying opinions on art and its different forms whether it be painting, movies, sculpture, photography etc. i guess i just would have preferred a more gentle transition for zac.

  211. 211
    Soni hannigan Says:

    #202 I agree with you
    #200 Suzanne: The difference between the vanessa pictures and this of Zac is in Vanessa’s it was only Vanessa. She didn’t have a naked guy laying on her.
    #199, I am sure you are implying your response to me. But I am very secure in my relationship with my husband, or I wouldn’t be married for so long.
    #205: Everyone is saying vanessa knows about the shoot, how do they know? How do you know? The truth is no body knows for sure.

  212. 212
    Karen Says:

    LOL, I posted my #208 comment before I read your #170 post concerning this photoshoot is about acting and the fact !7 Again has more adult themes, etc.

  213. 213
    sheila Says:

    all i can say is, i hope zac has gotten this out of his system. he has shed the disney image once and for all. he has proven to the world he definitely having sex since he needs economy sized boxes of condoms and now he has had a naked woman sprawled on top of him. we get it. you’re all grown up.

    now let’s get focused on that acting career shall we? i’m hoping we’ll hear about a good role with some substance so you can start being appreciated for your work.

  214. 214
    gracemarie Says:

    I do have to agree with one point if that was Vanessa in a similar pix with a male model she would have been crucified.

    There would have been post after post about how everyone knew she was this or that since the last pixs of years ago and now how she’s proven it and he needs to dump her.

    I don’t happen to believe that this photos effect their personal relationship in the slightest and being from NY I’m use to Interview and how they do things so I guess I’m not as shocked or worried as some of you..

    I will admit however there is a double standard.

    And I wouldn’t have minded had the model not been there but I don’t think it’s the end of the world or Zanessa. I have not yet decided how I feel it effects his career. I

  215. 215
    sheila Says:

    shocked about the pic? yes. worried about their relationship? not in the slightest. if neither of them can stand the heat of hollywood, they had better get out of the kitchen and fast cuz its only going to get hotter as time goes on.

  216. 216
    Trina Says:

    I, too would love to hear about what interesting roles he has lined up rather than see him with a naked model shoving her boobs into his face.

  217. 217
    Tippie-Toes Says:

    And what exactly does this photoshoot say? What is the message it’s supposed to convey?

  218. 218
    Naomi Says:

    #213, LMAO!

    I’ve got to say I agree with you. Enough with the fluff already. Let’s keep the focus on his career.

    MAOW is being shown at SXSW in April, hopefully it gets picked up by a distributor.

    I’m also of the camp that think he’s pushing it with the musicals and high school roles. It would be great if he gets a good action role or serious drama/thriller.

    This is the only way imo he can be taken seriously as an actor.

  219. 219
    Karen Says:

    #197–Soni hanningan:

    That is basically the problem in a nutshell. Just like you wanting the model to be Vanessa… This is not a PERSONAL photoshoot and neither Zac or Vanessa would agree to expose anything so personal just because people would feel better about it. They will either survive or they won’t and the relationship will NOT come to an end over something like this. Both of the are adults now and will be having adult roles. Some of those roles will require them most likely to be in various compromising positions with other actos. They’d better be able to deal with the business they are in. It is important for them to TRUST each other whether their fans do or not.

  220. 220
    Soni hannigan Says:

    #219 Karen:

    Oh I want to, believe me

  221. 221
    ayen Says:

    lol. If people can’t handle this, I wonder how some of you will handle the situation when Zac/Vanessa get roles where they’re being sexual with other people.

  222. 222
    zac is a rat Says:

    Yet again Vanessa will no doubt will have to deal with nasty questions and unpleaseness from the pap’s with these latest photo’s of why her bf has a naked woman on top of him and again she will have to deal with it on her own while Zac is away having notes stuffed in his pockets and no doubt having a great time. He would have known before he went away that this shoot would come out so you would have thought he would have given Vanessa’s feelings some considration but no he jets off and she will cop the flack and we all know how nasty the pap’s were with her ‘ incident’ and how upset she was and I can’t see this being any different.

    Moving away from Disney is one thing but doing this kind of pose is something else, Zac was’nt forced to do it he knew what he was getting into to and no doubt could’nt wait. As it’s been said if it was the other way round Vanessa would get a load of crap thrown at her for doing the same thing, but as usual Zac does it and women are all ‘ ohh Zac looks so sexy’ againdouble standards with Zac being able to do no wrong he won’t be able to relie on his pretty boy imagine for ever and the next thing you will see him in is x-rated films becuase that’s what this photo shoot implies. Again Vanessa’s feelings don’t get taken into account by her bf just so long as he looks good and get the women swooming over him that’s all he cares about.

  223. 223
    awurbii Says:

    nobody wants the model to be vanessa. Thank God it isnt!!! I believe she’s above that and has matured from her mistakes and i’m proud of the way she is carry herself.

    and being okay with the picz. STRONG GIRL!!!!!

  224. 224
    awurbii Says:

    nobody wants the model to be vanessa. Thank God it isnt!!! I believe she’s above that and has matured from her mistakes and i’m proud of the way she is carry herself.

    and being okay with the picz. STRONG GIRL!!!!!

  225. 225
    Victor Says:

    Hopefully next time it will be Zac who is naked!!

  226. 226
    Karen Says:

    Soni hannigan:
    Why would you believe that Vanessa wouldn’t know about this shoot? These photos and interview was done long before he left LA. Since last April—nearly a whole year—these two have nearly been connected at the hip. Believe me, they KNOW what each other is up to. Considering they are getting older and will be in mature roles that are not rated “G” they’s better be able to handle things like this or they might as well go their separate ways. But they have been more open with their relationship in the past couple months. We have seen them appear together on some very impressive red carpets like the Golden Globes and the Oscars. The premiere of Watchmen was very telling of their relationship and their feelings for each other. One problem is, the majority of us do not live in their type world and since we would not do something like this we can’t always understand how it could work. Believe me, they are younger and think a little less strictly and they are more from an “artsy” type mindset.

    I do understand youngsters who will not understand or be embarrassed or feel uncomfortable but in all truth Zac cannot continue to to cater after the youngsters since he is not one and has not lived as one for some time. The time has come for those who only see him as Troy Bolton and are 12 and 13 or so will have to understand life if different for him than it was for Troy Bolton. And if they are so sensitive and parents keep them from seeing a movie that is rated R what are they going to think anyway if they are told that “Troy” isn’t doing things in a particular movie that they(the young kids) shouldn’t see. Won’t they be confused and disallusioned then too?

  227. 227
    Boji Says:

    Did any one notice? Zac is fully clothed. The model maybe not. Doesn’t this tell us a little something about Zac. I’m sure the Mag was more than willing for Zac to at least remove his top with that naked model. I’m guessing that this was Zac’s decision. And it is artistic if you can ignore her nipples.

  228. 228
    Auberii Says:

    Just beautiful ZAAAAAAAAAAAAAAC <3

  229. 229
    zac is a rat Says:

    Maybe not is aunderstatement the model is a naked as the day she was born. Wonder if Zac told her she had georgous eyes and that boys hand love to wander.

    I hope the pap’s don’t hassle Vanessa becuase of this photo and make crude comments to her, becuase this photo shoot could make or break their relactionship after all Vanessa is human and there’s only so much a person can take about what their partner get’s up to before enough is enough and Zac has given her numerous things printed about him to make her walk away.

  230. 230
    AlfaAlfa Says:

    Geez, why doesn’t this boy just rent a plane for a month and fly around with a sign saying: Zac Efron is no longer a kid~he’s a ‘man’ looking for work (and attention).

  231. 231
    AlfaAlfa Says:

    btw what does he want to do? Act in movies or do Porn? So far, all he’s done after his singing and dancing routine has been sexual. Everything from talking about sex shops, condoms, and now posing with a naked chicks.

  232. 232
    Alicee Says:


  233. 233
    Antonella _vanessa rules Says:

    I agree completely with zac is a rat . Zac can die if he wants he ll do the whole world a favor

  234. 234
    tizzfan Says:

    great photoshoot
    but of course haters have their way of criticize every single thing any “disney” stars do (even though they’re not with disney anymore)….

    vanessa might or might not know about this – but it’s none of our bussiness
    come to think of it, is zac that stupid ? was he thinking that he can keep it as a secret ? of course not.. it’s a mag photoshoot. meant to be seen… lol…. so one way or another, vanessa has bigger possibility to know about this…

    on other note, i think zac needs to stop with all his trying to shed disney image thingy…
    enough with condoms story and then this …..
    unless he just wants to be known as the sex symbol….. or something like that….

  235. 235
    Karen Says:

    One more time, Vanessa is NOT affected in the least about this photo. She has known about it for weeks. She’s OK with it. Do you think he just did this photoshoot since he left LA to go to promote his movie in Australia? These things take time. Look how long it’s been since Zac and Vanessa went to Brazil for Vanessa to do that photo shoot and we still haven’t seen those photos. Several weeks ago the fact that Zac had done a couple photoshoots was discussed right here on JJ and JJJ. We are not seeing the fruits of that labor. Since this was done we have seen Zac and Vanessa on the red carpet together on the red carpet at the Golden Globes and the Oscars looking very much the intimate couple not to mention the Watchmen premiere. Stop with the Vanessa speculation.
    Those who have problem with this saying they couldn’t handle it if it was their significant other just think about this. What if your significant other was a gynecologist? Would you have problems knowing he was looking at certain parts of women’s bodies all day and touching those parts upset you? Before you jump me and say they are doctors and they are doing their job just know that this was a JOB for Zac, nothing more and Vanessa understand that regardless of whether you do or not. He did this job and went home to Vanessa and this woman did not affect them in anyway before or after the photoshoot. Some of you may not LIKE they type job he did but it was still a job.

  236. 236
    Boji Says:

    Well, this is a wake up call. Zac is 21. Let’s also not forget he is fully clothed so this photoshot is tastefully done. I’m sure Vanessa sees nothing wrong with this pic. He is not touching this model intimately. Frankly, I find the photoshot of him with Vanessa on the grass more sensual.

  237. 237
    rentonsgirl Says:

    Really what is the big deal? Its a photoshoot and it was a job. Its that simple. He doesn’t get to decide how the photos are taken, the photographer does.

    He might get to have some input and say if he’s not comfortable with something but that’s really as far as it goes. The photographer would have already had an idea of the shots they wanted to get, not Zac.

    The pictures with the model aren’t disgusting, they’re artistic.

    I for one don’t think he’s going too far to shed the disney image, he never really played up to it anyway.

    The fact that he’s not shying away from doing stuff like this will show people in the industry that he’s ready to move on from squeaky clean roles.

    If you want him to survive in this industry then you’re gonna have to put up with nudity with other actors. It doesn’t mean they’re involved personally, it means they’re doing their jobs.

  238. 238
    Karen Says:

    Hi Boji! Long time no hear and that is my fault I know. Lots of family matters going on right now.

    But I totally agree with you. This photoshoot is sexy and all of that but the pictures of Zac and Vanessa in the Elle shoot was far more sensual because you could tell they were totally drawn to each other with their whole self. The Sleeping Beauty photo is the same way—totally into each other in a personal way. This simply looks like a sexy photo.

    I think it is time for people to get used to seeing both Zac and Vanessa being with other people doing a job. And I believe a lot of people need to understand that since this couple has become such an icon that it will be hard for many to watch either of them do anything with anyone else even if it is in a movie. Remember the outcry last year over the kiss scene when Vanessa was filming Bandslam? I know a lot of people don’t want to think they will get upset like this over seeing them with others in a movie but I fear a lot of people will do just that. And they need to get over it.

    I understand that some think Zac did not move ahead with his career in the right way that he is using his sexuality to get noticed as being an adult, etc, instead of his talent. BUT the fact is this happens more often than not when it comes to Hollywood. Face it, the more handsome or beautiful an actor is the more they get noticed—the same goes with the sex factor. It may not be the right way to think but the majority of people do think that way even if they don’t want to think they do.

    People talk all the time about sexy Zac, the hotness, and his body and make insinuating remarks bout his and Vanessa’s relatinship. Everybody thinks that is fine but suddenly when he has a picture taken like this then everyone gets angry and says he sold out, he’s trying too hard to be someone else other thatn Zac, or he’s just using sex to get ahead and be seen as an adult, etc. But when you all wanted him to be sexy or be more than a G rated actor it was a different story. Now that it hits you in the face as a reality you people don’t like it. It’s “too fast, too much, too soon” you say. This is a fact of Hollywood if it be good or bad. Zac can’t possibly please you people. You want him hot and sexy but you want it to be innocent in some way. Whether you like it or not this is a respected artsy publication. This is the type pictures they do and many people do not look at it as just someone showing off their sexuality.

    In the Hollywood sense of things do you think Brittney Spears or Justin Timberland would have gotten so far so fast if they had not shed their teen appeal? Yes, one got caught up into the wrong things but that isn’t the issue here. Can you honestly say Justin Timberlake isn’t taken seriously even though he does some really crazy things in my way of thinking. You know the bottom line is this, Hollywood ways are not our ways in most cases. But it is in Hollywood that Zac is trying to create a career. I’m sure he is not trying to offend, just show there are other sides to him. And remember many of you were clamoring for this type thing whether you think you were or not.

  239. 239
    elle Says:


  240. 240
    Boji Says:

    Hi back at you, Karen. Miss ya. Dont worry. Just email when you can.I couldn’t agree more with what you’ve commented.

    Elle,#239, what in the elle are you talking about? Closet? 13 yrs?Beats me.

  241. 241
    Zacfan! Says:

    Just died and gone to heaven. He’s freakin amazing. What a… can’t speak… drooling…

  242. 242
    Tippie-Toes Says:

    The Interview mag photoshoot was done on January 21, 2009.

  243. 243
    NYAY.. Says:

    he’s hot though wonder where is vanessa..

    JJ are not posting any news..
    Is she avoiding the pap?

  244. 244
    Lissy Says:

    Oh my dear lord. Hot, hot, hot, freaking hot, Efron. I think that you are going to be hot for the rest of your life.

  245. 245
    go sox Says:

    ~~I think what disappoints me the MOST, is that Zac Efron has set himself apart from this kind of trash, with the way he lives his life, his work ethic, and his behavior,. It was the reason I was a fan. IMO, this put him right into the pot with EVERYONE else.

    ~~ I STILL think he should have worked his BUTT off, instead of this cheap kind of controversy. He could have asked they take out just the pics with the naked chick, and this ALL COULD HAVE BEEN AVOIDED.

    ~~ I STILL don’t get what kind of image he’s trying to create with this. Does he want to be constantly cast in skin flicks, with directors knowing he’ll do ANYTHING for the sake of artistry? Is that how he wants to be known? I don’t think so. :o( I really think Zac has more integrity than this.

    ~~Sadly, when the day is done, I just hope Zac knows what he’s doing. I know he’s trying to make choices that are best for him, and only he knows what those are. But missteps will happen, and I do think this is one of them. Just could have been avoided, if a few pics were removed.

  246. 246
    gracemarie Says:

    Boji & Karen:

    Great posts.

    Though I could have done without the model I’m not tripping over it and I think V isn’t either.

    What is funny is how many of the “poor V’ posters on both sites are some of the same people who would be burning her at the stake if it was her photoshoot .

    She can more than handle her own life and the paps as she has proven time after time.

    As for him, his only 21 he’ll figure out what works and what doesn’t just like every person his age. Only time will tell if this was a good move or not but it’s of no real matter he’s young enough to course correct if he has too.

  247. 247
    Lauriinha Says:

    FUCKKKKK !! hOt as hell! Who iss the girl ?! Luckk her !!!

  248. 248
    HsM_GiU Says:


    No words! xD

    Zac :Q___________________

  249. 249
    HsM_GiU Says:


    No words! xD

    Zac :Q___________________

  250. 250
    ******** Says:

    Of course the man gets to keep on his clothes and the woman gets to be stark naked

  251. 251
    cubur Says:

    zac is getting more hot everyday :)

  252. 252
    len Says:

    yeah. the skinny blue-eyed ***** just had to be completely naked because why?
    wow. all these white blue-eyed chicks (taylor & now edita) publicity with zac…they might as well tell him to dump vanessa. she’s just not white enough for him!

  253. 253
    cyria Says:

    way to shed the disney image, but there are other ways other than having a completely naked chic spread her patuties all over your dumbbaas

  254. 254
    rosileee9 Says:


    Hi Go Sox, hope your well.

    Like you I have been a fan of Zac since day one and part of that reason is like you said is that he never came across as the typical young hollywood crowd of doing things that really had no point to them and I’m sorry to say that I don’t see the point in the photo of him having a naked women sprawled across him like you said he could have asked to have the naked pictures taken out as I’m sure that Zac is well aware of the comments and stories that this is going to generate with the press and the state of his relactionship and feelings for Vanessa, especially as well since she has’nt gone to the promo tour with him.

    I’m not saying that there is trouble in their relactionship and I’m sure that they talked about the photo’s and Zac wouldhave had to see them before they got published and they would need his permission and I to think that Vanessa saw them but seeing them before they get put in a magazine andtalking it over is very different to when the photo’s actually appear and everyone else gets to see your bf have another women naked on top of him even though it’s work related, and I just hope that if Zac is with Vanessa when any of the pap’s say and we all know they will say crude comments about the picture and make assumptions about Zac and the model which again we know they will that he shows her the support that she derserves becuase after all Zac has a partner which should be taken into consideration. I’m not saying tht he needs Vanessa permission as to what photo shoots he does but nearly 4 years togetheror not seeing your man in that position can still make you feel uneasy as I’m sure it would if the role was reversed.

    Zac did say at the ocscars that this weas going to be a year of change for him and I guess that this is the start. But I was hoping that he meant in his work as a actor not as a pin up and I’ll admit that he has got a great body but if he wants to be taken serious and go for serious roles I honestly don’t see how this kind of photo shoot is going to help his ACTING careeer.

    I get that he and his PR people want to get him out of the teen image so that he can go for older and more serious roles but it’s his younger fans that he is always saying are the best and he is grateful well this sort of photo can really confuse some kids and it could also been seen as way of Zac saying ‘ thanks for getting me noticed and for all the opportunitys but byee I’m going for the older women’ and I get that some fans are growing in age just like Zac but some are still young and this could be a bit hard for them to understand.

    I hope that Vanessa is’nt staying inside becuase of the photo but I can understand if she is cautiuous about going out while Zac is not there as she will be the one who will have to deal with the pap’s andas strong as she is if I was her I would’nt want to when after all it’s her bf’s photo shoot that involves another female.

    Zac I think could have just shed his image a bit slower and if his fans are true fans then they will stick with him and accept that he is growing up and can’t be Troy Bolton for ever but it’s that job that brought him to people’s attentions and gave him the chance to do the job in a industries that he loves to be in so I just don’t think he should be in such a hurry to run away from it.

  255. 255
    zac is a rat Says:

    Of course Zac thought the photo shoot went okay he had a naked woman sprawled across his body and he was’nt to bothered about where he put his one hand either, it was’nt even on her waist it was geared more towards her breast that boy serioulsy has wandering hands.

    Again he has showed no regard of Vanessa’s feelings as it’s not just him that will get the crude questions and things shouted at him by the press Vanessa will to and she should’nt have to deal with it, if Zac was’nt going out with anybody and only had himself to deal with the presss then that’s one thing but to put your gf through it and we all know that the press will have a field day with Vanessa then I’m sorry but Zac should’nt have allowed the picture of him and the naked woman to be published. Vanessa has feelings to and he should have taken that into consideration, after all he is halfway round the world and is’nt having to deal with it but Vanessa will, so I for one don’t blame her if she lies low until he gets back and then let him take the flack for a change.

    These photo’s also show that he’s not the bloody goody two shoes that everyone thinks he is, yes Zac will do photo shoots just like Vanessa will but I highly doubt that you’ll see Vanessa doing a photo shoot like that the poor girl would get cruicfied eve more than she has done in the past.

    Zac was quick enough to say that he nedded to clear up the story about the sex shop well I’ve a feeling that this is another thing that will need to be cleared up by Zac or his PR people, as he’s going to end up getting talked about for all the wrong reasons.

  256. 256
    sheila Says:

    don’t kid yourself, the condom comment was meant to come out. it wasn’t just some slip of the tongue. he could have easily explained the sex shop photos without bringing up the condom story. for someone who has so carefully guarded talking about his “private life” in the past to all of a sudden tell the world that he goes through condoms by the bucketful is no coincidence. i’m not saying he’s wrong, it’s just these things are not accidental. he’s been media trained, so you can’t blame it on lack of PR instruction either.

    it’s is all part of the “i’m all grown up” campaign.

  257. 257
    desiree Says:

    rosalie their relationship is clearly over even that girl Poppy or whatever who is always playing that “zan is a nornal and in love couple” and calling ME a freak has flown the coup without a word

    For Real has taken the same train. zanessa are done he wants to screw everything in hollywood he’s not an actor he’s just another cute guy who tried pretending to be serious and decent but can’t cause all he cares about is getting laid and if he makes a fool out of vanessa he could care less.

  258. 258
    kelly Says:

    His fan base is children, I think he should stop doing Disney and anything aimed at children if he is going to try to prove he’s grown up by using sex and sexuality. Yeah we all now that when you start ******** your now a grown up right!

  259. 259
    Karen Says:

    For goodness sakes some people must think he did something deceitful or dishonest. I don’t understand some equating him to Lindsey Lohan status about the bars and nightclubs. He never did anything remotely like that to be noticed, etc. He did a photoshoot for a magazine which is viewed by many art loving individuals as classy and artistic. So, to make him sound low and vulgar would be to imply this magazine which has been around for some time and respected as a source of art is also questionable. Zac has always been careful in his choices and I believe he chose this one because of it’s reputation. This is a far cry from Bop and PopStar and I’m sure he understands that. But the truth is, when it comes to such magazines much of the population will be divided.

    As far as Zac having his hands in any questionable spot? Well, it is easy enough to debunk that accusation when you look at the picture as I’m sure all of you did.

  260. 260
    ayen Says:

    I posted this in VABN, so…I’ll post this here:

    Hmm, you Zac fans need to learn how to respect each other’s opinions. If you guys can’t handle people not liking or disagreeing Zac’s choice in his career advancement, how are you going to handle it once Zac does more extreme roles/shoots and you get even louder disagreement from fellow fans? Are you going to call them out again and alienate his fellow fans? Instead of calling out people’s names and slandering them for not agreeing, maybe you should back it up with good arguments to counteract it instead? That way they can think or sleep over your arguments and maybe…just maybe they’ll change their minds?

