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Naked Model Tops Zac Efron

Naked Model Tops Zac Efron

Zac Efron instantly sheds his Disney by getting down and dirty in the April 2009 issue of Interview Magazine. Lithuanian model Edita Vilkeviciute even gets naked and lays on top of the 21-year-old actor in one of the shots.

“I think it went pretty cool,” Zac said of the shoot. “There was, like, a giant sandbox in the middle of a studio, and then I just got to roll around in the dirt for a couple of hours. I got pretty dirty by the end of it, so that was fun. It was definitely different from anything I had ever done before.”

The former High School Musical star gets interviewed byMilk director Gus Van Sant in the cover feature. Pick up the latest issue, on stands next Tuesday (March 24).

For more Zac goodness, visit the official mag site at

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Photos: Mikael Jansson/Interview Mag
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637 Responses to “Naked Model Tops Zac Efron”

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  1. 451
    Rachel Says:

    Karen, you are so right. We all need to move on.

    How about concentrating on the amazing interview. And the fact that he said he has fallen in love….How beautiful is that.

  2. 452
    lea Says:

    what a manwhore. i wonder what v thinks of this.

  3. 453
    lea Says:

    what a manwhore. i wonder what v thinks of this.

  4. 454
    go sox Says:

    I would like to think that as loyal Zac fans, we could discuss this maturely and sensibly. But it did NOT turn out that way. Because I disagreed about this being appropriate, professional, and tasteful, I got blasted, YES blasted, on feeling that way. I am really saddened by that. The last few pages here have gotten downright ugly.

    I do appreciate the classy debate some of you have posted, and for the “amazing” support some of you have given me for standing my ground. How some of you felt that this is perfectly fine, artistic, and edgy, without any second thought, is beyond me. But that’s ok with me. I get that we all have different opinions. This was meant to be controversial and it was. No one needed to be attacked for their point of view.

    I agree that it’s sad that the GREAT INTERVIEW got lost in all this. All because of a controversial picture. You can support him if you liked it, but I can still be supportive NOT liking it. How dare anyone insist that I be blindly supportive of every little thing he does just because I’m a fan????

    Let’s just put it like this. I LOVE my 20 yr. old son, unconditionally. But he will make decisions that I may or may not approve of. As his parent, I feel it’s important to discuss why he made those decisions, and that he know why I don’t agree with him. It just helps him make sound choices, thinking of every angle he may not have thought of before. But he still makes his own choices!!! So putting my opinion out there, I feel like I’m being motherly to Zac. Don’t think for a minute Starla didn’t have reservations about this. It changed the image we have of her son, one way or another.

    At the end of the day, I still support Zac, but my opinion of him has changed. Like Malia said so well, he now seems like every other young guy out there in LaLa Land, whereas before I had him on a pedestal, thinking he had such strong values and integrity. I was wrong to think that. I admit that. I guess I just wanted to “root” (lol) for someone with class and maturity, even if he was so young.

    I sincerely hope this one stupid picture was worth all this. His fans are fighting and divided, and it’s sad. This whole thing has been sickening. But it’s opened my eyes as well.


  5. 455
    Tiptoes Says:

    thanks for all your wonderful insights. this thread has really been interesting.

    can we move on now? peace and kises to everyone!

  6. 456
    crass Says:

    The first part of my first post came off very antagonizing. Sorry, opinions are opinions. I just personally thought that it sounded as though what was said, was stated as a fact. I realized through this, that this type of controversial issue had to come some time for the fans. Happens with all celebs. There’s a lot of disagreement and I’ve seen some ridiculous things come from many biased hardcore Zac fans too. It’s hard to find that middle ground, which I’m not sure I have found either. But anyway, I’ve said my piece.Eventually people have to move on.

  7. 457
    lol Says:

    So GO SOX did you also think Vanessa had no values or integrity when she took naked pictures of herself? You sound like such a hypocrite. Disliking what he did is one thing but sorry attacking his entire character through one picture does not make you any sort of fan. Just someone devoid of logic.

  8. 458
    mmm... Says:

    been thinking the same way lol.

  9. 459
    lol Says:

    And just because you are a mother it does not mean you have any idea how his mother felt about it.

  10. 460
    go sox Says:

    lol, I am NOT devoid of logic, AT ALL. Vanessa’s picture was innocent; it was not taken for the masses to see. It was private. Zac’s photoshoot was done for a national publication, and therefore NOT THE SAME situation. He knowingly took these pictures of a suggestive nature. I think BOTH were a mistake. Nothing hypocritical there.