    Whatever happens, happens… not every career decision that Zac (and Vanessa) ventures out are going to be met with applause. This is how you as a fan, determine whether you want to stick around and support him (or her) and those that are willing to stick around, instead of pushing those fans even further away, maybe you can debate and articulately let these fans know what they’re missing. Back it up with knowledge and history… There are other actors that have done the same and have reached the ultimate high of stardom.

    That’s just my take. I am enjoying reading the articulate post from different views, despite people pointing fingers and calling out fellow fans ‘haters’. Me as an audience is gaining knowledge and my own stance in this ongoing debate.

    I just want to add one thing too…

    For those that are against this photoshoot, open your mind and actually read some of the ‘points’ that fellow fans are trying to counteract your disagreements/disappointments. You’re in this for the long haul, and Zac is only 21. This is not going to be the first time he’ll be doing this.

  261. 261
    Pfft Says:

    Karen, you would still see Zac as a saint if he were caught in bed having a foursome with 2 hookers and a horse.
    You are so incredibly biased that it’s hard to take you serious. We all know you’re not going to speak out for what’s right…you’re just going to side with Zac no matter what.

  262. 262
    e Says:

    I don’t know ’Interview’ magazine and how they work, and we haven’t yet been able to read the whole actual interview with Zac but I did find it funny how he and Gus were spending a lot of time talking about videogames and Zac said that he used to skateboard inside, and then you see this photoshoot that’s supposed to come with it, I guess it does show a bit that even if he starts growing up, he still is young inside.
    It was a good interview, and it was fun to read the parts you could read, and he did say that the interview was done after the photoshoot, and I do think after reading it that he might have been more exited about the interview itself and not as much the photoshoot, even if he did say that it was different, but what do I know, I did love those solo pics of Zac though, they were amazing and the photographer did a great job with those.

    And I agree with some who said that the for example Elle photoshoot he did with Vanessa (and Ashley but I’m mentioning Vanessa here because it was really them that played the in love couple) was way more intense and sexy then this, because it felt like then that they were both really into the photoshoot and their chemistry made it sexy without having to have the pictures scream it out.

  263. 263
    fan Says:

    I have been reading ‘Zac is a Rat’ and ‘desiree’ comments, and it sounded like they are supportors for Vanessa. I know they are not Zanessa supportors or Zac’s fans, however, they seem to be protecting Vanessa. I just hope their concerns for Vanessa is in good and positive way, and not using this as tactful act to be negative towards her and to bring her down. I see some of the fans that call themselves Vanessa’s fan and said negative comments in a very tactful and polite way towards her.

  264. 264
    hudgens.efron.lautner Says:

    Omgggg all I can say is one word…WOW! simple as that :D That and hes damnnnn sexyyyy lmaooo! x

  265. 265
    may Says:

    OMFG she’s from my country!!! I can’t believe that!!!!! Just one lucky b*tch!!

  266. 266
    ayen Says:

    lol. Zac is a rat, and desire aren’t Vanessa fans. I’m sorry, but they’re embaressing. Both are insecure women. Both have different tactics, but in the long run they like to drag Vanessa’s name down.

  267. 267
    kami Says:

    you think that pic with the neked boob hanging over zac’s face will end up in popstar or teen beat?!?!?

  268. 268
    desiree Says:

    i am supporing a woman who is being screwed by a man who is supposed to respect her . damn he didn’t even bother to come home and see her even though he has a few days off and some poster on this board- poppy, grace, karen, well someone said that australia was a shorter plane ride to lax than to england

    if he was soooo happy and content with her he would have spent his free time with her not whoring through australia or england damn even she came home to him on her days not having a concert

    he’s a joke and he’s a cheat and he has no respect for his gf even though he dumped her so he could use up his box of large condoms

    if that makes me a vanessa fan to you then i am but it’s about a woman who loves a man whose a pig

  269. 269
    SnOopy Says:

    lol…u guys are really funny…that’s only another photoshoot…zac’s juts showing the world he had grown up, he’s not troy bolton anymore….i can’t get where is the problem…obliviously vanessa knew it be4 it was published…-.-’ they’re a couple, and they’re supposed to talk…u know ‘what will u do tomorrow?’ ‘a shoot with a naked model on me’ ‘nice!’…there are NOT probs, u are just getting pathetic, this is not a p*rn movie, it’s just a shoot, nothing special, i didn’t remember that kate winslet was eaten by fans when she posed kinda naked…and guess what?i’m pretty sure in me and orson wells it will be a sex scene…so u ppl are gonna blame zac for this?plz, remember he’s not a disney star anymore…he’s a young man…get over it…

  270. 270
    ljh Says:

    Why does the model have to be naked for the sake of art? But Zac is way hot!!!!!!

  271. 271
    gracemarie Says:




  272. 272
    rosielee9 Says:

    Also I think that becuase Zac and Vanessa seem to have such a sacred relactionship as Zac put it that they would talk about a shot like a women laying naked on Zac and that I’m sure that Zac would want Vanessa to be okay with it as I don’t think he would knowingly upset her from what we have seen of them over the past three years, and it’s not like it is a every day thing that Zac does as his job posing with naked women so I’m sure that they talked about it.

    But like anybody else Zac will make mistakes and some things he does including films will do down well and other’s won’t and it seems that if you take out the naked woman then the rest of the photo’s would’nt be a problem but I can see why it has turned out to be, as I have said I personally don’t see the need or point for the naked woman and I’m no prude but Zac opn his own is just as sexy if not more than him with a naked woman.

    I think if Zac had waited for a couple of year’s before doing this kind of photo shoot it would have been received a lot better as HSM3 is still fresh for a lot of people and as I said before it just looks like the thing that brought Zac so much good things and got him into parts he might not have got that he’s running to quick to get away from it and the supportive fans in order to get the older audience, the films he does with time will also come with a older audience who will appreciate the work in a film not how much or less clothing is being worn in a photo shoot.

  273. 273
    SnOopy Says:

    @ljh…lol…guess it’s an ‘artisti choice’…

  274. 274
    hannah Says:

    zac already admitted to falling in love . i ‘m so sure it ‘s vanessa . so , whatever . and it doesn ‘t even look like anything serious anymore . because , it ‘s just acting . modeling is just like acting . so , seriously – stop hating .

  275. 275
    SnOopy Says:

    agree with u hannah…

  276. 276
    yahoo Says:

    An older audience is much more critical and brutal then a younger one. Young kids will attack you for irrelevant small things like your looks, your relationships, or your popularity; whereas an older audience will analyse you in depth and study your mental state.
    You can’t fool an older audience. We are full of questions and look for better reasons for a persons actions and decisions.
    When I look at this shoot or any other celebrity shoot, I think, what’s the point?

  277. 277
    zac is a rat Says:


    Just to let you know that I am a Vanessa fan but not a Zac fan and the more he keeps doing this kind of thing and everything else I won’t ever be.

    The pictures are no doubt all over the net and where is Zac no where to be seen but where is his gf back in the USA no doubt laying low becuase of the nasty and rude comments the pap’s will aim at her over the photo’s even though they should’nt and does Zac care NO he’s to busy relaxing and laying low and not giving a dam what his gf might have to put up with back home while he’s off doing god knows what with who ever will let him, sure hope he took some of his condoms with him would’nt want to run out while away after all he does get the economy box and by all accounts he needs to given his wondering ways.

  278. 278
    kimo Says:

    I think the woman is throwing a lot of people off with her nudity. When was the last time a totally nude woman was on the cover of a magazine besides Playboy? Now if he did something like David Beckham, then I think people would have been pleasantly surprised.
    Although David was in underwear, it was acceptable and sexy. Maybe if zac was in pants all greased or dirty from mud, he would have gained older femail fans and kept the respect of his younger fans. But who knows, maybe this move will help him gain the attention that he was seeking. Some will hate him for this, others will love him. When this drama die down, I’m sure he and Vanessa will speak of the pictures. At the momen, he is in Australia working. Maybe he didn’t come back to LA because he’s waiting for all the hoopla to calm down. Regardless, I’m sure he’s waiting to see what will happen next.

  279. 279
    Olivia Says:

    Zac of course looks gorgeous, but I was shocked with the nudity. I hope V gave him a hard time about it, cause that really isn’t appropriate when you have a girlfriend ( even if it’s part of his career ) Love u Zac, but minus two brownie points for that.

  280. 280
    kami Says:

    zac’s latest career news.

  281. 281
    kami Says:

    and more career news.

  282. 282
    zac eww Says:

    why some girls think zac is hot? he has a girly face and those pictures are so eww JAJAJAJA DIE ZAC!!!

  283. 283
    bethany Says:

    okay. all of you complaining about:
    “vanessa will freak!”
    “i hope v gave him a hard time about it.”
    “i’m sure v will be annoyed.”

    don’t you think that zac would have considered her feelings, asking her first and foremost if he could do the shoot? he loves her or he wouldn’t be with her right now, right? so, think of zac. he’s a sweet guy, he would have asked vanessa first.

    stop freaking out [:

  284. 284
    Trina Says:

    #256 sheila @ 03/17/2009 at 12:49 pm
    don’t kid yourself, the condom comment was meant to come out. it wasn’t just some slip of the tongue. he could have easily explained the sex shop photos without bringing up the condom story. for someone who has so carefully guarded talking about his “private life” in the past to all of a sudden tell the world that he goes through condoms by the bucketful is no coincidence. i’m not saying he’s wrong, it’s just these things are not accidental. he’s been media trained, so you can’t blame it on lack of PR instruction either.

    it’s is all part of the “i’m all grown up” campaign.
    You’re so right about the condom story. He is media trained. He’s been in the business a LONG time.

  285. 285
    desiree Says:

    hey kimo

    what a great guy he stays away till things die down and leaves her in LA to deal with the nasty crapola the paps will throw at her or worse leaves her to field the press inquiries about the shoot and the model and how she feels and we all know they are trying to contact her that is what they do

    yeah that’s a great bf he’s a real prince he’s a pig

    even zacs biggest supporters on this board have either not shown up or are searching for answers

    i’ll help you all he’s a pig

  286. 286
    Kelly Says:

    For the People who are bashing Zac because Of the Photoshoot with the Naked Girl you people say you feel sorry for Vanessa but you don’t know the truth about Vanessa.

    I Know people who live in LA they have told me that when Zac was away Filming Me and Orson welles Vanessa was seen haveing lunch with Joe Joans. They also told me that Vanessa was Kissing Joe Joans on the lips. They also said that Vanessa was seen kissing Cole Sprouse on the Lips. So you people Think Vanessa is Perfect will there is the truth. Vanessa is the one that is Cheating on Zac.

  287. 287
    Kelly Says:

    desiree I hope you see that Vanessa is A *****

  288. 288
    Kelly Says:

    desiree please shut **** Up. you and Zac is a rat and the same person. desiree You are the ****** Pig loser.

  289. 289
    Violet Says:

    Interesting, Kelly……because, you know? When Zac was away filming MAOW…..Vanessa was in Austin filming Bandslam.
    And when she came back….she went with Ashley to SLC to film HSM3.
    I should advice you to get your fact right before insulting Vanessa.

  290. 290
    Kelly Says:

    desiree Please shut the **** already, you are a **** *****.

  291. 291
    Kelly Says:

    Violet it is the truth.

  292. 292
    Kelly Says:

    Violet I know somethings about Vanessa so shut the **** up

  293. 293
    Kelly Says:

    Violet Really and you know how this how,

  294. 294
    gracemarie Says:


    Stop passing out lies. You know nothing about V and you had to post 4 times just to get attention.

    When Zac was making MAOW V was in Austin the ENTIRE TIME and then went straight to UTAH for HSM3. She didn’t even come home and Zac joined her a few weeks later and if you check the dates you will find the Jonas Bros were not even in LA or UTAH.

    What an ass you are and a lying one at that.

  295. 295
    Kelly Says:

    gracemarie Kiss my ****** ass

  296. 296
    ben Says:

    huh, wonder how vanessa feels
    but then again it’s work at the end of the day so she may not be that fussed, i mean it’s just a photoshoot lol. x

  297. 297
    logics Says:

    I think he’s probably seeing Vanessa’s scandal as a plus factor. Controversy is great exposure in hollywood.
    Everything worked out great for Vanessa. It got her extreme recognition and a more mature audience. She’s getting great movie offers and is being recognized in major men magazines. If you can win over the male crowd-you’re in.
    Some women don’t like Angelina Jolie for personal reasons. You might think she’s a homewrecker or just an action flick actress, but men don’t give two s h i t s about all that drama. They see a beautiful women with a machine gun-they’re sold. It’s a lot easier for a beautiful women to be accepted in the male market. Over ten million men voted for 100 most beautiful women on earth. That’s ten million men on one site! Men may not be as outspoken as women but they are a huge contributor to the success of films and your fate in this industry.
    Women are more emotional. They get personal with an actor and their own feelings. When you see a naked women on Zac, you start to think about his wife/girlfriend. Doing photoshoots like these isn’t going to win over too many older women-trust me. His PR team aren’t gods; they will make mistakes. They will do things that THEY think will benefit their client in the long haul but it doesn’t always work out that way.
    When men see this, they aren’t going to think “gosh he’s so cool. Look at him with a naked lady ontop of him. I think I’m going to go see the next film he release cos he looks like such a smooth guy…”
    Men love a good actor who can deliver a great and memorible performance. They don’t care about your looks-they like to get down to business.
    (& when I say “your looks”, I mean they don’t care about another dudes looks)

  298. 298
    Karen marcell Says:

    God,Zac is sooooooo hot even if he is all dirty!!!!!
    Love you baby!!!

  299. 299
    Violet Says:

    Zac is back in LA….pics are on GG.

  300. 300
    Becky Says:

    Thanks Violet for letting us know.

  301. 301
    me Says:

    Kelly, because there’s several pictures of it, of Vanessa on set in Austin, and in SLC, besides, how do you know that’s what she did? Who are these supposed people you know who live in LA? Or let me guess, they are the little voices living inside your head, well tell them to go take a nap or at last come up with something that’s actually believable if they want to bash Vanessa or anyone else, because hun, that just won’t work because people here aren’t stupid enough to believe you.

  302. 302
    Becky Says:

    Me I Totally agree with you.

  303. 303
    tizzfan Says:

    that kelly is one dumb poser…. ahahhahahha

    anyway, glad to see zac back in LA…

  304. 304
    Kelly Says:

    #303 **** Off

  305. 305
    zaclover Says:

    omg!!!!!!!!!!! hes so hottttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  306. 306
    Lejla Says:

    Wow..Let me just say something, he is a ******!
    i used to love him and now i will never support him again.
    this is just my opinion.
    I get if he wants to get on with life because he is 21 but this is too far!
    i don’t like him and i think he is unappealing to me now.
    i hope Vanessa dumps his stupid self!

  307. 307
    gracemarie Says:

    I’m glad he’s home now maybe we can focus on something else. Maybe if we see some pixs of him and a smiling V some of you will not be so harsh about the pixs and give him a break.

    Let’s hope

  308. 308
    lynn Says:

    #299 what is GG

  309. 309
    robert Says:

    OH MY GOD , I wish I could SUCK his **** or **** ENTIRELY.
    I like him shirtless , imagine how much I like him NUDE.

  310. 310
    please Says:

    He is such an ass.. Vanessa don’t think so low of yourself you can do SO much better then him.Get a REAL man.

  311. 311
    poppy Says:

    I just love that he did this. I just think it’s beautiful. I think the people who are saying it’s dumb are only serving to answer their own questions. It’s not even sexual. Not in any way at all. It’s actually very raw and vunerable. The fact that he is looking into her eyes, shows true beauty and portrays a vunerable and real picture. The black and white elements, only serve to enhance that. It’s stunning. This is art, this is Inteview magazine. It’s a fashion magazine, where the boundaries are tested, and where it’s the norm to be naked. It’s stunning, and I couldnt’ be more proud of him.

    I think where V is concerned. All you so called ‘fans’, need to stop thinking that you can tell her what to think. V is a very secure woman, very strong and very asured. She won’t think twice about this. It’s work, it’s just a photoshoot. It’s essentially harmless, and it means nothing. Please don’t for one minute think that V did not know, or had not seen the pictures before they were released yesterday. I can assure you she will have known.

    You have to remember that Interview magazine’s readership would not have accepted anything less than edgy. That’s what the magazine is. It’s not a mainstream magazine, it’s not mass marketed or avaliable everywhere. It’s not a carry round magazine either as it’s larger than normal mags. It’s an art journal in a way. And art is the name of the game. The fact that Gus did the interview is also brilliant. For once Zac got to have some decent questions aksed of him, and he answered intelligently and with insight beyond his years. He is remarkable really.

    Compared to his counterparts, this is nothing at the end of the day. It’s a photoshoot. Not really something that should cause this reaction. Compare him to Rob, whose new movie includes full on gay sex scenes, or to Shia, who drinks and has been arrested for dui’s. Compare him to them, and Zac is a god damm saint. I can’t express enough how this is just an arty shoot. It’s brilliant, and beautiful, but’s it’s just one picture. That’s it.

    I’d actually like to focus on the interview. The fact that he says he’s ‘fallen in love’. To say you’ve fallen in love with someone means you fell in love with who they are. It shows that himself and Van have grown together in their near 4 years, have grown from strength to strength. It’s a beautiful and insightful quote. One which connotates that he is still faliing, there’s probably something new he learns about her and them, everyday that makes him fall even more. The fact that he has been with V for nearly 4 years, shows how serious and strong they actually are. That shows him to be a real man, very mature for his age, considering most 21 years don’t have a clue. As he says in the interview, he is quite the old soul, and it’s wonderful to see. I just love how he is free to be himself, be grown up and not some Disney puppet. You can tell that V enjoys it too, hence all the ‘looks’ and touching on the red carpet. They are two young adults, and only deserve to be themselves. Because at the end of the day, that’s all you can be. If people don’t like it, then so be it. As I always say, detractors are only further reason to succeed.

    That quote, and the way he looks at her, say more about who he is than this photo. Taking a little risk every now and then, is all about having fun, mixing it up. It’s harmless when all is said and done. But your family, friends, and loved ones, are who count at the end of the day. Because without them, life would mean nothing, And I truly believe Zac knows that. Hence his stark contrast between his public and private self. This picture is public Zac, it’s work. Who he is with V, is his private self. There is a difference, and it’s very evident. But, when all is said and done. He is still Zac. Charming, funny, charasmatic, intelligent, talented and above all, committed to V and his job.

  312. 312
    peace Says:

    I do not have anything against the photo. Now if Zac is trying to grow away from his teens/tweens fans or his heartthrob/Disney images, he could of do what Daniel R. (Harry Potter) did was to get naked on stage infront of live audience while performing his theaterical acting role. Or just have a sexy picture of himself naked.

    By having a naked model on top of a fully clothed Zac makes it degrading to women. It is saying in order for woman to get ahead, she has to take off her clothes and make a man look good or satisfy the man. I know this 20 or 21 years old model has been posing without clothes infront of camaras since she was under 18 years age, which she is probably very use to it. I know it is tasteful art work, but it can damage an actor like Zac or it may promote him. It may turn off older women audiences and his teens/tweens fans, but will not make any different to male audiences. Male audiences looks at male actors in terms of their acting abilities and skills not their looks or how fit their bodies are. Male audiences do look at the female actresses in terms of being sexy and their looks, but they still appeals to the qualities of their acting skills. I believe Vanessa has capture more and more of the younger and older male audiences each day. Of course, she still retained her loyal female fans, young and old. Vanessa still have to climb mountains as her goals to the top, but she is well on her way because of many movie offers from directors and producers that are for more mature audiences like Sucker Punch, Dead@17, and many more. And maybe Zac is not getting movie roles offers for more mature audiences, therefore, this photo shoot is to prove that point.

  313. 313
    vacrazed Says:

    The thing about Van is that she is 100% been true to herself. Even with her pictures. NO denial, public apology, everything. She is who she is. It’s refreshing. It’s awesome to see someone know themself and not try to be something else. I think the same thing of Zac, but I feel for men this industry can be especially cruel to a heartthrob, and he has to figure out how to move past that stage. He will make mistakes granted along the way (not that this is one) but, he is learning, and I think he is doing an admirable job. He also has a slew of people he has to listen to on career advice, so let’s see where this takes him and as a fan I don’t plan on taking my support any where else. These two are very mature for their age. They have weathered amazing things together and as individuals, and this and the controversy that goes with it will be one more.
    In the end, Zac has to be true to himself. And I hope that in this message he sends, we don’t lose the real authentic Zac that we have all been able to get to know the past few years. I hope that Zac sticks around, cause he is a pretty well spoken respectful guy who seems to be pretty content with a normal life, and I like that side of him. I think most of us want to relate to those we follow, so far he has been that, let’s hope he can find the balance, not go too far, and yet move ahead.

  314. 314
    rentonsgirl Says:

    I think a lot of people are reading WAY too much into something that is just a photo shoot. They’re just nice glossy pictures that accompany an interview, these ones inparticular are very arty in their tone but essentially they mean nothing to the casual reader.

    They’re not personal photographs and they’re certainly nothing for him to be ashamed of, and definitely not a mistaken career move.

    I don’t think they cheapen who he is as a person.

    I really don’t understand all the personal attacks that are flying around and calls for V to dump him just because he was doing his job.

    Do you feel bad for the non-famous wives of actors when their husbands/boyfriends pose for pictures like this?

    If you’re going to be in a relationship with a performer of any kind then you’re going to have to put up with the fact that this is part of their world. Vanessa is part of this world too and she knows exactly what to expect.

    I agree so much with what Poppy has said, I’m so glad that someone with sense has come on here to leave a comment.

    There are plenty of actors that do films that are family friendly that have done lots of much more mature projects. Its not his responsibility to make all his films suitable for younger audiences and no one should expect this of him.

    I’m sure he’s hoping to be able to make all kinds of films that are suitable to all different ages.

    What he’s doing is senseible, tween and teen audiences quickly grow out of their chosen idols and some just as quickly move onto the next hot thing.

    His shelf life with this audience would fast be coming to an end and he’s just made the decision to jump before he’s pushed.

    He has done no one any harm. He’s not constantly getting photographed falling out of clubs drunk in the middle of the night, getting in trouble for breaking the law, smoking in public, getting caught taking drugs, getting ready for a stint in rehab or even hopping from one girl to another.

    The way the younger members of the Hollywood circle have been behaving the last few years Zac Efron is a fricking Angel.

    Leave the poor guy alone to be his own person.

  315. 315
    gracemarie Says:

    Thank you Poppy I said before it must be my NY raising that keeps me from thinking it’s something it’s not . Although I didn’t love the model one but I’m not tripping over it either, my reasons for not being crazy for it I’ve stated before and below.

    I’m more interested that people see him as an actor and not just a nice face and bode (V also) and that’s why I wasn’t in love with the model shot, people are so narrow minded about these things and I’m concerned it could backfire. My other concern was how rude the paps are going to be over this to both of them and I don’t want either of them to feel bad

    And your right Interview Magazine is known for this, the mag is all over NY all the time, no one thinks much of it except as an artistic vision.

  316. 316
    perry Says:

    #283, Zac Efron doesn’t have to ask Vanessa squat! In case you haven’t noticed he was an actor before hudgens and will be one long after she fades away. His career choices are really none of her business. they are kiddie gf and bf and I’m sure that will soon end.

    loved this photo op! he’s really maturing and I bet he loved doing the scene with that gorgeous model. lots of fish in the sea for him and soon he will be swimming towards them.

  317. 317
    mirjam Says:

    nice pics, just the wrong girl

  318. 318
    gracemarie Says:


    If your not going to contribute anything of value to the conversation except your V hatred and man love for Zac then spare us and go away.

    Oh just so you won’t seem as dumb next time V has been working since she was a child younger than Zac, both in theater initiallyand she broke into movies first while he began on TV.

    At the moment she is being sought after or rumored to be sought after by 3 separate major movie projects and has a movie coming out just like Zac

    I think they are both going to around a long time and together.

  319. 319
    alc Says:

    dont like it at all

  320. 320
    Tree Says:

    Someone made a comment about Zac not wanting to be a hearthrob. Well this photo does not get away from that by any means. He is just feeding it. As for the paps they are going to be all over him even more with the rude and crude comments, what did he exspect. I hope he prepares himself for the fallout.

  321. 321
    Tiptoes Says:

    i enjoyed reading all your posts – those made by the mature fans, not the haters. we may not agree on the timing or rationale, but one thing for sure – it elicited a lot of controversy and hype for Zac.

    i finally found the date and pic he did his photoshoot :

    And for those observant enough, he is wearing the cartier ring on his right hand. even when he is embracing the model…

  322. 322
    vacrazed Says:

    gracie marie…thanks for comments to the poor soul of Poppy. Nothing else needs to be said.

  323. 323
    omg Says:

    I realize it is meant to be an artsy photo shoot but I do not know how comfortable I would feel if I knew my boyfriend had a naked model on top of him. I wonder how Vanessa feels???

  324. 324
    Tree Says:

    Tiptoes, what is the Cartier ring mean?

  325. 325
    Tree Says:

    There Is no ring on any finger or hand

  326. 326
    Trina Says:

    I know it’s hard to see past those boobs, but yes, Zac does have a ring on the ring finger of his right hand.

  327. 327
    isabela Says:

    who cares about vanessa??

    good…zac is SOOO hot in those pics…I’m dying here!

  328. 328
    sheila Says:

    vanessa kissing cole sprouse? lmao. yeah…right.

  329. 329
    sheila Says:

    ok, so what are you trying to say with respect to the ring? was he sending a subliminal message that he’s wearing a ring that’s supposed to symbolize his commitment to vanessa while he has a naked model on top of him? sure, whatever. the guy hardly ever wears that ring. i have not seen him wearing it the entire time he has been in aussie, the oscars, golden globes, watchmen premiere or even pap photos. if the ring really meant anything to him that was super significant, he’d make a point of wearing it slightly more frequently. i know people became crazy obsessed about looking for his hawaii ring and that’s probably what has caused him to stop bothering with it ( ie. if he didn’t wear it, that must have meant they broke up…stupid stuff like that). either that or he lost it.

    sorry, i think this was just a case of happenstance. he happened to be wearing the ring to the shoot and kept it on, or was advised to keep it on because it looked good. i don’t think he wore it to the shoot with the intention of sending out some kind of coded message like, “don’t worry fans, i still love my girl.” he has never really cared about fans’ opinions of his relationship status so this would be a rather odd moment to suddenly take that into account.

  330. 330
    tree Says:

    Sheila, I agree with your opinion on the ring situation. His Kuippo ring is gone, this so called Cartier ring has no meaning that I have heard and he barely wears it so I don’t think it means much other than he wears it when he wants to.

  331. 331
    Boji Says:

    Amazing, how just one picture could command paragraphs and passages of posts!

    Gracemarie, thanks for the thumbs up and likewise, I find your posts very noteworthy.

    Sorry, I’m not as literary prolific but here goes. It is only one of many photoshoots albeit a good one. They were only posing for the photog and I don’t find anything erotic in it with the exception that the model was completely unclothed,in her birthday suit with her tits showing. I would say that this is the selling factor for the magazine. If she had her clothes on, it would have been a different story.

    Now, I would like to see Vanessa in a similar photoshoot scantily clad with a young greek god or more surrounding her or fawning over her unlike Jennifer Aniston who had not a stitch on.The photographer would have to have an artistic eye, someone like Annie Liebowitz . This would be very interesting and I’m a Vanessa fan. : )

  332. 332
    sheila Says:

    no way, i would not wish this kind of scrutiny on vanessa in any way.

    however, if she choses to do something like this down the road, then its her choice.

  333. 333
    Boji Says:

    Puhleese, as I said it would have to be an artsie/artsy photoshoot. One which you could hang on your wall. Geez, lighten up. How many celebrities have had such photoshoots. I liked the one Annie did of Miley. It was innocent enough, unfortunately, she being a disney protegee (is that how you spell it) and a tweenie idol caused an uproar over the pic.

  334. 334
    Zanessa4ever Says:


  335. 335
    Karen Says:

    I already said on JJJ how I liked this post. It has so much sense to it. I just wish people could “get it”.

    Likewise to your post. Does anyone ever think about a non-acting significant other when the “star” does these photo shoots? And it happens a lot if people would frequent magazines like Interview.

    Also, I would say Vanessa will listen to the comments from those supposed fans who are telling her to break up with Zac just as much Zac listened to those type “fans” when they screamed at him to break up with Vanessa over her picture. I would hope by now that people would understand just how stupid that was when they told Zac to do that and so hopefully some of you might get a hint to how stupid it is to tell Vanessa to do it too.

  336. 336
    Tiptoes Says:

    # 329 sheila, i am not implying anything with the presence of Zac’s ring; i am just pointing it out.

    And as for the timing of this photoshoot, here is a good article :

  337. 337
    Boji Says:

    Karen, you tell them. Zac and Vanessa are young adults and the unfortunate thing is they started out under the Disney umbrella and garnered alot of tweenie fans and parents supported them who think that they are ideal role models for their children. Well, they also have to accept that Zac and Vanessa are growing up and are making this transition and are not infallible to making mistakes. Whatever, I’ll always be there for Vanessa and Zac, too as he is her choice.

  338. 338
    go sox Says:

    I just want to make clear, that I am a Zac fan, and this does not change that. But I call things as I see them, whether positive or negative. It’s “constructive criticism”. Not everything Zac does will be perceived as wonderful by fans. I’m on the side of thinking this was not tasteful, not the right time for this kind of picture. Geez, he’s ONLY 21….I could have even understood this from a 30 yr. old, but to want to be seen like this so young is still weird to me. The timing of this picture, with a movie being promoted right now, is strange to me too.

    I think it’s important to be respectful of all the differing opinions on this as well. I do think Zac needs to hear that some things he does will not be well received by his fans, even the loyal ones, like me.

  339. 339
    Boji Says:

    Tiptoes, thanks for the link and the only steamy thing I see in that pic is she’s not wearing underwear and her youknowwhat is showing. This is the cause of controversy.

  340. 340
    tree Says:

    go socks, I enjoy reading and agree with your comment.

  341. 341
    Boji Says:

    Go Sox, howdy, yes I understand your view point. You are right in the sense that the model needn’t have been starkers. I was taken aback when I saw the unblanked picture in all its glory. I thought she was only unclothed from the waist up. Personally I’m not too keen on this pic, but it is the selling point for the magazine, what else can I say.

  342. 342
    Ferdy Says:

    OMG! ¬¬
    Efron what’s up!!!
    i mean… he need the naked *****?
    i answer it! em…. NO!!!
    Nessa is the girl! no that THINK!
    the girl naked sucks!
    Nessa should be the girl naked
    and no the *****! ¬¬

    i’m out control!

    Efron you’re so hot but you’re FREAKY!

  343. 343
    Boji Says:

    To add, Go Sox , well said! It is good that as mature fans we can have our own opinions without getting our knickers all in a twist over differring opinions/viewpoints.

  344. 344
    fklajsd; Says:

    Between him and the Jonas Brothers…. Thank goodness they are able to break away and do things outside of Disney.

  345. 345
    go sox Says:

    Exactly, Boji. I am not a mindless, moronic fan. I completely respect those people who think this was a great career move. I’m just stating my opinion that this really wasn’t necessary. His talent and work ethic will speak for itself. And I would have preferred he be taken seriously in that way, and not in a purely sexual, controversial way. It’s just my opinion.

    I know people will say others have done this to jumpstart their careers, like Jessica Biel and Justin TImberlake. So tell me… you really think they’ve had the desired effect they wanted with their racy pics? ( And theirs didn’t involve a naked person on top of them!!) No, they don’t have a huge amount of respect in the acting profession, nor have they been swimming in offers. So, I stand by my opinion that this doesn’t always produce results or serious respect from directors.

  346. 346
    angie Says:

    He is a joke. I can NOT believe this.First off he has NO respect for Vanessa and does’nt care about her AT ALL and I’m not talking about the shoot alone. He also needs to get an identity as well. This look he has is total fail. BTW-I can say what ever I want to say. If you don’t agree with me build a bridge and get over it.

  347. 347
    go sox Says:

    angie, he’s NOT a joke. Just a young actor trying to find his place in a cut-throat business. This photoshoot has NOTHING to do with Vanessa. NOTHING. This is all about Zac, and his decision to do this shoot. Some of us feel like he compromised his principles; others think it was the perfect way to move his career along.

    We may not agree with you, but I respect what you have to say. We are definitely not all in agreement on this topic, but it has certainly made us all talk!!

  348. 348
    tree Says:

    Go Sox, I have been commenting all day and defending my point of view as to how I do not feel this photo choice will somehow make Zac be viewed as a serious actor, but to continue the view that he is a sex symbol. I think your comparisons are right on target. I hope Zac or his team read some of these comments. Thank you Go Sox

  349. 349
    sheila Says:

    well, like i said before…i hope now that he’s played with his good boy image that he can focus on his acting roles. so far, the only ones i’m hearing about are scripts that are a long way from being ready, etc. i hope to god he’s got some options for films that are actually READY TO BE FILMED and not just being developed as concepts (jonny quest, for example)

  350. 350
    Karen Says:

    People who don’t like the photo and think it was ill-advised of Zac to do it is one thing—a differing of opinions, yes. However, those who are tearing him down because they don’t like it due to anything concerning Vanessa is quite another. It is his career but I’m sure as much as they seem to support each other that in the end it was OK with her and she knew about it and whether some of you believe it or not did not freak out and was supportive. But some would say she didn’t have a say in it anyway. But I think he did discuss it with her. And considering it was done at the end of January then Vanessa has know about it for a while and she didn’t find it awful enough not to go to the GG an Oscars with him or be at the Watchmen premiere. So, I think all of you who are outraged and think she should dump him you should see that isn’t likely. And for those of you who think the female should have been Vanessa—do we need to explain how off tat thinking is?

  351. 351
    gracemarie Says:

    Alright everyone:

    Have we reached the point on this endless post where we all realize this is a PICTURE among other pictures. We are not eavesdropping on a private moment between Zac and some strange woman.

    Since this pix was taken we have had the GGs, Oscars, Brazil, Buba Birthday, Pre-Oscar party, The Watchman premiere etc. All great Z&V events where their feeling for each other were evident.

    Vanessa knew about the picture she’s not tripping obviously and neither am I.

    I was initially concerned about the rude paps until I remembered new born puppies have a longer attention span than those fools. Their paps because with their inabilitty to form a complete thought and lack of social skills it was the only job they could get

    Now back to the photo in question:

    IT IS:

    It’s art, it’s edgy, it’s different, it’s adult, it’s even kind of amusing.


    It’s not salacious, it’s not low brow, it’s not trashy, and surely is not pornographic.

    It’s a picture.

  352. 352
    go sox Says:

    Oh, God, Karen, can you imagine if it would have been Vanessa??? It would have been totally inappropriate. Really. And of course, everyone would have been all over Vanessa for it, and not Zac. Thank goodness it WASN’T her. I’d love to see her do a great photoshoot like this, but all in good time, when it’s appropriate with where her career is, and NOT with a naked guy on top of her. When Sucker Punch comes out, I’d LOVE to see her damn sexy in a shoot. She’d look AMAZING!!!

  353. 353
    go sox Says:

    gracemarie, I respectfully have to disagree with you. It is YOUR opinion, that it was art, amusing, and not salacious, trashy, and not pornographic.

    It was NOT tasteful to me, crossed the lines of good “ART”, WAS explicitly sexual, and bordered on being pornographic.

    So please don’t declare your thoughts as facts. My feelings aren’t facts either. :o) Let’s just respect that we have different opinions, and neither of us is right. THere is no clear winner here. This pic WAS controversial…..THAT is a fact.

  354. 354
    lo Says:

    go sox

    This entire thing has nothing to do with gaining respect from directors. Media promo is all about image. This clearly did what he and his team wanted. Break him away from the good little/ Disney virgin boy image all Disney stars are forced to portray ,just in time to promote his 1st sole nonDisney project. No one is using this photo shoot to make him a serious actor. You have to do actual work and have talent for that to happen. And by the way Justin Timberlake has been extremely successful in the music business. He may like to act occasionally but that is not his focus and stuff like this has nothing to do with his offers or lack success in that profession.

    And with the picture hoopla no one is actually bothering with the real interview. Gus Van Sant interviewed him. A respected, Oscar winning director.

    Plus this magazine is not mainstream enough to reach the masses. The actual movie is perfectly fine for his younger fans. A magazine spread won’t change that. If young children who are fans of this see this, it will be most likely through the internet. In that case it is the parents job to monitor them. And if they have to explain then sorry that is their job as parents too.

    This may disgust people, piss people off, or weed out those who weren’t fans anyway. Yet in the end this whole feature will do nothing but help him.

  355. 355
    gracemarie Says:

    go sox:

    I was stating the facts as I see them and it had nothing to do with your opinion one way or the other. You stated your opinion and I stated mine. Sorry you are so sensitive.

    But on this we will definitely disagree it was not pornographic I think the very idea that you would think it so shows a real lack of respect for Zac all together because I don’t think that ever entered his mind. But if that is your opinion of him so be it.

    After reading your posts here and on VABN that you would have such a low opinion of him is rather shocking.

    Anyway think what you like I’m done with this.

  356. 356
    SARAH from philippines Says:

    OH MY GOD! what would vanessa think about this????????????? i wana know it!

  357. 357
    Catrina014 Says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!! wut the hell does he think he’s doing w/ that nkd slt ontop of him!!!!!! i feel bd 4 nessa. i luv zac but his gf is going 2 b PO. I would b if i were her!

  358. 358
    awurbii Says:

    it doesn’t really matter anyway. he can take as many racy photos as he wants but he knows and everyone knows that in the end it will be about his ACTING!!!

  359. 359
    sheila Says:

    yes, as a matter of fact, i did have to explain the pics to my 12 year old daughter and had no trouble doing so. she only found out about it because they were mentioned on a fansite. she didn’t actually see them but read about them. we had a sensible talk and while i didn’t personally agree with the nipple shot, because she admires zac and vanessa both as indivuals and as a couple (she’s actually more a vanessa fan but as a result is a zac fan because they are dating) i felt the need to explain that photos like this are done for work purposes and should not be looked at as any reflection on them personally. people in the entertainment industry make the best decisions they can about their careers based on the information they have and what they are advised on. in the end, he is the same person whether the public fully agrees with these decisions or not. her only concern was whether vanessa would be hurt and i assured her that vanessa would be supportive and they would have talked about it. the model is merely an accessory in the picture, not someone personal to him. she accepted my explanation just fine but she said that she would never be able to be in the entertainment business herself.

  360. 360
    Trina Says:

    I don’t know how much the “raunchy” photo (as it’s referred to in at least 11 different online links) will help show him as being a serious actor. One says “HSM star is set to shock his fans.” Another says, “Raunchy shoot to prove he’s serious.” A few poke fun at him for “playing in the sandbox,” and some bring up something from Vanessa’s past. Most seem to be viewing the photo as the little boy trying to play grownup. The same way they always viewed him as the “high school musical boy.”

    But in the interview Zac comes across as very savvy, so hopefully people in the business will read the interview and that can work in Zac’s favor.

  361. 361
    emma Says:

    This is such a hot shoot.
    So random to have Gus interview him lol….

  362. 362
    zanfan2 Says:

    Ok – so now I have had 24 hours to digest this photo. At first I was absolutely shocked – the model is so gratutious to the shot and it seems so at odds with zac’s “gentleman” reputation. I have to admit that it has made me question all of my fan fascination with Zac and Vanessa because it is so clear that we really do not know what they do or who they are or what they share or what will happen or why they do it. That being said, I started to wonder if Zac and Vanessa have lost parts and gotten feedback that they are not being taken seriously as actors because they are linked together. Maybe people in the business questioned if they could play the more risky (or should I say frisky) parts. Perhaps Zac (and Vanessa) deliberately set out to prove that they are actors who can play a risque part and that their relationship should not preclude them from taking on edgier stuff. Don’t know but can wonder…

    On a different note, I just hope that we are not in for a major shock when the photo shoot from Brazil hits the press. At this point, I really don’t know what to expect from these two! I do have to say that the photo with that model did more to change my opinion of Zac than any thing I could have imagined. I definitely am feeling more realistic about Hollywood and less infactuated with these two and their relationship. I suddenly really don’t expect them to be able to make the transistion from teen idols to adult actors while staying together. And maybe – I can’t believe I am saying this – they really are more about publicity and promoting themselves than about each other. But we will never know and, equally as important, really shouldn’t bother them.

  363. 363
    gracemarie Says:

    Obviously being linked together has not even entered into the equation. V is being pursued for at least 2 R-rated films already .

    Hollywood doesn’t give a tinkers dam who you date or sleep with, they care about box office and they both have some pretty impressive numbers between them with HSM3 and Hairspray.

    I’m so tired of people trying to link things that don’t go quite the way they planned to their being a couple. It’s ridiculous. If that were the case then both J. Aniston and B. Pitt careers should have died the day they divorced they were linked together for years. They were successsful together and they are successful apart.

    I think Zac is a grown man trying to find his place in a grown world, he’s not the first to try this and he won’t be the last. But to try to link it to his relationship is unfair in fact isn’t that what the haters claim that there relationship is the fault for everything.

    Zac is man wanting to be treated as a man, he’s not the first to try this and he won’t be the last.

  364. 364
    Andrian Says:

    He is just so gay

  365. 365
    sheila Says:

    i do have to agree that this photoshoot is a little at odds with what he said about the aftermath of the rolling stone pictures. he said he regretted them because they put him in a spotlight that he was not really seeking. that it put him in a place that was more about “celebrity” than “actor.” was this photoshoot really any different in the sense that it merely draws attention to him for publicity sake?

    i know he is older and has had many experiences since that time. people are certainly entitled to change how they feel about how best to market themselves. i just thought i’d mention it. i’m not saying he’s compromised but he has obviously had to adjust his thinking in order to stay relevant or however you want to define it.

  366. 366
    Soni hannigan Says:

    #351 I totally agree with you. Enough is enough. Zac did the photoshoot and there is no turning back and we all have to deal with it.
    I am anxious now to see the photos from Brazil.
    But let us Zac and Vanessa supporters, do what we are supposed to do: Support Zac’s choices and Vanessa’s also.

  367. 367
    Boji Says:

    My take is this, now that his relationship with Vanessa is very much out in the open and he is no more under legal obligation to Disney, he is more confident in himself and with his sexuality and in his relationship with Vanessa , hence the talk about condoms and now this picture. To say that I like that particular picture, I should say not. I have no problem with the rest. It may be the prude in me but that’s just me. I just feel that Zac is breaking out of his mold and whether he becomes the next Brad Pitt or Leonardo Di Caprio is left to be seen. Well, this pic certainly makes him a much talk about celebrity and got everyone’s attention. For his sake I just wish him the best.

  368. 368
    Sam Says:

    Poppy you took the words right out of my mouth. I agree a 100%

  369. 369
    Boji Says:

    Right Soni, am so looking forward to those Brazil pics. It would be interesting if Brazilians are anything to go by.

  370. 370
    just lost another admirer Says:

    This just proves he IS a publicity wh ore. I thought the kiss between him and his Hairspray costar was very super-duper desperate and pathetic, but he’s managed to prove me wrong.
    At first when people use to say he and Vanessa were all for publicity-I never believed it for a second. I never could believe anybody would stoop so low just to promote themselves, but he’s proven time and time again he’s a typical junkie who would sell themselves to the highest bidder to make some extra cash.
    He’s a fake like people have been saying all along.

  371. 371
    Boji Says:

    Sometimes you just want to please your fans and when the audience is all hyped up and everyone around you including your co-star and the presenter is egging you on, you think what’s the big deal and it is all in the name of acting. So you give them what they want and your backers are happy that you’re promoting their movie. But in the process you dissappoint some fans, you just can’t please everyone. You win some and then lose some. I still admire him even though I’m a Vanessa fan first and foremost.

  372. 372
    rentonsgirl Says:

    I’d just like to say that the photo that is troubling everyone is in FACT not pornography. If it was then it would be in a completely different kind of magazine and you can bet they would be in an entirely different pose too.

    I understand that some people don’t like it and think that its distasteful and I respect that but please don’t tarnish this photograph with the same brush as those common tacky pictures that you find in a mens’ mag.

    Anyone who has actually seen pornographic images can see that this photograph doesn’t even compare to them.

    I would encourage people to go and widen their artistic knowledge and see what the art world has to offer of the human form so that you’ll know the difference between pornography and something that has a more artistic edge.

    Alternatively you could take a quick glance at a mens’ mag or an adult mag the next you’re at a news stand and then you’ll know for sure what pornography is :-)

  373. 373
    jasmine Says:

    ohh…omg!!! zac is hot but the girl is damn i hate that i still lyk vanessa

  374. 374
    Boji Says:

    I am in total agreement. Nudity in a picture does not a p o r n o make. Mayhaps they should have made the model strategically hide her nipples to make it less titillating.