  11. 461
    gracemarie Says:

    Go Sox:

    You lost me when you used the word “pornographic” it was unnecessary and cruel and completely untrue. It was not sensible or mature so why are you surprised by the reaction you got.

  12. 462
    ashlee Says:

    article about the interview

  13. 463
    ah Says:

    I don’t see how the photo in question can be seen as “pornographic.” He is fully clothed and isn’t groping/making out with the model. Yes, the photo is controversial from the standpoint that it’s not what people would normally expect from him. When most people think of Zac Efron, the wholesome Troy Bolton image comes to mind. That is why it’s so important for him to shake up that image now at this turning point in his career.

    I doubt that this photoshoot was designed to make him seem like a more serious actor — only more mature roles will accomplish that. However, I do feel that the photos were meant to have him be seen in a different light — one in which he can be gritty and sensual, not just the goody two-shoe character he has portrayed in the High School Musical movies.

    If he’s going to survive in this business, he has to be able to adapt and show that he is an adult and can go beyond his tween/teen audience. This in no way indicates that he has a lack of principles or morality. He has to be able to play with the big dogs or else he will be left behind like so many other teen heartthrobs before him. Let’s cut him some slack.

  14. 464
    outsider Says:

    What a scumbag…..never liked him anyway. I always got a bad vibe from him. Espacially from that ‘Zikki kiss’,holding hands with Nikki, has no self-control when it comes to women , he thinks every girl want’s him , one of the biggest flirts, desprate for attention and to be seen as an adult or sex symbol and he probably would’nt care if Vanessa dropped dead…that’s probably his wish.I could go on and on.This photoshoot just proves to me that my feelings about him are not that absurd.

  15. 465
    ah Says:


    That’s a ridiculous comment to say about Zac. After more than 3 years together, they are obviously in a committed relationship. Give Vanessa more credit. She is a smart young women who wouldn’t put up with someone who didn’t treat her respectfully.

    I’m sure Vanessa was well aware of this photo spread in advance. She was more than likely very supportive of it because she knows how the business works. If you don’t evolve, you’ll be left behind for the next hot thing. Fans better get used to the idea that as Zac and Vanessa’s careers continue to grow, they will be taking on roles that involve relationships of a physical nature with another actor/actress. They can’t play rated G movies and be costars forever. This photoshoot was just another role for Zac — no way indicative of him being some sort of player who cheats on his girlfriend.

  16. 466
    Karen Says:

    It would seem that some people do not want to move on and would like to stir up trouble. Apparently they don’t feel like this thread has gone on long enough. There is always those kinds of people who will come on a thread after the meeting of the minds have come to some stopping point and try to stir the pot again. And it happens as soon as things are quieting down. Please be aware of these people and don’t fall into their traps.

  17. 467
    Malia Says:

    Something better to discuss:

    As the rookie Richard, [Zack] Efron really surprised me. Though you’d have to live under a rock to not be familiar with the heartthrob, I haven’t been in his demographic for quite a while and haven’t really seen much of his work. In this film, he gives a thoughtful, understated performance that really captures the character’s naivety without making him seem like a total doofus. While he still gets to display some of the musical talents that landed him on the map in the first place, I was pleasantly surprised to discover Efron’s more serious side, and admit that I don’t have to be a 13 year old to see this kid’s potential anymore.


  18. 468
    lol Says:

    go sox

    The point still is that they were both aware of what they were doing and are not shy about things concerning nudity etc. If you are going to make bold declarations such as Zac has no values or integrity based on a picture, then do it for both of them. Or better yet do not do it at all.

    It’s not a big deal if you do not like the picture, I highly doubt you are alone on that. It’s not like I jumped with joy when I saw it either.
    But this is not something that completely defines a person. You don’t even know him personally nor has he done something heinous that would be associated with people with no values. It’s kind of preposterous for you to make a judgment like that.

    If you think you are still supporting him/them, you still continue to watch all the movies and keep up with the news then whatever that’s your thing. But it’s not exactly real support if you think so lowly of the person at the same time.


    I think pornographic is an extreme term for this but art or not, nudity, sex and the works are things people will have different and often extreme views on. I don’t think you should be too offended by anyone viewing it this way. Everyone will have a different tolerance level on what they feel is appropriate. It’s not necessarily meant to be cruel.