  375. 375
    emma Says:


  376. 376
    anonymous Says:

    Gorgeous, both of them. Zac looks fantastic and I can’t wait to see the magazine; good for him for looking ahead and working to shed the teeny-bopper/Disney image for a more mature one. He’s going to be around in Hollywood for a long time, I think.

  377. 377
    go sox Says:

    I wish I could say that this did not make me feel differently about Zac. But it did. Immensely. Is this the way he wants to be thought of? Seriously?? If it is, then so be it, but my image of Zac being “different” in Holly wood, and having values and high standards, has gone out the window. I really thought he had more integrity. It’s just very disappointing .

    And please, get over the “artistic” angle of this picture. It is, what it is. A picture of him with a naked model. You can rationalize it all you want. But at the end of the day, this is the image people now have of him.

  378. 378
    Karen Says:

    You are absolutely right about the pornography issue. I would say the majority of people who have accused this picture of being “soft p o r n” have never been exposed to those kinds of pictures. They would definitely know the difference if they had. And also, if this rather simple picture is such a picture then why isn’t something like Cold Mountain with the love scene between Jude Law and Nicole Kidman considered soft “p” also? And there are other R rated movies which show a whole lot more. So, are the people watching a “p” movie?

    I think it is wrong to say Vanessa and Zac’s relationship is not real just because of this picture. How ridiculous! Did they have this plotted out for the last 3 and a half years? Were people like Monique, Olysea, and Ryne a part of the big plot as they have all spoken about these two young people’s love for each other—even Kenny Ortega? That idea is simply a sign how many of you just want to see Zac and Vanessa as the fairytale prince and princess. Not real at all! And that is something they have got to get past with some of the fans.

    The fact is Zac is 21 years old. He is not 17. We don’t get to treat him like a kid and spank him if he misbehaves. Everyone wants him to be different from everyone else. But he is nevertheless human and is going with what he feels and sees right now–not when he was 18. A lot of us have been 18 and then 21 and much older. We who are in that position ought to realize that as you get older and have more experience that certain things change. He will be still different in things when he reaches 25. He may regret some decisions but that is life. That is why by the time we are 40 we have gone through a slew of ideas and it has molded us into the type person we are.

  379. 379
    awurbii Says:

    go sox…

    i totally agree with u on u’re last post

  380. 380
    awurbii Says:

    ppl if u think about it….that is was the response that was wanted for the photo. that was the effect…to change u’re view of him as a teenage heartthrob. whether we take as integrity or look down upon it depends on who we are and what u consider.

    we need to acknowledge that evryone has different opinions on this…we can display our own opinions but let’s respect what other ppl write.

  381. 381
    go sox Says:

    gracemarie, sorry if I don’t find this career move on Zac’s part to be entirely appropriate. Yes, I have been a huge fan. I will still be a fan of his WORK. But I will not blindly agree with everything he does. I believe he thought this was a good move for him; I respect it was a personal decision. But to find my OPINION shocking just because I’m a Zac fan, is insulting. I do have a mind of my own, and in this case, does not follow Zac’s reasoning for this kind of publicity.

    I’d appreciate it if you could not blast people because they feel differently about something that IS obviously controversial. Yes, I’m a fan, and will still be one, but it’s disappointing to ME that he compromised his integrity for the sake of Hollywood.

    And Justin TImberlake? Well, he’s lucky he does have a career OTHER than acting. Cause his pics didn’t help him be taken seriously as an actor.

  382. 382
    uhhh Says:

    Oh wow Jutsin Timberlake’s pics had nothing to do with gritting him to be a serious actor. What part do you not understand. NO photo shoots, magazine spreads and interviews for ANY actor are responsible for making them serious actors.

  383. 383
    zanfan2 Says:

    Dear Go Sox – The disappointment when I saw the picture was so enormous. I was so looking forward to “17 Again” but now I ‘m not even sure I will go see it. So I share your pain! I mean, in a strange way, this photo was more depressing that if Zac and Vanessa called it quits. (My husband used to joke that I would have to go on sui cide watch when they broke up).

    But then I started to feel really foolish for getting so invested in their careers and relationship. I was definitely one of those mom fans. So in a weird way, Zac’s move was a good thing because now I am not so enthralled. After I go through a brief mourning period, I am so over them. I knew all along that it was weird to care so much about Zac and Vanessa over the past two years. Thanks to Zac, I am returning to “normal” again! It will be such a change to not give a hoot (or should I say hooters) about a “zanessa” sighting!

  384. 384
    sofka Says:

    he’s so fake … mercy i hate zac …
    rob pattinson for eve!!!

  385. 385
    sheila Says:

    go sox, i really appreciate how you have been able to keep arguing and maintaining your position while doing so respectfully. i know you have always been a strong defender of zac and vanessa on this site, so in my eyes, your opinion means a lot. you have not resorted to making below the belt remarks.

    let this be a lesson to all of you. this is no different than when a band you have have always loved puts out an album that you are less than crazy about. sometimes artistic decisions about taking the band in a different direction don’t always fly with the old fans, sometimes they do and sometimes those decisions will draw new fans. if you don’t like the album it doesn’t mean you have dropped the band forever or that you hate the band, you just won’t buy it. you’ll stick to the old albums and hope that the next one they put out is one that you do want to buy.

  386. 386
    Boji Says:

    Sheila, another comment well thought out! Your explanation is fruit for thought.

  387. 387
    Boji Says:

    I’ve said this is a wake up call for some, but it has not woken me up yet, just given me a nudge, that’s all. : )

  388. 388
    vacrazed Says:

    It;s good to see older fans out and making a statement. i hope that his people will see this. Zac has always been a very gracious, smart, witty, and talented individual. But, for me what has set him apart has been his uniquness. He didn’t try to fit the mold as so many others have. He gave us a different side of Hollywood.
    I am still a huge fan. And I also will not pass any judgement until I see where he wants to go with this. But, I want to see Zac be true to himself. We need more people in the world who are just that. It is a breath of fresh air, and I hope he can find himself in all this. He is still young, and impressionable, lets see what happens.
    I will say that in all of this, Vanessa has been true to herself. Not that she hasn’t made mistakes, but she is always forthright in apologies, and remains true to who she really is. i love that about her. And I hope this move on his part doesn’t in any form reflect or taint her maturity and repore in the business.

  389. 389
    gogirl Says:

    I agree with you vacrazed. I have total respect for Vanessa because she was extremely poised about the “scandal” and she approaches the world with a lot of confidence and independence.

  390. 390
    V Says:

    wow…i like how vanessa takes pictures and gets in a bunch of trouble bout it
    but zac has a naked model on him and disney just lets it happen
    (im not a zac efron hatter just a little confused

  391. 391
    gracemarie Says:

    go sox:

    I was not “blasting”y ou I hold a very different opinion and there is no need to take it so personally.

    I find the idea that these photos are somehow “pornographic” really unbelievable and rather mean spirited. Go to a magazine stand and pick up one of those real sleazy mens mags and see what porn really look like before you start throwing around terms for which you obviously have no understanding.

    Get an understanding because until then throwing around that term is just simply mean spirited.

    I have always respected and enjoyed your posts but your use of that term in regard to zac and these photos is just plain offensive. It remids me of the vile terms used for V and her pix a few years ago by people who despised her, Sorry.

  392. 392
    gracemarie Says:

    And on thing more can we all take a monent and remember what Poppy and Karen and Boji have been saying:

    There is a very intelligent, interesting and revealling INTERVIEW in this magazine which showcases how intelligent, thoughtful and wise Zac is and I think that’s what will get the notice of the industry more than the pix.

    There are a lot of drop dead gorgeous actors in Hollywood but some are dumb as dirt. Zac comes across grounded and educated.

  393. 393
    disappointed fan Says:

    The only disappointment that I have with this picture is that Zac and his PR use a naked model to promote Zac as a sexy man in Hollowood. And Zac is fully clothed. To me that is degrading to women in United States, because the women of United States have fought so hard for Women Rights where women have equal rights with men in jobs, paids, votes, running for governmental office position, etc. Women Rights have fought where women don’t have to sleep with men or take off their clothes to get the job. I understand this woman is model, however, Zac is fully clothed while she is butt naked. If Zac wants to promote his self image to shed his teen hearttrob status, then he should take off his clothes. It looks Zac is taking advantages of women and using women to get his advances in Hollowood celebrities and movies. Now, it looks more more like Zac is taking advantages and using Vanessa for his selfish promotion to get ahead in Hollowood instead of working hard for it. Vanessa has worked very hard to warrant all her movie roles and music records, and it looks Zac did not. Instead, he taking advantages of women to get his roles. I lose all respect of him. All his friends say he is charismatic, down to earth, kind, etc. That is all BullSh-it!

  394. 394
    Naomi Says:

    While I’m of the group that see nothing amiss with this shoot, I will stop short of touting this as a GOOD PR move. I’m also of the group that don’t see this shoot adding anything of value to his career or how he’s perceived as an actor. Sexy shoots doth not a serious actor make. My current disappointment is that the pictures have eclipsed the excellent interview that went with the feature which should have been the focus and revealed a bit more of who Zac is and where he wants to go.

    Nobody is reporting that he was interviewed by an award-winning director who asked intelligent and probing questions which Zac addressed intelligently as well.
    The irrelevant has overshadowed the relevant and obscured the message. The interview shows a serious-minded young man, a kid at heart, who loves acting and would love to work with reputable directors to develop his craft further. The broad consensus (from media reports) on the pictures is that of a young lad who is trying to break out of his squeaky clean image by a ‘racy’ shoot, thereby joining the bandwagon of slightly desperate teen stars, past and present. Guess which image is being circulated and which is being drowned out.

    If he was gunning for controversy and to get people talking, he got that. People are talking alright, but not about the interview, about the shoot, and drawing their own conclusions.

    If he wanted to send a message out that he is not Troy Bolton but a 21 year old actor ready for mature roles, I don’t think he got that with this shoot.

    I think the latter is what he was gunning for and this is where his older fans come in. More on that in my next post.

  395. 395
    Naomi Says:

    Just putting this out there for the older fans:

    This is particularly for Zac fans as I think Vanessa fans are already running with this.

    I really do appreciate the sensible fans that have been airing their opinions and discussing this rationally. What I get from most people is that they want the best for Zac and though we have different ideas of what that should be; most people do care about Zac and his career. That’s a good starting point.

    As regards this feature:

    While I thoroughly understand the views of those that feel disappointed with this shoot, I think it’s unfair to conclude that he’s compromised his values or sold out just based on this shoot.
    I strongly feel he just viewed this as a purely professional move that has nothing to do with his personal integrity or values. He’s just 21, on the borderline of manhood, feeling his way around and trying to find his niche in a very precarious industry. He stumbled into fame and is trying to find a foothold. At this stage, he really has no clout in the industry so the first thing for him is survival then after he’s gained a little leverage, he can start asserting his values and have more control over his roles and marketing. Even some veteran actors still struggle for control over their promotion. He was probably just advised that he needed to do this to break through from his Disney image and he went along with it. Do I think it’s a wrong advice? Yes. Do I think it was a misstep? Yes.

    But he’s allowed some and this is just the first of many. He is a human being and will make wrong decisions and mistakes like us all, his is just magnified because of his fame. The important thing is that he learns from those. Like Sheila said, it’s like an artist producing an album that does not connect with his fans; it’s not the end of the world. Let’s give him room to fall, scrape his knee, get up and learn better how to walk. As long as he doesn’t veer off completely from the path, he’ll be fine and be the better for the falling. It doesn’t stop us from expressing our displeasure constructively (here, I’m with Go sox) but in the end we should still be there for him.

    I think his older fans have an important role to play in guiding him from afar. Part of gauging an actor’s draw is from the type of fans they attract and what those fans appear to want from him. In this area, Zac has been poorly served. From the discussions that have been going on about this shoot, it’s clear that Zac has many sensible fans who want him to be more than a sex symbol, who care about the real Zac and would like him to build a serious career by being true to himself. However, these fans have been drowned out by the horny/shallow teens and cougars who are only interested in drooling over Zac and wouldn’t mind his career to consist of sexy shoots and similar roles. Imagine an industry insider being assigned to research Zac and his draw and he visits Zac threads and his fansites. What kind of comments do you think he’ll encounter? What impression will he have? What conclusions will he draw?

    When majority of comments relating to Zac on the blogosphere ranges from ‘OMG he’s soooooo hot!!!’ ‘Do me!’ ‘Marry me!’ ‘OMG, he’s built!!!!!’ ‘OMG sexxxxy!!!!’ to ‘shirtless Zac!!!!’ ‘I’ll do him!’ etc the natural conclusion his management and the industry would draw is that that is what the fans want from him, they’re not interested in a serious, principled Zac (some teens have labelled his interview, boring! But OMG! They looove the shoot) but a sexy Zac so the pressure will be on him to give the fans that in order to retain them while he works on building a new fanbase. I can imagine them saying, ‘Zac, we know you’re principled and all that and you can remain so privately, however to survive, you need to do so and so ‘professionally’ or you’ll have no fans and no career.’ It’s not right and it’s BS but that’s the reality in Hollywood.

    So let his fans who do not want that to continue become more vocal and establish a presence on the web. In your comments wherever, begin to highlight the Zac you want to see, the Zac we get a glimpse of now and then. Let his fansites reflect that in the way they are run and in the things they want for him and his career. If a random person who has never heard of Zac or even a member of his management team wanders onto his threads and fansites, let them get the impression that Zac’s appeal does not lie solely in his looks but his talent and potential and personality and values. Then, and maybe then, his fans can help him step into the man he wants to become rather than being distracted by the superficial.

    No matter how this feature have affected you, it’s good to remember that over one, two, three years of observing Zac, he’s come across as a down to earth, low profile and intelligent guy who cares for his family, is a good brother, takes his relationship seriously and tries to handle his fame responsibly. He’s made mistakes and will make more. He is far from perfect and has his weaknesses but when I compare him to his peers in and out of Hollywood, he’s a pretty decent and well-grounded guy. It would be sad if one dubious professional move is allowed to color our impression of who he is or make the type of fans he sorely needs, give up on him.

  396. 396
    Karen Says:


    Yes, you are right and that is a good example. Some of the old fans may not like the direction Zac felt he wanted to try and he may lose some. However, he will gain others most likely. Zac—nor anyone else is going to please all the people all the time. I like how some of the younger fans—tweens as some would say—on the JJJ site have already gotten past it all. And the truth is, nothing is going to change it. As vancrazed said, let’s see what happens. Those of you who wish any type of bad thing to happen to him as in saying “he deserves it” because he has done this will get what you want if this hurts his career but if it doesn’t, then what? Does it mean one was wrong and one was right? It just means things changed. And maybe some needed to get a realistic view of this young man. Because some of the expectations have not been realistic.

  397. 397
    Malia Says:

    One of the reasons I have always been a Zac Efron fan and supported him is because he WAS different. I always thought he marched to a different drummer. No, I never had any fairy tale image of him. I just thought he was a normal, down-to-earth, real person who had integrity and stuck to what he believed in. He didn’t try to be like every other Hollywood IT boy who drinks and parties his way into the headlines.

    However, by doing this risqué photo shoot, he is no longer unique. He is just like every other young guy in Hollywood who will “do whatever it takes” to catapult himself from that teenage image into being seen as an adult—a SEXUAL adult. This picture has nothing to do with him being taken seriously as an actor. Instead, it smacks of desperation and portrays him as a sex object.

    It doesn’t matter if you consider the picture as being artistic, great advertising or whatever. It shows him as a sex object. The male is fully clothed and the female is naked, with aroused nipples, which suggests she is coming on to him. She is on top and in charge. He is the sex object. One teenage boy’s response to the photo, “She’s humping him.”

    So, this calculated move by his PR is to move him from young sex symbol to adult sex symbol. In my opinion, that’s all the photo accomplishes. And, yes, the photo does overshadow the wonderful interview by Gus Van Sant.

  398. 398
    Karen Says:

    I too am offended about the p o r n o word being used in regards to Zac. Some really don’t know what those kinds of magazines have in them—even those that are viewed as “soft p” . Whether a person likes this shoot or not Interview magazine is seen with many an intelligent, well-educated, and talented number in the population as an artsy magazine.

    Yes it is very sad that what has gotten the attention of so many is the controversy this one picture has caused and the strong interview and the fact that a big named director is conducting it has been lost in the fracas.

    One of the worst things has been the focus that some have put on the “Vanessa” angle. As so many have tried to point out this has nothing to do with her or her and Zac’s personal relationship. Those who are so worried that this is sometimes going to end their relationship should realize how the pressure you people put on these two to be all that YOU want them to be is where the pressure is bound to enter the picture. If some of you are so reluctant to see either of them pictured with someone else in photoshoots or to accept them acting with others in the slightest intimate way then where are they to go from here? They can’t do every movie together. Don’t you people understand that. And what happens if one of them don’t understand the business? Obviously they do understand it.

    THose of you who are in this latter category might as well move on and fine someone else to idolize and frankly that would be fine since Zac and Vanessa can’t really afford for you guys to “direct” their careers.

  399. 399
    mARTYNA Says:

    Edita is Lithuanian like I am :)

  400. 400
    My opinion Says:

    I agree with Go Sox . I love Zac but I really am getting the feeling that
    he either hates the whole HSM or good kid label he has been given.
    The thing is he doesn’t realize how he special he is. He brought a
    whole clean cut can be the sexiest thing ever vibe. Zac has to know
    that is what sets him apart from all the others. I think that his fans
    can accept him getting more mature roles and even if that includes
    sex scenes or nudity (On film for the sake of the story). I think we
    all accepted the new,mature Zac .Robot Chicken was great, his
    condom story funny,funny and just wait til he does SNL. Maybe he
    is just impatient but the photos of him alone were sexy enough. The
    other was just gratuitous, and I don’t get why he told the model it was
    his first real photoshoot. What was the Details, Elle, DC23? I think
    Zac better sit down with his PR people and decide which way he wants to proceed with his career. Sex symbol or real actor, I believe
    he has talent and the it factor, he just has pick the right projects, his
    fans will follow him anywhere

  401. 401
    ashlee Says:

    interesting take on the photoshoot and interview. is it getting him to be taken seriously?

  402. 402
    sheila Says:

    yes, you are right naomi. i too get the sense that many of the well spoken comments come from fans who want the best for zac and his career. i truly want him to succeed.

    what i am hoping is that his PR people aren’t relying on this type of publicity to generate studio/director interest in him. all those directors that he would supposedly like to work with aren’t going to sit up and take notice because of a well orchestrated photoshoot or even because of an interview with another well respected director.

    i can only hope that what his management team is doing is taking note of excellent scripts that are out there and sending him to auditions. i hope they aren’t just waiting for the phone to ring or the scripts to come flying in hot off the presses because he is perceived to be “bankable.” he needs to go to these directors and show them what he can offer them as an actor and not wait for them to come to him. at this point the directors and producers are the ones that hold the power. just because he can get lots of screaming fans out to premieres doesn’t mean that a good director will throw a role at him that demands great acting skills. i would assume that this is what his management team is doing. if not, its time for him to get better help.

  403. 403
    Karen Says:


    BTW, this has absolutely NOTHING to do with Disney. Right now if Zac wanted to go out buck naked and stand on a ledge at one of the Hollywood studios Disney would have to say in it—they could not stop it from happening. He is not under contract to Disney or any other studio. He can do whatever he wishes.

  404. 404
    ashlee Says:

    yep, people out there still think he works for disney.

  405. 405
    sheila Says:

    well, that is a misconception in the first place. when an actor does a movie with a studio, they have a working contract but they are not an “employee” of the studio. they do not “work for” that studio. they have a contractual obligation for a particular project just like a recording artist does with a record label.

  406. 406
    Becky Says:

    I don’t care what people think I still support Zac Efron all the way.

  407. 407
    Becky Says:

    I can’t believe some of people are turning your backs on Zac know because of a Pic.

  408. 408
    Malia Says:

    #402 sheila @ 03/18/2009 at 2:10 pm
    I agree. I hope his management is finding good scripts for him and sending him on auditions. This kind of “he’s a sexy dude” promotion will not garner the attention of great directors. In fact, they would probably laugh at it.

  409. 409
    Karen Says:


    This comment speaks loud and clear to how this should be going down.

    It is too bad these pictures had to be released before the entire interview or the magazine was released. I think that is one of the biggest disservices to Zac that can be in regards to this.

  410. 410
    Karen Says:

    My #403 comment was meant to say that Disney would have NO say in it.

  411. 411
    Becky Says:

    Why are people turning your backs on Zac Efron because of a pic.

  412. 412
    ashlee Says:

    saucy magazine shoot.

  413. 413
    a used to be fan Says:

    he;s so hot but i loved him for his pure, blue eyed, harmless view. i’m sorry but i did not see this coming. i actually thought he was different and now i’m disappointed :(

  414. 414
    Kelly Says:

    Zanessa has broken Up the reps said it today.

  415. 415
    rosileee9 Says:

    Someone posted something on the lines that now Zac has had this beautiful model sprawled all over him that he will no longer see the beauty that Vanessa has to offer and will naturally in time and soon go off and leave Vanessa behind becuase he is now longer a kid and therefore having had one beautiful woman on him will want to try out the rest.

    But Zac himself said that the FIRST time he saw Vanessa her beauty blew him way and that was nearly four years ago and this is just my view but I think and even my daughter as said it that Vanessa is a very beautiful and sexy looking young woman, now Zacsaw that in her the first time he saw her and it obvioulsy capivated something in him that wanted to stick around and watch her beauty grow more and more each day and as the saying goes ‘ beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ and Zac has held Vanessa close enough to see that beauty and appreciate it, so I highly doubt that after one photo shoot with a model suddenly makes Vanessa less beautiful in his eye’s and in turn wants to make him go running after every model in the world. As it’s been said numerous times if he wanted to he could get another gf no problem but looks are’nt everything and I’m not saying that this model is ugly but Zac knows what he likes in a woman, know’s what personality he finds attractive, how he connects with that woman and Vanessa it would seem ticks all the right boxes in every department.

    I honestly don’t think we will see much of Zac for a few days either on his own or with Vanessa as I’m sure they will want some time together perhaps even to talk about the impact that the photo has had and the remarks that will no doubt follow Zac around for quite a while yet but I’m sure that they will weather the fuss together, they are the one’s that know what level of trust, commitment and love they have between them.

    As I have said the only photo that I don’t see the point of is the one with the naked lady lying on Zac the other’s of him on his own look a lot more sexy, and I do ubnderstand that now that he is nolonger contacred to Disney that he wants to break away from the teen hearthrob image but he has grown into a lovely looking young man and that’s just something he is going to have to deal with along with the comments that come with it, but the comments and reactions to that one photo I honestly don’t think that Zac thought would be as bad as they have been. As to me when he arrived back at LAX he did’nt look happyat all not because he was back home but it would be becuase he obvioulsy knew the magazine would be out and so would the waiting press with not only questions about the photo shoot but also that they would focus on that one photo and of course bring Vanessa into it which is why I think he looked less happy, he is protective of her that is eveident in so many videos and picturs of them that I don’t think that when he did the shoot that he thought he was doing anything wrong and that Vanessa would get brought into it.

    The one thing that I do find a bit confusing is though why he would tell the model that it was his first real photo shoot becuase we all know that it was’nt and that does’nt sound to good for all the other shoots he’s done it’s like he was saying that those shoots were only make beleive but this is a real shoot and all becuase it had a naked woman lying on him, sorry Zac but without any of your previous photo shoots you would’nt have got noticed as much as you have so just like your younger fans don’t be in such a hurry to disguard them and the work that everybody from the magazines put into them as they could have easily gone for somebody else.

    They got through Vanessa’s little incident and the crude and nasty questions that the pap’s threw at them and Vanessa handled it with grace and dignity I just hope that the same goes for this time too, I know it is slightly different but the picture in question concerns a naked woman, so I hope they stay strong and contiune to support each other in every way.

  416. 416
    gracemarie Says:


    Thanks so much nice to know I’m not alone.

    I am not really stunned that people are having this reaction. Zac was supposed to live up to THEIR idea of who he is and not who he himself actually. I wonder if they could live up to their own standard.

    I am floored however at the level of indignation being generated toward him by some supposed “fans”. How dare he be himself instead of what and who I created him to be” “How dare he be someone other than my perfect image of him” they could care less about the pressure they put on him or V they just want what they want and to hell with them as individuals.

    NEWSFLASH: None of us on this board created anything. God created him and V and they are who they are.

    This is one picture among a few and it is mostly an insightful inbterview.

    It gives me no pleasure to say the following believe me but it needs to be said:

    “It seems the real pornography on this board exists in some people’s minds, that’s where it lives and exists. Maybe it’s time to do what M. Jackson’s song says start dealing with ‘the man in the mirror’ “

  417. 417
    gracemarie Says:


    Thanks so much nice to know I’m not alone.

    I am not really stunned that people are having this reaction. Zac was supposed to live up to THEIR idea of who he is and not who he himself actually. I wonder if they could live up to their own standard.

    I am floored however at the level of indignation being generated toward him by some supposed “fans”. How dare he be himself instead of what and who I created him to be” “How dare he be someone other than my perfect image of him” they could care less about the pressure they put on him or V they just want what they want and to hell with them as individuals.

    NEWSFLASH: None of us on this board created anything. God created him and V and they are who they are.

    This is one picture among a few and it is mostly an insightful inbterview.

    It gives me no pleasure to say the following believe me but it needs to be said:

    “It seems the real pornography on this board exists in some people’s minds, that’s where it lives and exists. Maybe it’s time to do what M. Jackson’s song says start dealing with ‘the man in the mirror’ “

  418. 418
    gracemarie Says:


    Thanks so much nice to know I’m not alone.

    I am not really stunned that people are having this reaction. Zac was supposed to live up to THEIR idea of who he is and not who he himself actually. I wonder if they could live up to their own standard.

    I am floored however at the level of indignation being generated toward him by some supposed “fans”. How dare he be himself instead of what and who I created him to be” “How dare he be someone other than my perfect image of him” they could care less about the pressure they put on him or V they just want what they want and to hell with them as individuals.

    NEWSFLASH: None of us on this board created anything. God created him and V and they are who they are.

    This is one picture among a few and it is mostly an insightful inbterview.

    It gives me no pleasure to say the following believe me but it needs to be said:

    “It seems the real pornography on this board exists in some people’s minds, that’s where it lives and exists. Maybe it’s time to do what M. Jackson’s song says start dealing with ‘the man in the mirror’ “

  419. 419
    Becky Says:

    I still Support Zac Efron No matter what happen.

  420. 420
    ? Says:

    #414 Where did you hear that?

  421. 421
    Mandi Says:

    omg, I do admit that these are hot but if I were Vanessa, I think I would be a little questionable! I mean having your boyfriend have a naked model on top of him would make me a little worried!

  422. 422
    pourquoi Says:

    I hope Zac, Vanessa, their family and friends are laughing right now about the whole issue.

  423. 423
    birdie Says:

    I don’t know if Zac expected all this, usually “Interview” doesn’t
    generate this much attention. I feel so sorry for him in the coming
    weeks all his interviews are going to focus on this instead of
    “17 Again” , hopefully he’ll laugh it all off.

  424. 424
    rosileee9 Says:

    When did their reps say that they broke up? There’s nothing on the net and I’m sure that kind of nes would be put on double quick.

  425. 425
    Becky Says:

    #424 I Totally agree

  426. 426
    zac is a rat Says:

    I have to say that I’m not suprised that they have broke up me as well as many other’s have said that it would only be a matter f time and come on people how much more do you expect Vanessa to take of the way Zac hurts her and to just keep taking it. Well at least now he can go and chase after his other booty and beings he is being so open about his sexual ways now he’ll have no problem taking them out in public.

    I knew there was something a miss when the last lot of photo’s of Vanessa were posted she looked really sad and then the photo got posted on the net it must have been such a kick in the teeth for her I just hope that she bounces back and finds someone who thinks how is actions reflect on her and decideds to act in a way that won’t cause her hurt and to be made a laughing stock of as I have said mr perefect may be 21 in years but he is still a boy in a lot of ways.

    Just hope that it does’nt cause her to much sadness to when she attends the awards and I hope that she wins, as Zac is presenting so that’s gonna be tough on her but I’m sure that he will be there full of smiles.

    This just goes to show that she did’nt know about the nude model sprawling herself all over her bf so much for them having trust and communication, seems Zac failed on that one yet again.

  427. 427
    For Real Says:

    Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens are very much together. Nothing in their romantic relationship, commitment to each other or their private life has changed.

    No one from Zac Efron or Vanessa Hudgens’ management team, public relations team, representative, attorney, agent or anyone else has released any statement of any type about the couple’s relationship.

    Anyone who posts such information is simply making it up.

  428. 428
    Becky Says:

    Zac is a Rat there is no Break Up rumor . the only person saying that have broken Up is you.

  429. 429
    Becky Says:

    #427 Thanks for letting us know.

  430. 430
    Becky Says:

    Zac is a Rat you people shut the **** Up already

  431. 431
    Just saying... Says:

    If you want to looked at as a serisous actor but be seen as a mature adult-do it with a bit more class. It’ll make a big difference.

  432. 432
    Just saying... Says:

    If you want to be looked at as a serious actor but be seen as a mature adult-do it with a bit more class. It’ll make a big difference.

  433. 433
    me Says:

    za and vanessa are togheter

  434. 434
    gracemarie Says:


    Some of us think his interview and pictures were great .

    Did you like them?

  435. 435
    Tiptoes Says:

    # 427 Thanks. We all know that of course, but its nice to get confirmation. it is just work for Zac and nothing more.

    let us move on guys – its already done. let us drop the whole issue. peace…

  436. 436
    gracemarie Says:


    I thought the pictures were rather artistic. I’m used to Interview Magazine being a NY girl so I understand what they were going for, most readers of the mag will.

  437. 437
    Lili Says:

    Hmmmmm, as taip negaleciau, o ypac su Zac’u

  438. 438
    Karen Says:


    Don’t be fooled. Kelly is known to say these kinds of things all the time.

  439. 439
    Karen Says:

    LOL, I posted my comment about Kelly before I ever got to the page where For Real posted this comment.


    …Thanks, For REAL.

  440. 440
    ashlee Says:

    i wonder if zac’s people anticipated all the fuss that would come from him “rolling in the dirt” with a naked model. that seems to be what most of the internet articles are focusing on. and the high school boy wanting people to know he’s grown up. a lot of them think he’s still with disney and what will disney think of this. duh!!!

  441. 441
    gracemarie Says:


    Thanks for all your great posts the last few days. Those of us who like the pixs and interview and understand what Zac is trying to accomplish are grateful.

    I’m encouraged when I remember that the movie industry is broad minded and as I think about it I think the mag interview with Gus is going to prove to be a wise thing. I think the pixs will be secondary.

    My sixteen and thirteen year old cousins saw the pixs, their reaction? “Did they have to put him in mud?” They never even mentioned the model, they didn’t seem shocked or interested in the pix.

  442. 442
    Malia Says:

    Has anyone read the great review of Zac in MAOW? If so, it’s worth reading again.

    As the rookie Richard, [Zack] Efron really surprised me. Though you’d have to live under a rock to not be familiar with the heartthrob, I haven’t been in his demographic for quite a while and haven’t really seen much of his work. In this film, he gives a thoughtful, understated performance that really captures the character’s naivety without making him seem like a total doofus. While he still gets to display some of the musical talents that landed him on the map in the first place, I was pleasantly surprised to discover Efron’s more serious side, and admit that I don’t have to be a 13 year old to see this kid’s potential anymore.


  443. 443
    Claaaraaa Says:

    OMFG, get that naked ***** of zac, wah bout vanessa?
    But he does look hot,! ;)

  444. 444
    poppy Says:

    Karen, Gracemaire and all the other sensible Zac fans, you are amazing. Thank you for your mature comments.

    These pictures are amazing. They are tasteful and beautiful and anyone who thinks otherwise obviously has no clue about art of fashion, or Interview magazine for that matter.

    And thank you to For Real, who always speaks perfect sense. Of course V knew about the pics, this was done way back in Jan, since then we have had Japan, Bubba’s bday, Brazil, the Oscars, V day dates, Watchmen etc etc. Vanessa is not insecure, She is beautiful and self assured woman. Who doesn’t need insecure little tweenies posting on her behalf, because the girl can make her own choices and her own decisions. This is work for goodness sake, it means nothing to Zac, other than it was a chance to promote himself in a new and more mature way. It’s a brilliant step forward for him. And it was such an honour for him to be asked to do Interview’s main editorial and Cover shot. He is an intelligent person, and so is V. They are actors, that is their job. This has nothing to do with their private lives. This is reality, and people need to take risks. V and Zac are fine. The media have all been really positive about this, I especially loved EW’s take on it. They are so right. And as for the haters, don’t like it, move on, because the photo exists and it isn’t going anywhere. And, considering he is 21, I say hold on tight because it’s only going to get better than this.

    This subject needs to be closed. I am so over hearing about it. It’s beautiful and artistic, and that’s that.

  445. 445
    poppy Says:

    Malia, that’s a great review. Thanks for bringing it over. Just see what Zac can do. He is just amazing. I am really hoping that the October release everyone is taking about comes to fruition.

  446. 446
    crass Says:

    It’s hilarious to see some hardcore( and even intelligent) Vanessa fans try and pass off their biased opinion as fact. Nothing about this(including media and public reactions shows that this was a misstep or bad . And as far as advice goes I guess Vanessa should be to blame too since clearly she would have been consulted along with his family before doing something like this.

    And why is anyone even complaining or bringing up the fact that this won’t help him be looked as a serious actor? Obviously it won’t, it doesn’t take a genius to figure that out. That was never the goal of this. It was just to make him seem older and sexier. General consensus is that it did just that while causing just a bit of controversy and a lot of buzz. As far as seriousness goes that will be up to him and his roles. He has some respected industry insiders behind him. Nobody here is trying to garner the attention of directors with this spread. You’d have to be incredibly dense to think otherwise. And even still an important Director already is aware of him now and really likes Zac . Also gasp! the photo has done nothing to hinder that.

    Something desperate and mostly tied in with negativity was Miley’s shoot. A 15 yr old trying to make her self completely sexual yet continuing with the “Disney image”. Zac is 21 and he’s been seen as growing out of the DIsney image for a while now. This just solidified it. The only people trying to pass him off as some little boy trying to hard are also in with the type of people stuck forever on the view that he is gay.

    It’s not the first or last time Zac AND Vanessa will do something to this effect. People need to let go of their hypocritical views and learn to deal with this now or just stop with them altogether.

    As for this whole breaking up nonsense. This took place in Jan, they have been even more more together in these past few months. Obviously she is okay with all this. But that’s the cycle, an unflattering picture=she’s pregnant, togetherness=engaged, something like this =break up. How predictable. I don’t know why fans feel the need to have confirmation/denial of such rumors from anonymous(possibly posers) commentators to continue having faith in these two actors.

  447. 447
    crass Says:


    Oh okay so one picture suddenly makes him exactly like the “it” boys who party and make headlines. Right because those two things are entirely connected. That is just as ridiculous as saying Vanessa deserved to be crucified with the likes of Lindsay Lohan because of her ‘scandal” Even though personal pictures in no way compare to Lindsay’s driving while on drugs and chasing cars, both things which could have killed someone.

    Maybe It is your own fault for having such idealistic views of Zac. But maybe you should take a look at what Naomi said above you as there are more things that make up a person and no one is without faults.

    Also yes it makes a difference how it is viewed. Interview is not some incredibly popular playboy type or trashy magazine. Their aim is usually entirely artistic. There is also nothing wrong with being an adult sex symbol. You can be that,be respected and still have a career that is respected. The pictures did overshadow his actual interview but those who are truly fans and those who are the important higher ups will be the ones to pay attention to the interview. Everyone else will either leave him as fans or become fans from the picture and make his movie more money. It works out just fine that way.

  448. 448
    Karen Says:

    One thing that may help is if people would remember that certain people from certain areas of the country or of a different background have different sensibilities. I, for one, was raised in a very “strict” and conservative Midwest state. I know that some of you think I have taken a liberal stance on this. What I have done is taken a very frank and matter-of-fact viewpoint as I left that conservative area right after HS graduation and moved somewhere that was not so conservative and as is with many who have grown up under a strict thumb found myself finding out about life in a very different way than how I was brought up. I was far away from home, finding myself, and maturing—having to find out what I really thought about certain things and how I was going to live my life. Many things changed for me and as years went along they changed back somewhat and then finally modified themselves and became my own. And I wasn’t even in the cut-throat business Zac is in.

    I refuse to pick this boy to pieces anymore since all he is doing is what I remember doing at his age. He is questioning life and what he feels is important and what isn’t—what is him and what is someone else’s ideas. It is confusing and things are crazier for him than anyone on this board who has already gone through the crazy times this age brings and have come out the other side. It is too easy for some of us who have lived twice a long as he has to judge him. Unless I see him arrested for DUI, drug possession and hanging on every female in town, then I am willing to cut him some slack. So, people can think what they like about me. I just remember too well what life was like and how it felt for me at that age and it wasn’t as tough as Zac has it. I didn’t have to please millions of people.

    I go with tiptoes—let’s move on. This young man has been picked apart enough now. Those who feel a certain way are going to continue to feel that way and others are going to continue to feel that way. We have explored every aspect there is. Some minds have been changed and some haven’t and some are just thinking about all the aspects they read. If any new people show up we should just refer them to all the previous comments. This gets us nowhere.

  449. 449
    Mike Says:

    it’s one photo. Just one. It means nothing., it’s work. And it is art. As a person who has read Interview for what feels like forever, this photoshoot is nothing unusual. Nudity should not be a shameful thing. She is stunning, and obviously so is Zac. It’s not like he would have had much say in the matter either. Photographers control shoots, and until you are crazy sucessful, there isn’t really much you can say.

    I am sure Zac did not know the full extent of the reactions it would cause. But as a reader of the magzine, we would have not accepted just any shoot, not like the ones I have seen Zac do in the past. Children shouldn’t even come into this. It is not a magazine for children., it’s not even mainsteam. And if you are letting them read blogs, then more fool you. Seriously, this just shows Zac is a 21 year old guy. He is still Zac, for all of you moaning that you see him differently. Well perhaps you shouldnt’ have put him on a pedastal to begin with, because he was bound to fall sometime. No guy is as perfect as Troy Bolton.

    He is still Zac though. He still cares about the things he cared about, upholds the same values, he’s still funny and intelligent, he still loves Vanessa. He is still who he is, he just took a little risk with his career. As someone said earlier. All his contempories are leaving him in the dark. Rob P has done a movie full of full on gay sex scenes, are his tween auidence up in arms, no. I mean if he didn’t at least try to move on, he would have been seriously left behind. Would you rather take on a role like RP, because that would really rock the boat. I just feel that everyone has overracted to this one photo. It’s kinda insane actually. It didn’t even shock me when I saw it, because to me it is art. It’s not sleasy or overtly sexy, because of the elements in the shoot, and the fact he is looking at her, not groping her or anything. It’s not some dodgy magazine, it’s a fashion magazine. Harmless really. I have to say I am proud of him for doing this, for taking a risk and not being adverse to being seen as something other than a pretty Disney Boy. I am so glad he is moving away from all that, because it wasn’t going to last forever, tweens move on to the next best thing, and he needed to move on before them.

    Just give the guy a break. I mean If you view it as a mistake on his part, accept that and just move on. This overraction has seriously taken on a whole new level of crazy. Again, Zac is still Zac, and this is just one photoshoot of many. It’s one picture. Just accept and move on, life will be much easier that way.

  450. 450
    Mike Says:

    And Crass and Karen, thank you for that. They were brilliant posts and right on the mark.

  451. 451
    Rachel Says:

    Karen, you are so right. We all need to move on.

    How about concentrating on the amazing interview. And the fact that he said he has fallen in love….How beautiful is that.

  452. 452
    lea Says:

    what a manwhore. i wonder what v thinks of this.

  453. 453
    lea Says:

    what a manwhore. i wonder what v thinks of this.

  454. 454
    go sox Says:

    I would like to think that as loyal Zac fans, we could discuss this maturely and sensibly. But it did NOT turn out that way. Because I disagreed about this being appropriate, professional, and tasteful, I got blasted, YES blasted, on feeling that way. I am really saddened by that. The last few pages here have gotten downright ugly.

    I do appreciate the classy debate some of you have posted, and for the “amazing” support some of you have given me for standing my ground. How some of you felt that this is perfectly fine, artistic, and edgy, without any second thought, is beyond me. But that’s ok with me. I get that we all have different opinions. This was meant to be controversial and it was. No one needed to be attacked for their point of view.

    I agree that it’s sad that the GREAT INTERVIEW got lost in all this. All because of a controversial picture. You can support him if you liked it, but I can still be supportive NOT liking it. How dare anyone insist that I be blindly supportive of every little thing he does just because I’m a fan????

    Let’s just put it like this. I LOVE my 20 yr. old son, unconditionally. But he will make decisions that I may or may not approve of. As his parent, I feel it’s important to discuss why he made those decisions, and that he know why I don’t agree with him. It just helps him make sound choices, thinking of every angle he may not have thought of before. But he still makes his own choices!!! So putting my opinion out there, I feel like I’m being motherly to Zac. Don’t think for a minute Starla didn’t have reservations about this. It changed the image we have of her son, one way or another.

    At the end of the day, I still support Zac, but my opinion of him has changed. Like Malia said so well, he now seems like every other young guy out there in LaLa Land, whereas before I had him on a pedestal, thinking he had such strong values and integrity. I was wrong to think that. I admit that. I guess I just wanted to “root” (lol) for someone with class and maturity, even if he was so young.

    I sincerely hope this one stupid picture was worth all this. His fans are fighting and divided, and it’s sad. This whole thing has been sickening. But it’s opened my eyes as well.


  455. 455
    Tiptoes Says:

    thanks for all your wonderful insights. this thread has really been interesting.

    can we move on now? peace and kises to everyone!

  456. 456
    crass Says:

    The first part of my first post came off very antagonizing. Sorry, opinions are opinions. I just personally thought that it sounded as though what was said, was stated as a fact. I realized through this, that this type of controversial issue had to come some time for the fans. Happens with all celebs. There’s a lot of disagreement and I’ve seen some ridiculous things come from many biased hardcore Zac fans too. It’s hard to find that middle ground, which I’m not sure I have found either. But anyway, I’ve said my piece.Eventually people have to move on.

  457. 457
    lol Says:

    So GO SOX did you also think Vanessa had no values or integrity when she took naked pictures of herself? You sound like such a hypocrite. Disliking what he did is one thing but sorry attacking his entire character through one picture does not make you any sort of fan. Just someone devoid of logic.

  458. 458
    mmm... Says:

    been thinking the same way lol.

  459. 459
    lol Says:

    And just because you are a mother it does not mean you have any idea how his mother felt about it.

  460. 460
    go sox Says:

    lol, I am NOT devoid of logic, AT ALL. Vanessa’s picture was innocent; it was not taken for the masses to see. It was private. Zac’s photoshoot was done for a national publication, and therefore NOT THE SAME situation. He knowingly took these pictures of a suggestive nature. I think BOTH were a mistake. Nothing hypocritical there.

  461. 461
    gracemarie Says:

    Go Sox:

    You lost me when you used the word “pornographic” it was unnecessary and cruel and completely untrue. It was not sensible or mature so why are you surprised by the reaction you got.

  462. 462
    ashlee Says:

    article about the interview

  463. 463
    ah Says:

    I don’t see how the photo in question can be seen as “pornographic.” He is fully clothed and isn’t groping/making out with the model. Yes, the photo is controversial from the standpoint that it’s not what people would normally expect from him. When most people think of Zac Efron, the wholesome Troy Bolton image comes to mind. That is why it’s so important for him to shake up that image now at this turning point in his career.

    I doubt that this photoshoot was designed to make him seem like a more serious actor — only more mature roles will accomplish that. However, I do feel that the photos were meant to have him be seen in a different light — one in which he can be gritty and sensual, not just the goody two-shoe character he has portrayed in the High School Musical movies.

    If he’s going to survive in this business, he has to be able to adapt and show that he is an adult and can go beyond his tween/teen audience. This in no way indicates that he has a lack of principles or morality. He has to be able to play with the big dogs or else he will be left behind like so many other teen heartthrobs before him. Let’s cut him some slack.

  464. 464
    outsider Says:

    What a scumbag…..never liked him anyway. I always got a bad vibe from him. Espacially from that ‘Zikki kiss’,holding hands with Nikki, has no self-control when it comes to women , he thinks every girl want’s him , one of the biggest flirts, desprate for attention and to be seen as an adult or sex symbol and he probably would’nt care if Vanessa dropped dead…that’s probably his wish.I could go on and on.This photoshoot just proves to me that my feelings about him are not that absurd.