  19. 469
    Soni hannigan Says:

    It seems like some people have moved on and some have not. I have though. I have been a fan of Zac’s ( and Vanessa’s) since the very first HSM and I think that, once I got over the shock, that he just wanted to try something different. i think he could have gone a different route though, but what is done is done. I will always support him and be a fan, even though I am 48 years old.

    I just have a question for Karen:
    You seem to know alot about Zac and Vanessa. I mean I have almost every article and almost all the pictures of them, but I don’t know nearly as much as you do. How do you know so much?

    And For Real:
    How do you know so much also. Your responses to the rumors, like the one that #414 said about them being broken up, seem to to the point. Do you and Karen really know them? I am just curious.I trust your responses, both of you.

  20. 470
    disappointed fan Says:

    Will Smith, Oscar award winners for his moives, started young in Fresh Prince of BelAir made the transition to now a big time movie star. All he did was show his acting craft and made several R & R-17 rated movies with killing, weapons, cursing, etc. to shake off his younger audiences. He did it by taking movie roles to gain both male and female viewers. Denzel Washington, Oscar award winners for several of his movies, started young as intern doctor on a TV series called St. Elsewhere, made his transitional to big time movie star. He did it using his acting talents and skills in filming movies and playing many roles to gain both adults male and female viewers.

    Zac could have done the same. It looks like Vanessa is following the same path as these two “A-Listers” actors did, and she is getting movie roles in Sucker Punch, Dead@17, and probably many more to come her way.

  21. 471
    sheila Says:

    i’m not sure why people seem to think that posing in a sexually provocative way makes someone more of an adult. be seen differently? yes. more of an adult? no. at least not in my opinion.

  22. 472
    susanne Says:

    Disappointed Fan

    Will Smith was on Fresh Prince a variety tv show that was geared toward all different types of demographics, not one like Disney. He has a much harder task at hand, cause Disney is geared towards children mainly. So if your going to compare careers your need to choose apples to apples, not apples to oranges. Those that feel he did a wrong move do not realize it’s a much more daunting task coming from his Disney background. Even in the excerpt that was posted on the Interview sight he stated himself. That there are Directors he would love to work with but they have no idea who he is. His said their daughter’s will, but not them. And their daughter’s aren’t the ones he’s got to showcase to.

  23. 473
    pop86 Says:

    I can’t believe this is still going on. As one of the few people on this thread that actually read Interview Magazine, give Zac a break. He is not the first celebrity posed with a naked model in this magazine and he will not be last. I think photo is nice contrast to the article(which is a typical Interview Magazine style).

    Let’s move on people to something more important. There’s a thread for Natasha Richardson. I not familar with her work but I think horrible what has happen to her and I sure her family love to hear some kind words at this difficult time.

  24. 474
    duh Says:

    sheila-uh because that’s just how society is? You might not, but plenty of ppl do.

  25. 475
    Peter Says:

    How old are some of you? Really?
    If some people see this picture as pornographic, they have every right to think so. Stop whining about the term. It isn’t far off from what is being displayed.
    I see this picture as being vulgar, demeaning, indecent, unnecessary, and for somebody his age, inappropriate. That’s MY opinion and I dare somebody tell ME I’m wrong.
    What may be “art” to some people, isn’t “art” to others.
    “Art” was the last thing that came to mind when I saw this. Every picture is suppose to tell a story. So when you see a butt naked women, ontop of a man, rolling around in the sun at dawn-you aren’t thinking isn’t that very ‘cute’ or after all the rolling around, they’ll go color in their coloring books, it’s implying sexual intercourse is about to take place-if it hasn’t already.
    Since he’s a young kid who has a resume of teenybooper movies. This is something he should not have even considered until later on in his career when he had a strong filmography and a older audience.
    This image isn’t appropriate for his young fanbase and it’s too early even for the cougars. He is still far too young.
    If you want to be seen as a mature adult, show your transition through your films. Through your acting. Through the way you handle all the hustles and bustles of Hollywood.
    I don’t remember Shia LaBeouf doing anything like this just to get ahead in his career and things seem to be working out just fine for him.
    Demanding too much publicity can hurt a persons career. There’s no need to rush things. It’s should be about quality work-not how much exposure you can get.
    Go Sox:
    Don’t let anybody intimidate you or tell you that you’re wrong. Stay true to your beliefs-it’s a very strong and admirable trait to have.

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