  465. 465
    ah Says:


    That’s a ridiculous comment to say about Zac. After more than 3 years together, they are obviously in a committed relationship. Give Vanessa more credit. She is a smart young women who wouldn’t put up with someone who didn’t treat her respectfully.

    I’m sure Vanessa was well aware of this photo spread in advance. She was more than likely very supportive of it because she knows how the business works. If you don’t evolve, you’ll be left behind for the next hot thing. Fans better get used to the idea that as Zac and Vanessa’s careers continue to grow, they will be taking on roles that involve relationships of a physical nature with another actor/actress. They can’t play rated G movies and be costars forever. This photoshoot was just another role for Zac — no way indicative of him being some sort of player who cheats on his girlfriend.

  466. 466
    Karen Says:

    It would seem that some people do not want to move on and would like to stir up trouble. Apparently they don’t feel like this thread has gone on long enough. There is always those kinds of people who will come on a thread after the meeting of the minds have come to some stopping point and try to stir the pot again. And it happens as soon as things are quieting down. Please be aware of these people and don’t fall into their traps.

  467. 467
    Malia Says:

    Something better to discuss:

    As the rookie Richard, [Zack] Efron really surprised me. Though you’d have to live under a rock to not be familiar with the heartthrob, I haven’t been in his demographic for quite a while and haven’t really seen much of his work. In this film, he gives a thoughtful, understated performance that really captures the character’s naivety without making him seem like a total doofus. While he still gets to display some of the musical talents that landed him on the map in the first place, I was pleasantly surprised to discover Efron’s more serious side, and admit that I don’t have to be a 13 year old to see this kid’s potential anymore.


  468. 468
    lol Says:

    go sox

    The point still is that they were both aware of what they were doing and are not shy about things concerning nudity etc. If you are going to make bold declarations such as Zac has no values or integrity based on a picture, then do it for both of them. Or better yet do not do it at all.

    It’s not a big deal if you do not like the picture, I highly doubt you are alone on that. It’s not like I jumped with joy when I saw it either.
    But this is not something that completely defines a person. You don’t even know him personally nor has he done something heinous that would be associated with people with no values. It’s kind of preposterous for you to make a judgment like that.

    If you think you are still supporting him/them, you still continue to watch all the movies and keep up with the news then whatever that’s your thing. But it’s not exactly real support if you think so lowly of the person at the same time.


    I think pornographic is an extreme term for this but art or not, nudity, sex and the works are things people will have different and often extreme views on. I don’t think you should be too offended by anyone viewing it this way. Everyone will have a different tolerance level on what they feel is appropriate. It’s not necessarily meant to be cruel.

  469. 469
    Soni hannigan Says:

    It seems like some people have moved on and some have not. I have though. I have been a fan of Zac’s ( and Vanessa’s) since the very first HSM and I think that, once I got over the shock, that he just wanted to try something different. i think he could have gone a different route though, but what is done is done. I will always support him and be a fan, even though I am 48 years old.

    I just have a question for Karen:
    You seem to know alot about Zac and Vanessa. I mean I have almost every article and almost all the pictures of them, but I don’t know nearly as much as you do. How do you know so much?

    And For Real:
    How do you know so much also. Your responses to the rumors, like the one that #414 said about them being broken up, seem to to the point. Do you and Karen really know them? I am just curious.I trust your responses, both of you.

  470. 470
    disappointed fan Says:

    Will Smith, Oscar award winners for his moives, started young in Fresh Prince of BelAir made the transition to now a big time movie star. All he did was show his acting craft and made several R & R-17 rated movies with killing, weapons, cursing, etc. to shake off his younger audiences. He did it by taking movie roles to gain both male and female viewers. Denzel Washington, Oscar award winners for several of his movies, started young as intern doctor on a TV series called St. Elsewhere, made his transitional to big time movie star. He did it using his acting talents and skills in filming movies and playing many roles to gain both adults male and female viewers.

    Zac could have done the same. It looks like Vanessa is following the same path as these two “A-Listers” actors did, and she is getting movie roles in Sucker Punch, Dead@17, and probably many more to come her way.

  471. 471
    sheila Says:

    i’m not sure why people seem to think that posing in a sexually provocative way makes someone more of an adult. be seen differently? yes. more of an adult? no. at least not in my opinion.

  472. 472
    susanne Says:

    Disappointed Fan

    Will Smith was on Fresh Prince a variety tv show that was geared toward all different types of demographics, not one like Disney. He has a much harder task at hand, cause Disney is geared towards children mainly. So if your going to compare careers your need to choose apples to apples, not apples to oranges. Those that feel he did a wrong move do not realize it’s a much more daunting task coming from his Disney background. Even in the excerpt that was posted on the Interview sight he stated himself. That there are Directors he would love to work with but they have no idea who he is. His said their daughter’s will, but not them. And their daughter’s aren’t the ones he’s got to showcase to.

  473. 473
    pop86 Says:

    I can’t believe this is still going on. As one of the few people on this thread that actually read Interview Magazine, give Zac a break. He is not the first celebrity posed with a naked model in this magazine and he will not be last. I think photo is nice contrast to the article(which is a typical Interview Magazine style).

    Let’s move on people to something more important. There’s a thread for Natasha Richardson. I not familar with her work but I think horrible what has happen to her and I sure her family love to hear some kind words at this difficult time.

  474. 474
    duh Says:

    sheila-uh because that’s just how society is? You might not, but plenty of ppl do.

  475. 475
    Peter Says:

    How old are some of you? Really?
    If some people see this picture as pornographic, they have every right to think so. Stop whining about the term. It isn’t far off from what is being displayed.
    I see this picture as being vulgar, demeaning, indecent, unnecessary, and for somebody his age, inappropriate. That’s MY opinion and I dare somebody tell ME I’m wrong.
    What may be “art” to some people, isn’t “art” to others.
    “Art” was the last thing that came to mind when I saw this. Every picture is suppose to tell a story. So when you see a butt naked women, ontop of a man, rolling around in the sun at dawn-you aren’t thinking isn’t that very ‘cute’ or after all the rolling around, they’ll go color in their coloring books, it’s implying sexual intercourse is about to take place-if it hasn’t already.
    Since he’s a young kid who has a resume of teenybooper movies. This is something he should not have even considered until later on in his career when he had a strong filmography and a older audience.
    This image isn’t appropriate for his young fanbase and it’s too early even for the cougars. He is still far too young.
    If you want to be seen as a mature adult, show your transition through your films. Through your acting. Through the way you handle all the hustles and bustles of Hollywood.
    I don’t remember Shia LaBeouf doing anything like this just to get ahead in his career and things seem to be working out just fine for him.
    Demanding too much publicity can hurt a persons career. There’s no need to rush things. It’s should be about quality work-not how much exposure you can get.
    Go Sox:
    Don’t let anybody intimidate you or tell you that you’re wrong. Stay true to your beliefs-it’s a very strong and admirable trait to have.

  476. 476
    Naomi Says:

    I really don’t know why certain people who were curiously missing in the heat of the arguement when go sox was bold enough to air her opinions are suddenly appearing and picking on her.

    She’s aired her opinion as did so many others. I find it immature to keep harping on HER while asking her to cut Zac some slack. Cut her some slack as well, you don’t have to agree with the word ‘po*rn’ , I don’t either but the bigger context is that she’s just one of a number of disappointed fans who have to re-adjust their expectations while airing their disappointment. she’s doing what any upset or disappointed mother would do, my mother has used stronger language when she’s been upset with something I’ve done but that does not diminish her love for me. I’m sure there are ways of expressing disapproval with use of a word without attacking the person.
    I still don’t get why Vanessa is brought into this. She’s not made any controversial and deliberate ‘professionak’ move like this yet so keep the focus on Zac, they are two separate individuals. I certainly hope her fans would handle it better in terms of not attacking each other whatever people’s opinions are.
    A lot of good can come out of this if Zac fans stop attacking each other, drop this over beaten topic and concentrate on supporting HIM. It’s all about him, remember?

    Malia, thanks for that article. Great review, hopefully a distributor will pick the movie this time and give it a wide release.

  477. 477
    tree Says:

    I have to say in reading all the posts, I agree with Go Sox and Sheila 100%. Your comments and opinions are right on target with mine.

  478. 478
    susanne Says:

    It’s perhaps a little late, but what I forgot to mention in my earlier post to you Disappoint Fan and others who have a problem with this photoshoot. When Zac auditioned for Hairspray Adam Shankman originally past him up cause he was to Disneyfied (his words not mine), but it was only after his sister Jennifer Gibgot who obviously felt he had more to offer said give him a second chance and he did, but in doing so he mentioned to him to smile less and be more grittier. After seeing his final work and what he was capable of created 17 again which Adam geared towards him cause he realized he’s got the chops to do it, and look at the accolades he received for it (palm springs ensamble award, golden globe nominated (even though it was for the whole cast) he was part of that. Those accolades go on his resume. So if Adam saw him initially as to Disnefied, then how do you think these other directors or studio think. He has to do something drastic like this to get the buzz out there first off so people could see him in a whole other light then just the Disney kid. Then it’s up to him to choose the right films and showcase his ability of depth. And that is how it works. He’s got to get rid of this stigma then work on the getting of proper more adult films.

  479. 479
    Peter Says:

    This conversation can go as long as anybody wants it to. Just because you say it’s over-doesn’t mean it’s over for others.
    You can stop posting at any point. Let the people that want to discuss this have their discussion without others telling them to shut up.

  480. 480
    tree Says:

    Peter is right, this is a sight were people are meant to discuss and voice their opinions. Anyone who does not want to talk about it further can log off.

  481. 481
    Becky Says:

    Malia Thanks for that I hope Me and Orson welles came out soon.

  482. 482
    Becky Says:

    Malia does say when the movie is comeing out. Because I would love to see it.

  483. 483
    Becky Says:

    Malia does it say when Me And Orson Welles will be coming out.

  484. 484
    Boji Says:

    Wow! more paragraphs and chapters. Well, I’m behind Vanessa to move on and likewise Zac. It really irates me to see posters bringing up Vanessa’s one indiscretion just to prove a point. Can’t any of you get over it.!?

    Okay, now for the next chapter. What’s new?

  485. 485
    sheila Says:

    thank-you peter for rightfully saying that this discussion can go on as long as people want it to. for those who have “moved on” so to speak, feel free to do so.

    of course this was going to generate discussions. do you not think this was all part of the master plan? it’s only been since monday that the photos were released. they haven’t nearly milked this for what it’s worth.

  486. 486
    Becky Says:

    I want to see 17 again and Me And Orson Welles. I so can’t wait for Footlose

  487. 487
    sheila Says:

    i said this before, you you honestly think any serious director is going to care **** all that zac posed with a naked woman and therefore give him a grittier role in their movie? no, he’s going to have to get out from underneath that woman’s nipples and go and do some kick a** auditions to do that.

    btw, i think he’s entirely capable of doing just that and let’s hope that’s what he’s got lined up next.

  488. 488
    Becky Says:

    Malia I was just wounder how all long have been a Zac Efron fan. because I have been one since I seen hime on summerland.

  489. 489
    ? Says:

    Umm I’m confused.In this interview Zac said that he has fallen in love.So is he admitting he fell in love with Vanessa? Because I don’t think he fell in love before HSM and he has been dating Vanessa for 3 years now. Do you think he’s saying he has fallen in love with Vanessa? I know it’s not important but I’m just wondering.

  490. 490
    Becky Says:

    well Boji Zac new Movie Me And Orson Welles well becoming out soon. I can’t wait to see thatt.

  491. 491
    Becky Says:

    #489 I Believe He is fallin In love with Vanessa.

  492. 492
    tree Says:

    I believe I read that Me and Orson Welles wiil be coming out in Oct/Nov. I don’t remember were I read that though, sorry.

  493. 493
    go sox Says:

    Peter, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You made my day and conveyed my feelings exactly.

    I also want to thank the many wonderful posters who were able to discuss, debate, or support me without attacking. The bottom line is, I’m just hugely disappointed that this was the means Zac took to get himself out there. Peter pointed out other actors who did not have to resort to this. Disney or not. Yeah it may be harder, but you know, I thought Zac had what it took with his work ethic. I thought he was doing DAMN good so far.

    Naomi, I appreciate your kind words. This has NOT been easy for me, being a loyal Zac fan. But I could not support this one. There were other ways for him to go about this. Again, I LOVED the other pics and the interview! Just because I didn’t see this as appropriate for all the reasons Peter mentioned, does not mean I have completely lost faith in him.

    gracemarie, it’s semantics. You see it differently. But honey, I’ve been around a lot longer than you, I imagine, and IMO, this BORDERED on X rated, with a few more missing clothes. I couldn’t justify the logic of a pic like this for ANYONE but maybe Pamela Anderson, or people like her who make their money by being purely sexual creatures. I know PR people think it’s the way, but unless someone has a great example of how wonderful this tactic is, I don’t think it works. Again, that’s MY opinion.

    I mean, look at the new pics of Emmy Rossum. Sexy? yes. Clothed? artfully so. Does she look grown up? Hell yeah. Did she have to do it with a naked guy on top of her????? Of course not.

  494. 494
    Becky Says:

    #492 Thanks

  495. 495
    bettybaby Says:

    Wow. I am somewhat surprised at the S storm this is causing, but then again, I guess I shouldn’t be.

    There are basically two types of photoshoots. Those that seek to reveal something about the subject, say their personality, and those that are done to portray a ‘concept,’ or an artistic vision,. One is not better than the other, they are different, and as such they both have specific and often opposing objectives.

    Interview magazine is NOT a gossip mag, nor is it something akin to People or Cosmopolitan. What Interview IS…….is the

    “The brainchild of Andy Warhol back in the heyday of the ’70s club culture, Interview magazine has morphed from newsletter and photo essay of the Studio 54 set to the arbiter of what defines cutting edge for the nation. It’s magazine chic at its highest. When you pick up the magazine, don’t look for Julia Roberts; look for the woman who will eclipse Julia in the next five years. The concept of the magazine couldn’t be simpler–Q&A format, accompanied by photographs–but the Q is often provided by celebrity interviewers, and the A is usually extremely insightful, intriguing, and candid. And the photographs are the crème de la crème, by A-list lensers like Bruce Weber, Herb Ritts, and Annie Leibovitz (if you don’t know them by name, this is definitely not the magazine for you). Nudity and profanity may put off some readers; others will be pleasantly titillated.”

    The last few sentences will hopefully shed some light on what this mag is all about for those fans who feel that what they are seeing in these shots is pornographic.

    So I don’t get all the negativity. Zac is looking to break free of the Disney image that has dominated his life since he was 17 years old. As the above description states, “Nudity and profanity may put off some readers; others will be pleasantly titillated.” But the bottom line is he’s trying to make statement, effectively shouting to the world that he no longer wishes to be defined by the “house the mouse built.’ What I find pretty savvy is that he has managed to thrust himself into a more mature arena without shedding his own clothes unlike some of his contemporaries. But many of you have found fault with that as well.

    This shoot was not a portraiture of Zac Efron, it was ‘art,’ and as such, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and art has always and will continue to mean different things to different people. Its amazing to me that less than a week ago the “Sleeping Beauty” shoot garnered an equally heated response. So few were able to view it outside their own preconceived perception of Sleeping Beauty instead of just appreciating Annie Leibovitz’s modern interpretation of a classic fairy tale. Its ok if you don’t like this ONE shot of Zac, but I think its pretty unfair and judgmental to believe that somehow he is now a different person because he participated in this shoot, and thus ultimately has let down his fans.

    Just my opinion of course, which is what this debate is all about. I personally believe most people have expressed themselves in an articulate and mature way. The ones who want to keep bringing up Zac’s relationship with V, or that this shoot proves he’s a cheater and a liar are idiots, and like I always do, I just ignore them.

  496. 496
    wateva Says:

    picking on others? so pathetic some of you. if you can’t take it then don’t comment. and come up with as many inane examples as you like. it’s ain’t gonna make you more right. all this talk about debate and you ******* don’t care about listening to anything else but your own ****.

  497. 497
    Becky Says:

    bettybaby I so agree with you.

  498. 498
    susanne Says:


    Could not have said it better. Articulate, Insiteful and informative all though I already know of Andy Warhol and Interview magazine as one of it’s advid readers. Thanks.

  499. 499
    Becky Says:

    tree Thanks I was wounder when Me and Orson welles was coming out.

  500. 500
    Becky Says:

    Bettybaby I could have not said it better.

  501. 501
    Pretty Paige Says:

    Well said #495. I also a reader of Interview Magazine. I wonder if one the guy(Chace, Penn or Ed) from Gossip Girl had done the photoshoot would the outrage be the same since Gossip Girl (like HSM) have teen and tween following.

  502. 502
    casual observer Says:

    Poppy, I’ve seen a number of insightful posts from you regarding Zac and Vanessa…some of them are brilliant…you always get the sentiment right. Both are lucky to have someone like you as a fan.

    I agree that this photoshoot is work for Zac….it’s part self promotion and image to sell the movie. At the end of the day, it’s his job to do everything he can to make sure his films make bank…. It doesn’t mean he’s a shameless publicity ***** or not a serious actor. I personally like the photos..they are edgy but Interview Magazine is an appropriate venue. The photos are beautifully shot and I’m quite sure Vanessa understands and is on board with the concept and purpose. She strikes me as a rather clever and strong willed young woman who “gets it”. I’m looking forward to seeing her in the upcoming Zack Snyder film if the rumor is indeed true. I want to see this beautiful woman do something beyond the HSM franchise….please. In any event, I support them both come what may. Zac clearly has an abundance of raw talent, however, his steadfast loyalty to Vanessa during the photo scandal speaks volumes about his character and where his heart is. I wish them both well.

  503. 503
    go sox Says:

    One person’s art, is another’s garbage. Everyone sees it differently. And I did find the article to be articulate, insightful, and well done. Sad how it got lost in this drama.

  504. 504
    Becky Says:

    #502 What Rumor about Vanessa being in Zack Snyder film. do you have a link.

  505. 505
    Becky Says:

    #502 Where did you hear that rumor Link please.

  506. 506
    Malia Says:

    I agree with Peter. The pictures implies that sexual intercourse is about to take place-if it hasn’t already. Or as my friend’s teenage son said, “She’s humping him.” I also agree that this is something Zac should not have even considered until later on in his career when he already had a strong movie resume and older audience.

    Granted, it has created a lot of buzz with Internet articles, and not many of those are positive.

    If Zac wants to be SEEN as a mature adult, he can do it so many other ways, including through movie roles. Even getting rid of his surfer-boy hairdo would help. He can’t have it both ways—do a steamy photo shoot that depicts him as a sex object then go back to looking like Troy Bolton in his everyday life.

    Not everyone is going to have the same opinion of the picture. But those who consider it art should not be bashing the ones who don’t and visa-versa. Allow everyone to voice his/her opinion without lashing out in anger if you don’t agree with them.

    And, I agree with Sheila, no serious director is going to care **** all that Zac posed with a naked woman and therefore give him a grittier role in a movie. He’s going to have to get out from underneath that woman’s nipples and go and do some kick a** auditions to do that.

  507. 507
    casual observer Says:

    Becky….it’s on IMDB….and there is Internet buzz about Vanessa having been cast in “Sucker Punch”. However, nothing is ever set in stone unless it comes from her or her rep. Everything is taken with a grain of salt. In any event, Zack Snyder is brilliant and the film would be visually stunning.

  508. 508
    Cindy Says:

    Why are people turing your backs on Zac because of this Pic.

  509. 509
    Becky Says:

    #507 Thanks

  510. 510
    Cindy Says:

    Why are you people turning your backs on Zac.

  511. 511
    uhh Says:

    No one on Zac’s team or him planned to get him gritter roles based on a photo. But by all means continue missing the point. Also he looks like Zac Efron in his everyday life, not Troy Bolton. I guess you miss a lot when you live in a bubble.

  512. 512
    Malia Says:

    #510 Cindy, no one is turning their back on Zac. We are just voicing our opinions about the one picture and whether or not it was a wise decision for him to have done it.

    I think everyone, whether he/she likes the picture or not, supports Zac in his career and wishes him the best. I’m rooting for him to get some really good roles in the future and hope this pic will soon be forgotten so he can get on with building his career as an actor.

  513. 513
    go sox Says:

    Yes, Malia. yes, yes!! And I thought Zac REALLY had it in him to do it the right way, by hard work and learning his craft. Look how far he’s come since his early movies and even HSM 1!!! And we haven’t even seen MAOW or 17 Again yet!! It’s his TALENT that I want to know and respect him for, which made me a fan in the first place. Not by resorting to what others have tried and have mixed results with.

    Cindy, I’m not turning my back on Zac, AT ALL. Can’t I just not agree with ONE thing he’s done? I have been here for almost 2 years defending EVERYTHING this guy has done, and the talent I believe he has. I just don’t agree he had to “cheapen” himself to get where he wants to go. But I’ll still have his back, when it’s deserved. Not this one time.

  514. 514
    yets Says:

    im so glad that zac and vanessa have a supporters like you guys.
    hope that everyhing is ok after this.
    Thanks to all who has been so understanding and mature about this matter, i wish Zac and Vanessa the Best.
    God Blees you All.

  515. 515
    Cindy Says:

    #512 Thanks

  516. 516
    Cindy Says:

    #513 I looks like you don’t support Zac anymore. I did not want to start a fright,

  517. 517
    Cindy Says:

    #513 I looks like you don’t support Zac anymore. I did not want to start a fright,

  518. 518
    ashlee Says:

    i agree the pic wasn’t intended to get him gritter roles. it was intended to make him into a media w-h-o-r-e. to take him from teenage heartthrob to adult female sex symbol. it has nothing to with his being an actor.

  519. 519
    peace Says:

    suzanne…what disappointed fan is pointing out that Zac has the talent to gain respect by losing his Disney images from just doing in films instead of this. What disappointed fan is saying that other young actors have done it in the pass without this type of picture. You can easily lose the Disney images by just showing off your acting talents and skills by playing character roles in movies. Another point, just read what ‘Peter’ has posted. Shia, of Even Steven, was a Disney and he shed his Disney images by just doing films. I believe Zac could do the same thing.

  520. 520
    Cindy Says:

    go sox please forgive me, I did not know that you still supported Zac.

  521. 521
    Trina Says:

    Actually the Zac Efron/Troy Bolton hairstyles are interchangeable. They are one and the same. I had hoped Zac would have a different hairstyle for “17 Again.” Even spiked like Matthew Perry’s would have been a nice change. The way he has it in MAOW is nice because for once he’s not Zac/Troy.

  522. 522
    Meh Says:

    Not really seeing what all the fuss is about, he’s nothing special, and can’t act. He also always lip sincs. There are better actors/singers his age and older out there, and better looking too! He’s alright…

  523. 523
    go sox Says:

    Yeah, Cindy, I do. Just not this one time. It was his choice, but disappointing to a lot of us who do believe in his talent and know he can do it.

  524. 524
    Penguin Says:

    #510, People have not turned their back on Zac. It just some people are disappointed in Zac because they didn’t like the photoshoot he agreed to do. They feel that Zac should had told Art Editor over at Interview Magazine “No, I don’t want to pose with naked model because it is contrary to my public image, and fans will be upset”

    But instead, Zac said “Hell yay, I will pose a naked model. It would shake up my public image which isn’t really me any way. Plus, 21 yrs old and how often I will get to pose naked model.”

  525. 525
    Peter Says:


    Just because you’re a fan, doesn’t mean you have to kiss a s s or drink the persons p i s s through a straw. What makes you a fan in the first place? Something draws you in, right? It could be looks or the persons style. But, most of the time it’s the persons morals and the path they chose.
    I’m a avid movie watcher and I’ve been following the careers of some of the greatest actors fims has ever seen. Why did I follow their career and continue to watch their movies? Because their work was brilliant. They weren’t interested in being in the spotlight. They were more focused on picking great stories to tell and bringing them to life-which would be through delivering great performance. There are some actors that enjoy being a star, and there are some that enjoy acting. These are two completely different things.
    Hollywood is a very mean business. Sometimes they like to bring you up, only to tear you down. The media isn’t sincere with anybody. Once they get bored of you, you’ll know it. They voice their opinions loud and clear.
    This photograph came to my attention because it was ridiculed in the media and on blogs. The headlines were: Zac Efron TRYING to shed his Disney image-Teen star wants to grow up fast-High School Musical star wants to be the next sexiest man alive-Zac trying too hard to be leading man….
    After reading all this, I felt sorry for him. He’s new, not quite sure which road to take or how he wants people to see him. Being labeled as somebody “trying too hard” isn’t a good thing. That’s why I say take things slow. You need patience. Don’t expect to be an Oscar winning superstar overnight. It’s taken some legendary actors years to finally be accepted and appreciated in the industry.
    Some of you are saying one picture doesn’t make a difference-well, sometimes it only takes one picture to make all the difference.
    The discussion on this board proves just that. This one picture cost Zac some fans. He won’t gain too many fans after this because people need more then a risque shot to be interested in a persons career.

  526. 526
    uhh Says:

    Shia was away from any sort of spotlight for a long time. He barely had issues with being associated to Disney when he returned with movies. And since then, Shia has been found publicly intoxicated twice and had a DUI. What a great path to follow.

    Zac’s hair does not make him Troy Bolton. There are also hundreds of films made where the actor/actress keeps the same hair. It doesn’t diminish the character they are playing.

  527. 527
    susanne Says:


    I understand, but if Adam looked at him as to Disney and initially did not give him the opportunity to try, it took his sister to convince him, then how do we know the other directors would not do the same. Shia yes was Disney, but he was not in a musical by all standers for the younger viewer. Even Stevens which I really like was a daily tv show and if I remember correctly it was not solely geared towards just the really younger viewer. Whereas HSM (1, 2 * 3) by all accounts was. They only reason teens caught up in it was cause of Zac and his boy next door looks, charm and charisma. Now with why he may have choosen this route. Do we even know if in fact he has perhaps going to auditions and cause of this way of thinking they would pass him up and therefore force this hand (note: these are just guesses) We don’t know, nor has he said.

  528. 528
    oh please Says:

    “”"He won’t gain too many fans after this because people need more then a risque shot to be interested in a persons career.”"”

    OH RIGHT b/c you have all the answers and can predict everything. There are two sides. There were plenty of positive reactions. Get over yourself.

  529. 529
    mhay Says:

    go sox thanks for that im so worried about you last night that you are not a Zanessa supporter anymore because you and the other mature fans the reason why i am a proud Zanessa fan right now im really enjoying reading all your comments about them

  530. 530
    Naomi Says:

    …it was ridiculed in the media and on blogs. The headlines were: Zac Efron TRYING to shed his Disney image-Teen star wants to grow up fast-High School Musical star wants to be the next sexiest man alive-Zac trying too hard to be leading man….
    After reading all this, I felt sorry for him. He’s new, not quite sure which road to take or how he wants people to see him. Being labeled as somebody “trying too hard” isn’t a good thing. That’s why I say take things slow. You need patience. Don’t expect to be an Oscar winning superstar overnight. It’s taken some legendary actors years to finally be accepted and appreciated in the industry.

    Couldn’t agree more. That was my exact reaction. Whoever gave him this advice served him poorly. The entertainment media contributes a lot to destroying teen stars, they hype you up and then tear you apart with any misstep.
    They have been hyping him and singing his praises and listing him as one of the 100 sexiest stars and yet all the reports I’ve seen on this have been so full of ridicule and mockery, like, yeah, we get what you’re ‘trying’ to do.
    Sorry, in my opinion, the shoot just missed the mark, cost him some respect (even within the media and the industry) and I doubt it’s gaining him any NEW fans or meaningful recognition. It’s disheartening because he’s still a decent guy. He just made a wrong move at the wrong time.

  531. 531
    Peter Says:

    I have nothing more to say about this topic.

    To people who are going to post ignorant comments without merit-drop it.

    They say, when you’re having a conversation and knowledge runs out-anger kicks in. People who can’t make a valid point begin insulting the other person.

  532. 532
    susanne Says:

    Don’t be mad or shoot me, but a thought just came to mind as to why he perhaps may have choosen to do that one particular photo with the model ( I don’t mentioned the other ones, cause no one has a problem with them). But did it ever occur to anyone that with all these gay rumers and inuendos, I know in his Rolling Stone article he said that they do not bother him, but I am beginning to wonder if in fact they do, cause words whether spoken or written do hurt and he is after all human. We all know he is not, just cause he did several musicals does not him gay, and the makeup issue, well all actors/actress have to were makeup in film, red carpet cause if not there faces would be shiny. Anyway, if that were the case then Gene Kelly, Frank Sinatra, Donald O Conner, etc would be gay. Unfortunately a lot of young teens look to sites like Perez Hilton and he’s been notorious for this cause he has a crush on him. (Site note: He is one repulsive person) but apprently teens really like him and follow his lead. Sad. But that was just a thought. What do you think?

  533. 533
    Diamond Says:

    wow. that beetch is actually naked on top of my Zac! lol. this photo shoot is very sexy and mature; i love it! you go zac! and leave that vanessa girl alone, she’s annoying haha. he’s sexy, man!

  534. 534
    susanne Says:

    Continuation, so sorry I am just being a ranter tonight. But with all those blogs like Peter had stated about the photo, they still continue with the he must be gay therefore that’s why he’s doing this, not that being gay is wrong I have no problem with it. It’s just get that feeling. I saw an interview he did on an Australian talk show (Rove) and they were talking about the so called sex photos and he and the host were just bantering about he took this picture not thinking anything wrong with it cause as we all know it was not a sex shop, and of course the word phallus came up, and this one person whom I believe is part of the show (as a matter of fact he actually looks like an Australian Perez Hilton) anyway stated to Zac after the banter and said so were is the phallus now as if implying something. I noticed Zac just looked at him and turned away and spoke to the host again, even the other person who was sitting next him (a women by the way) just looked at him like what? Sorry for my own bantering, but it was just a thought.

  535. 535
    susanne Says:

    So ignore them Peter, your, myself and a great many others who since this came out have been discussing this intelligently like the adults we are. I know it’s hard sometimes, I get very frustrated. But you should not let that get to you it’s not worth it. They just infantile children who perhaps are not getting the attention they need at home, whose to say.

  536. 536
    sheila Says:

    i dunno, this photoshoot just reeks too much of the rolling stone cover, which zac himself claimed he regretted doing because of the notorious attention it brought him. it was shoved in his face continuously afterwards.

    don’t say he couldn’t have predicted the storm that would ensue because of this photo. he and his people have got to be fully aware that absolutely everything that is uttered about him blows up on the internet.

    “fool me once, shame on you. fool me twice, shame on me.”

  537. 537
    a fan Says:

    The thing about shia though, he was not a teen/tween heartthrob, at least not at the scale zac is. Anything he did with disney was never as big as high school musical. Zac becomes a household name because of HSM while most people know shia for his work after disney. To me, this photoshoot is just another role for zac. He is going to venture out into something more mature in the future and this is just the start. Personally, I think this photoshoot will achieve it’s objective. The fact that it is done by Interview Magazine will open zac to a different audience and the interview that accompanied is insightful and it shows a more mature zac.

  538. 538
    hahahaha Says:

    The funniest thing is that the non-Zac fans are sitting here spelling out his doom. Aren’t you all great.

  539. 539
    Malia Says:

    I also read many (probably all) of the Internet opinions about the photo: Zac Efron TRYING to shed his Disney image-Teen star wants to grow up fast-High School Musical star wants to be the next sexiest man alive-Zac trying too hard to be leading man and that was my first reaction. I felt sorry for Zac. He is being labeled as somebody “trying too hard” and that isn’t a good thing.

    It wasn’t until months after the Rolling Stone cover that he said he regretted doing it. And I have to agree with Sheila, he had to know this would create a far bigger media frenzy than the Rolling Stone cover did.

  540. 540
    pop86 Says:

    I don’t think this photoshoot cost Zac any respect. It is a typical Interview Magazine photoshoot. I really wish people would stop acting like Interview is People Magazine. The two magazine have different editoral styles and are aimed at different audiences. Please stop the outrage of over the naked model because if it was Robert Pattison or any other young male actor there would be no outrage.

    This magazine has been doing provocative photoshoots since 80′s with Madonna. At the time she was ridiculed by the media, people were outraged and she lost some fans, but she kept on doing what she believes in. I’m no Madonna fan but I give her props for being true to herself even if other ridiculed her.

    It is not Zac’s fault that so many fans confuse a movie character with a real person. Zac alway said in interviews he’s not Troy Bolton,but It seems so many fans desperately want to believe otherwise. Which says more about the fans than it says about Zac.

    If the media/blogs want to ridicule Zac so what. These media outlet ridicule Angie Jolie, Brad Pitt, Jennifer Anniston, Leo DiCaprio,etc. One blog ridicule George Clooney for visiting a refugee camp in Darfur. Media outlet build celebrities up then tear them down, then build them up again that is what they do;which is why readers(young and old) should never take the celebrity press so seriously.

    I respect Zac for try something different and trying to expand his public image. Some fans want and need the fantasy of the Disney image that HSM success created for him, but there are some fans who don’t mind living in the real world. We like celebrities who are full of contradictions. Celebrities who can be loyal to family and friends,love to skateboard, play videos, and will say yes to doing a sexy photoshoot when asked

  541. 541
    ia Says:

    Well said pop86. There are just people here who only want to see the negative with Zac, even though if it was someone else, they’d be jumping all over every positive thing they could. It’s too bad. I’m used to it being the opposite way, but anything goes I guess…

  542. 542
    pop86 Says:

    #534, the only people who say Zac is gay are the gay bloggers who have a crush on him since the Rolling Stone cover. Those same bloggers said the same thing about Justin Timberlake ever since JT did a Rolling Stone cover in a wet t-shirt. Anytime a gay blogger has a crush on a celebrity, the blogger assume the celebrity is gay or he hates the celebrity for not being gay . If you read those blogs don’t believe everything they write about they have their own agenda.

  543. 543
    ashlee Says:

    i don’t think any fans want zac to remain a disney fantasy. most want him to be known for his roles, his acting, not as a sex object, as going from a tween fantasy to an older ladies’ sex object. even the photographer told the model to transform Efron “from kiddie crush to full-on sex object.” and he didn’t say “art object.”

    i don’t think sex object is the image zac wants for himself. and i certainly don’t see a pic with a girl humping him as “expanding” his public image. more like degrading it.

  544. 544
    sheila Says:

    actually i think you’d find that many of the fans here who are disappointed with this particular choice for a photo shoot would be some of the first in line to say they were anxious for him to get away from his high school musical/disney image and censoring. its just that they were hoping it would be done through movie roles with that would show his range, not with a controversial photoshoot.

    god, i’m not saying the guy has lost his moral compass or that he’s sold his soul to the devil or anything like that. i just think this was a shot at reinventing his image that some didn’t prefer. i don’t like the way alot of things are marketed but i still love the product!

  545. 545
    Boji Says:

    Zac Efron, what a controversy you’ve caused! Let’s see what’s your next move, young man. I still think you to be an intelligent and talented young actor but sometimes misguided.

  546. 546
    zac is a rat Says:

    His next move will be another photo shoot but this time with 2 naked women on him, now that he’s got a taste for it he won’t want to stop.

    Vanessa is better of without him.

  547. 547
    Anne from Poland Says:

    Hi.I’m from Poland and I’m very very big fun Vanessa,Zac and Ashley ;) But this photos are…It exaggeration! Zac has a girlfriend!!!!! How think Vanessa? That her boyfriend is men *****?!Zac wake up! You hurt Vanessa!!!!!I hope that Zac will apologize Vanessa…He just lose fun!If Zac wanna show ,,I’m a big boy” Let’s make stopping this photos with other girl! (*****) because this is not mature!I love Zac but he has exaggerated! Zanessa is really true love! It see! I love Za Van and Ash! ;)

    `For ,,ha”: You are stupid!!!!!

  548. 548
    pop86 Says:

    Like all visual art, this photo reveals more about the attitudes of the viewer than it does about Zac.

    Great job to the guys and gals over at Interview Magazine. Andy would have been proud.

  549. 549
    Naomi Says:

    I think people are deliberately misunderstanding those that are disappointed in this shoot. They want Zac to shed his Disney image but through a ROLE not a SHOOT. He’s an ACTOR not a MODEL/Sex object. That’s their point.

    They want the shoots to be in tandem with the roles. You don’t line up roles in movies like Footloose, rumored HS2 and rumored Johnny Quest and hope to be taken seriously with a shoot with a naked model.

    If Zac wanted to play around with his image and take real risks, he should take a page from Daniel (HP) and Rpattz and take a role where he can be naked but at least get to show something about his ACTING.

    A shoot is about IMAGE, a role is about TALENT. they want the focus and the risk to be about the talent. Let the image follow the talent, not the other way round. Nothing wrong with that.

    Let’s feel free to have different opinions without disdaining others’ reasoning. They also want the best for Zac. They are stll fans and will continue to support but have the right to express their disapproval if they feel something is going to hinder his career.

    A lot of derailed stars would have been the better if they had fans that spoke such truth to them while still supporting them and make no mistake about it, this discussion would be fed back to Zac at least by FOR REAL.

    In fact, they demonstrate how deeply they care for Zac because they’re treating him like any sensible parent would treat their child. It’s called tough love. It doesn’t diminish their support.

    If you’re not old enough to be a parent or don’t get them, that’s fine, air your opinion but let them be. That they don’t see things the same way does not make them any less supportive.

  550. 550
    the end Says:

    I will never respect him again.

  551. 551
    vacrazed Says:

    Naomi, that is exactly what has disturbed me through all of this, and thanks for being much more articulate. I am a huge fan of his, and believe that he is capable of so much on screen, I just wish he would have shown us that side of him. This just seems a little out of place to me. And while the interview was good, it gets lost becuase of this choice, and that saddens me, because Zac is a bright guy, through this, few will see that.

  552. 552
    Boji Says:

    Naomi, very well said. Amen.

  553. 553
    cindy Says:

    I have not posted any comments on here in a long time because I have been very ill. I am now on the mend , thank God!

    Just wanted the regular fans to know that the other ” Cindy” comments were not from me. I have been a fan of both Zac and Vanessa from the beginning and still support both of them.

    After reading through the comments of those regular,new , young and older folks, I have noticed that there will NEVER be an agreement on Zac’s choice to do this photo shoot. Karen made an interesting point that people come from different back rounds, areas of the country and in our case, areas around the world. Since this is such a diverse community of people who are all fans of Zac, there will be differences of opinion as to what is acceptable in their minds.

    What surprises me in all of this is the timing of this shoot. Why would they chose to show it while Zac is trying to promote a family friendly movie 17 Again and present in a few days at the Kids Choice Awards? I think his PR people should have thought this one through a little more. I don’t know about you , but to me it might be a little awkward for Zac during interviews for these two events.

    My opinion on this if anyone cares, is that Zac is desperately trying to break away from Disney which is understandable at his age and time in his career. I really don’t think he was that thrilled about doing HSM3 in the first place until he fell in love with the script. What he should do is change up his hairstyle to look older, and only take roles where he does not play a teen anymore. Hairspray 2 , if it is still in the works , is not the best choice for him. He is already committed to Footloose, so he will have to do that one. He needs to be playing a twenty, twenty-one year old if he wants to break out of the teen scene. The problem he has is his look. He does look very young. He is short, thin, and has a very young looking face. People think he is younger than he really is. If I were his “people” , I would be looking for roles that portray a young 20 year old in an action flick or serious drama at this point.
    The photo shoot with the *ude model, did not get him noticed for his work. It did, however, get him noticed but I’m not sure in a way that will help his career. Only time will tell.
    As far a Vanessa is concerned, I agree, she was informed I’m sure and probably thinks of it as just another day at the office. It is work. Do I think the picture is a work of art? No , I don’t . I think the purpose for this shoot was to show Zac in a more adult light. His comments in interviews,on TV etc.(the condom story, the meaning of the word “rooting” in Austrailia) are all pointing to that. I just hope that he doesn’t go overboard and end up being “too adult” to soon. Zac still has a fan base of very young people and he needs to let the transition be more gradual instead of hitting his fans with something this controversial .
    My kids both go to a performing arts high school ,and this topic was discussed in their classes. The teachers explained that teen idols have a very difficult time breaking out of the teen mags. , movies, etc. and usually do so by doing something very edgy, or changing up their look etc. to change their young image. Some stars can turn to drugs, drinking, etc. during this change because it becomes so hard to get different roles. It is all about the “look ” when it comes to casting. If you look young, they want you to play young.
    I noticed Ashley Tisdale is changing her look, songs, etc. too, post Disney. She is also trying to break out of the teen scene.
    Vanessa, I think has it easier as she just looks older to me and can pull off a more mature role if given the chance.
    Anyway, sorry for rambling. I think Zac is a great actor, with a lots of potential. He seems to be a very intelligent young man with a good head on his shoulders. Hopefully he will land a great role soon that will show more depth of character and help him break out of the teen mode. I wish all the best for him.

  554. 554
    go sox Says:

    Thank you, Peter and Naomi. You very eloquently said all I feel about this. I am so sad about it all. Truly. :o(

  555. 555
    go sox Says:

    I do have ONE thing to say about Vanessa, who has NO bearing on any of this. She has got to be one remarkable, strong, and trusting woman. My hat’s off to her.

  556. 556
    kimo Says:

    I’m not trying to bash Zach but I just don’t believe in him anymore. I mean, was Meagan Fox and Taylor Swift another calculated move towards building his image? Is Zach and Vanessa the real deal or is it just another PR move to help his career. Everything just seems so fake. He stated that he was suck a private person, yet he’s been talking about condoms and using the economy size. I mean, why must he tell the world about his sex life! I was a big fan of Zac and his relationship but lately, I don’t know what is real and what is false. This just proved to me that he’s so caught up in that fame that he may practically do anything. His judgement and character is not what I thought it was as well. I know some are saying Vanessa has nothing to do with this but its very hard not including her because they are very close and somehow, I’m surprised that she would approve of this stunt. My children love the HSM movies and love them as a couple. Rest assured they will never know about this picture or my lack of trust and faith in thier judgement and relationship. I don’t want to think that those pictures of Vanessa was intentionally sent to build her publicity. I’m a Vanessa fan first but looking at who they are and how fare they will go, I just don’t know anymore. I will hope that she wouldn’t and until I find out otherwise, I will just choose to believe what she told the public in the first place. Now I’m a little weary about any other future career moves. I wonder what the Brazil pictures will look like. This is my “honest” opinion. Don’t blast me for it.

  557. 557
    sstirup Says:

    I do have ONE thing to say about Vanessa, who has NO bearing on any of this. She has got to be one remarkable, strong, and trusting woman. My hat’s off to he

    -She has nothing to do with this. But I suppose you are no more pathetic than those that think this is something she isn’t okay with.

  558. 558
    kimo Says:

    you don’t have to insult me. I was just giving my opinion. I dont know them so who really knows what’s truth or not unless there is someone on here who does know them personally. Until then we all have a right to state our opinion. Hey, they are humans to who make mistakes. This just proved that I can’t uplift celebrities or look to them as role models…. “RiRi and Chris Brown”. So if something happen, I won’t be so surprised the next time.

  559. 559
    Lee-lee Says:

    Poor Vanessa omg i hate zac rite now!

  560. 560
    Boji Says:

    To: Kimo

    Have faith that Vanessa did not do what you seem to have doubts about. Can you give her some credit? I can say I’m a pretty good judge of character and believe me if she could turn the clock back and make it all dissappear she would. This thread is about Zac and I don’t think it is proper that we should bring this subject up at a time like this. The mere fact that you are bringing it up throws doubt to your claim of being a fan.

  561. 561
    kimo Says:

    I’m a big fan of Vanessa. I visit all of her sites everyday and I totally supported her during that rough time in her life. My kids adore HSM. I’m just being honest in my thoughts and becuase I don’t know them unfortunately anything is possible. I’m still a big fan regardless of what happened but still the thought is lingering in the back of my mind. As for Zac, I hope his decisions will get him where he needs to be as an actor. He’s building this sex object image. I just hope its all worth it. In reality, we all want to protect Vanessa but her name will come up becuase they are extremely close. The media and fans alike look to them as this beautiful couple whose on the verge of marriage. It seems that when he chose to pose with a nude model, it went against everyone’s fantasy of their love. It also caused skeptics to bring up Vanessa? Zac and his people probably new that it would bring controversy because he’s in a relationship and they probably new people would be surprised by his bold move, hence affecting Vanessa in some way. I can see where everyone is coming from but sadly, she will come up.

  562. 562
    vacrazed Says:

    go sox, I have said the same thing about Vanessa. i’ll keep saying it.. I have so much respect for her in this moment. And look where her career is taking her. I think her strength speaks volumes and people are taking notice. She simply is who she is, and it is so refreshing. ITA…a strong young woman.

  563. 563
    sheila Says:

    my points about this matter have never really been about vanessa because i do believe, as someone said above, this is another day at the office for them. an office that i’m personally grateful i don’t work in, but that’s besides the point. that’s why hollywood is not for the faint of heart.

    anyhow, for those of you who do “worry” for vanessa, a friend of mine on a blog that i am a part of, reminded me of these words once spoken by vanessa herself: “The people that know us, that we love, they know what’s real, & that’s all we care about.”

  564. 564
    vacrazed Says:

    i know i am far from worried for Vanessa sheila.. I am a huge supporter of her, and this is absolutely a work shoot for Zac. But if people people believe that this does affect her. The media will bring her into this regardless, and for a young woman to choose to take that, is huge to me. That is where my praise come from. Not out of worry but out of a choice for her to stand by and take the idiot remarks from paps, and people , and haters. She is a strong girl. That comment is exactly evidence of that in so many ways. I know I for one am not ‘worried’ for her, but I have a great amount of respect for her at this moment.

  565. 565
    sheila Says:

    there are some who have expressed “worry” and those are the ones the comment was meant for.

  566. 566
    V-fan-forever Says:


  567. 567
    lai Says:

    i really wish theres for a new thread
    so that we can move on, i still believe that everything about Zanessa is ok

  568. 568
    Karen Says:

    Nobody blasted you for your comment at #556. The person at #557 was referring to a comment made by go sox.

  569. 569
    Karen Says:

    For just a little side note for those who are so worried about the kids who have followed Zac’s career and want to use that against him. Look at the JJJ site under this topic. There are 151 comments there compared to the nearly 570 here. Those kids have moved on and have not gotten all that upset about this matter. They have taken what the adults said and gotten on with something else. There CONCERN centered around Zac and Vanessa’s relationship because that’s how their thinking is. They are not concerned with weightier issues like his image. So, I don’t think we need to concern ourselves so much about what Zac is doing to the kids. This issue and it’s varying opinions are really a different matter.

    I think now only time will tell where this will lead. Will this cause problems for Zac on red carpets and all? It sure will since there is so much talk and controversy about it on the internet. That is exactly what the media will go for. If this came out about someone nobody was particularly interested in and it didn’t get such a rise out of anybody would the media pursue it? I doubt it very much.

  570. 570
    gracemarie Says:


    Well said. A lot of the silly ideas kids get are from their parents. Usually the things that drive adults nut s(well some adults) don’t even enter a kid’s mind.

    Itseems a lot of people on this board are terrified that their children nephews and nieces won’t be has hung up as they are. That they actually might grow up and actually think for themselves as independent human beings.

    Well Oscar Hammerstein and RIchard Rodgers said it best “You havebe taught to hate” I guess you have to taught to find ugliness in a pix that isn’t as well. But then again some people can find ugliness and sexual inuendo in anything because that’s where their minds are all the time anyway.

    I learned more about some of the posters than I learned about Zac, Interview Magazine or Gus Van Zant and it wasn’t pretty.

  571. 571
    ayen Says:

    lol. I can’t believe this is still ongoing…

    The media is moving on…the teens are moving on… Isn’t it about time that you guys should move on too? No matter how much you guys argue, none of you are going to agree with each other. Can’t you guys just agree to disagree and move on already?

    In the long run, you guys are still fans… and if you’ve stopped just for one photo, I’m sorry but you were never a fan in the first place.

    So move on, and just agree to disagree.

  572. 572
    ZA supporter Says:

    Some of the Hollowood stars do something that trigger notices to get more film roles. However, it can back fire on stars that will ended doing that type roles continuely. Like Demi Moore, practically the majorities of her movie roles have to do where she doesn’t have any clothes on in order to be good or interested. Look at CharlizeT, at the beginning of her career she had two or three movies that required her to strip her clothes, and after that she fired her agency and hired a new agency where they get her more scripts and roles that keep her clothes on.

    If Zac isn’t too careful and patient, he could very well be getting movie roles that only involve him with nake female on top of him, which will be those type of movies are all he could do. And movie goers will alway expect to see him with naked female scenes to every movies he does and in order to be interesting to watch. Which will say, the only thing that Zac’s movies are considered be good are with him and naked female scenes. In other word, in order for Zac to act is by having naked females on top of him to look and act good, as well to attract paying viewers to see it. Like Demi Moore, the only way she is good in movies are where her clothes come off.

    Hopefully he and his PR personal know what they are doing. I did not even look at him as teen/tween heartthrob or Disney characters, bascially I was looking at his acting, singing, and dancing talents. He did not started with Disney, he started off with Summerland and made couple movies that came out on DVD. He could easily shed off his Disney images by waiting for 17-Again and MAOW movies come out and those two movies will prove that there is more to his acting then sound and dance musicals. And his teens/tweens will grow up with him as he get older in age. Plus there will be another tween/teen heartthrob that will come along very soon, and the tweens/teens will latch on the new guy. Then Zac will be the heartthrob of the past. It will be very wasteful to see such a young talented actor like him cut very short in the movie industries.

  573. 573
    nadia suleiman Says:


  574. 574
    Karen Says:

    ZA supporter:

    First, I am not blasting your post but where does that put Kate Winslet? She is seen as one of the greatest actresses of our time and just won tons of awards for a movie in which she took off her clothes for the ? time. She has also done a lot of movies where she was also awarded much critical acclaim by critics and the press where she did not take her clothes off. So, I don’t think your theory is necessarily correct is all I am saying.

    And before someone wants to set me straight that we are talking about about a picture with Zac, I was replying to ZA supporter who was referring to MOVIES by Demi and Charlize in reference to all of this.

    Lastly, why can’t people just think for a moment that maybe this photoshoot was simply meant to be that? Maybe it had nothing to do with Zac trying to be seen as some adult instead of some kid actor? Maybe he and his team were enticed with the offer to do this shoot just because it is a publication like Interview and not People. Those people in the business are well aware of these type magazines and are not like most of the public. And as one of the write ups about the magazine said in this magazine it isn’t how you will see Julia Roberts but someone who is seen to go beyond Julia Roberts within the next 5 years. Whether you agree or not with this that concept alone would be quite flattering to a young actor—any actor—trying to get a career going. I’m just saying the guy is being eaten alive and for what really? Every actor that reaches out and grabs the public’s attention is scrutinized so much and none of them ever does EVERYTHING that EVERYBODY wants. Unfortunately, they have to be held up to praise that is beyond sensible or crucified beyond belief. Why wouldn’t some of these young people end up on drugs or become alcoholics? Did you ever think they have some sensitivity or feelings or heaven help us confusion in which way to go or how to get there? But they are not allow to make one mistake. Speaking of Vanessa’s strength? She’d better have with the business she is in and she has already been hit by fire. And I bet she is fuming at what Zac is being put through right now. But just like Zac I have a feeling we will be seeing Vanessa at Zac’s side in support all the way. She knows perfectly well this had nothing to do with her or their feelings about each other.

  575. 575
    kimo Says:

    These are my last words in this long, drawn out situation. If Zac is willing to make risky moves, then I hope he is prepared to deal with both the good and bad consequences. As I mentioned earlier, he new this would be somewhat controversial. Therefore, he should not be surprised by the mixed reactions. Hopefully he is preparing himself to answer any questions about the picture. He is getting attention if this is what he wanted. I just hope he can handle this type of attention and not crawl under a rock.

  576. 576
    Becky Says:

    I can’t wait to see Me And Orson Welles,

  577. 577
    Kelly Says:

    Zanessa is going to break up over this

  578. 578
    Scarlett Says:

    And what was the point of this exactly?

  579. 579
    Vixen Says:

    Kate Winslet didn’t take off her clothes be a looked at as a sex object. She takes off her clothes because it goes with the unglamourous stories she’s portraying. There is NO way in hell you can compare Kate’s decision to go nude with Zac’s photoshoot. They are two totally different situations.
    Kate doesn’t care about how she looks when she’s naked onscreen or even bothers to wear any make-up to keep the male viewers interested. She’s more concerned with making the scene and story seem believeable. Her acting won her the Oscars she damnwell deserves for giving such a remarkable performance.
    The photographer in Zac’s shoot said himself he wanted to lose the kiddie image and turn him into a sex object (or something along those lines).

  580. 580
    ashlee Says:

    the photographer told the model to transform efron “from kiddie crush to full-on sex object.”

  581. 581
    Lithuanian girl Says:

    Edita Vilkeviciute is a supermodel (you could see her in Victoria’s secret show). She is from my country. (Lithuania) And I think, she’s hot. And Zac… Wow… Now I can say – Our Zac now is a men, not a boy any more ;DD

  582. 582
    ~ Says:

    People should be able to judge for themselves who they find sexy and not have it jammed down our throats.

  583. 583
    Naomi Says:

    Peace offering!

  584. 584
    Becky Says:

    #583 That was amazing Video.

  585. 585
    bettybaby Says:


    peace indeed!!!

    another great one, and it is particularly poignant b/c all of these ‘events’ happened AFTER this shoot was done!!!!!!!

  586. 586
    Karen Says:

    See you obviously didn’t READ my whole comment, did you? You were just ready to pounce.

    We read your comment the first time and most everyone already knows you have been around for a very long time saying all kind so unkind things about Zac so they ignored your post. But I will say this: and you know this comment to be true how?

    You have already been outed for your out and out lies on JJJ and even on this very board just a few pages back.

  587. 587
    Tiptoes Says:

    Naomi and Bettybaby – thanks for the videos – ZV love puts me in a good mood.

    Becky, i hope MAOW is going to be distributed soon in Canada where I am.

    Peace everyone and hope we can move on.

  588. 588
    tiff Says:

    jj zanessa news anytime this decade!!!!!!!!!!!!

  589. 589
    julia Says:

    Whats vanessa think about it? :S
    I hate the f….ng model ¬¬
    ZAC You disappointed me!! I don’t like you anymore ¬¬

  590. 590
    go sox Says:

    gracemarie, I find your posts to be insulting to those of us who happen to disagree with you on this. Again, to you it’s art. To the rest of us, it was not. Can’t you just understand that? Naked people DO imply sexual innuendo. That’s simply a no brainer. That just made no sense. Sorry.

    And no, it wasn’t pretty here. At all. Including the way you all attacked us who dared stand up for what we thought was not a good career move, or an appropriate picture for Zac. I have been here for about 2 years, and have never seen anything like this. I imagine it was because we ALL felt passionate about our opinions. I have always supported Zac, but did not on this one. Please just accept that, and STOP attacking. THAT’s never pretty.

    This is just sad and breaks my heart. Everyone just needs to STOP.

  591. 591
    tizzfan Says:

    zanessa sighting on JJR

  592. 592
    why? Says:

    go sox #55

    Why did you bring Vanesa into it? Stop passing on your own insecurities and opinions onto her. This is the girl who gave a glare to someone who poked fun at his legs, point blank defended him against dumb make up and no showering rumors and consistently defended his dancing ability at various promo stops and interviews. They seem to do a good job of being there for each other. You don’t have to support him or the pics but do not try to insinuate that Vanessa shares any of your feelings.

  593. 593
    ashlee Says:

    new post of zac and vanessa on jj. thank god people can now talk about something besides the stupid picture.

  594. 594
    go sox Says:

    What the H-E-L-L are you talking about, WHy? I was COMPLIMENTING Vanessa just for being a strong, trusting, loving woman. I have NO insecurities, WHATSOEVER, honey. I know who I am, what I stand for, and who I love and support. In NO WAY, did I insinuate any feelings of Vanessa. I believe she supports her man and I am APPLAUDING her for it, no matter what people are saying. THAT’S ALL.

  595. 595
    diablo Says:

    douche bag
    FU*K ZAC No Talent
    Wannabe Actor Who Makes Stupid
    DumbA*s Whores “Ginas” Tingle
    Only Reason He Gets Attention

  596. 596
    Karen Says:

    diablo, you got some kind of problem there knucklehead?

  597. 597
    ckayed Says:

    Thank goodness most all of the comments have been negative in that we are all mostly think WTF? When is going too far going too far? This was not a very good thing for ZAC and his handlers (PR) to decide to do. This was simply cheap shock value ****. It seems like sleaze is all that Hollywood thinks we young people want and they are sooo WRONG. This photo shoot simply makes ZAC and his entourage look cheap and desperate for more fame-whoring. I simply don’t get it. None of us are so stupid as to think that his crap is art — it is nothing but bullshit that is being spoon fed to all of us and the only way to stop it is to complain just like this. What is even more puzzling is that Zac Efron doesn’t need to do this type of crap — WTF?The spin doctors need to rethink the crap they are trying to sell — I personally am not in the market for this type of garbage.

  598. 598
    nATÁLIA Says:

    O Zac é lindo, maravilhoso, perfeito!

  599. 599
    vanny14 Says:

    zac efron is a manwhore, only after fame!!!

    You suck!!! please leave Vanessa GAYRON!!!

  600. 600
    hot Says:

    He’s so hot!

  601. 601
    hot Says:

    Sexy man!

  602. 602
    hot Says:

    LOVE ZAC!!!

  603. 603
    mabel Says:

    oh wow
    if i were vanessa i would dump him or get even =P

  604. 604
    homelessperson Says:

    I’ll take him and the model please.

  605. 605
    gogirl Says:

    I have to say that the most disturbing part of this photoshoot is what the model said. She supposively said that she was told to “sex him up” or something along those lines. Do you know how old the model is? She’s twenty! That is pretty degrading for both of them.

    I personally don’t think Zac needs to be sexed up. He is in a healthy relationship which has grown over the years emotionally and has obviously grown in physical intimacy as well – as it should. That is a positive role model for young people. Even the message about condoms – use protection for your health and to prevent pregnancy – is a postive one for sexually active teenagers. And believe me, they are active. (Sure beats the hypocrisy of Palin’s message to her daughter…)

    Zac and Vanessa do not party at clubs or drink in public or fight with each other. The whole Chris Brown/Rihanna situation – now that is shocking. Zac and Vanessa demonstrate a respect for each other that truly is admirable.

    The photoshoot was just part of his publicity machine. I am sure that he wants to eliminate the response from directors like the initial impression of Shankman when he was hesitant to cast Zac as Link in Hairspray. And like someone else has said, Zac and Vanessa also may have felt the need to demonstrate to prospective directors that they can handle the sexuality required in most movies without their private relationship inhibiting them.

    I just wished he had waited another six months as HSM3 winds down in video sales and his new movie, with all its PR, was out of theatres. Plus, the juxaposition of this photo shoot with the Sleeping Beauty shoot with Vanessa was just a little much. But then, maybe that is why he did it so that he wouldn’t be frozen as that prince in everyone’s minds. Who knows but he sure looks uncomfortable in the glare of the paps cameras since that photo came out.

  606. 606
    Diane Says:

    I’m so disappointed in Zac. These pictures are so disrespectful to his girlfriend (and I say this without being a Vanessa fan. My family spent a few days on the set of HSM 3 during filming and everyone–Zac, Ashley, Jemma, Kenny, Monique, Corbin, Kaycee–were so incredibly friendly to us. Vanessa completely snubbed us.) I worry about the influence these pictures have on all the tweens and teens (my daughter included–he treated her like a princess on set) who are completely in love with Zac. I hope they won’t think it is okay for their boyfriends to behave this way. I really hope my daughter doesn’t see or hear about these pictures. If this were a scene in a film, at least there would be a reason for it. I see no reason for this for a magazine interview. Shame on you, Zac. I’ll never be able to think of you again as that wonderful, nice guy who got down on his knees and kept hugging my eight-year-old.

  607. 607
    gogirl Says:

    Wow. I feel really sad about your comment. You got to meet a star who was kind to you and your kids. He was genuinely nice (which he did not have to be) and made your daughter feel like she was a very special little girl. One year later, he does something that you feel is a mistake and you rip him to shreds. What is the teachable moment for your daughter? You can explain that Zac did something that is not considered outrageous for the adult audience of Interview magazine and that it was not intended for little girls eyes. Or you can tear Zac apart for ruining your impression and ignoring that every person is multi-dimensional. Not to mention that people make mistakes and Zac will probably learn a valuable lesson from this one.

    Look, I do think that this move was not a good one but Zac lives a pretty exemplary life considering the microscope he lives under. He could have done something a lot worse. And for all we know, he may do just that.

  608. 608
    coco Says:

    Here is an intern from interview magazine blogging about the raunchy interpretation of the photoshoot.

  609. 609
    kami Says:

    and he’s going to get more uncomfortable as the paps keep asking him about the “nude model” and of course everyone who interviews him while he promotes 17 again will be asking him about it.

  610. 610
    zac is a rat Says:

    Zac will have to take the heat after all he’s not stupid so he must have known that the one photo in particular was going to be the talking point with fans and the pap’s over all the other photo’s and the actual interview, he wants to be seen as a adult then he’ll have to take the com backs for the photo.

    Your right he looks really down in the photo’s since he got off that plane and they asked him right away but it’s his own fault. He also said that with the photo shoot he wanted to try something edgy and that he likes to play with things well I’m sure Zac that you had a couple of things that kept you busy while waiting for the photographer and I bet he did’nt mind one bit.

    He has lost his squeky clean imagine mind you for a lot of people including me he was never that in the first place that’s just what fans have made him and won’t accept that he is like any other male in regards to his actions and the disrespecfful way he treats Vanessa, he deserves all the crap that is said to him over this.

  611. 611
    ana bet Says:

    wow! zac you are sooo much hot.
    i belive in god
    oh my good
    i love zac efron sooooooo much!

  612. 612
    Tiptoes Says:

    #610 – oh you are still here in this thread. we have moved on to seeing Van and Zac in the gas pump, and to Carl Jr. run. looks like they spent the day together before zac left for his promo tour again..

    have you not seen them together looking so happy? oh,, i forgot, you are blind and living in fantasy world…

  613. 613
    Kookiez Says:

    am i the only one whoos a lil disturbed by how this woman is freekin NAKED!! And he has a GIRLFRIEND!! Anywey, this is soo fn sexxiiii

  614. 614
    Gabriela montez Says:

    The Zac is Fabulous!

  615. 615
    Gabriela montez Says:

    The Zac is Fabulous!

  616. 616
    Boji Says:

    I have been sitting on the fence too long.

    To those who dissapproved of the way the nudity was presented, I agree with you but to judge Zac so harshly based on a mere photoshoot I feel is uncalled for. You have set yourselves high ideals and standards and put Zac on a pedestal which he did not ask for, hence the dissappointment.This is something you have to deal for yourselves. Zac is just living his life the way he wants to and we are all voyeurs in a way. He is not living his life for us. I still admire him even though I’m not his fan. He is not PERFECT and will make some mistakes in his decisions along the way. Everyone does. As the saying goes ” He is only human”. So live with it and if you can’t handle it, move on and find another celebrity to fit your billing.

  617. 617
    Boji Says:

    Diane, stop being a trouble maker with your lies. Only a stupid idiot will fall for it.

  618. 618
    lynn Says:

    is interview mag sod in the us and wht kind of mag is it

  619. 619
    Remy Says:

    Now If This Was A Girl Actor On Disney,
    Disney Would Drop Her In A Second And There Would Be A HUGE Scandal. But Since He’s A Guy, Then It’s “OH HE’S SO HOT”.

  620. 620
    f. Says:

    I hate the double standards in this business. If this had been a women, she’d be ripped apart for such an explicit shoot. Especially at such a young age.
    There should be no need for anybody this young to be so concerned about turning themselves into a sex object. Major turn-off.

  621. 621
    ?? Says:


    Except Zac doesn’t work for Disney so they can’t drop him.

  622. 622
    zacefronishhot Says:

    Man, I bet Zac enjoyed that. He’s so hot and that’s a lucky girl!

  623. 623
    zacefronishhot Says:

    Zac does infact work with Disney. Ever heard of HSM? A DISNEY movie and Zac is the star. How about the time he was in The Suite Life of Zack and Cody? A DISNEY show. Smartass.

  624. 624
    ?? Says:

    LMAO dumb ass. Are you 10? Being part of a dcom does not make you an employee of Disney. This is straight from their mouths. A guest spot on a Disney channel show also doesn’t mean you work for them either. Chris Brown appeared on that show too.

    Also HSM is done. Any and all ties abolished. If they want to continue using his name they can but they have NO power over him.

  625. 625
    Karen Says:


    Nobody has said he didn’t work for Disney when he did the HSM movies or Suite Life. HOWEVER, he is not under contract to Disney NOW and his obligations to them are long over and so they have no say or influence in what he does or doesn’t do.

  626. 626
    quintanaDeloris456 Says:

    I honestly hope Vanessa dumps his sorry a**. I know “it’s just a photoshoot” but she can do way better. He’s a player.

  627. 627
    zzzz Says:

    It’s just a photoshoot, people. Edita has a boyfriend too. At the end of the day Edita is just doing her job and so is Zac. It’s all part of his career, his image, and making himself relevant. This has nothing to do with Vanessa.

  628. 628
    MMA Says:

    Yeah I bet he enjoyed that shoot! But did Vanessa nejoy it is the real question?

  629. 629
    tracey Says:

    why did he even do this could ypu imagine how vanessa feels i thought it was zanessa not zedita!!!!!!

  630. 630
    love Says:


  631. 631
    airida Says:

    she is lithuanian model and i very happy becouse i’m from lithuania.
    I love Zac Efron couse he is cute and sexy.

  632. 632
    joanna Says:

    it’s hot but kind of irritating.

  633. 633
    ausra Says:

    lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! damn hot ;DD
    edita is from my coutry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i didin’t think that anyone from my little coutry could do photoshoot with zac efron… wow!!!

  634. 634
    ausra Says:

    lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! damn hot ;DD
    edita is from my coutry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i didin’t think that anyone from my little coutry could do photoshoot with zac efron… wow!!! she sad that zaro isbut when shher sister, she was like :OOOOOO lol ;D

  635. 635
    ausra Says:

    lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! damn hot ;DD
    edita is from my coutry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i didin’t think that anyone from my little coutry could do photoshoot with zac efron… wow!!! she sad that zaro isbut when shher sister, she was like :OOOOOO lol ;D

  636. 636
    xxx Says:

    that girl may be from lithuania(beautiful country), but she is a supermodel working with vogue, dolce and gaban, and companies like that… i think she’s a nice girl and the photos are really good :)

  637. 637
    Lt girl Says:

    i gorgeus lithuanian model, and why she’s gorgeous? because, she’s from lituania and all girls from lithuania are gorgeous XDXDXD luv Zac, he’s also gorgeous XDXDXD don’t hate edita for just doing her job XD

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